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thegrowlingwolf Facing April's Fools

Foto by tgw, "Early Morning Going Down Fifth Avenue," New York City, March 2011 (I've sworn my self to only taking fotos from building rooftops--but one morning a few weeks ago, since my building owner has forbidden me access to the roof of my building, I decided to ignore my shy photographer stance and take my out-of-date Toshiba digital down to street level. First of all, it was still too dark though I had an idea about shooting reflections off storefront windows that I thought there was enough light for. Got the picture? So I fired up the Toshiba...put my finger on the trigger (the snapper when fotos were called snapshots)...I had a street-light-color-contrast view in the finder I liked--but then out of nowhere I tripped...the toe of my left deerskin shoe hit a slight imperfection in a sidewalk crack and I fell forward and as I did, I shot the above foto--I think as an accident it looks very Picasso during his pen light period).
This Is NO April Fool's Joke
I am so down on common everyday life. I am so offended by the ignorance of my fellow man. I am feeling like a prophet with a strong prophetic message that no matter how loud I shout it out, no one seems to be able to hear it--and when they do hear it they shake their heads madly from side to side trying to understand it. Their faces become fraught with dumbness. Then I realize, these people are too hung up in their own morbid and mundane lives, so bothered with their own fears, they are so flushed with lies, they are unable to give up believing in whatever local or national traditions they've been fed by their stressed-out parents, their highly competitive and rat-race-instructional stressful school years, so by the time they are twentyish and on their first ways of making a living, they are conforming to what they think is the American way, and as such they are easily bamboozled, confused, made irresponsible, living now completely haphazard lives.... You feel my frustration as a thinker?

I clearly see the horror evolving over in Japan (and in terms of a tipping point)--a matter much more world-serious than any of our vaunted leaders can admit to. Our president, President Barack Obama, is continuing to pander to the nuclear energy crowd by telling us day before yesterday before a bunch of Georgetown U geeks (Weds., March 30th) that one way his administration is going to get us off foreign oil--this has been a District of Corruption bullshit red herring subject going way back to good old Big Dog Slick Willie Clinton's dishonest time--our dependence on foreign oil being a major issue we must confront before we can confront anything else. In his embarrassing speech to the Georgetown geeks, our president declared nuclear energy to him now represents clean energy--safe energy--and NOW he says NUCLEAR ENERGY IS GREEN ENERGY and therefore--now, stop, take a deep breath and get ready for this whopper: by We the People investing in nuclear energy (by the way, no Wall Street investment firm will invest in nuclear energy--that's why these dangerous creeps are kissing Obama's generous paper money ass) we are going to help in the climate-change crisis because you see nuclear power plants don't emit carbon dioxide!--and our nuclear industry is arising from a grave We the People thought we'd put it in for good--and Obama's administration is investing in several new nuclear plants, the first since the 1970s--and our president blesses these projects because, as he spews out this nuclear wasteful thinking in his most dulcet of tones, that since nuclear power plants emit no carbon dioxides, they are therefore green in terms of helping reverse this climate change crisis. (I keep on repeating that because it is so stupid I can't believe this president of ours is dosing it out to us as a cure for one of our most serious neurotic illnesses, our addiction to combustible engines and fossil fuels, is a shot of massive radiation.) That's totally insane logic. It's backwards thinking. Only a huge nuclear disaster in this country will put that thinking back on a progressive path--but then unfortunately for only a brief moment, I cynically add.

Whoaaaaa! Nellie, I'm yelling at our president while he's making such dumb and unthoughtout statements as those he's using to defend his being in the hip pocket of the US nuclear industry--they contributed big time to his 2008 campaign. You want to hit this man upside his head with a two-by-four--not to hurt him but to knock him awake--awake to reality--knock some common sense into his warped head. I mean can you imagine him spewing such bullshit while right before his money-blurred eyes this Japanese reactor (there are four reactors there) catastrophe (brought on by Chaos--where man has no control over anything) perhaps leading to a contamination so thorough it has a half-life of upwards of forever in terms of world atmosphere--the half-life of iodine isotopes is like 9 days (I'm guessing from remembrance), and the half-life of strontium 90 is 29 days, but the half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years--yes, you read me right--24,000 years!--and this Fuckuhumans (Fukushima) contamination could spoil half of Japan's soil, all of its fresh water supply, and fill with boiling nuclear dusts its air currents and atmosphere, which if containing plutonium particles when breathed in by any living being--even trees--will either kill them immediately or certainly kill them in a long run. For humans, breathing in one particle of plutonium dust will guarantee you you'll end life in horrible pain--with the worst kinds of cancer! lung cancer! leukemia! bone cancer! brain cancer! Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe not for years, but for sure.

