Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lord Chaos Tries to Wipe Out Human Race
YAHOO! The Rising Sun in the West Is Coming to Get Us All
Lying conniving bastards! That's what the Japanese nuke nuts are (Tokyo Electric, which by the way owns General Electric Nuke Division). We are witnessing one of the most horrendous nuclear disasters in the history of human monkeys--in the history of all animals. Three explosions at one plant, this Fukushima Daiichi plant these lying conniving bastards built close to the sea in a proven earthquake-prone zone--several nuclear testers and consultants warning them against building it there back in the 1970s--but, oh no, Japanese nuke-building know how is superior to USA nuke-building know how--Japanese scientists are the smartest in the world. I mean look at the great teevees and computers and cameras and cars they make. Solid state. Same with their nuke-building know how. Why, hell, these lying conniving bastards were bragging this Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility could withstand whatever earthquake you threw at it. "Oh, velly velly safe...velly velly safe noo-cree-el prant."

So what happened when a 9.0 on the Richter Scale earthquake hits this invincible nuclear plant? Followed by a tsunami blowing ashore going over 150 miles per hour? The damn son of a bitchin' worthless piece-of-shit plant started blowing sky high--first one explosion..."No wolly, velly ritter ladiation, no probemo!" Then there was a second explosion. "Ah-so, stirr no wolly...ritter ladiation, brah, brah, brah." Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. I've stressed on this post that everything a government tells you is backward to what the truth is. If the Japanese nuke hounds and the Japanese PM are saying they have the problem under control and the radiation is minor, etc., then you know for sure this is one hell of a nuke disaster, much worse than they are letting on. And then, this morning, there was a third explosion at Fukushima Daiichi. Followed by fires. Exposed plutonium rods. Storing plutonium rods--made from the nuke heads of old Russian weapons--over the cores of the reactors. Thanks a lot, you lying conniving bastards. Now when the huge mushroom cloud arises from this plant when its core explodes, it will contain particles of plutonium. On top of this nuke plant rendering itself loyal to the Great Lord Chaos, another nuke plant just up the road from this Fukushima Daiichi plant had an explosion and a fire this morning also.

Harvey Wasserman is the US nuke investigative reporter who has been railing against our go-ahead with our love-affair with defying death as a collective by allowing nuclear power plants to be built all over the US back in the 70s--when this Japan power plant was built. Harvey Wasserman says we have no idea how bad this nuclear shit's gonna be when it hits the proverbial fan. He says if the reactors at Fukushima Daiichi blow, that yes there will be a sky-high cloud--and, yes, that cloud will have plutonium in it (plutonium, in case you've forgotten, is one of the deadliest substances on earth)--and, yes, that cloud will contaminate the whole of the Japanese Islands--and, yes, Tokyo will have to be evacuated--and, yes, that nuclear cloud will rise high into the atmosphere--and, yes, once up there it will be blowin' in the wind--and, yes, some of those variable winds will blow toward the California coast. It took only about a week for Chernobyl's cloud to get to California--due to which 13% of California's bird population fell from the sky knocked-down dead.

In the meantime, the irony in all of this is: the Man of Nobel Peace and the Promiser of Change, President Obama, is, I'm sorry to say, a lying conniving bastard. He, in spite of this nuke catastrophe going on before our very eyes, this shiftless skunk, is going ahead with giving this very same nuke construction bunch, Tokyo Electric, billions of We the People's money to build two nuclear plants in Texas--and not just in Texas, but on the Gulf of Mexico--at sea level. YES, this is fact. Tokyo Electric and General Electric (General Electric built Fukushima Daiichi) have been given multibillions of dollars, US-government guaranteed dollars, to build two Gulf Coast nuclear power plants. Obama, Greg Palast claims, is in the belly of the beast--that one of his biggest backers in his rise to political fame was Chicago Edison--a big nuke-promoting power company--on whose board sits one David Axelrod--old Pro-Nuke Dave--that bastard; and Obama's nuclear power administrator is the former CEO of General Electric (remember G.W. Bush traded General Electric giving India nuclear secrets for mangoes?--a deal that President Obama continued on with).

