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thegrowlingwolf Wondering Why Honesty Never Pays

Foto by tgw, New York City, March 2011
Warning: President Ronald McDonald Obama is getting We the People of the USA trickbagged into yet another executive-ordered WAR--but a losing WAR--tomahawk (Chief Wahoo makes them) missiles cost 1 million bucks a piece--We the People's Navy shot 135 of those at old Moronmar Kha-Daffy over the past several days--I read where this involvement has already cost We the People 500 million bucks. And what good did it do? NONE. Kha-daffy's forces are back on their deadly move--driving back the, as they are described by our press, "ragtag rebel forces."

Our president's foreign-policy goals (the same ones G.W. Bush was driving us toward) always have something to do with the U.S. military's presence in an oil-producing country. In his holier-than-thou speech on the subject of our involvement in Libya, our president said we were getting half-a-billion-dollars involved in this civil-war action because of his and his administration's concern for the massacring of civilians, something WE, according to our president, can't tolerate; therefore we're lobbing 135 tomahawk missiles at Tripoli and surrounding neighborhoods, killing, "We don't have those figures," with Kha-Daffy claiming We the People's tomahawk missiles had killed scores of innocent mothers and school children--the air full of bullshit and tomahawk missiles (made by the Great White Fathers of the Military Industrial Complex, i.e., Lockheed-Martin-Marietta, from Good Ole Newtie Gingrich's hometown (Lockheed and Martin are leftover World War II military aircraft builders--the very military industrial complexes Good Ole Ike Eisenhower warned We the People who are totally politically deaf of--and, of course, We the People didn't hear what he said much less understand it--talk above their heads, as Queen Victoria ordered)). In the meantime, 60 innocent civilian Iraqis were mass murdered yesterday in our New Democratic Republic of Iraq--and at the same time, our tin soldier unmanned drones in Afghanistan "accidentally" killed 6 or 7 mothers and school children and injured something like 40 other mothers and school children who happened to be gathered in a square around these people--an "accident" for which our Scandinavian-accented NATO commander had to apologize to the already-sick-and-tired-of-We-the-People Afghanistan people (We the People of the USA, by the bye, pay all of NATO's bills and supply them with all their weapons and equipment and fuels and a headquarters set up in a Kabul mansion or confiscated luxury hotel--and most of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization troops just happen to be over 150,000 of our stupid and insane young men and women who went along with the army recruiters in their hometowns who promised them they'd be generals in a matter of weeks plus be coming home by the next X-mas and all the while be getting all this instruction in modern technologies, like the computer-controlled launchings of tomahawk missiles from the missile tubes of a U.S. Navy destroyer and a U.S. Navy submarine--hey, President Obama is creating jobs by continuing G.W. Bush's wars and Reagan-designed wars (this Libya bullshit can be traced directly back to Ronald "Bad Actor" Reagan's ruinous times). In the meantime, our GOP-catered-to Congress is fixing to hit We the People hard in our guts by machete-whacking away at domestic programs and Medicare and Social Security (neither of which have anything to do with our crashing economy), at our public school systems and its teachers, at our state-owned colleges and universities and their teachers--intending to privatize them--intending to privatize our highway systems--intending to massacre all Unions and people who are currently dues-paying members of Unions--intending to reverse all of the New Deal policies that are still hanging around. Yet, these bastards who have the backing of several old-men billionaires are deliberately trying to drive us down to a Third-World status--REMEMBER, THE MAIN AIM OF THESE CONSERVATIVE ASSHOLES IS CHEAP LABOR--that's all this corporate takeover bullshit is about--driving the workingclass in this country down to a level where it can successfully compete with the Chinese workingclass who are working for US$3.75-an-hour (or is that a day like in the Mexican-border maquiladores wages?)--though most Chinese workers still labor in sweat mills and sweatshops--locked in workplaces where Chinese girls and children sweat over constructing electronics items like motherboards and hard drives and complete computers that will then be shipped tariff-free to this country--and WE the People of the USA invented computers--we invented television--we invented the finest ways of manufacturing our own necessities--we gave the world the finest music systems--STEREO--dual-track tape recorders--175-track soundboards--we invented electronic instruments--and YET look at us now! What do we produce now? WARS. And yet President Obama is wracking his executive-ordered brain trying to get us involved in yet another WAR--as this president continues the policies of the WORST UNELECTED HONESTLY PRESIDENT (a faux president in whose first election he lost but was then appointed president, first time ever, by the rightwing nutjob Supreme Court (12 old US White men and Uncle Tom Thomas most of whom were put on the Court by G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush), and who outright STOLE his second-term election) this country has ever known--the Neo-Con-controlled handpuppet of his father's New World Order of One Thousand Points of Light! G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush who the Existentialist Cowboy (Len Hall) says in his currently running post (see our Blog List) was standing in front of the schoolbook depository building as Kennedy's Lincoln limo passed by that building that day JFK was assassinated--G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush who was once head of the CIA (how quickly we forget) and was once our ambassador to CHINA! I'm pretty much convinced that President Obama is being totally dominated by the Bush Family--Bill Clinton, too (I just heard a journalist say that Bill Clinton was now worth over 200 million bucks)--I'll bet Hillary could spill some smelly beans in terms of Slick Willie's and Obama's being tied to (shackled to) the Bush Family and its Saudi-Arabian-Arab-Emirates collective plans for a Bush-dominated Global Marketplace and luxury Paradises for the Extremely Wealthy (Mayor Mike "Billionaire" Bloomberg is currently taking over Manhattan Island and giving it away to the world's richest people).

