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Existing in the Police and Corporate Welfare State of New York City: Waiting for the Nazis to Reveal Themselves

Foto by tgw, New York City, January 2012
Say Goodbye to:
Johnny Otis, 90, American R&B singer-songwriter. Johnny Otis, a Greek cat who chose to be Black--Johnny was an amazing man. First time I ever noticed Johnny he's playing drums with Prez's septet on some early Aladdin records (Norman Granz's first record label). Johnny introduced to the world: Esther Phillips, the Ravens (who became the Coasters), Etta James, Jackie Wilson, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, Little Willie John; he produced and his band backed up Big Mama Thornton on Lieber and Stoller's "Hound Dog." His band also backed Charles Brown on his famous "Driftin' Blues." Plus Johnny brought us his biggest hit, "Willie and the Hand Jive," a tune eventually stolen and used by phony blues man, Eric Clapton, going about his business of stealing his sounds from American original musicians like Johnny Otis. I happen to know all the lyrics to Johnny's infamous "Signifyin' Monkey." Johnny also played vibes, was a preacher, a club owner (the famous Barrelhouse Club), was a disc jockey, and ran for Congress in California--his brother was our ambassador to Jordan at one time--Johnny Otis who grew up in a mixed Valejo, California, neighborhood decided he wanted to be Black and he almost pulled it off. Johnny always made me think of Mezz Mezzrow, a Chicago Jewish lad who also decided he wanted to be Black--White guys who find they are more attuned to a Black way of life than they are a White way. I know how that feels, trust me.
Say Goodbye to: Etta James. How ironic that Etta James dies a day or so after the man who discovered her and gave her her first gigs, Johnny Otis, died; she at one time being a member of the Johnny Otis Show. Etta James, 73, American singer ("At Last"), leukemia.
Obama Idiocy: President Obama is fixing to appoint Larry Summers as head of the World Bank. What the hell does this little creep have on Obama? Why not Suzanne Somers?
What Is Wrong With Me?
This silly presidential-campaign politics is so beneath me; yet, these idiots, these Yahoos, have the privilege and power to literally drive me into homelessness--to ruin what life I have left--and now with filthy powers given to one man, our president, the resident president, this first Black president taking the power to have his army target me, pick me up off the streets, whisk me over to Guantanamo where without trial or hearing or anything, I can be left to rot there and disappear into an unknown space. Our president is our armed forces Commander in Chief don't forget--plus he inherited G.W. Bush's Executive privileges, privileges passed on to President Obama by this little sorry specimen of a man who is obviously his mentor (Obama said after meeting Georgie Porgie for the first time that he liked the guy a lot), that little spoiled brat bastard whose family, headed by the old Reagan-Raggedy-Ass Pappy Bush and his New World Order, has run this country into the god-damn ground--a ground being stolen out from under We the Common People of the USA by our divine Power Elite.

I disagree with the 99-to-1 ratio the Occupy Wall Streeters keep depending on--at least 45% of that 99% are living in some form of rightwing racist dream state--that's the 45% who, I'm sorry to say but I'm thinking this way, would vote for Adolf Hitler and throw Jesus Christ in Guantanamo as a leftwing radical. Like I can see Mitt "the Mormon' Romney sporting one of those little Hitler moustaches and wearing an SS uniform (remember, Prince Harry has a cool SS uniform he could loan the Mitt Mann)--"Sieg Heil, it is none of your fucking business the taxes I pay--I'm rich--so I'm divine, you petty heathen bastards, you poor slobs who've had to work your asses off so my family could become filthy rich--Praise Macaroni and Baloney, those Mormon gods." But now I read that the Mitt Mann's offshore bank accounts and the financial shenanigans he pulled with his Bain holdings have gotten his old sagging ass in trouble with his own party of backbiting goons--Bain holdings crookedly obtained millions of crooked dollars, shenanigans all done through backroom insider finagling and a shifting of paper funds all night long by teams of number-crunching MIT and Harvard fops who work all night long in front of those latest computers all hooked together all over the world--a world of united pirates fleecing the common man (Every Man) of all his wealth and natural resources.

