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Foto by tgw, New York City, April 2011
Say Goodbye to:
Madame Nhu...
yep, Premier Nhu's wife--glitter gal and Neiman-Marcus shopper. How many millions did she rip off We the People of the USA? Plus over 2 million of her people were killed in that stupid war--yet the Madame got to live a good long life--ironic isn't it? Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu, 87, South Vietnamese First Lady (1955–1963), after an illness.

Jumpin' Joe "the Jet" Perry...when I was a kid, the old All-American Football League San Francisco 49ers was a thrilling team to watch--lefthanded quarterback Frankie Albert--and Joe Perry was his yard-gaining champion fullback--one of the first Black stars in pro football. [3]Joe Perry, 84, American football player (San Francisco 49ers).

Huey P. Meaux. I had no idea Meaux was still alive until just yesterday (April 23). From Lake Charles, Louisiana, and recording in Houston, Texas, Huey P. Meaux was a prime mover in recording Southern Louisiana blues, Cajun music, Zydeco (of Clifton Chenier), Katie Webster, plus several Texas bands like the Sir Douglas Quintet (Doug Sahm) and Freddie Fender. Huey unfortunately was in kiddie porn and got caught with tons of kiddie porn photos and stuff and as a result Huey served a little time--just getting out of prison in 2007.
Huey P. Meaux, 82, American record producer.
NOTE: Van Jones, Obama's former green energy advisor who quit in protest over Obama's leaning toward clean (which means dirty) coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear energy, is a very powerful speaker with a powerful platform. He drew an audience of 10,000 aroused young people in Washington this past weekend (don't worry, our Ayn Rand media didn't cover this event--PROTEST is no longer allowed in this country, didn't you know?).
Hail (or Sieg Heil) the White Man! For He Is Chosen of the True God

I'm listening to one of the best Art Blakey Messengers units doing a tune called "Are You Real?"--off Blakey's Blue Note release titled Moanin' (the title tune off this album was a big jazz hit)--with the unusual pianist Bobby Timmons, who wrote "Moanin'"; with Jymie Merritt, the kid bass player; with another kid, the teenage trumpeter, Lee Morgan; topped off by the cream of eclectic tenor players and future Hollywood music director, Benny Golson. This LP became a jazz masterpiece for us true (and soon to become a part of second-hand history like World War II veterans) jazz aficionados. It was recorded back in the fall of 1958...

... all of that jive-loaded intro-paragraph to lead you to the fact that it was the tune on that LP, "Are You Real?," that set me to thinking this morning...triggered my thoughts onto a path that has direction and goal--the direction toward thinking about my race--I'm White (ah, really? no one can tell by your writing and the admissions therein that you're whiter than the driven snow!)--and what the dominant males of my race are up to... see, usually, rather than taking such a challenging path, I'm prone to stand relaxed at a crossroads in a state of mellow procrastination--standing still in a nonperplexing way, putting off rather than facing treading down that path that has direction and goal, a path of much thinking and the resulting dialectic reasoning that accrues to result in an eventual written

...the tune's title, "Are You Real?," the question asked of a woman by a man who is trying to seduce her, got me to thinking as low down and realistic as I can get. Dammit, I've been real since I was born. I grew up using my realist intuitiveness trying to escape from myths. Myths plied upon me by a variety of forces from parental through schooling through military training through trying to apply and realize success in a system seemingly opposed to my evolving ambitions... generation of White kids, Norman Mailer, one of our elders, coined the word "Wiggers" to describe us, I call the Forgotten Generation. We at one time were called "Atomic Bomb Babies" because we were born on the advent of weapons of mass destruction like the world of human monkeys had never before known--from sticks and stones to Atomic bombs. Our child eyes were blasted wide-awake before our time by the United States Army Air Force dropping those two Fat Boy A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki--and my dad was a civilian worker for the Army Air Force--already I was subjected to mixed loyalties...

...and our little eyes were opened to the fact that with the dropping of those two A-bombs, our little future asses were perhaps doomed. AND THEN, I mean right in the middle of what we hoped was a long period of peace, quite, and loving words while we tried to figure out this American Dream shit, the US government up and announced that since we had single-handedly won World War II and were now the most powerful nation in the world and since Hitler blew himself and his girl and his dog up in that Berlin bunker we needed a NEW WHITE DEVIL. And, by the Great White God, they then announced they had found the NEW WHITE DEVIL: UNCLE JOE STALIN!

Russia was then calling themselves the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR (it looked like CCCP on their Olympic uniforms)). One myth I grew up under was that the Soviet Union and Uncle Joe Stalin were our valiant allies in the years and battles and horrible deaths of millions that led to OUR victory over the White Devil, Adolph Hitler (not his real name)--why, Jeez, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had met with jolly old pipe-smoking Uncle Joe Stalin (they still celebrate Joe as a hero in his Georgian hometown) at a couple of what the government called "Summit" meetings during WWII...