You say I'm nuts and I'll say, nope, pal, you're the nut in this scenario, not me. I've hated the Bushes since I was a kid growing up just down the road from where old Pappy Bush, due to his total failure as a Family-backed captain of the oil industry, started his political career--Pappy was the first-ever Republican elected to the Texas House of Representatives--and why, because of the rampant racism that erupted in the 1948 Democratic Convention when Strom Thurmond and his racist Southern creepy degenerates walked out on the Democrats (labeling them "Nigger-Loving Liberals" as they did (Truman was integrating the US Army) and formed the Dixiecrat Party--which led in 1952 to most Southern Democrats becoming Dem-IKE-crats--backing Republican candidate Dwight David "Dumbass General" Eisenhower, which then led to most Southern Democrats switching over to the Republican Party.

Yep, there is truth embedded somewhere in our history--if we could just keep track of it--but, we're too dumb to keep track of anything but our own personal woes. Just think, while you're worrying about how you're gonna pay your mortgage this month or your doctor bills or your credit-card debts, not one god-damn Congressman or Military leader or our President is worrying about such petty issues--their hearts are in the Highlands of the WAR Economy. In the meantime, Ben Bernanke (a G.W. Bush man) is simply printing up more and more billions of worthless US paper and spreading it by the bales all around the world, which should be a big question thrown at President Obama--what the hell are you and your Wall-Street-Warmonger pals gonna do when the dollar is declared worthless?--remember when they were telling us our 100-dollar bills were too easily counterfeited? Remember when Ronald "Alzheimer's Poster Boy" Reagan declared 100-dollar bills "drug money"? Reagan's the one who decided if you deposited more than a certain amount of cash, you were subject to be investigated by the DEA and the FBI. Remember Nancy "Second Wife" Reagan telling We the People of the USA who were presumably hooked on all kinds of dope to "Just say, 'No,'" all the while she and her Alzheimer's Poster Boy husband were doped up like hell on pain pills and Tylenol Codeine and Oxycontin?

So get ready to HURT, folks--and pay for the sins of your Great White Fathers--one Great White Father in Congress recently put his filthy foot in his mouth when he spewed Whitely out that American Indians benefited more from government aid than any of us. Chief Wahoo lives among the Great White Fathers.


General Electric Pays No US Taxes
"Honesty is the best policy." Hah. How about a Hah-Hah? How about a Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah?

