Friday, July 21, 2006

Same Old Same Old

Israel Back in Lebanon
Ho-hum. If you've lived long enough you know every decade Israel moves into southern Lebanon. They first bombed the Beirut Airport in 1968. Then in the seventies and eighties they went back. Remember old cold-mean-nutjob Sharon (is he still in a coma?) came out of one of Israel's Lebanese campaigns. Sharon ordered 2,000 Lebanese put to death at his whim just because they were simply "Arab dogs." Come on, the world is shouting, there's got to be another way to reason together besides war. But these big buck dudes make so much money off war they can't resist the temptation. How much you wanna bet, for instance, those great humanitarians Little Willie Gates and Junk Bond genius Big Bad Worn-out Buffett are heavily invested in the military industrial complex.

And, boy howdy, stop and think about it, the big bad pharmas are making killings off the injuries caused by this war, too, those big pharma contracts for the various drugs the Pentagon has to have for the battlefields and the VA hospitals have to have for the thousands of wounded and maimed coming back every day of every bloody maiming week of this inane conflict.

All it takes is 12 billion bucks to give every man, woman, and child in the world primary healthcare; yet, this inhumane country had drather spend 300 times 12 billion dollars to bring bloody gory woe on people who have never done a damn thing to us. It wasn't the Taliban or the Iraqis who blew down those World Trade Center buildings. We don't really really know who really really did that anyway. And we damn sure don't know who slammed that "plane" into the Pentagon's side. We blame it on something we call Al Qaeda and a stealthy bastard named Osama Bin Ladin, whose family just happens to be close close friends and allies of Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie and his worthless family, and Old Pappy's famous Carlyle Group, who just hired an ex-New York Times Big Boy editor to head their overview group that will help them find the right investments in media accumulations. Like Rupert Murdoch, it seems the Carlyle Group is impressed how a handful of male human beings can simply buy as many teevee stations, cable networks, satellite systems, and newspapers as their loan ratings will allow them and then how easy it is to control what you want people to hear at the price of sitting through a slew of commericalls, and don't you just know a Carlyle Group-run newspaper will tell us the truth about the lyin' Bushes, the innocent Iraqis and Afghanis who are giving up their chances at living past today so that a bunch of sad old sapped out rich men in the Carlyle Group (founded by a Saudi friend of old Pappy Bush's) can keep hauling in the stolen dough: right out of We the People of the United States's coffers and right into their offshore bank accounts, the hundreds of them, so many even creative accounting can't find them all.

All of our "leaders" have MIC stock, you know damn well they do; I'll bet every Congress person is heavily invested in these stocks, too. Israel has no military industrial complex but the US MIC works hand-in-hand with the Israeli army in designing, producing, and promoting the best and brightest of their weapons of mass destruction; think about it: Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, et al, can test out these missiles and rockets and tanks and shit using the Israeli army; as a result, Israel has, listen to this, one of the most powerful and well-equipped armies in the world.

We the people of the US of A technically own the Israeli Army and all its equipment--I'm quiet sure Israel has never paid the US of A for all the equipment they have bought from us--Hell, their economy depends on our aid; Hell, their existence depends on our protection and war supplies. They are attacking the "murderous" Hezbollah, originally over the Hezbollah's capture of a stupid Israeli soldier. The Hezbollah army is like a tick on the ass of an elephant in terms of retaliation power against Israel. They've fired 900 missiles at Israel and have only killed 12 Israelis. Israel, by the bye, is the largest recipient of US military aid (20% of the Israeli military budget), so, folks, U.S. citizens own the whole damn country of Israel lock, stock, and barrel.

So, sit back, relax, and be god-damn happy you ain't no Palestinian or Lebanese. Or a certain kind of Somolian, as I see they're firing up the killing machines over there again today.

Once you get the OK to kill people and are taught how to do it, it's hard to stop killing people.

I can't imagine what it's like to be forced from my home and then have that home destroyed behind me as I head for a refugee camp in a country that's not my country. I assume I'd go to Canada if somebody started firing missiles at NYC and were dropping leaflets on me saying they were going to destroy me, my family, dogs and cats, my home, my land, and that I'd better get my ass outta NYC 'cause once they start they ain't stopping 'til they do a better job of exterminating human beings than Hitler did in WWII (these creeps basically idolize Hitler, don't you think?)(I'm pretty sure Georgie Porgie, our "president," grew up in an atmosphere of stereotypical Jew jokes--you know, Shylocks, money lenders, usery specialists, bankers, creative accountants, forget about the jokes about Jewish women. He's a racist when it comes to blacks, too, guarantee you that one--except, as Mammy said, she sure did at one time think Jeb's little brown babies were cute as little Mexican pies. And while I'm at it, whatever happened to Jeb's drug-addicted daughter?)