The truth about Chernobyl and its disastrous aftermath is just now coming to light. A Russian nuclear scientist has just translated into English the long boxed away files containing the true figures of the devastation caused by the Chernobyl nuclear plant's core explosion. Turns out the Russian figures show Chernobyl's low-level radiation spewed out thousands of miles in a circle around the site. The low-level radiation spewed out by the Chernobyl explosion killed whole forests--and to this day those trees remain skeletons for miles around the site--the essence of life burnt out of their habitats. I just saw a CBS-News report just a night ago where a CBS news reporter was in Chernobyl walking with a Russian scientist through this destroyed forest and they had a Geiger counter with them and as soon as they walked into what the Russian said was the hot zone that Geiger counter started going bonkers--sizzling like a big porterhouse steak being broiled under a hot broiler flame--and this CBS reporter said rather dumbly to this Russian, "Shouldn't we better be getting out of here pretty soon?" to which the Russian replied with a laugh, "Yes, we had better be getting out of here very soon unless you want to go on further?" Turns out millions of people have died from this nuclear disaster over the years--and still to this day, radiation levels at ground zero there are so extremely high, workers working inside the concrete shell they put over the plant who are trying to decontaminate it can only work there "safely" 3 hours a day--and that still to this day humans as far away as Kiev are coming down with strange cancers and liver and kidney problems and brain problems--yet the truly dumbass people who claim to be the voice of We the People are still defiantly and extradumbly spouting out that Chernobyl didn't cause that big a problem for anybody--in fact, Chernobyl proved low-levels of radiation are actually beneficial to people (actually stated by Ann Coulter as I posted in a past post).

Soon, in fact any day now, we'll know how horrible this Japanese nuclear crisis will be--I'm just reading today where the radiation levels are so high, they can't even go in and gather up the dead bodies from the earthquake and tsunami--thousands of human bodies left to rot--or maybe preserved by the radiation--maybe some of them will be brought back to life!

Currently the Japanese reactors have been abandoned--it's now too dangerous to work on the site. The current catastrophe waiting to happen is a hydrogen explosion. Think of that? One of these reactors's fires have burned through its firewall container and has burnt through to the concrete floor of the reactor--causing a huge bubble of hydrogen to gather and expand...if it blows, so blows the huge pool of plutonium waste that the Japanese engineers foolishly stored above the reactor fuel rods.

Oh what utter fucking fools We Mortals be whether it's April First or not.

And here I sit trying to avoid the inevitable, which I now truly believe is the instinctual boogieman Herr Doktor Freud called Mr. Death Wish. I believe we are being forced by inevitability to want to die--mass suicide--nuclear energy the deadly Kool Aid we're all being asked to drink--all the while the expanding Universe is expanding faster than humans thought--not realizing how they are using their planet-bound logic and not a universally understood one, a cosmic one--though I highly respect the dedication of our true astronomers, like Dr. Carl Hubble, beings who love totally losing themselves out in the vast reaches of that 95% unseen by us universe--Hubble methodically searching the universe star by star back in the 20s and 30s--counting billions upon billions of stars and registering them--eventually studying so deeply into the cosmic distances he discovered the Andromeda galaxy--something that changed the direction of astronomy--and eventually led to the Big Bang theory--the exploding of something out of nothing--which now may really be simply a rupture through the edge of a whole other universe, our universe being born out of the side of our mother universe. When thinking cosmically, only then can I truly see how truly dumb most people are.

Gary Null, a man who, I must be honest, I've had my doubts about over the years in terms of his health care claims (he is a vitamin and supplement seller). But I've heard Gary Null on New York City radio ever since the 1960s and early '70s when he was the assistant to his mentor, the cigarette chain-smoking Dr. Frederick Carleton who eventually died of lung cancer, but whose programs were all about natural living and natural cures and naturopathic (now holistic medicine) paths to healthy living.

But recently, I've been listening to Gary comment on political issues, especially on the issue of why this country seems to be on a suicide course that no matter how loud right thinkers holler of the dangers they are facing though they go right on dutifully following the precarious course their leaders are leading them down--behaving like the proverbial lemmings by joyously jumping off the edge of the highest cliff to their deaths simply because their leaders led them over the edge and they all followed hopefully. Gary Null said it had to do with rationality--that people are so stressed out, so overworked, so with their noses pushed hard against the grindstones, that they are confused, afraid, neurotic, and disabled by infections and inflammation mainly self-inflicted due to their sticking to this precarious course of political correctness that leads to their eventual demise at an early age. These go-getting types now becoming more and more paranoid the more successful they get. He further said, these people are so stressed out and on such bad diets that there's no reasoning with their way of thinking. Trying to show them facts is useless. They wouldn't know a fact from a lie--they don't have any rational way of separating lies from truths--they are beaten into submitting to those who badger them with tons of devils--as Robert Anton Wilson said, wars always can be boiled down to Good versus Evil, or God versus the Devil. And to me this includes the wars going on within ourselves as we try to cope with this nonsensical direction our leaders are taking us in.

They found radiation particles from Japan in a New York State rain day before yesterday. Then yesterday it rained all day here in New York City--and guess who was out walking in it with no umbrella (I don't believe in umbrellas--but then like Baudelaire, I believe in nothing)?

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