[Here's a true believer in US corporations doing no wrong explaining why GE, though they paid no US taxes and got a refund, really did pay too much taxes and why US corporations are leaving the US--they can't afford to pay taxes and make gigantic profits at the same time--this Yahoo gives you the perfect GE answer (a deny, deny, deny answer):

Randall Breneman Mar 28

"I'm not a tax expert " [This is what the blog-journalist who Mr. Breneman is jiving on wrote in his article on his tax filing compared to Caterpillar's (they are threatening to leave Illinois because the state is thinking of imposing an added 2% tax on Caterpillar's enormous profits) and GE's]

This should have been the first and last thing you said. GE didn't a $4bn tax refund. They didn't pay taxes because of losses suffered (GE Capital). The tax rate for GE's industrial side of the house was 17% last year, but normally pays well over 20%. (IIRC, GE gets a lot of tax credits for green technology. How terrible!) Pre-financial crisis, GE's overall income tax rate was in the high teens to low-20s. GE also pays payroll, property, sales, use, & VAT taxes. If the financial market improves, their income taxes will go up. They accounted for a tax "benefit" of $3.2bn. The tax benefit was from them realizing they wouldn't have to pay as much in taxes as they expected to from previous years. No money was refunded to them by the govt. That $3.2bn will probably all end up going to an anticipated increase in their tax burden for coming years. ]

When is a lie the truth? The truth is NOT self evident; therefore, lies are truths and truths are lies. I know I'm speaking in chaotic terms.

Those who are determined to "drag us down to the bottom" (the idea first sprang up in the Neo-Con Manifesto written by Paul Wolfowitz) are the staunchest of honest liars. The current champion honest liars are the Libertarians. They are champion honest liars because they promote the lie that this country is based on "rugged individualism." That the true individual is the person who "pulls himself up by his own bootstraps" (Social Darwinism), and that was the motto of the G.W. Bush Administration--G.W. Bush who was Unka Dick Cheney's hand puppet. Remember when Unka Dick shot the American people the finger and told them to fuck off? You see, he wasn't lying then--that was Unka Dick being honest.

Human beings are a lie within a lie.

The Universe is a mixture of the visible and the invisible. Lies are visible; truths are invisible. [By the bye, only 5% of the Universe is visible to we human beings.]

I.F. Stone said: "All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."

Governments by nature of their secrecy policies are forced to lie by their own codes. They believe right off the bat that truth causes PANIC. Governments believe truth leads to anarchy.

Like WARS. All wars are based on LIES.

Robert Anton Wilson said, "
Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil."

Like here's a lie: "All nuclear power plants are perfectly safe." Our president honestly says he honestly believes this statement to be true. Then it was revealed this past week that US nuclear power plants lie about their current conditions. Recent records show they've been lying about their current conditions since the nuclear power craze (based on lies) took off back in the late 1960s until the late 1970s.

Three Mile Island was a meltdown; yet finding out the truth about what corruption this plant's meltdown caused is next to impossible.

General Electric (it paid no US taxes this year--unless you, too, like Mr. Breneman above are a true believer in the falsely premised "trickle down" theory) makes huge profits off its nuclear power plant constructions; it and Westinghouse Electric (whose nuke division is now owned by Tokyo Electric). Chicago Con-Ed is another big promoter of nuclear energy. Where's President Obama from? David Axelrod is in the hip pocket of Chicago Con-Ed. And do you remember who David Axelrod was?

Truth is a matter of connecting the ever-flowing dots.

Like here's a lie: electrical energy is forever!

As kids we learn to use lies before we learn anything about what truth is. "Tell the truth...," our parents shout at us--yet we lie before we tell the truth. How many times do I remember my father saying, "Do I have to beat the truth out of you?" I used lies (denials) as a defense against getting my ass whipped.

As kids we lie kids we are born with a sense of truth (a trial and error method of discovery). As kids we must sift for the truth within the lies perpetuated by our parents. We must deduce whatever truth there is in the thousands of lies protecting our school curriculums--we get handsful of huge lies at "houses of worship" (tax-free institutions--we have no way of taxing the gods)--we get lies fed to us over television 24/7. All advertising is based on LIES (or twisted truths). Truth in advertising! It's there but usually in such fine print you need extreme magnification to read it.