...BUT, now, we wide-awake children of the atomic future, the future fathers and mothers of a future generation of highly radiated and electro-magnetized bunch of Zip-coded kids, were spun around on our thin dimes and were then being told Uncle Joe and the USSR were no longer our allies but were now the NEW WHITE DEVILS. Uncle Joe was the NEW HITLER! And Uncle Joe was even persecuting Jews, too, by the Great White God. A new myth--like changing horses in midstream. The new myth stated in big booming letters that looming NOW on one of OUR future horizons was World War III, the NUCLEAR WAR...

...a WAR that was already manifesting itself through our patriotic and avaricious Military Industrial Complex coming up with a massive sudden production of these nuclear-headed creepy rocket things officially designated as InterContinental Ballistic Missiles--or since Americans are pretty stupid, the MIC and Pentagon intellectuals broke it down into an acronym, ICBM, which is all we illiterates needed to know to understand what our sick-eagle-proud military fat cats were talking about when they told of Russia's nuclear capabilities (atomic secrets given the Reds by a New York City Jewish couple--the evil and corrupt Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who DIED for their sins against this God-righteous nation--NO, the Rosenbergs were not considered messianic so they were humanely executed--not in an oven gassed by Zyclone B, but on top the stove in an electric chair--"Serves 'em right!" the truly patriotic White Gentile male leaders declared). Soon we little rebelling goose eggs of influence were being told that these horrible NEW WHITE DEVILS had just as many of these deadly ICBMs as we had--in fact, the heart of this new myth hinted that more than likely the Soviet Union had more of these weapons of mass destruction than we had...and here I simply spit out, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...the beat goes on...

...nothing changes. Case closed. We are skidding toward human annihilation. Self-annihilation...

...except, before this potential nuclear world war could be established as a World War, we had to prepare for it through what the government deemed a COLD WAR. I'd never heard of a HOT WAR--and I'd certainly never heard of a COLD WAR. The COLD WAR got pretty hot at times--like in Korea where we fought both Communist White Devils, the Soviets and the Red Chinese (the People's Republic of China--now the world's leading Capitalist country)--or like in the Cuban Missile Crisis when the White Devil Khrushchev tried to sneak ICBMs into White Devil Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba, which was brought on by the CIA-bungled Bay of Pigs fiasco when a handful of wacko CIA agents posing as Cuban antirevolutionaries tried to retake Cuba from the White Devil Fidel Castro who was only 90 miles from our precious drug port-of-entry paradise, Florida (P.S.: also one of the reasons JFK was assassinated)..., do you see what a clatter of confusing brandings developing children of my generation had to deal with?

...and we dealt with this clatter through the unhomogenized cultures available to us. We rebelled against first our parents and their outmoded dull way of dreaming the American way (Perry Como put us to sleep--in so deep a sleep only a rockin' rollin' Chuck Berry duck walkin' into our brains could wake us up and show us a new highway--a tangling of superhighways that ran all over North America that were all ours...

...and we hit those highways in our sexiest Detroit iron with Chuck and Ike and Brother Ray and Muddy and Jimmy and Big Joe and Big Mama and Big Maybelle and Bird and Diz and Monk...even that hip-twitchin' Wigger Elvis--blasting out over our radios--the faster the car the faster the music...

...drivin' off toward New York City or L.A., or New Orleans or Chicago, sailing off into our own conceived myths, leaving our parents far behind, back up the road, rockingchaired to sleep on their sagging porches by Como and Boone and Red Foley and Pee Wee Hunt and the Top 40 Tony Bennett and even some of Old Blue Eyes post-WWII comeback hits, like "Give Me Five Minutes More")...

...and I'm talkin' White now, please understand. Blacks were still under the bootheel of Jim Crow during this epoch in White American Dominant History. And it was due to what we called segregation--the reverse of which was desegregation--and the separation of cultures that went along with good ole separate-but-"equal" Jim Crow "laws of the land"--that caused us rebelling White children to seek and find our ways out from under such a nightmarish dream within the many unhomogenized cultures we White children had access to. White privilege it was...

...for instance, my best friend in high school and I fell head over heels for the Blues. As a result, we wanted contact with some Blacks--can you imagine, two White kids in their teens only having a marginal acquaintance with Blacks? We used to drive over into the Black part of our White Man's-controlled segregated town and park in front of a Black club called the Main Event Club--a dance club, though we knew they served beer in the joint, too, and that it really was a combo dance hall and bootlegger beer and liquor outlet. But why we dug the Main Event Club was because of its jukebox and the fact they had an outdoor speaker over the main entrance of the joint--and it was on that jukebox that my White friend and I first heard the Blues and saw how they affected people first hand...and then we heard JAZZ coming from in there, some cool shit, man--and we got to hitting on Black cats as they came out of the club, "Hey, man, c'mere'a minute...naw, man, we're cool, we just wanna know who's that on the jukebox playin' now...Miles? Yeah, with who, with Bird?...thanks, cat, thanks."

