Monday, July 10, 2006

Jumpin' Off a Riff

GOD--Government of Death
Baghdad is a total mess today. Hundreds of people are dead. One gunman shot a bus up and killed 7 or 8. In Basra, more killing. Then there are reports of the extermination of Sunnis; men, women, children of that sect being slaughtered at will. American troopers are involved in the raping of Iraqi girls, one was 14. Some are saying there is mob rule in Baghdad. I can't imagine living like that. I pass people all day long without a worry in the world, their iPods whittling away at their brains with American Idol cacophony, their hurrying to a Starbucks to pay heavy prices for extra-strong coffee--not one worry in the world, and these are people who should be the leaders of the charges in the War Against Terrorism since New York City suffered more than any of the other persons attacked by these 14 Saudi drunks with boxcutters; over three thousand of us died that day and no telling how many thousands were poisoned by the toxic fumes boiling out of Ground Zero in spite of the encouraging lies of Christy Todd Whitman, a rich bitch and former governor of New Jersey, the most polluted state in the union--isn't it?

Gitmo survives with impunity for whatever cruelties it inflicts on human beings. A worthless, two-bit, piece-of-crap Federal judge has said it's perfectly alright for the FBI to blow your door down in the middle of the night, round you and your family up and ship you off to Gitmo and, hell, "there ain't nothin' wrong with that during this time of war."

Karl Rove, the crazy son of a bitch, is predicting a Repugnican sweep in the November elections, which is scary. The only time Karl Rove doesn't lie is when he's pretty sure he's already screwed somebody into lying for him in November when certain key-state votes are counted or not in favor of the Repugnican candidates. They've outlawed exit polling, I believe, so polls won't mean a damn thing. Georgie Porgie, our "president," will be declaring a big Repugnican victory around 8:30 pm when all the media will be praising the Repugnicans for their strong showing and, of course, the Dumbocrats not making as big an impact as they were predicting. It won't matter if the Dumbos win by 50% margin in all states, the Repugnicans will still declare they're the winners, the way the vote in Mexico was determined by the media and the billionaire current president shooting his mouth off in blasphemy for the people of Mexico's true candidate AML Obrador, the winner in a close one, yes. Denied victory by Calderon and the Mexican media simply announcing Calderon is the president, that's that, case closed. Obrador says he will fight, and 100,000 of his backers gathered in the Zocolo in Mexico City protesting the decision not to recount all the votes nor all of over 3 million missing votes. Sounds familiar. Like in Florida in 2000. And Ohio in 2004.

Voting is a joke. It doesn't matter who you vote for anymore. They'll count it if they feel like it or trash it if that's what they're told to do.

I've had death on my mind since yesterday, since I was thinking of my dad getting blown away by a big-time corporate truck doing 88 mph down the middle of a Texas highway, the driver pressured to break the speed limit as much as possible so they haul their products at faster times and thereby make more money or get it there late and lose money. Pressure. We're all under pressure. We must constantly move, though we are limited by how fast we can move. We must constantly work. We must constantly have our minds on something other than the reality of the moment, the country going broke, the government totally turning aristocratic again, driving us all down, driving our wages down, driving our workload up, driving our desperation to the point we will one day gladly slave for these bastards, we will slave for them or be killed in one of Halliburton's brand spanking new concentration camps. [And I didn't even mention my mother getting blown out of her existence to at the same time as my dad was blown out of his.

And then I found out my ex-wife was dead. Jesus. Death is so with us all the time, even when we're kids, except then we just don't have that much experience with death to see it as scary or even hearttugging. Yeah, a grandma dies and we go to the funeral, or, if you were born during a war, then all kinds of fun deaths happen and fun funerals for soldiers killed in action--fun funerals with guns being fired, some canon being fired, a lot of solemn shit and pomp and circumstance. It's funny how the army salutes dead soldiers with the very implements of war that killed them.

Death all around me. A building blew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan this morning.

I must take some time for reflection.

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