In the meantime, it was announced today that in 2006, 14,000 Iraqis have died because of the Iraqi War. Georgie Porgie, our "president," says shit on it all. Our Congress, lines up to stick their noses up Israel's filthy ass and suck shit by saying, "Oh, Praise the Lard, yes Israel has the right to defend its right to exist [whatever the hell that means] so it has a right to attack the helpless poor A-rabb slobs in Leb-o-non, because they's terrorists, man, just flat plain terrorists."

Speaking of Our "President's" Popularity: Here's an Interesting Chart

Hail Rhode Island; they dislike Bush the most; then Massachusetts and New York. Notice, the two states where Bush is most popular: nutjob-Mormon-moron Utah and the White Supremist Terrorist state of Idaho. Hey, you guys, don't join the Union, who gives a shit?

Joel Lieberman is said to have a winning chance to regain his seat as an independent but not as a Dumbocrat or running as a Dumbo against a Repugnican. Such insane political reasoning. SLICK WILLIE is up there campaigning for his old suck-buddy, Joel. Humbug Hillary has also given her mouth support to Joel. She sez she hopes he wins. In the meantime, she joined Joel in supporting Israel doing as they please militarily in Lebanon. At one time, wasn't Lebanon more Christian (Coptic version) than Islamic? Shows you how dumb I am.

Peter Coors got caught driving while intoxicated in his home state of Colorado. You think Peter's a weirdo, and he is, don't get me wrong. His whole family history is full of weirdo happenings.

Peter's grandfather, Adolph Coors, was born Adolph Kuhrs in Barmen, Prussia, in 1847. He apprenticed with a brewery in Dortmund, then moved on to breweries in Kassel, Berlin, and Uelzen, before coming to the US of A in 1868 and ending up in Chicago where he changed his name to Coors. In a year he landed a brewery job in Naperville, Illinois, from which he resigned in 1872 to move to Denver, where he worked as a gardener for a year before he bought into a bottling plant. By 1873, he's in the Denver business directory as a peddler of bottled beer, ale, porter, and seltzer water. In 1874, he bought a tannery in Golden, Colorado, and converted it into a brewery, the Golden Brewery, and this is what's still in Golden and is now called The Coors Brewing Company.

Adolph the First ended up on June 5, 1929, jumping from his window at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we assume because he was prescient of the coming stock market collapse in October and knew he was gonna be zonked out. It was ruled a suicide--whatever the cause of his jumping.

Then came Pete's father, Augie Coors III, who was allergic to beer, by the bye. He was kidnapped in 1960 by Joseph Corbett, Jr., who sent a ransom note to Mrs. Coors, but killed Augie anyway, stuck his body under a dump in Shambala, Colorado, then escaped into the wilds of the Rockies, and after a nationwide manhunt, was finally tracked down by someone in Vancouver, British Columbia, who had read a Reader's Digest article about the murder and recognized Corbett from the description of him given in that article. Corbett served 18 years on his life sentence and was paroled in 1978. They nailed Corbett through what's called geoforensics. Here's the story of it in Coors's case:

How a small bit of soil beneath a burned out car’s fender solved the Adolph Coors kidnapping

The study of soil has often been used on a regional scale to assist an investigation. In the well-known Adolph Coors kidnap and murder case, the victim disappeared one morning near Morrison, Colorado, a town southwest of Denver in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. His automobile was found with the motor still running. His glasses and splotches of blood were observed at the scene. However, there was no indication of his fate or location. One month later a suspicious vehicle was found burning in a dump in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Soil samples taken from under the fender of this vehicle showed four layers. The outermost and thus the last deposed layer compared with soil samples collected at the entrance to the dump. The three inner layers contained mineral grains characteristic of the Rocky Mountain front area near Denver. Apparently, the car had been driven only on pavement across the country and thus had failed to pick up recognizable soil layers between Colorado and New Jersey. Over 360 soil samples were collected from the Rocky Mountain front area west of Denver in an effort to compare these samples with those found on the burnt automobile. This was an effort to locate the general area where the victim might be found. While this study was in progress, the body of the victim was found by hunters 27 miles south of Denver. Additional study revealed that the second youngest layer of soil from the suspect automobile compared with the scene where the victim was found, and the third layer compared with soil samples taken from the victim’s ranch. The fourth and oldest layer was not comparable with any of the 421 soil samples collected and studied in this case, but probably came from the Denver area. This evidence contributed to a conviction for kidnapping and murder because it was possible to relate the suspect to the burnt automobile and two specific locations in the Rocky Mountains.

