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Revolution Is in the Air--It's FREE for the Taking

Foto by tgw, "Penn Terminal Building," New York City, February 2011
Say Goodbye to:
The Poet Laureate of Alaska...I just never ever wondered who that was...but now I know...a dude named John Haines . John Haines, 86, American poet.
From C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, Oxford Press, 1956, "The Higher Immorality":

The higher immorality can neither be narrowed to the political sphere nor understood as primarily a matter of corrupt men in fundamentally sound institutions. Political corruption is one aspect of a more general immorality; the level of moral sensibility that now prevails is not merely a matter of corrupt men. The higher immorality is a systematic feature of the American elite; its general acceptance is an essential feature of the mass society.

Of course, there may be corrupt men in sound institutions, but when institutions are corrupting, many of the men who live and work in them are necessarily corrupted. In the corporate era, economic relations become impersonal-and the executive feels less personal responsibility. Within the corporate worlds of business, war-making and politics, the private conscience is attenuated-and the higher immorality is institutionalized. It is not merely a question of a corrupt administration in corporation, army, or state; it is a feature of the corporate rich, as a capitalist stratum, deeply intertwined with the politics of the military state.

How hilarious is it watching our numskull clown leaders bumbling about trying to figure out these poor man's revolutions going on in this so-called corporate-controlled world? Look how muddleheaded they all are over these revolutionary events happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, even in Iran, and, yes, even in Iraq (protesters and retaliation from police killing 60+ Tuesday)! From the agitator boobs in Congress and our State Department, in particular Hillbilly Hillary "Slick Mama" Clinton (is she no longer using Rodham? And, may I sarcastically add, if Bill Clinton is known to his admirers, like Bartcop in Tulsa, as "The Big Dog," should Hillbilly Hillary be known as "The Big Bitch"?) right on up to the President. And Hillbilly Hill is traveling around all over the Middle East trying to throw US persuasion into the mix, with G.W. Bush-chosen top military fool, Robert Gates, saying though he doesn't want to, he can see it may be necessary--WHAT?, you ask--why, military intervention, of course. And in spite of his not wanting to, old General Bob (Bobbin' Head) Gates is sending some Navy ships into the Mediterranean through the Suez (which I thought the Egypt revolutionaries controlled) to threaten Kha-HAH-HAH-daffy, an obvious wild man with plenty of money and visions of martyrdom--yep, he's an oil-rich billionaire, who the nutjobs ruling us and ruining us at the same time thought of as a solid-US-stoolie dictator--same as we thought billionaire Mubarak was our Egyptian stoolie dictator.

President Obama and Hillbilly Hill tried the cautious approach with the Egypt affair--I mean, come on, folks, Mubarak was our Arab Golden Boy in our ploy attempts to control the Middle East and its vast oil reserves--which has always been the point of our meddling in Middle-East affairs ever since the British Empire fell and left all that oil up for grabs over there back after WWII, our interference in the Middle East beginning during the Eisenhower Administration, while Ike was out playing golf or having a heart attack, when the CIA overthrew the duly elected government in IRAN!!! and put the Pahlavi Family in power--a very costly family of pampered fops headed by the biggest fop of all, the infamous Shah of Iran--who when dying of cancer, We the People of the USA flew him to Boston where he was given the best medical care known to man--though his cancer was more corrupt than he was--you see, even money can't cure you of cancer. [I despise cancer--it has just recently taken my cousin, it had earlier taken my brother, my two best friends ever, one of my ex-wives, and has attacked and tried to take out two of my current best friends, one who has so far beat it and one who is currently going into rad treatment in an attempt to beat a cancer that just suddenly appeared in his neck area within the last three weeks. I once had a doctor lecturer at the Louisiana State University Medical Center--I was there participating in a new field, Medical Sociology, an empirical science that considers the hospital setting as a society--a field especially interested in trauma contention in terms of cancer patients--tell his class on cancer that cancer could be easily cured--EXCEPT--he said, with a sneer of a grin on his wizened face, "...easily cured since the cure lies in the prevention; yet we don't know how to prevent cancer--and, think about this, why would the drug companies want to prevent cancer? There is not as much money in prevention as there is in cure. Besides," he added, "there really is no such thing as a cure."]

