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Are 50% of Americans Dumbasses?

Foto by tgw, "Nightshot Through Glass," New York City, Jan. 2012
"Political economy came into being as a natural result of the expansion of trade, and with its appearance elementary, unscientific huckstering was replaced by a developed system of licensed fraud, an entire science of enrichment"--Frederick Engels.
I'm listening to Duke Ellington's filmscore to Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder. I then look up and watch a newscast with the sound off. It's showing and hoopla-ing about how Newtie Gingrich won the South Carolina Repugnican primary. They show a photo of pig-jowled Newtie. They are now showing a photo of the The Mitt Mann. He looks so dull. A dullard. Though, hey, I can easily poke fun as these two backwards-thinking jerks--come on, we have language that puts these snake-oil salesmen in their place. Call Mitt "the Mormon" Romney an asshole. Don't worry, he'll not sue you for libel because he is an asshole. Call Newtie Gingrich a big fat fool and that's too mild. Newtie is lower than a big fat fool. He's more like a man with his fat head up his fat ass. How's that?

Remember, I'm listening to Duke Ellington's music. Watching a soundless television screen. The music is overwhelming my spewing rebuke at those soundless images on that television screen. The reporters look so serious as they report that Newtie won in spite of all the revelations of his pornographically inclined male-dominance principle of using women as masturbational devices, because Newtie, I'll guarantee you, is a big-time masturbator.

I spin my thoughts upward into this portion of Duke's score he titled "Grace Valse," a place so high above a low-life like Newtie Gingrich will never reach it. He can't even reach underneath so high an accomplishment.

In Newtie's favor, however, I must sleazily admit that all men dream of threesomes. Newtie's in a Beltway privileged place where he can fulfill his lowest pornographic dreams--and winning in South Carolina is pornographic in itself, according to me--and racist, for without a doubt South Carolina is now our most racist state--even more racist than Gawjah, Alabanana, or Mississippi? Well, that's a tough one; Mississippi is still an open pit of racism even though the majority of the state's population is surely not White. All of these states from Gawjah over to Lawsbanana are old plantation states; South Carolina has been the epitome of a White-controlled state that still wants to belong to the Confederacy (remember, they wanted to fly the Confederate flag over their capitol building). South Carolina is a big Military Industrial Complex state also and Newtie represents that bunch of crooked arms dealers in Congress. It is also a big nuke-wasted state. A polluted state. The home of the late great hypocrite, J. Strom Thurmond.
"Our mutual value is for us the value of our mutual objects. Hence for us man himself is mutually of no value." Karl Marx
Just by quoting Engels and Marx I'm subjecting myself to surveillance. When dumbass people hear the name Karl Marx they immediately cringe in fear--they are totally dumb to his writings and his Sociological findings in Das Kapital. And Marx was a Sociologist. The above quote to me is magic thinking--a wit that can throw thoughts directly in your face--you get them when you think--if you're a dumbass you don't get them. We are what we own.

Do Mitt Romney and Newtie Gingrich represent We the People? Yes, because they own more than the average man does and to own more is our overall mutual ambition no matter where we are or what god we believe in--even our gods want MORE. Plato said man was searching for what was good for him. What is good for us in our minds, as an old song lyric sings, is "to be as rich as Rockefeller." [And, folks, believe it or not, the Rockefellers are still our ruling royal family--their power is still way above the power of even Little Billy "More" Gates [a little weasel of a man] and Warren "I Ain't Bluffing" Buffett [a weasel of a man].]

Yes, we all want to be rich. Money, not Jesus, Buddha, or Allah, is salvation. Dumbass Repugnican's, those at the voting level, have no hope of ever being as rich as Mitt "the Mormon" Romney (inherited wealth)--none of the money Mitt has made was earned--even he admitted that when he tried to backwards think his way out of having to disclose his tax returns--his father, ole George Romney (he gave us the Gremlin), disclosed his tax returns for six years back when he ran for president many moons ago. Yet, and here's the irony, getting as rich and powerful as Newtie Gingrich does seem possible to them. Ron Paul? Well he's a rich son of a bitch, too, but he's too wacky for a backwards-thinking Repugnican to comprehend. These boobs know nothing about Austrian Economics and Ron Paul is steeped in it as a Calvinist Libertarian, which is what American Libertarianism is, Calvinism: "Work for the night is coming when you'll work no more."
“There is no work, however vile or sordid, that does not glisten before God.” John Calvin
So now the backwards-thinking Repugnicans have three wonderful choices: Mitt "the Mormon" Romney (the winner in the low-attended New Hampshire Repug primary); Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum (squeak-by winner of the dumbass Iowa caucus); and now Newtie "Hey, Honey, How 'bout a Threesome" Gingrich (winner of the Racist State primary--also not very well attended).