In my last Growler post, I tried to open almost-asleep eyes to history--a history of banks and bankers and financial shenanigans and how Imperialist Royal Families, like those who ran the British Empire, allowed holding companies and private equity investors and hedge-fund conglomerates to form their own armies and navies with fleets of ships cruising the wild seas of the world looking for the planet's wealth, captained by half-madmen and manned by men of adventurous, criminal, egoistic natures--going about the world sniffing out the common wealth with their new navigational tools and instruments and their new cartographical printings coming out daily to guide their ironclad ships with their multiple braces of heavy-duty cannons in their quests to invade, occupy, and steal that wealth when found, their ships's hulls reserved for tons of gold, silver, spices, coffees, teas, medicinal plants, whale oil, timbers, and slaves. Whatever they could conquer by force and steal by force! The White Man ever Capitalistically evolving--always seeking New Frontiers--and taking them by force, of course.

I am compelled to bark forth--from out of low growls comes harsh barking--rebelling against a coming ideal that I was warned against all my young rebellious life--the idea that this nation was skidding on a greased-lightning sleigh ride headed for the very depths of another economic hell--a hell only made worse by the instigators of these depressions who are using the mass fear of them to start more of their profitable wars, wars in which while our youth die needlessly our so-called enemies are decimated, killed by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions in some cases, and millions are driven out of their homes, off their lands, to flee to safe haven countries, like the 2 million Iraqis we displaced and who are now living in utter chaos in camps in Lebanon and Palestine. I hold post-World War I Germany up as an example of the way we are headed. A Corporate State leads to National Socialism, which is, folks, in case you've forgotten, Nazism when wearing German uniforms..Fascism, when wearing Italian uniforms--economic systems devised by Sociologists/Economists--echoes of it still prevalent in the politics of the Ayn Randers, the Ron and Rand Pauls, the Von Hayek and Von Mises Libertarians (and throw that big phony rightwinger Ayn-Rand-loving fool Allen Greenspan into that sordid nutjob mix).

We are ripe right now for a military takeover. You don't think so? We are ripe for a dictator. What do you think? We the People have no power whatsoever anymore. We are being duped by sorry bastards. I know them as what C. Wright Mills called the Power Elite--if you know me you should also know C. Wright Mills (a Texan, by the way)--and what the great American Economist/Sociologist Thorstein Veblen called The Leisure Class--and what Karl Marx called the Bourgeoisie. Allen Ginsberg said we were being governed by the working-together CIA, FBI, Mafia, and Corporations--Listen to Rage Against the Machine doing Allen's poem "It Hadda Be Playin' on the Juke Box":

It's just a crying shame how this all has evolved, undercover, behind closed doors, gradually but surely going out of control and there's nothing We the Measly People of the USA can do about it except via radical means, like not paying taxes; like taking your money and savings out of the big criminal banks; like not voting for these fools. Occupy Wall Streeters tried to stir us up, but they have been driven off by a police-state-Homeland-Security-coordinated government plot against them, to simultaneously attack them, beat them, pepper spray them, give one of them a severe head wound that has left this Iraqi War vet half-goofy and out of balance and having to go through expensive rehab--and they threw an old paraplegic grandma out of her wheelchair, pepper spraying her as they did, and they deliberately pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful OWS protesters at UCal-Davis--pepper spraying them in a cruel and mean fashion--like "Here you god-damn al-Queda-ass-kissing dipsticks. You're all traitors! President Obama, declare these cheesy bastards enemy combatants and let's ship 'em off to Guantanamo Concentration Camp--and while they're there, why don't we 'round 'em up, pack 'em in a shower room, and then gas their worthless asses! Praise God, and may God Bless America! Rick Santorum for President!"

My generation warned you of a coming Fascism. There were huge numbers of Brits and Americans during World War II who remained loyal to Germany--who stood behind Hitler--people like Charles Lindbergh and the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor found Hitler charming, intelligent, worthy of being listened to.

I know the Ku Klux Klan were willing to lynch Jews along with Blacks in the real fine Yee-Haw Old South of the Jim Crow era on into the 1940s. "Wake up, White people! The niggers, the Spicks, the Kikes, the Gays, the Lezzies, the Moozlimbs, the Woggies, the Gooks, the Chinks..." is the Ku Klux Klan's shout out, spouting out their blasphemous tags, Ku Kluxer types believing what spews from their mouths is a divine defense of heathen White people, the Euro-blends that Pat Buchanan says are being allowed to be swallowed up by these savage brown, black, and yellow peoples. God help us, Pat cries. And God-damn, I wish Pat's drunken Irish God would stop helping us.

What I'm trying to say is that we are in the same economic situation that led Germany to accept a psychopath like Adolf Hitler as their fearless leader, their Fuhrer--the Germans, the Barbarians, the Visogoths, the Lutherans, the Teutonic Crusaders.

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