Monday, January 02, 2012

Existing in the Bronx

Today I'm up in the Bronx. Great New Year's weekend topped off by a splendid Cuban dinner hosted by the wife of our own thedailygrowlerhousepianist, the meal prepared by her Cubana mother, 86 years old. Now it is early morn on the 2nd of the new year and I'm up using this Gateway laptop a friend has loaned me. Cruising back down to my Manhattan digs today and then who knows when we'll be on-line again--except we can go down to our favorite Irish pub and use their WiFi or like we said yesterday work out of the public library-though working out of the library puts us exposed to CIA and FBI profiling searches.

Tomorrow our second round battle with Verizon begins.

It is so quite up here I'm going a bit batty. This month-long Verizon crap is driving me a bit more batty and my nonconforming nature is being forced to conform by this global bullshit and this corporations-can-do-no-wrong only their customers can do wrong bullshit,

I love the Internet. What a wonderful tool it is at bringing the world so right into your lap so to speak. Yet, these big global corporations are surely going to ruin the Internet and turn it into a Wal-Mart-like on-line shopping mall.

The rich continue to prosper. I wonder if a phony asshole like Donald Trump ever has any trouble getting online? Or Billionaire Mayor Mikey Bloomberg picks up his cell and there's no dial tone; you think he doesn't get immediate results?

In the meantime, truly, folks, the presidential candidates, including President Obama, are lower intellectually than the characters in a Loony Tunes cartoon. Newtie Gingrich and his sloppy pig jowls dropping off his prissy face show that he's a well pampered asshole with his millions and millions of payoff bucks from the Military Industrial Complex and now his Virginia connections since he's moved from Gawjah to Virginia. Gingrich is an idiot. Case closed. Mitt Romney is a stupid Mormon. Case closed. Dr. Paul Ryan is a mean-asshole Libertarian; yet at least he is positively against further war involvements--like the soon coming nuking of Iran--yes, we will go to war with Iran--using our unmanned drone air force as our vicious intruders--as we go about invading and occupying this country that has a huge oil reserve, the whole thing behind all our invasion-and-occupation schemes--even our invasion and attempted occupation of Afghanistan is truly about oil domination--and that pipeline we need to pump our Central Asian oil buys down to oilless Europe. Karzai, as you should know, was an oil-company executive before we made him our hand-puppet back during the Bush-Condo-Leasing Rice era. Karsai and Condo-Leasing being old oil buddies from way back.

Libya? Oil. Iran? Oil. Not because they hate the Jews. All Arab countries hate the Jews and Israel so it has nothing to do with Iran's threat to Israel. Hell, we own Israel don't forget. We also own their military and they'll do about anything we tell them to do. Remember, Israel could not survive with out our economic and military help.

The world is a chaotic place at the present. That's wonderful for guys like me who thrive on contrarian principles--an Internet sociopath.

Life will go on in 2012. The rich, I guarantee will get richer. You and me? Yes, we will get poorer. Economics will be proven to be a pseudoscience mastered by dipsticks like Larry Summers, that asshole. Robert Rubin will get around 20 million in bonus bucks from his current financial-schemer connections. Another asshole who got us into this Clinton-approved mess we are currently in. These birds will go on living the good life. Mitt Romney win or lose will go on being rich and well taken care of by the financial industry crooks. Dr. Paul Ryan? Don't worry about this bastard ever having to worry over being foreclosed upon or losing his job or having his phone and Internet service disrupted. Barack Obama? Win or lose, he's now set for life--life as a new millionaire. If he doesn't remain in politics, his old buddies will get him a high seat in some corporate law firm or major financial institution or bank. His buddy Timmy Geithner will take care of his old buddy.

It's all so beneath me. Fuck politics. I'm holing up in my cave with Occam's Razor.

Okay, so I may cut my throat with that razor.

for the sometimes and sometimes not The Daily Growler

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Marybeth said...

Nice to see you so soon again. You know what I think about human beings. They are reliably terrible. Sorry that you are still doing battle with Verizon. I have dsl through at&t. They are crooks too, but my internet does tend to work. They have 24/7 tech help, none of whom speak English as a first language, but they actually have solved all of my problems so far. Just for your info, if Verizon gets unbearable. The world has always been going to hell in a hand basket, the major differences being that there are now 7 billion of us and we've invented all this really killer stuff. But humans sucked 30,000 years ago too. It is their nature to be horrible.