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Existing in the Corporate State of New York City: Oh No, thegrowlingwolf Dons His Master's Robes

Foto by tgw, "String Theory Photography," New York City 2012
How's This for an F-U at We the Poor People of the USA From the Dumbocratic Party and President Barack Obama:
First of all, by holding its convention in Charlotte, North Carolina (a huge banking headquarters city), the Dumbocratic Party insulted all Progressives, Commies, Workingslobs, the Unemployed, the returning War Vets, the Uninsured, the Blacks who voted overwhelmingly for the President in his fraudulent campaign of 2008 (remember, too, the Repugs came back strong in the 2012 election)--plus they shoot the bird at all those names on the Statue of Liberty that are said to be welcome to these shores--and now the US says FUCK the meaning of that Statue of Liberty sitting out there in the middle of my hometown's harbor and my hometown's billionaire mayor has chiseled off that statue's original meaning and replaced it with the exorbitant fee they now charge these hayseed tourists, these hick hinterlanders who flock to this city to gawk at our sights, to clutter our streets with garbage, and then paying big bucks to ride on these fleets of diesel-spewing double-decker tour buses up and down Fifth Avenue--these Euro trash and Middle American hicks who frequent the cheaper hotels that are mostly owned by Indians and Israelis and Chinese Commies and Arab Royal Families--the money these bastards make not staying in this country but going back to the motherland, except in the case of the low wages they pay their mostly immigrant staffs.

But to top the insult of the Dumbos holding their convention in Deep South Charlotte--it was announced yesterday by President Obama's campaign headquarters that President Obama's acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination speech is going to be made OUTDOORS! YAHOO! And WHERE!!! Why if you said BANK OF AMERICA STADIUM, you are correct, sir or madam. What a fucking fist in the face of those of us silly enough to still have any hopes that this totally phony two-faced dude would confess his sins and correct the many errors he has made and renew the many promises he has wimped out on--this winner of the Nobel Peace Prize--this President who has gotten us more deeply involved in world warfare and has gotten us closer to a nuclear war (with Iran) than even that little crooked weasel of a spoiled brat G.W. Bush did, a bastard who I still resent getting to live the Life of Riley down in Dallas, Dumbass, Texas (and I'm from Dallas), in a mansion he got through a foreclosure deal, living the leisure life, the pampered privileged life, and living it high on the hog on We the People's slowly depleting earnings and pension monies.

Can you imagine what possessed President Obama
and his sidekicks, first of all to hold their convention in Charlotte, Yassuh Boss, North Carolina, but then to hold his acceptance speech in a stadium named after the CRIMINAL BANK OF AMERICA, a bank that if the truth be revealed is currently on the brink of bankruptcy! I mean this dude is a god-damn confused two-faced man--same as Slick Willie--same as Mitt "the Mormon" Romney--that corporate pimp paying 15% taxes while We the People are paying 25-to-30%, the poorer we are, the higher taxes per capita we have to pay. Plus, don't forget, it was just reported, the IRS is 300 million or so in the hole. Let's sell our IRS to Communist China!

The Old Wolf in Sociologist Clothes Growls Again
Let me tell you what's goin' on. It's simple. Our government, in cahoots with We the People who are Corporations, has evolved to the point of sacrificing its own people (especially its own young people) for a chance to rule the world--a Corporate takeover of the world led by Goldman-Sachs-World and embraced by the White superpowers of the world, the US (though we are fastly becoming Paper Tigers), London, and Germany--and I say London because Great Britain as an economic whole is stone broke and in debt to the International Banking Cartel (Oligarchy) led by Goldman-Sachs-Deutsche Bank, et. al., and the US through its control of the IMF and the World Bank, and in this instance, I use US in the sense of that part of the government We the People of the USA have no access to, that secret US that is currently in the driver's seat in a seemingly impregnable way overhere, while at the same time Germany is financially regaining control of Europe (the European Union)!

And Germany is who We the People, the Common People, should be concerned about in terms of their redomination of Europe. Remember, the Deutsche Bank was among the cluster of buildings around the World Trade Center that was ruined on 9/11, a building this bunch of German pirates allowed to just sit there in ruin until finally they were forced to start bringing the unsafe mother down.

