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Once Again Existing in New York City: I'm Back on Broadway

Foto by tgw, New York City 2012
Say Goodbye to: Ratso Rizzi:
I knew Ratso and his work from the time I lived on Greenwich and Spring streets and hung out at the Ear Inn: James Rizzi, 61, American pop artist.

Say Goodbye to: Sam Rivers, an innovative saxophonist from the New York City Rivbee movement (Sam Rivers and bassist Cecil McBee).
The Clouds Have Briefly Opened Up For Me
The scenario continues to be controlled by outside direction. That's why the attempt to get the drama staged is a bumpy road. A rude road. A crude road.

I fell into a ditch--a ditch of Verizon's digging. They said they came Friday at 7 pm. I was home pissed off--I thought I heard a strange sound sometimes during Saturday morning as I was preparing to train up to the Bronx where I ended up having a true whale of a time New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and the Day After New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve we ate black-eyed peas (it was called "Hoppin' John" by the cook) and drank a lot of good cheer--champagne, yes, a good one, too. Then we all spoiled ourselves and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve from Times Square and, lawsy, there was the man himself--hey, so what he had a stroke and almost kicked the bucket back a few years--hey, so what, now ABC trots him out all gussied up in a suit...and, Wow, old Dick's almost able to almost talk again. [Note: Pre-stroke Dick once gave out some good investment advice: saying we should all buy into Mexican telephone stock. Think now: Senor Slim, the Mexican telephone king who is now the world's richest man.]

New Year's Day my entourage and I drove over to Marble Hill for a big Cuban dinner feast thrown by our own thedailygrowlerhousepianist's beautiful Cuban wife and cooked by her 86-year-old mother. A splendid affair. Tons of good beer and a bottle of Jameson's, a bottle of Ron Rico, white wine. Pre-dinner cheeses and humus dishes and Greek olives and crackers and wafers and such. The dinner courses opened with a pepper salad followed by the main course: beef hearts stuffed with ham and cooked in the oven with new potatoes, onions, and garlic--it has a Cuban name but I can't recall it. Along with the beef came the black beans and rice, and, Jesus, those beans were like mucho perfecto--arriba! I scarfed down what seemed like buckets of black beans they were so good. Desert was flan-Cuban-style, vanilla pudding (it reminded me of banana pudding without the banana slices and the vanilla wafers) with sticks of cinnamon in it. Packing beans away two nights in a row left me a bit fouled up gastrointestinal-wise, but I survived the food in good shape and in good spirits and without much deviating from my norm.

Sunday evening we watched the New York Giants kick the Dallas Cowboys's asses back to Big D--better luck next year, boys--and the Giants won the NFL East Conference moving on to play Atlanta this Sunday. I'm am not a Giants fan--in fact, I'm not really a football fan, but I do like playoffs and following the New York teams if they're good enough to make it like the Giants did but the Jets didn't.

How 'bout Rick Sanatorium for President?
Are people in Iowa WHITE! I know Omaha used to have a lot of Black folks. But obviously only Whites vote for Republican candidates in our White-majority hog and corn state. Rick Sanatorium as President? You talk about total disaster. These corn-fed Iowans (genetically engineered corn, I might add) must really like shooting themselves in the foot. Jesus, Rick Sanatorium? The dog-fucker! He once compared Gays making love to a man humping a dog dog style. I assume old Rick has never fucked his wife doggy style. I wonder if he's ever experimented with putting his Sword of God into that other hole back there?

I mean come on, folks, the idiot Mormon only won the idiot Iowa Caucus by 8 votes over the idiot from Pennsylvania. Both of 'em blitzed ole Libertarian idiot Ron Paul...dropped him down to third. And they blitzed poor old sweet-as-pie idiot Michelle Bachmann, the Oral Roberts School of Law grad. And Oral Roberts Law School is now owned and campused by that great American Pat Robertson, that pig-jowled deceiver, about as evil a man as you can find if you believe in good and evil. I don't myself. Unless you view it as the ancient Chinese did--there being two sides to everything their philosophy--even in their cooking--sweet and sour cooking. All of us have sweet and sour natures. Rick Sanatorium is probably a highly regarded moral man; yet, like I said, I'll bet you in bed with his wife or mistress or even if it's with the family dog, he's as evil as he comes.

Don't be surprised, folks, if the Teabaggers teabag Obama. Obama just simply refuses to counter these true idiots. I mean, Rick Sanatorium said the reason the factories left small Iowa towns--like Hamburg, he mentioned--was because of the industries being unable to compete with the Chinese, for example, because of how the American worker demands higher and higher wages that he then expects the government to subsidize--intimating as the Republicans have been doing since J.D. Rockefeller's time that the American worker is basically lazy as hell. Of course, all Ruddy Rick is following is the Neo-Con principle of driving the dollar down, thereby driving wages down, principles that do what all of this driving down results in: CHEAP LABOR. And that's been it from the git go when it comes to the Neo-Con Economics, which is Milton Friedman Economics, an Economics that theoretically works or doesn't work, though always the final results say it does work, whether it does or not, as old Milton put it. Idiots all rule us. Men who like Reagan are of very limited true education and are extremely dull of wit.

The dumbest statement Rick Sanatorium made this past week was that he defied a crowd of Iowa idiots to show him anyone in the USA who had died because they didn't have health care. Brilliant Rick, you power hungry asshole--you jerk--you hater of people who aren't of your warped sense of right and wrong. You hate Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, Atheists, Anarchists, Intellectuals, Poor People (including your own White Trash brothers and sisters who are hillbilly slovenly and glassy-eyed over expecting the government to bail them out--yeah, like the government bails out the West Virginia coal miners, the lazy bastards!).

I got cussed out good by a person over the weekend when I mentioned I saw no sense in voting since I didn't think it mattered who was president--whatever they say they're going to do they renege on and go on doing what Washington, District of Corruption, politicians do best, cover their own and their family's asses and the asses of their mistresses--savoring the good life and fuck the rest of the world! That's a true American Ayn Rand Ron Paul Fountainhead Libertarian way of thinking. G.W. Bush preached it as pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. (Let me remind you that that creepy bastard, G.W. Bush, is the one who wrecked our current economy and sent us spiraling into debt; yet no one blames anything on this little spoiled brat creep. Obama still refuses to go back and correct the mistakes of our past by arresting this little prick, his Unka Dick, a true dick, and his old Pappy, G.W.H. Bush, who I've always said is behind all this shit--starting back when he gave his 1000 Points of Light speech in which he introduced his New World Order). So Obama still has his corporate-law head in the nonexistent future. I was told I was totally and precariously wrong and that whether I liked Obama or not, we all had better vote for him or we'll get the likes of Rick Sanatorium. Jesus, it's such a Loony Tune situation, like Porky Pig, I'm signing off with a Be-ah-be-ah-be-ah, that's all, folks. The farce rolls on.

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Marybeth said...

Good grief, on Ratso. He was one of my lovers, my second lover. Terrible, just terrible. I always imagined that somehow I would see him again, even though I haven't seen him since I moved west 30 years ago. How sad. I have some sweet memories of him, very personal, very sweet memories. I'm in tears with this news. Thanks for posting. Crazy how you are my source of information on so many things.