Freud said mankind had a collective death wish--and look how we all ridiculed Freud over that statement. We all live under a death sentence. We're all from the time we're birthed on Death Row. Some of us don't even live much past our leaving the womb; others, of course, can sometimes easily live 80 years--on up to around 113. My problem is, I'd like to have a chance to die of natural causes and not from a nuclear rain.

However, my dear readers, at least we can all gang together in a bar and sing "Nearer My God to Thee" while we are being radiated to death.

What do you think? Japanese revenge for nuking 300,000 of them at Nagasaki and Hiroshima--in order to save 2 million of our young stupid dumbass boy troopers?

By the way, nobody here in New York City believes anything like this can happen to them. The hot trendy Old World foodie joints ("foodie" being a new word in New Yorker language that I first heard used on the PBS kids show Cyberchase where they had a character named Chef Foodie) are packed with the twentyish crowd out looking to get laid (the men) or looking for Mr. Right (the women)--they are iPhoning like worker ants; they are texting; they are Twittering like a tree full of sparrows; they are laughing, joking, making out, not a care in the world--"Here, put my troubles on my credit card." Hell, so Japan blows sky high--we here in New York City aren't concerned--why we're a million miles away from it--except, oh, hell, the Tokyo Fashion season has been postponed. WHY oh WHY, the New York City fashionables are crying.

From Death Row, I remain,

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Say Goodbye to:

Melvin Sparks:
the great blues and jazz guitarist. Melvin Sparks, 64, American jazz and soul guitarist, heart attack.

Marty Marion: as a young kid learning to play baseball, I remember the guy I played sandlot baseball with, Charles Young (his father called him "Chinky"), always called his team the Saint Louis Cardinals to my Boston Red Sox. I quickly learned who Marty Marion was--a great Cardinal among great Cardinals: Del Rice, Red Schoendinst, Stan Musial, etc. Marty Marion, 93, American baseball player and manager, National League MVP (1944).

From C. Wright Mills (The Power Elite, 1956):

In all modern societies, the autonomous associations standing between the various classes and the state tend to lose their effect as vehicles of reasoned opinion and instruments for the rational exertion of political will. Such associations can be deliberately broken up and thus turned into passive instruments of rule, or they can more slowly wither away from lack of use in the face of centralized means of power. But whether they are destroyed in a week or wither in a generation, such associations are replaced in virtually every sphere of life by centralized organizations, and it is such organizations with all their new means of power that take charge of the terrorized or-as the case may be-merely intimidated, society of masses.

The institutional trends that make for a society of masses are to a considerable extent a matter of impersonal drift, but the remnants of the public are also exposed to more 'personal' and intentional forces. With the broadening of the base of politics within the context of a folk-lore of democratic decision-making, and with the increased means of mass persuasion that are available, the public of public opinion has become the object of intensive efforts to control, manage, manipulate, and increasingly intimidate.

In political, military, economic realms, power becomes, in varying degrees, uneasy before the suspected opinions of masses, and, accordingly, opinion-making becomes an accepted technique of power-holding and power-getting. The minority electorate of the propertied and the educated is replaced by the total suffrage-and intensive campaigns for the vote. The small eighteenth-century professional army is replaced by the mass army of conscripts-and by the problems of nationalist morale. The small shop is replaced by the mass-production industry-and the national advertisement.


Marybeth said...

Oh yes, the radiation's headed right this way. Fuckin' crazy shit, man. The world is run by lunatics, you know. No reasonable people ever rise to the top. And in light of this, I'm going out dancing. What the fuck?

The Daily Growler said...

WTP (Mbeth),

Save the last dance for me.


Marybeth said...

You've got it, tgw!