Check 'em out--from Wikipedia (which is blacking out some time tonight (Jan. 17th) to protest the SOPA and PIPA censorship of the Internet bills now being considered by our corrupt Congress, which also has something to do with Corporate control of the Internet):

"Deutsche Bank is the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world with a market share of 21 percent.[2] Deutsche Bank has offices in major financial centers including New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Dublin, Toronto, São Paulo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Dubai, Riyadh and Mumbai"

Do you have any idea what being the world's largest foreign exchange (wheeler)dealer means?

Check this out about 'em:

"Fears that Deutsche Bank could neglect its German roots and expand risk-taking activities prompted key members of the supervisory board to opt for the dual CEO model. Deutsche Bank is listed on both the Frankfurt (FWB) and New York stock exchanges (NYSE)."

Neglecting its German roots. Guess where Goldman-Sachs's roots were originally rooted? However, during World War II, Deutsche Bank was very loyal to its German Aryan roots. Check 'em out--again from Wikipedia:

"After Adolf Hitler came to power, instituting the Third Reich, Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members in 1933. In subsequent years Deutsche Bank took part in the aryanization of Jewish-owned businesses: according to its own historians, the bank was involved in 363 such confiscations by November 1938.[19] During the war, Deutsche Bank incorporated other banks that fell into German hands during the occupation of Eastern Europe. Deutsche provided banking facilities for the Gestapo and loaned the funds used to build the Auschwitz camp and the nearby IG Farben facilities. Deutsche Bank revealed its involvement in Auschwitz in February 1999.[20] In December 1999 Deutsche, along with other major German companies, contributed to a $5.2 billion compensation fund following lawsuits brought by Holocaust survivors.[21][22] The history of Deutsche Bank during the Second World War has been documented by independent historians commissioned by the Bank.[19]

"During World War II, Deutsche Bank became responsible for managing the Bohemian Union Bank in Prague, with branches in the Protectorate and in Slovakia, the Bankverein in Yugoslavia (which has now been divided into two financial corporations, one in Serbia and one in Croatia), the Albert de Barry Bank in Amsterdam, the National Bank of Greece in Athens, the Creditanstalt-Bankverein in Austria and Hungary, the Deutsch-Bulgarische Kreditbank in Bulgaria, and Banca Commercial Romana in Bucharest. It also maintained a branch in Istanbul, Turkey."

They were of the "Good Germans."

Here's a site that is openly anti-Israel and Zionist that defends Hitler's handling of the banking cartel after, as this site says, the Treaty of Versailles laid the burden of unfair war reparations payments on the backs of the World-War-I-whipped Germans (Germany had to pay the war costs of all the countries opposing them in WWI--costs that were 12 times more than the worth of all the property in Germany) and that is what wrecked the German economy and brought the International Banking Cartel in to try and keep the Germans from printing their own money rather than, as these bankers wanted, the Germans continuing to go deeper into debt to this International Banking Cartel (this site, by the way, emphasizes that the International Banking Cartel after World War I was headed by the Rothschilds Bank agents who were Jewish but also Germans). Yes, I am certain this site is condemned as anti-Semitic, that I don't doubt--but then a lot of White Christians in this country are very anti-Semitic though pro-Israel --pro-Israel for their own selfish reasons and not because they're not anti-Semitic. Most White Christians still subconsciously blame the Jews for crucifying their fabulous savior, their made-up Messiah (a dude Ancient Jewish history ignores). At rightwing fundie Christian megachurches you don't see many Jewish converts, if any, trotted out before the mixed-bag audience of hayseed and hillbilly Whites (a lot of 'em ex-snake handlers) and freedom-seeking (in the sense they can become White before the White God) poor Blacks. (The White Massuh God, you see, wipes Blacks clean of their Black sins (those put on them by the Christian God because Noah's Black son, Ham, gazed upon old drunken Noah after he had passed out naked as a jay bird. This cleansing in the Blood of Christ according to the Fundie gospel means these Blacks who were Black with that ancient sin have been washed clean and are now before this Christian God White as the driven snow, Praise the Holy Lard Bucket.) I mean, Jews have too much intelligence to believe that Christian crap--but, of course, Israelis cater to these Christian deceivers because of their political sway in this country.