Is President Obama shaking in his boots as he watches these foolish clowns compete for a chance at knocking the African off his perch and drown him in the deep waters of backwards-thinking Neo-Conism? Not that President Obama isn't a backward thinker himself, this Nobel Peace Prize winner who is under the bootheel of the Military Industrial Complex and the criminal bankers and the financial institutions they are still running in fraudulent and criminal manners. Obama seems to continue to favor old Clinton assholes and top CEO criminals as his closest advisors. His latest bullshit move is to make Larry "Failed Economist/Failed Harvard President" Summers head of the US-controlled World Bank, a position G.W. Bush gave to Paul Wolfowitz. Surrounded by backwards-thinking and corrupt men of wealth and privilege, there is no hope to me of this man ever returning to his "Yes, We Can" bullshit--all lies it turns out--LIES, LIES, LIES.

You tell enough lies, some truth begins to leak out.

Our future looks bleak--I can see why it's more sedating to look behind us at the Good Ole Days, that weren't Good Ole Days for all of us--always for White folks, but not so hot a look back for our nonWhites.

Did you read where the Chinese artist who conceived and rendered the Martin Luther King memorial on the Washington, District of Corruption, Mall fucked up one of King's quotes?--edited it down so it would fit on this rather bland King memorial that mocks the Vietnam Memorial (ironically, also done by a Chinese artist). Now the government's trumpeting goons are trying to figure out how to rectify the fuck up without having to do the whole thing over. Why does our government love Chinese artists so much? Maybe our government is behooven to the Chinese Communists because this is the gang that owns us lock, stock, and barrel. Our government is letting the Chinese Commies use hundreds of thousands of acres of our Western wilderness lands. Most of our clothing and television and computer production is happening in Communist China. Why, they are going to be the main tenants in what was once called the Freedom Tower, a hypocritical building that has now been named No. 1 World Trade Center--Freedom having nothing to do with that sordid development, a gift of We the People to one of the crookedest real estate developers in the country and the Power Elite-run, always needing more money, New York-New Jersey Port Authority--an authority We the People of New York and New Jersey really don't need. Did you know that a lot of the splurging of high-rise luxury buildings in New York City is due to their being financially backed by China's state investment bureau?

So, hey, folks, you better learn a little Mandarin. Remember when our nation's corporations sold all of OUR productive assets to Japan (our television, our movies, our recording industry (this Duke Ellington Anatomy of a Murder CD I'm listening to was original recorded on Columbia Records, but we sold Columbia Records to the Japanese and now all those old Columbia albums are being reissued by Sony), our camera production, our automobile industry--Datsun (now Nissan), Toyota, Mitsubishi, big arms producers during WWII--and Japan was buying up our property, too--Japan bought Rockefeller Center once--a move that almost brought down the Japanese economy--so bad a move, they had to give it back to the Rockefellers thereby losing millions of dollars in reneging penalties. And all of our corporate goons started advising us we'd better start learning Japanese--the future was in Japan! Now Japan is on the brink of disaster--their economy sinking daily--their air now polluted by radioactivity from their buying our nuclear technology (General Electric's technology)(General Electric is also a member of the Military Industrial Complex).

So goes the world of high finance. Voodoo economics continues to strangle us--Voodoo Capitalism is bringing us down--BUT, we are so dumb we still believe we're the best and brightest people in the world.

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A Little Taste of Chinese Art:
Notice, "Democracy" is represented by rather Western-faced people, while the oppressed look very Chinese. So why do we accept Mao's kind of Communism but rain down bullshit on Karl Marx's Communism?

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