Saturday, March 19, 2011

thegrowlingwolf Goes Wondering

I Was Just Wondering Here During the Fullest Moon Possible
Spring begins tomorrow--that is if this is Saturday--and whether it says it is or not in the blog head, it is Saturday. A Saturday morning the day before another spring arrives. And it is windy today here in the middle of Manhattan Island, as I, a peasant, am engulfed by the castle walls of the wealthiest people on earth, including the Honorable Michael "Napoleon" Bloomberg, my honored mayor who would love to root me out of this apartment and send me packing to anywhere except Manhattan Island.

I'm lucky to be alive. I'm lucky to be an American. I'm wondering if the Japanese are subconsciously (historical memories) blaming all nuclear devastation on the USA? Isn't it ironic that General Electric built that temple to Lord Chaos whose four reactors could blow up the Japanese Islands? There's the connection. And Tokyo Electric owns Westinghouse's Temples to Lord Chaos division.

I'm wondering why President Obama flew off on a family-vacation/official business trip to Brazil of all places? A five-day family junket around South America. He said in his best doublespeak voice it was to round up some jobs for the US. What jobs does Brazil have to give us? Brazil and Holland just bought the Annhauser-Busch Brewing Co. I guess that's what the President means--he's selling off some of our failing businesses to the Brazilians? I'm wondering.

Seems to me like if I were President, I'd be personally going around inspecting all the nuke plants in this country--fuck how old they are--going around with the intention of shutting them down--put the nuke-plant workers into wind-power training or solar-power training--doing away with nuclear science--make it a banned subject matter.

I was watching a video shot in Chernobyl. Did you know that they put a hangar-shaped concrete-slab shield over that Chernobyl plant and that to this day workers are inside that hangar still trying to contain the radiation? Radiation inside that hangar is so high, these poor slobs can only work 3 hours a day in there--even wearing radiation-proof suits.

Karl Grossman, the investigative journalist who has been harping on the con-side of nuclear energy for over 30 years now--especially trying to get the Indian Point (decrepit) nuclear plant shut down--this the leaky reactors just 30 miles north of where I live in Midtown Manhattan, was interviewed this morning on the CBS local news show (our NBC channel here in NYC is owned by General "NUKE YOU" Electric so you know we're not gonna to get any truthful reporting out of those birds) and oh the Yahoo responses the local yokel talking head gave to Brother Grossman--everything Grossman said the T-Head countered with a dumb-shit rightwing-corporate spin on the subject--like he said at one point, "Hey, when a plane crashes we don't shut down flying," [Mr. Ed: the Wolf Man not being a reliable comedian got this one wrong. What the T-Head said was, "When a plane crashes we don't stop building planes."][tgw: I thoroughly disagree with this editing horse--the T-Head definitely said "shut down flying"--so back to that bale of hay down in your living quarters.] to which Grossman replied in an astonished voice, "You're not serious in that comparison are you?"

The doublespeak news from Japan is that these poor slob workers--now totally exposed to life-threatening levels of radiation and plutonium-polluted air--are still working frantically to bring a power line in to where they can start the water-coolant pumps, though we know those old outmoded diesel pumps can't pump water into these cores fast enough to cool them down to any salvation levels. The Japanese are now appealing to us for help.

President Obama sez don't worry, no radiation from Japan is coming over here and if it does it will be so minute (I remember when Christy Todd Whitman told New Yorkers that the air down at Ground Zero was perfectly safe to breathe). Yeah, yeah, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. If any of those cores blow, it will shoot plutonium high into the atmosphere--and that's shit you don't wanna be breathin' in even if as our LYIN' President says it will be so minute....

And the bullshit goes on as Congress takes a break and Speaker John Bonehead and the President play political sword-fighting with our lives and our future.

Has anybody mentioned today is the 8th anniversary of the start of the demonic Iraq War? If there is such a thing as immorality, we have loads of it in our ruling class, in the Kings of Industry who are now our rulers; those who worship at the feet of the Great Lord Chaos, now the true ruler of the whole world.
I was Hillbilly Hillary saying she'd had it with politics--and does this mean she's gonna run against Obama in 2012? thedailygrowlerhousepianist says she no longer wants to be president--that she can make a good living writing books and going on speaking tours--remember, she's well heeled as a government worker--she gets her senatorial pension from her carpetbagger role as a Senator from New York--she still gets her privileges--secretary, office space--as the former first lady--plus now she gets her Cabinet member benefits--nice pension there probably--certainly the best healthcare available for free thanks to We the People, we who are fools and Yahoos and self-destructive and weak of spirit and hope.

I was also wondering why I hadn't heard any follow-up news on Aristide returning to Haiti after seven years of US-forced exile (twice We the People ran him out of Haiti)? Also, the Haiti tragedy was much worse than the Japanese earthquake in terms of 300,000 Haitians dying in a matter of seconds.

No telling how many people finally died in Hurricane Katrina; what was the government-lyin' official figure, 7,000? That must mean at least 15,000 people died in that disaster that could have been avoided if our President and his administration had of had their minds on anything except starting World War Three. World War Three is referred to in a lot of prophesying literature as the First Nuclear World War.