So check out this site anyway--it's very interesting to me--not so scary to me in terms of it being anti-Israel and anti-Zionist but more scary in terms of its pro-German stance in terms of excusing the Nazis killing 6 million Jews, Gays, Gypsies, Commies, and the physically impaired in exchange for respecting their so-called "brilliance" in how they so quickly in a matter of 4 years brought fallen and totally bankrupt Germany back up to the height of a world superpower.


Again from Wikipedia:

"Goldman Sachs was founded in New York in 1869 by the German-born Marcus Goldman.[4][5] In 1882, Goldman's son-in-law Samuel Sachs joined the firm.[6] In 1885, Goldman took his son Henry and his son-in-law Ludwig Dreyfuss into the business and the firm adopted its present name, Goldman Sachs & Co.[7] The company made a name for itself pioneering the use of commercial paper for entrepreneurs and was invited to join the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1896."

First of all reading the above history of how Goldman-Sachs came to be it's easy to notice that these German-born men were Jews. In the German historical mind, it was the Jewish bankers and financial dealers (the Rothschilds in particular) who brought down the German Empire, actually starting back in the 1850s at the time of Karl Marx and his coming out of Germany warning us about this economic system called Capitalism--a system coming out of London, at that time the city on which the sun never quit shining, the financial center of the British Empire--of Imperial design--a system designed to keep Kings and Queens and other world leaders in the splendor necessary for these stupid, common, ordinary human-monkeys to declare themselves divine. Capitalism became the system of the divine. To the divine go all the profits (the spoils)! And the Imperial Courts of the world embraced this Capitalism whole hog and they sent these pirates around the world conquering the valuables of the Continents around the Seven Seas, their future colonies invaded, occupied, and founded by Trading Corporations (the well-armed and manned ships of the East India Company or the South Seas Company), hedge-fund and private-equity corporations--all of these Imperialist nations had these large Capitalist investment and development corporations to go out and do the dirty work of warring and pirating necessary to keep THEIR ROYALS more splendid and powerful with gold and silver and slaves than all the other ROYALS.

The United States of America was founded by the Dutch East Indies Company, making New Amsterdam a Dutch Colony.

What Am I Saying?
What I've started harping on of late: IT'S THE SYSTEM, CAPITALISM, THAT'S THE PROBLEM. Capitalism depends on first the ability to own private property including common lands. Second, the ability to Capitalistically improve one's Capitalist holdings, thus raising the value of the property. Capital investments are the improvements you make to the property you own. Capital means the value of what you produce on your private property. Money is not Capital. Money is simply a means of exchange. Its original value depended on bartering--"I've got 5 fat sheep ready for slaughter--I need a team of horses for my spring plowing, so, how 'bout it, my 5 sheep for your team of horses?" "How 'bout you throw in another sheep and I'll thrown in a new plow?" So what happened then when say one lambing season when for some reason all the lambs are born dead? Well, you go to the men you've traded your sheep to in the past and you say, "Brothers, look, all this year's lambs have died on me, so I've got nothing to barter with but I need several barrels of flour and meal and tea and coffee and several bolts of cloth and some tools, so how 'bout you all give me what I need on credit and I'll promise on the Holy Bible to pay you when my corn and bean crops come in this coming spring, what'a you say?" And thus began credit. And the holders of these credit slips began to charge interest.... Do you see where I'm leading you?