The problem with truth is finding it.

Like the lies the big pharmaceuticals tell us to keep us believing that very toxic prescription drugs will extend our lives no matter how totally and ignorantly we have fucked those lives up--by eating junk food; by craving high-fructose corn syrup soft drinks; by continuing to get fat; by continuing to believe the lie that doctors are dedicated to saving our lives! Hah. Hah-hah-hah. Hah-hah-hah-hah...pardon me...while I laugh.

One of the 20th-Century's most powerful men, Adolph Hitler, said: "
Great liars are also great magicians."

And a dude named Orson Scott Card said: "
You who speak languages, you are such liars."

I went on Orson Scott Card's Website ( to find out something about this dude and discovered, interesting to me, his site's list of the 25 most influential books of the end of the last and the beginning of this century, starting with Cormac McCarthy's The Road (I'm already thinking a rip off of Kerouac's "road" literature) and I once started reading The Road and yes I found it fascinating, though why I didn't finish it I can't recall--like, I don't even know what happened to my copy of the book). The 2nd book on this list was The Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk--the movie I've heard of but the book! However, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th picks were books I have never heard of. Number 3 on the list is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. Number 4 is Alex Garland's The Beach. And number 5 is White Teeth by Zadie Smith. I stopped there.

I am totally obsolete when it comes to up-to-date reading (and therefore thinking)--how the "new" generation, the twentyish crowd, those who are free as birds, think and how they put their thinking into words has totally left me spinning in the middle of an ancient dirt road like an empty beer can tossed from the window of a car going 100 mph. I'm stuck empty of worth in a literary ditch (except nowadays a beer can in a ditch may be worth a recycling penny or two).

I can recall the revered books the Hippies put all their literary hopes on, like Herman Hesse's Siddhartha. I read it but I don't remember a damn thing about it except it was trying to make a Buddha out of a character--I was much more intrigued by Thomas Mann's Transposed Heads.

I remember when Bob Dylan tried to write a novel. Tarantula. It was horrible. Oh the critics tried to glamorize it but put all the make up on it you could and it was still a terrible book. The Beatles also tried to write can't tell musicians--writing songs (having a knack for clever doggerel) is totally different from writing novels or even serious poetry. Like Patti Smith. I never understood her literary fame. Patti Smith looks like a man these days--moustache and all--what an ugly woman she turned out to be.

My generation was into the Beats and the post-Beats--and Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still alive out in San Francisco--the City Lights Bookstore--and I have here on a table beside me a copy of the City Lights Pocket Poets Series Number Four, Howl and Other Poems, Allen Ginsberg's young masterpiece. And it's dedicated to "Jack Kerouac, new Buddha of American prose...creating a spontaneous bop parody and original classic literature." And I understand talk about "spontaneous bop parody." I am a be-bopper. No "Be-bop-a-Lula," that's another genre--that's the bop that appeared in early rock 'n roll ("The blues had a baby and they named it Rock 'n Roll"). No I'm a classic spontaneous bop parodist.

The first line of Howl (the poem dedicated to the true madman, Carl Solomon): "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness. starving hysterical naked/dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix/angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night...."

I understand all of that. I myself have been on those negro streets at dawn looking for that angry fix (whether in culture or drugs). That's the generation from which I emerged--pecking my way out of the confining shell.

Gertrude Stein; Ezra Pound; Ernest Hemingway; T.S. Eliot; F. Scott Fitzgerald; Virgil Thomson; Aaron Copeland. The expatriates. They went out into the world to test American spontaneity against the rest of the world. I read their reports and I went their way--a way out of the tightly knit way of conformity, the conformity of the Protestant Ethic--"Fuck the Protestant Ethic," we hollered and blew into our horns the complicated ways of reasoning we had open to our adventurous minds.

Nonconformity. And there were those who berated us--who denigrated us--"Nigger lovers" we were called because a lot of our loves, woes, and hopes were in the Black community, our fountainhead--but not Ayn Rand's fountainhead--the fountainhead of conformity.