I was especially laughing my ass off over the two (political cancers) boobs who were representing We the People in Egypt over this past weekend. Why it was John "Failed Mission" McCain and his tag-along pal, Joe LIEberman--two total fools--over in Tahrir Square talking like a couple of confirmed Marxists. This after just last week Idiot Flyboy Failure John McCain spouted out on one of the rightwing nutjob talk shows that this revolting by these sleazy sand-flea-bitten Arabs was a big major fly in the ointment of our benevolence to friendly dictators (and we have more friendly dictators reaping bales of US bucks off of us than any other major player in world reconditioning)--of whom Mubarak was our boy toy. This tom fool US representation reminds me of when President Obama sent Slick Willie (the Big Dog) and G.W. "What the Hell Do I Care?" Bush as our emissaries to Haiti after 300,000 Haitians were wiped out and literally millions left homeless (think of that number!) by one of the most powerful earthquakes to ever hit the earth. The story was only a blip on our commercial media headlines for about three weeks. Now you can't find any mention of the Haitian storm in our media--just like there has never been a proper investigation into the Katrina skulduggery that allowed weak (and we knew they were weak for decades) levees to go ahead and break--some New Orleanians said they heard an explosion before one of the levees broke--I mean, just think about how somebody should have gone to jail for the mishandling of that tragedy--and in all probability that little weasel bastard was G.W. Bush--"You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie."

Now let me say this out front: The USA as a political power doesn't give one shit about Israel and the Israeli Jews--NOT ONE SHIT. Israel is simply our Judas goat in that area, an area we are only concerned about in terms of the huge reserves of oil still under that sandy area stretching from East Africa all the way over into the Central Asian (Caucasian) plateau. All of that OIL...and We the People, dependent as we are on our War Economy, need that OIL to keep our WARS going.



Did you ever wonder, how do our elected (they buy their seats, believe me) representatives and Senators and the President and his many many filthy rich rich-boy advisers prove our current government is BROKE? Think of all the capital assets We the People own. We own most of the State of Alaska. We own most of the State of Nevada. We own a lot of Wyoming. A whole hell of a lot of buildings and vehicles and land in every state in the Union. Think of the huge public land and deep-water drilling rights we are giving out to the richest Capitalist companies in the world, the oil companies--just this week President Obama has sold deep-water drilling rights to the Noble Drilling Co., approval of this petty little company to begin platform drill-drill-drilling in the Gulf of Mexico immediately--this after that area was hit with what We the People were told was the biggest oil spill in US history. And who co-owns this permitted-to-drill-drill-drill platform? Why British Petroleum, of course!

Have you seen those saintly BP ads running 24/7 now? In one, you see you are in Destin, Florida--a place I happen to know a hell of a lot about since when I lived in New Orleans my wife and I used to every summer season rent an apartment in the Destin Holiday Inn, which was an apartment hotel right on the beautiful white sand beaches along that area (most beaches of which are owned by We the People). Destin is just a few miles up the road from Pensacola, Florida, and the beautiful Santa Rosa Beach. In this commercial, you are in Destin visiting with a man who owns a bunch of summer rental condos on the beach--this beach is now fully overdeveloped with hi-rise luxury time-share towers and hi-rise look-alike hotels and miles of private condos and such commercializing crap. This Destin summer rentals guy is talking about his beaches--and then you realize when he says he turned all his canceled reservations due to the OIL SPILL over to BP--AHA! Then you know it's a BP propaganda commercial--one in which these sorry rapacious bastard oil thieves are applying for Sainthood. And this guy says he turned his canceled reservations (I assume for last summer) over to the Saint BP folks and hey next thing he knew he had a big fat check in his hand (in today's news there are articles saying BP has reneged on or refused to pay over 170 million in reparations--the lying bastards). This Destin dude was happy as one of those Florida possums who delights in eating his own shit over the deal. Then he said, "BP promised to clean up our beach, AND so...." He takes you out to this pristine, beautifully white crystal sand beach--I mean it looks immaculate--and our happy Floridian human possum goes out and scoops some sand up in his hand and he says, "And BP came through with that promise...AND we are going to be open for business this year full blast, so COME ON DOWN!" Destin is only a few miles away from Panama City where President Obama and Mama Obama did a puff piece on the beach at the end of last summer, saying as far as he could tell, BP had done a heck of a job in cleaning up those Florida beaches. Why that oil clean up was a bloody miracle--I mean 2 million barrels of crude oil simply evaporated in a matter of months into the thin airs over that now "miraculously free of oil" (according to Saint BP and this Destin condos-for-time-share dude). British Petroleum, an oil company--and we now know that OIL COMPANIES (as well as hedge funders and financial fraudmeisters) can do NO WRONG! Exxon-Mobil, half of whose merger-monopoly left Prince William Sound, Alaska, with our previous largest oil spill--caused by a drunk captain of the Exxon Valdez, an oil spill I've read has still not been cleaned up--plus, the locals say Exxon never came through with any relief monies for them. Over the past few years, the Exxon-Mobil aggregation has set Capitalist profits records--just as BP has already started reaping profits again given their new Sainthood and the rights to keep on keepin' on drill-drill-drilling--and now these big oil corruption companies are fract-drilling the hell out of the earth in nearly every state in our Union--soon to be fract-drilling in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap--a drilling practice that is ruining our natural water supplies, the aquifers that lie in deep vaults under most states--like think about where do SPRINGS come from? They are not manufacturing water, in case that's your thinking.