Further interesting reading: see John McPhee, 1996, The Gravel Page: The New Yorker (magazine), v. 71, n. 46, January 29, 1996, p. 44-52.

This excerpt is from a site devoted to geoforensics, from its beginnings until its most recent uses. Very interesting, if you're into forensics.

So, Pete's a drunk.

I recall when I was a young man just starting drinking, Coors beer was sought-after diligently as the best beer in the West by us neophyte drinkers. Colorado had a law for awhile that only 3.2 alcohol-content beer could be sold in its beer joints--same 3.2 beer they sold on army bases when I was in the army. One night at the PX steak house on base at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, I drank 15 bottles of Carling's ("Hey, Mabel") Black Label 3.2 beer and walked out of that joint sober as a judge, though as far as I was concerned, I was drunker than a Lord.

Coors had a special export beer that they trucked down to the Texas Panhandle, in that area, and that beer was regular 6 percent, the kind that it only takes 5 or 6 bottles of to get you drunk. Coors also brewed Coors in little 6 oz. "Banquet" cans which were fun if you were in a hurry to get drunk--you could chug 7 or 8 or these little buddies real fast and get a great buzz on in a matter of no time.

So in order to drink a legendary Coors in my day, you had to travel at least 100 miles from my hometown to get it. A boy can get awfully drunk on a 200 mile round-trip beer-buying junket--sober going over, but absolutely pie-faced drunk by the time we got back home and had devoured a case and a half of Coors. I'm quite sure a lot of good ole West Texas underagers lost their lives after enjoying an overabundance of Coors beer.

When I came to New York City, Coors came along with me, except Coors didn't have distribution rights in NYC so you'd have to buy it bootleg in certain delis that would have several six packs that you had to ask for--they never put them in the coolers--sold 'em hot. Of course, you paid a premium for a six pack of bootleg Coors--Coors came to NYC in the early seventies.

So Pete Coors is a drunk. So was I when I drank Coors beer.

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A Daily Growler Sports Brief With Marv Backbiter
Baseball is so F-ing exciting this year it's giving me nightly heart attacks as I listen to the Yankee games getting tighter and tighter, going down to the wire, even into extra-innings like happened last night when the Yankees played Toronto up in Toronto. 4-4 tie into the eleventh inning and who should give up his first homerun of the year as a Yankee pitcher but the world's greatest cutter pitcher Mariano Rivera, a walk off homerun to give Toronto a 5-4 win and move up closer to the Yankees in second place who have now dropped 2 1/2 games behind Boston and are coming into that time of year where if they drop any further behind Boston it could mean they may not even make a wild card this year given the tightness of the other American League divisions, and with Detroit playing over .600 baseball; Boston seemingly invincible; the White Sox playing close-to .600 themselves--a tight division with Detroit, the White Sox, and Minnesota slashing at each other's throat trying for that title. Out West, it's close between Oakland, Texas, and the Anaheim Angels--even Seattle is playing pretty good ball.

In the National League, Holy Cow, the Braves had won 8 in a row but then lost 2 in a row and after gaining some ground on the Mets, who are still playing amazin' baseball, they cut the lead down 10 games, though now the Braves are back 12 games behind the Mets. You can't trust wily old Bobby Cox and the Braves. Just as you think they've lost their scalping abilities, here come the tomahawk chops and the war chants out again and the damn Braves start having winning streaks. The Mets are good, though; and I've got faith in 'em. Willie was a Yankee when they beat Atlanta in one of those long-ago World Series.

Saint Louis isn't having it so easy this year; Cincinnati and Houston are making it hard on the Cards; even the Diamondbacks are playing good ball this year. Forget the West in the National League, too; it's too close to call, with San Diego currently leading. San Diego! They're not supposed to win.

I'm still predicting a New York-New York World Series, though I'm more sure of the Mets than I am the Yankees. The Yankees are a bunch of beat-up millionaires most of whom are on the DL and fixing to go on SSI they're so banged up--though they've had some amazing replacement players, like Melky Cabrera; Miguel Cairo; Aaron Dial; Andy Phillips. The ones that aren't injured are F-ing up. I've never seen Jeter strike out so many times of late--even in the All-Star game the SOB struck out. A-Rod, too, is performing below his millionaire-salary expectations, with guys like Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, and Big Foot Giambi carrying the team.

B. J. Ryan is one hell of a relief pitcher. Why only Toronto was willing to go all out to get him is beyond me. He struck out 6 Yankees in a couple of innings last night--gave up a couple'a hits but no runs. It was his pitching that kept Toronto in it until Mariano F-ed up and blew the game.

I am anticipating another extra-inning heart-stopper again tonight in Toronto.

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