And it was Ayn Rand's fountainhead that attracted the staunch conformers--the "I pledge allegiance to" crowd. The "live and play with a BBA" crowd. A crowd of accounting minds. Minds trapped inside a bookkeeping mentality. But a "creative" bookkeeping reality. The big lies always cooked into the books. Like the General Accounting Office of We the People's government for the people and by the people. Did you know the Pentagon hasn't been audited in decades?

And now, folks, what if Japan, its economy being wrecked by this earthquake, tsunami, nuke meltdown catastrophe, sells all the US debt it owns? Say China buys our debt from them for pennies on the dollar...Japan will be desperate for money...remember, We the People of the USA gave Japan our banking system after World War II--when General Douglas MacArthur thought he was the New Emperor of Japan.

I was listening to this Afghanistan woman raving wildly on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning--Anjala Kamat's her name--and Miss Kamat was raving herself hoarse as she was trying to wake up the dumbass American people to the fact that they have allowed We the People's military to take over from the Soviet Union the act of bombing and killing and murdering her people back way before the Stone Age to the fact that We the People are letting our LYIN' BASTARD president and Congress and the Pentagon dole out billions and billions of good old Ben Bernanke-printed up bales of billions piled high on wooden palettes that are dropped off US cargo planes--all those billions upon billions of dollars being stolen by the Karzai government and Karzai's dope-dealing brother and the Afghan Mafia and the Taliban and the ruthless tribal lords--and then Anjala Kamat starts rattling off rapidly the names of men in the Afghanistan government, We the People's puppet government, and she rattles off thirty or forty names, saying as she does these birds are thieves, dope dealers, murderers, rapists, child molesters--anti the Afghanistan people--and certainly anti Afghanistan WOMEN.

And Anjala Kamat is asking the same question I'm asking: why can't people see the truth of these matters based on lies? Why do they continue to believe LIES to be facts?--like that pencil-necked geek General Betrayus constantly saying we are making great gains and ground in Afghanistan...and just yesterday, here we go again, our military both-sides-of-their-lying-mouth spin doctors had to say they were sorry when one of We the People's murderous drones had wiped out 30 or 40 "enemy combatants" who turned out to be mostly women and children--another same-old same-old oft-told story in this truly EVIL war--and I don't believe in good and evil but in honest deduction--and like Anjala Kamat, I ask what thrills do killing Afghan women and children give these foreign occupiers? (These foreign occupiers are of course mostly US Armed Forces--even if over here they are referred to as NATO forces--the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces fighting in the mountains and deserts of a Central Asian sovereign nation that's never had a chance at ruling its self--deciding its own destiny)(and now the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces are in the Mediterranean getting us involved in another Obama invasion and occupation--a country where we once had a Wheeler Air Force Base--a military outpost on the African continent--and it was G.W. Bush who started the African Command unit--based now in Germany because no African country wants a U.S. base on its soil--so why not take over Libya and case closed, our African Command unit moves to Tripoli?)

And why are we in Libya? Truth up: for OIL, of course. For Libyan OIL!

And now President Obama is hinting at maybe We the People should really support the lyin' dictating bastard who the people of Yemen want thrown out with his relatives onto the next shipment of garbage out of Yemen--because he's been so cooperative in helping us search and destroy what's left of the raggedy al-Queda mystery army--already We the People's famous death-dealing drones are perhaps being flown over--well, who the hell knows? That's all "state secrets" and you know how many secrets are really LIES!

Where's a truthteller among us? Bernie Sanders tries, but, hey, he's still an elected official in debt to the fundraisers who back him come reelection time. And there's Dennis Kucinich, but he's a wimpy Democrat whose own party nabobs are ashamed of--and there are journalists like Greg Palast--but then the other day I heard Greg say he wasn't opposed to nuclear energy--yes, he admitted that to Gary Null the other day--and Gary Null, at his down-his-nose best, dressed old Greg down for admitting such a foolish stance. So, you see, folks, you can't trust nobody--but especially those who write our books and give forth their backwards-thinking opinions in glowing doublespeak.

Is Orson Scott Card correct in saying, "You who speak languages, you are such liars"?

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