Thursday, July 20, 2006

Continuing to Wonder Why

Science Seems to Be the Christian Boogieman They Call the Anti-Christ
Georgie Porgie, our little boy "president," said, "Shit on it," to stem-cell research funds from the government. We'll just take a wild guess and assume the Christian god must have communicated with Georgie over this. "My son?" "Yes, Big Daddy, wha's up?" "Stem-cell research. I want it stopped, you hear?" "Yessir, Big Daddy; I'll veto it; I like vetoing things." "Good, boy, Georgie. You know I like you, boy; I'm gonna throw some miracles your way, my boy. Gonna make you a saint one day." "Shit, God, you're jokin'?" "No, I'm not joking. You remind me of my only son, Georgie. You wanna know a secret?" "Wha's that, God?" "I created my only boy, Jesus the Nazarene, using stem-cell research." "Damn, God. You're one conniving son of a bitch. We Bushes love your ass, you know that don't ya, B.D?" "Just don't leak what I told you." "Oh, don't worry, the only leakin' goin' on around here is me takin' a piss after drinking a case of Coors." "Boy, you are one sorry bastard, but I love ya, boy." "Thank ya, God. I'll give you a Medal of Honor. Hell of an idea...Karl...get your ass in here, I wanna give God a Medal of Honor. Can you spin it?" "Don't worry, I'll spin the son of bitch so crooked its own mother won't know it." "Damn you're the man, Karl."

It is probably that triple dumb around the White House...and certainly double-double dumb around Congress.

The Dumbocrats seemed determined to kowtow to the Repugnican freaks. Even Joel Lieberman is still not really having any trouble from Ned Lamont, though BuzzFlash says a Connecticut poll shows Joel and Ned neck-and-neck at the moment. Come on, the Dumbos should be leaving Uncle Joel spinning in the middle of the thruway to glory like an empty beercan tossed from a speeding old beat up Honda. But, no, he's only coming up to Joel's gnarly old neck.

Uncle Joel is trumpeting that this Ned dude has no foreign affairs experience and therefore has no idea about what's going on in Iraq and the outlook overthere. While, hell, Uncle Joel says he's got it all figured out. That's why he's a Dumbocrat going right along hoof-and-mouth in agreement with everything the boy "president" wants. Lieberman patriotically stands behind the Iraq War, that now truly embarrassing piece of total bullshit war that is wreaking such death and destruction in that area--a war that did not have to be. JUST LIKE THE VIETNAM WAR DIDN'T HAVE TO BE. Sometimes I wish I were a wolfbird; I'd fly the hell off the planet; I'd go find paradise out in the stars somewhere--Shangri La calls from deep half-baked brain is picking up the signals.

Science Was Again Proven Wrong, According to the Media, as the Space Shuttle Lands, as the News Heads Are Putting it, "Without a Hitch."
Yes, the Bush Administration is taking credit for overriding warnings from NASA scientists that this old Columbia shuttle might not be all that safe since some of its tiles were coming off and pieces of insulation were popping loose. But, hellfire, space fans, the NeoNuts showed us. They shot that old piece of crap off anyway, out to that International Space Station--does anyone know what the hell these mix-bags of space monkeys are studying out there? What are they setting up and testing out there? I'll bet you it's a Pentagon folly of some kind. Boy, from space, not only can you see everything every individual in the world is doing at any given moment but you can also hear it, too. It's spy paradise out there.

Oh, my brain is wolfing in gulps of air readying for a colossal growl...then the crescendoing builds to an out-and-out HOWL. I'm turning back Beat again. Getting out the bongos, putting on the beret and the black turtleneck pullover I kept as a souvenir of the roaring 50s and 60s. Turtlenecks come from the Navy and Allen and Jack both went to sea and saw the stars high up in the then clear skies.

Burton Greene Interview
The Free Jazz movement came out of the Midwest--as did Burton Greene, a pianist who started in be-bop and let Coltrane carry him over the Niagara Falls of jazz progression into pure improvised jazz or "music," if you want to call it that, that became known as Free Jazz. As Burton says in this great interview, he was copying Horace Silver divinely he thought until one of Horace's friends and neighbors set him straight on that account. "Who are you?" Came the black dude's put down. "I know who Horace Silver is; hell, he lives around the corner from me...." and on it goes. Anyway, enjoy this interview; I'm a big Burton Greene fan and have been for years. I don't like the way he goes sometimes, but he's a living musician and he has managed to work his way around the world playing original American improvised music, even if he's doing it in a klezmer band. Burton also gets right into this black vs. white bullshit that has been going on since white guys intellectualized jazz reviewing in the 50s. It's a dandy interview from a true musician from stem to stern.

Wolf Teeth
My teeth are hurting. It is muggy. The air is wringing the water out of itself. One of my teeth is burning like a little tongue of Hell is caught inside its enamel. On PBS television, Amurica's worship-of-the-British television, they are going through the lives of the Brit kings and queens and what a gaggle of high-nosed fops they were, these trashy inbred bastards who were privileged by birth to be NOBLES!

Why do white Amuricans love to marvel over the British and their history? To the point we gave away our own rock and roll music to the Brits, second-rate artists in whatever their medium. All the problems in the world today come out of Britain and its imperial lust; even the awful Capitalism that is dividing the billions of the world into a handful of filthy rich ruling over an overflowing multitude of poor folks who have no choice but to kiss the hems and rings and asses of those who control the money and therefore the power and therefore the multitudes of poor folks who have no choice but to stick their noses deep in the arses of these human-animal hybrids whose whole role in life's game is to be worshipped and constantly honored as divinely chosen ROYALS. Otherwise, off with their heads or burn them at the stake. Rather barbarian. And white Amuricans are Barbarians; that's one reason humankind is doomed; whites had rather end mankind where it is than give up their powers to scumbag servants and tenant farmers, who they consider their inherited subjects.

If Georgie Porgie elects himself King of this country, I'm sure there will be tons of nutjobs readily inserting their noses in old-rugged-cross diseased ass. "Shit" is Georgie Porgie's curseword of choice. Shit is what he's leading us into. Iraq is already SHIT. So is Afghanistan. Now Israel is gonna make sure the Lebonese are turned to SHIT. It never ends. It's a collective insanity.

Time to go listen to Bartok, I think.

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