Lyin' bastards. All of our privileged few are lyin' asshole bastards. And I'd call 'em that to their fucking pig-jowl fat faces, too. Warren Buffett, you asshole (his Moody's stock rating company was giving out false ratings--Warren, of course, said he knew nothing about it). Bill fucking Gates, you're an asshole, too (Bill, a Harvard dropout, is big-time behind privatizing our public school system). I mean you rich assholes could bail this country out of all its problems overnight if you were taxed fairly--if you didn't get so many tax loopholes through which to dance through hoops over our dying bodies. You bastards. Like Exxon-Mobil, those creepy bastards; making the most profits in Capitalism History and yet only paying 1% taxes on them. To me that's insanely pompous and anti-American. Like why can't we nationalize all these oil companies?--plug up all their wells?--we don't need oil and gas and coal anymore. Go to Hell with those forms of life-destroying fuels. Why the hell are they in the belly of the earth to begin with? What right do we have of drilling them out of that belly?
Looks like we're getting involved in another war...the fucking colonial French air force in cahoots with a U.S. Navy destroyer and submarine attacked Tripoli today--We the People's Navy firing several tomahawk missiles they reported at strategic air-strike facilities around Tripoli. A CBS reporter in the center city of Tripoli, standing outside in the dark with obvious city lights and traffic in the scene behind him, said it was a calm peaceful night with a lot of traffic on the streets and people going about business as usual. He said if the US shot missiles at Tripoli he'd not heard nor seen any evidence of it--so he suggested the missiles had fallen in a zone outside of Tripoli.

I'm wondering, why would We the People's President head off to Brazil with his wife and daughters, risking a possible plane crash over the Amazon jungle, during so important a crunch time in the world?--I mean, doesn't this fly-happy lyin' bastard need to be in his office in the District of Corruption working for the rights of the people who elected him the first Black president--instead he's leisurely visiting Brazil, Chile, and Peru--where he's actually making further free-trade deals with these countries. Didn't Chile have a 7.something earthquake a few months ago? You don't hear a damn thing about that now.

Still all day long I've not heard one damn word about Aristide coming back to Haiti.

And Congress is home taking a rest. Poor bastards. It's strenuous work wrecking our economy, destroying our Social Security and Medicare systems, eliminating services to the poor, cutting taxes on the filthy rich, privatizing our public education system--once the greatest in the world, outsourcing our factories and back-office jobs, and catering to the whims of our Power Elite, the source of the millions upon millions of dollars these worthless pieces of crap politicians are gonna garner up when they all crawl out of the woodwork to pretend to run for President in the upcoming months. Hell, Mitt Romney'll need a half-a-billion; Mike Huckabee, the Arkie Idiot, will try and run again--garner say 12 or 13 millions of campaign bucks from his faithful to squander; or how about Newtie Gingrich garnering maybe even 100 million on his fruitless attempt at running for president; then there's John "Failed Mission" McCain--he'll garner several millions of bucks for his next run for the brass ring; Sarah "Paleface" Palin is surely in line for half a billion in campaign bucks--maybe if she'd give one of the Koch Brothers a good long blow job they'd back her all the way to the White Man's House; and on the Dumbocrat side, Obama alone will need a billion for his campaign (don't worry, he'll get it); and whoever on the Dumbo side challenges him--they'll garner millions of bucks--do we truly believe these corrupt bastards don't offshore bank account a few of those millions these creeps garner when they pretend-run for president? Bastards. Low-life scum.

But hey, I'm wondering if anybody will stand up to these devastatingly dumb and backward fools?--the blind leading the blind.

In the meantime we once again can find plenty money for the military--plenty of money for WAR.
I was wondering why we don't have free health clinics in our larger cities? Why couldn't some of these successful for-profit hospitals and HMOs put some of their profits into providing free clinics in especially poor neighborhoods, but in all know, free blood-pressure checks; free shots and vaccines; free generic drugs; some diagnostics; utilizing registered nurses and interns, etc.
The photos on this post are from my time of birth at the beginning of World War Two--army items from my hometown. My toys as a young boy were military models of planes and ships used to teach future pilots at my hometown's air force base, where my dad worked as a Civilian Service warehouseman, how to spot enemy as well as allied planes by outline, by fuselage differences, by cockpit differences, by wing shapes, etc.--beautifully made hard rubber models--black without markings--and the ships were masterpieces of modeling in wood and metal--big battleships, destroyers, sub-chasers, submarines, etc. When I moved from New Orleans to Mexico City in 1965, I gave all these real military toys to my compadre in Social Work's son, his eyes beaming as he said, "Wow, are you really giving these to me?" Every X-mas during that war, I got cardboard (die stamped) toys, one X-mas a complete U.S. Army camp complete with hard cardboard soldiers and a half-track and a small tank and some big 16-ton trucks and howitzers and the big puller trucks and tents, etc. But also one X-mas in a peaceful sense, I got a cardboard farm set--same as the Army Camp except with animals and the farmer and his wife and a tractor and hay bailer and fences and meadows and barns and chicken coops.
I'm wondering, would I survive an earthquake should another one hit the New York City metro area? If Indian Point explodes, will I die of radiation poisoning? Or will I be crushed to death under the collapsing of the 160-year-old building I live in? I'm now wondering how I will die? I want to die of natural causes. I don't want to end up a truncate, or an undeveloped photographic negative on the wall of a NYC building, or maybe eaten by rats before I'm dead say trapped deep beneath the rubble of my Midtown area should something worse than 20-plus Saudi-Arabians flying American Airlines planes into the Empire State Building--or the new hi-rise luxury condo that's going up down near City Hall where the rent's going to be 15,000 bucks-a-month minimum. Disgraceful really. Anyone who can afford to pay 15,000-a-month for a place to live should be arrested as he or she signs the lease. People with so much extra money they can waste it with glee around the globe--Thorstein Veblen called it "conspicuous consumption."
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