The Difference Between Ricardo's Capitalism and Marx's Capitalism:
"Because Marx was critical of capitalism, he examined it with a view to finding faults or contradictions in the system; Ricardo basically accepted it and saw it as a harmonious working-out of the economic process. The chief actor in the Marxian model, as in the Ricardian model, is the capitalist. The capitalist's search for profits and reaction to changing rates of profits explain, in large part, the dynamics of the capitalist system. But whereas capitalists in the Marxian system rationally and calculatingly pursue their economic advantage and sow the seeds of their own destruction, in the Ricardian system these same rational and calculating capitalists, in following their own self-interest, promote the social good. Although the classical economists' long-run prediction of a stationary state is certainly pessimistic, such a state is not the fault of the capitalistic system; rather, in their view, it follows from Malthusian population doctrine and historically diminishing returns in agriculture. For Marx, however, the capitalistic system produces undesirable social conse­quences; as the contradictions in capitalism become more manifest over time he said, capitalism as a phase of history will pass away."

It is Ricardian Economics that our Capitalism is based on. Ricardo saw Capitalists (Wealth of Nations Capitalists) as "rational and calculating" and that by their following "their own self-interest" they "promote social good." Marx simply took the opposite view of the Capitalists of his time. He saw them as dependent on the poor workingclass for their production, CHEAP LABOR, a workingclass they had to keep POOR in order to manipulate it for their own lordly benefits and their own conspicuous consumption. The number of workingclass laborers you employ and the wages you pay them and the amount of product their labor produces determines your wealth. When you don't pay fair wages and you force your workers to overproduce (work 16-hour days, 6 days a week), you begin wearing them thin and you piss them off and they eventually revolt and bring you down. Marx believed Capitalism and Capitalists would destroy themselves. Marx's periods-periods-of-downturn predictions, whether you dig Marx or not, have been dead on the bull's eye so far since he made them--in London, by the way--back in the 1860s.

Check out our current economic situation; the enormous debt the stupid-ass Neo-Cons drove us into trying to drive down our standard of living and the worth of the dollar, those goons with their arms up G.W. Bush's tight ass manipulating him to do like his father and the Republican godfather, Ronald "McDonald" Reagan, did before him and drive the US into the largest debts in this nation's history; larger debts than FDR had gotten us into during World War II--I mean these Repugnicans, the Milton Friedman-follower idiots, so hate Keynesian Economics--in a depression (or a war economy), the way out is through government spending--and they blame Keynes and FDR for all our current problems (why do you think they so want to wreck the Social Security System?)--such BULLSHIT--it's the very system CAPITALISM that's the problem. (And always keep in mind that President Barack Obama in his book said he admired Ronald "McDonald" Reagan especially for his economics policies--meaning in particular his Free Trade policies, which Obama has continued to promote and commit to agreements, just recently his signing a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea that will send 150,000 US jobs over there.)

This kind of growling peters me out fast...

Let's pause for a station identification,

for The Daily Growler

Please note, like Don Rickles always excused his most bigoted statements by saying it was all in fun, our above attempt at laying wide open the wounds of this ravaged world right now may seem to some leaning toward bigotry--well, like some might protest that we are promoting Adolf Hitler as an Economics genius--and that by guiding you, dear readers, toward a site that is revealing but, yes, certainly anti-Semitic in being anti-Israel and anti-Zionist, which doesn't necessarily mean this site is promoting the hatred of all Jews--besides, for all we know, the blogmeisters of this site may be Jewish. The point is, their analysis of the reason Germany rose from being a totally worthless nation after World War I back up to, in just a few short years, back up to being a world superpower--this all happening under Hitler, though most decidedly this refinancing was not of his suggestion even--I'm pretty sure Hitler was an idiot when it came to most anything except trying to prove to Germans his grandfather wasn't Jewish and that he was a pure Aryan when look at this Frankensteinian-looking little prick, his shortness, his Austrian peasant background, his warped sense of art--anyway, whatever, we found the article entertaining in the sense it was revealing another side of the Banking Cartel--this in dispute of statements after World War II that the Jewish Bankers had supported Hitler up until he decided Jews were not human really...but then notice how the Deutsche Bank fired its Jewish board members and became the Gestapo's bankers and helped finance the building of Auschwitz, etc. Bankers, whether Jewish or Aryan, are still pirates and greed merchants who'll sell their grandmothers, wives, daughters, dogs, and favorite stud horses for more piles of gold (money having to be founded on a gold base to be worth more than the rag paper it's printed on)--profits!


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