Yeah, Norman was right, we weren't yet but we were edging toward becoming Wiggers--in the sense Norman created the word, meaning Whites who were into Black culture so deep they began imitating that culture by hipping up our White speech with Black inflections or by changing our clothing styles--copycatting Blacks. And what I meant above by White privilege? There is no way in the holiest of Hells that two Black teens could have parked in front of one of the White hillbilly beer joints in a White neighborhood in a segregated White male-dominated town to dig the music coming out of the joint...and even if they got away with parking there, they'd be lynched if they dared to holler at a White cat coming out of that beer joint to ask him who's that on the jukebox...I mean, first off, no Black kids would have dared do such a thing in those days--not yet anyway--though their time was dawning--my generation got so infected by Black culture--through the music especially, that we began to ask in a pestering manner certain questions of the White establishment: "Hey, parental cats and school-teacher cats and administrator and executive cats, if We the People of the USA are all created equal under our White God (" and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight") and our White Man's Constitution [of course we didn't think in those specific terms in those days], then why can't Blacks go to school with us?; why can't we socialize with Blacks?; why can't we date Blacks?"

...and then along came Rosa Parks and Dr. King and the Freedom Riders! Along came those Greyhound and Trailways bus rides--when Greyhound and Trailways were forced to abolished their Jim Crow rules--that "Blacks to the back of the bus" bullshit--and then along came the sit-ins--then the marches. And it was my generation who got to see a chance at maybe this nation becoming a real free society, an amalgamated society--an interacting people who could bring the world together into a stable unified way...

...does anybody remember the Unisex movement?

Trouble is domination is natural to all human monkeys (we are chimpanzees); both territorial and individual domination. Males are naturally the kings; the rulers; the hunters and warriors--the meat and spoils and slave providers; Nature's Power Elites. MEN. And it is a Man's world still. Check out the Forbes 500--it's overwhelmingly men who control the world's wealth, and the great majority of those are White Men.

There is nothing more worthless, in the piece of crap sense, than a White man with a bad attitude who is suddenly given power beyond his wildest dreams. And that's the God-given dominant power that this piece of crap Teabagger Michigan governor and that embarrassingly dumb-ass Wisconsin governor are showing off with their insane programs of on-purpose disruption ("disruptive advertising" a French concept from the 1990s)...and now the Wisconsin Swiss-cheesehead (in terms of the holes in his head) piece of crap governor is copycatting the Michigan piece of crap governor with this same failing-city-takeover coup shit and handing city governing over to private management firms--tons of which are spreading like wildfire now around the country as these teabagger Yahoos work to turn this country into a Corporate State more ruthless than any government we've ever had on earth. Under these little weasel potentates, we will all be privatized--AND you know what they call privatized individuals? They call them SLAVES...CHEAP LABOR!

So here I am: a White guy trying to make sense out of my fellow White guys and what the hell they are up to. Revenge? Oh yes, a lot of revenge. Conservative revenge. Neo-Con revenge. Revenge that goes way back to the days when John D. Rockefeller, Goldman-Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Commodore (who wasn't a Commodore at all except on his yacht) Vanderbilt, the Harrimans, etc., had their monopolistic ways with We the People of the USA--Plutocrats to the core. Avariciously greedy bastards with no morals whatsoever except the backwards thinking morals of feudal lords.

And, yes, today's teabaggers and wacko Conservatives trace their heritage back to when the Industrial Revolution landed in this country and we took up an adulterous union with British Capitalism, which was based on British Imperialism.
The Chosen People
From good ole reliable Wikipedia:

Deuteronomy 14:2, "For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth."

I got curious as to how White people, Gentiles, got it into their collective head that they are really the Chosen People by proxy--by proxy since the Jews never accepted Joshua ben Josef of Nazareth as their Messiah--the Gentiles getting their political power through the pompous and callous Charlemagne and his wacko self-important mother who for political reasons made Christianity (Gentilism) the state religion--otherwise Christianity would have soon died out--since outside the original Jewish converts, no Jews ever accepted Christianity in any form, except in Israel's case where they must kiss the ass of the Gentile-Male-Dominated USA in order to survive as a Holy Land. I'm speaking as an A remember--an A is an ATheist without the Theist--as Baudelaire said: "I'm a mystic at heart and I believe in NOTHING." And certainly I believe in nothing that can't be proven--like how does anybody prove the truth of history?

I leave ye Gentiles and Jews to ask yourselves the question: "Are You Real?"

In spite of the myths that claim you are not real but supernatural, I still say the current reality is so real and normal and monkey-like and territorialistic and hubristic and chauvinistic--the only solution to untying all the knots the human monkey race is in is a self-inflicted nuclear holocaust. Only then can we prove we are not animals but White Gods...the True Jews...White People are the NEW Chosen People (in the New World Order, which all of this bullshit is adhering to).

WARNING: President Obama (a Nobel Peace Prize winner) has approved using his precious predator drones (I love that word "predator." As half-wolf I totally understand what the word implies--predator drones are out hunting for human monkey meat!) in Libya...on the side of the Rebels, about who we know nothing, except through them the CIA, they are thick in Libya, has informed them is the easiest way to the taking over Libya's OIL! All of this is about OIL. Ask yourself, why is the price of gasoline going sky high at the moment? Why? Who decides to raise the price of gasoline? Ah, avarice! How lovely its poetic way of painting so bright a picture on so corrupt a canvas. World War Three, the Nuclear it just around the corner?

And by the bye, the Japanese nuke meltdown is now so serious, the site has been deemed too dangerous for human presence.

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