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Existing in the Biggest Apple on Earth: Pissing in the Wind

Foto by tgw, "Oscar & Elvis Together on a Wall," New York City 2012
I See Nothing Wrong With Celebrating a War Kill By Pissing On It

Like a lot of people, I, too, was puzzled over Leon "Pancho" Panetta's and Hillbilly Hillary's fervent moral uppityness over the LEAKED video that shows several of our bravest and most heroic dumbass volunteer soldiers pissing on the already-dead bodies of a towel-head fresh kill they had just made in our War of Terror on the heathen people of Afghanistan. Come on, these brave lads were simply celebrating this successful fresh kill. They had blown these evil bastards away according to the "kill or be killed" military attitude they were taught in basic training as the principle under which American paid servicemen are taught to fight. I mean what do We the People of the USA expect when we put lethal weapons in the hands of eighteen-or-nineteen-year-olds and then teach them that where they are going (being deployed to) the principle idea is to kill first and ask questions later--a principle based on a military logic that says the enemy can be any of the opposing people no matter how innocent they look. As we learned in Vietnam, old gook grannies or young naked gook girls can be carrying weapons--you can't trust them--so, hey, it's the same in Afghanistan as it was in Vietnam when the brave Captain Medina ordered his brave, democracy-bringing, righteous Charlie Company men under Lieutenant Calley to "Shoot to kill every stinking one of those gook bastards at My Lai no matter what they look like. You can't trust a young man...nor can you trust his old granny...nor can you trust even his newborn baby girl. Blast the bastards off the planet, for they are the enemy and you are the righteous, on a godly mission...."

So you see why I was puzzled over Panetta (this old bastard is 73 years old) and Hillbilly Hill getting up on their moral hindlegs over this video. So the boys are celebrating their victory by pissing on their fresh kill of towel heads--the enemy--the enemy that to our kill-or-be-killed-trained American troopers all look the same. "I can't tell one towel head from another so I shoot them all." The puzzle: it doesn't seem to matter to the upperclassy Leon and lowerclassy Hillary that those Marines have just riddled with bullets several rather innocent-looking Afghanistan citizens. That these soldiers have just blasted away the lives of these people isn't as shocking to Brainwashed Leon and Coldhearted Hillary as these poor young boys-will-be-boys pissing on the dead enemy. Pissing on the dead is a perfectly legitimate way for a soldier to celebrate a great victory.
Here's a scene from the video that shocked Leon and Hillbilly Hillary.
Now, you see, as an ex-serviceman (U.S. 4th Army out of Fort Sam Houston), the above scene doesn't bother me in the least. I mean, come on, boys will be boys--all male animals mark their conquests by pissing on them--like they mark their territory by pissing around it. The news media can't say "pissing" so they put it as our boys are "urinating" on these poor slobs--hey, I just noticed, none of the dead are wearing towels on their heads.

By the way, in case you're into pissing games, here's a good one for you:

Talk About Your Pissers
Mitt Romney is a fucked up human being. You see, old Mitt was born with a silver-Mormon-spoon in his mouth. He's never had to work a fucking day in his god-damn privileged life. Newtie Gingrich is pig-jowled fop whose mentality is based on his own pompous evaluation of his own worth, a worth based on his warm and serious ass-kissing ability on the big fat-cat asses of the moneygrubbers in our Military Industrial Complex--Newtie's Gawjah district is home to Lockheed-Martin-Marietta (for the town in Gawjah where it's located)--and those lethal-weapon pirates (they once only made airplanes) have paved old Newtie's way with the finest of fool's gold--he thinks he's worth a million when in fact, he ain't worth a plug nickel. Rick Perry--hey, old Rick said hell yes if he'd a been one of those brave American volunteer-paid-salaried soldiers who had just killed three or four of those scumbag towel heads, you damn tootin' he'd'a dropped his fatigues and pissed away merrily singing, "God Bless America," as he did. John Huntsman--oh no, a Mormon bites the dust. [Why are We the People so enamored with Utah politicians? Think about it.] Yep, old John, though in New Hampshire (where about 30 diehard Repugnants voted in that stupid primary) you'd a thought he was a serious challenger to Mitt the Mormon. Now John's simply a Mormon has-been.

Idiots. Glowing idiots. Dumb-as-holy-hell idiots. White racists all of them, that I'll guarantee you. The only Black people Mitt associates with are those who are cleaning the shit cans in his several magnificent overbuilt mansions; or the Blacks he uses as his security force--as a Presidential candidate, doesn't the Mitt Man get Secret Service protection--costing We the People millions of bucks to provide?

But always remember this: 50% of Americans who vote vote for these freaks. George W. Bush didn't have to steal but about 50,000 votes to win over those two Democratic fops, Al "the Bore" Gore (a phony environmentalist, by the way; under Bill Clinton and Al's vice-presidency, environmental regulations were thrown to the wind along with regulations on banks and financial institutions--along with our habeas corpus rights--plus they gave us the first Patriot Act) and John "I Married the Ketchup Queen" Kerry (a former District Attorney), a phony anti-War protester.

Right now it looks like Mitt the Mormon is going to be the papier-mache candidate for the tiresome Repugnicans--the party of the Capitalist right--


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