So our NEW world war is constant warring in our pursuit of controlling the world's oil supply--a supply now needed by the evolving greatest Capitalist country in the world, the People's Republic of China, a Communist country--but then, COMMUNISM doesn't bother us anymore. Why is that?

I just went on BuzzFlash and read their top story in their yesterday's postings. It's an amazingly beautiful rip into the Tea(baggers) Party nutjobs--a beautifully written and aimed piece--though sadly it's too brilliantly written and conceived for the teabagger boob-assholes to see it as instruction...any way, check this guy's (his name is McHenry) reasoning out--and he isn't a god-damn lefty bleeding-heart Liberal either.

Here's that posting: blog.buzzflash.com/node/12425

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Look Who's Back!

http://weblogs.wpix.com/sports/thehuddle/image/mr-met.jpg[Mr. Ed: What is that in Mr. Met's right hand? Did he pull it off?]

OK, OK, boys and girls, let's not get too excited. It is bad for boys and girls to get too excited...yet, if you want some really real excitement...whether you be boy, girl, or grown up, you better get your pants seats out to CitiBailedoutBank Field this year and watch my new Mets. Yippeee! Thank whatever God you worship that we got rid of Jerry Manuel--I just couldn't get all that Spanish, folks--but Spanish Jerry is gone and we got us a real gone manager now, a nice White man--what's his name? His name is lost to me right now but I'm so excited about this coming Mets season. OK, OK, cool down, I know. Some are saying our Mets don't stand the chance of a snowball in hell this year. I disagree. I mean John Franco is back in the organization...er-ah, I'm sorry, I meant that Isseringhaus--excuse my memory--I'm just a guy in a steamy smelly huge baseball with my goofy face on it. And so what we've got a new manager, what the hell's...er-ah, I mean, what the heck's his name?...anyway, so what he's never had a winning season, which makes him sound perfect to me as our new manager. Plus we have a new general manager, Sandy Something...I'm just no good with names. Sorry, boys and girls, but Mr. Met's coming off his winter job--OK, so I work in a beer distributor's warehouse as a pallet packer...so, heckfire, it'll take me a few days to knock the smelly webs out of my Mr. Met costume--Jesus, don't they wash this shit for me?...er-ah, I'm sorry, my foul language is inappropriate for a blog read by children.

But ho-ho, me hearties, the Mets...we got that Spanish dude Pagan--how funny is that, a Catholic boy named Pagan? And we've got Reyes back--though so what he'll probably get seriously injured in the Grapefruit League...and David Wright's back--Yipppeee! So David Wright had a bad year last year! And Beltran is back, though nobody can figure out how many games he'll make this year. We lost Sean Green...good riddance, I say. Did you ever notice how all the Spanish players make the sign of the cross...myself, being a Christian boy, laugh my little leather ass off sometimes watching those Catholic boys making the sign of the cross.

But anyway, hope to see all of ya out at beautiful overpriced CitiBailedoutBank Field--hey, come on, $30 for a cheap seat is not bad to get to watch a 5th-place ball team...hey, we almost caught those damn Marlins last year...Fuck the Phillies...did I say that? And at last, that old fart Bobby Cocks is not the Braves manager anymore. Who's that little spick...er-ah, you see, folks, trying to cheerlead an all Spanish-Catholic team last year washed a lot of anti-Spanish irreverence over me...I apologize if I offend any Spaniard pals by calling them Spicks.

So line up, boys and girls, and get your big Styrofoam fingers out 'cause the Mets, though we won't be number one this year, we'll certainly be able to shoot the finger to the rest of the National League teams--and Joe Torre, that old pansy, is gone from the Dodgers and we've got Donnie Baseball as their manager now--the new Mets manager...what the hell's his name? will groove them a new asshole this year. GO METS!!!!!!!

And by the bye, pray for the Wilpon Family as they try to get enough money together to keep owning the Mets. They're good people. I mean Mr. Fred didn't know that man was a shyster. God bless Mr. Fred and his fucked family.

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Again, we here at The Daily Growler apologize to all the kids who read this blog looking for our great sports coverage for Mr. Met's surly and rather offensive language. One must keep in mind, Mr. Met is really a nonentity.

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