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Foto by tgw, New York City, March 2011
Bulletin: Is President Obama Insane? I just heard 2 news items on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now that I can't believe are true. First: While the Japanese nuclear reactors were blowing (and now a spent pool of 20 tons of nuclear waste is at the boiling point there today (Tuesday, March 22)) the US Energy Commission--can you believe this?--gave approval to restarting the deadly and ancient (60 years old) Vermont Yankee nuclear plant--this is the reactor they had to shut down because it was leaking nuclear poisons into the ground on which it sits, leakage that also was taking its leak into the Connecticut River, over which the plant sits--they build them close to water because they need water to boil to make the steam and water to cool the core--lots of water--radiated water that has to be drained off--and of course it's drained off back into the waterway from whence it came. You heard of acid rain...how 'bout radiated rain? Old Bernie Sanders couldn't believe this one either. Democrats can't seem to explain these ANTIthings that are going on with their own man. Even Hillbilly Hillary is getting tired of apologizing for President Obama's continuing to implement every goal and ruinous intention G.W. Bush's evil administration had--as if President Obama is the Bush Family house boy--son of a bitch; why can't this man smell the fucking coffee?

But the most insane thing I heard was that President Obama visited Chile yesterday--and, by the way, in spite of protesters who wanted him to apologize for the role the US played in backing Pinochet (remember, our CIA assassination squad along with the Chilean Army (whose equipment and money to exist on came from We the People of the USA) murdered the democratically elected Salvador Allende to get Pinochet into power), he refused to. (How do we know whether Obama is under CIA threats of assassination (like they surely had a hand in assassinating Kennedy)?)

Our president's being unable to apologize for We the People backing so cruel an asshole as Pinochet (he gave himself a military title)--the protest that met Obama at the airport was led by one of the organizations of those mothers and wives and sisters who lost family members to Pinochet's mass butchery after the CIA put him on the Chilean throne (remember how Pinochet's goons packed all those revolutionaries in that soccer stadium? And all those people disappeared or were admittedly executed?)--nope, our President couldn't apologize for our role in that tragedy because his White corporate backers don't allow him to apologize for our backing one of their boys back those many years now--remember, Obama, anyway, after he was elected said he wasn't looking backward, only forward--besides, not apologizing is in the White man's code.

Instead of apologizing--why else was he in Chile? LISTEN TO THIS: the two-faced, doublespeak-babbling fool of a corporate lawyer we have for a president--and I'll call him that to his face--was in Chile making a deal to financially back the building of two NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in that tilting-on-a-major-fault nation. This admission is more insane when you remember that Chile just had a 7.0 earthquake about a year ago--Chile is in the "Land of Smoke"--the tailend of the Andes volcanic mountain range that runs jaggedly down the western spine of South America through Chile to fall off into the Magellan Straits across from Cape Horn--most of Chile is sitting high atop a high-risk earthquake zone. Our President, who just appointed the ex-CEO of General Electric (they build nuclear power plants) to head his jobs advisory commission, is peddling nuke plants in South America. One Chilean woman was asking the question about how could this US president even think at a time like this of selling nukes in that part of the world; thereby bringing the threat of nuclear disaster to not just Chile, but the whole of South America?

Simply an amazing set of stories--Vermont Yankee back on line and our President, during what will turn out to be the worst nuclear melt down in world history (the cost to Japan at the moment from the earthquake and tsunami is set at 300 billion (that's right, folks)--which is something like 13% of the Japan GDP) is peddling 2 nuclear reactors to the poor people of Chile (I think We feel we own Chile--and Peru). Now President Obama is on his way to El Salvador. Why's he going to poor ole war-torn, rich-ruled, peasant-Indio El Salvador? I suppose he's selling 'em weapons maybe.

Again in 2012 We the People of the USA will have a choice of two dangerous corporate-money-backed-greedy men to choose from (or maybe Obama's opponent will be a dangerous woman--women rulers have not proven to be more peacemaking than men; in fact, Indira Gandhi proved to be one tough mean bitch--it got her assassinated, by the way).

Can you imagine this guy is a father of those poor young girls--look at the disastrous future he's willing to commit those daughters to in order to get his ass a backdoor entrance into the White Man's Power Elite--a political move that has already made our President and his wife millionaires. I sense our wealthiest bastards, all men, feel they are like the Emperor Jones, invincible against nuclear fallout--I suppose Donald Trump and his type feel safe as bugs in rugs in their above-the-clouds NYC penthouses--idiots--when an earthquake hits New York City, it'll bring their castles in the sky tumbling down--or if Indian Point blows up, if the Donald doesn't get in his executive Lear jet and fly off to one of his distant Trump Cities, that nuclear rain will rain straight down on his parade...oh BOO HOO. Fuck all these death wish bastards!
Computers Now Essential to Life (a short and punchy bit of reportage, like Larry "Liar" King's newspaper columns used to be):
Are computers working in the earthquaked, tsunamied, nuked area of Japan?

Does Haiti have a computer system set up and running? [I still have not read one article in the US media about Aristide returning to Haiti. Does the US truly hate Haiti?]

Will computers being made in Japan right now be contaminated? How would we know? Will we all have to have radiation-measuring devices on us at all times in the coming high-radiation skied future? Like a diabetic, will we have to check our radiation count several times a day--letting us know when we have to have another iodine I. V.? [Iodine pills don't work.]

Does Qaddafi have his laptop up and running?--or at least his blackberry? or at least his new iPhone?--like is he doing any texting? He must feel like Salvador Allende felt when the CIA-led assassination forces hit his palace that day he was assassinated--tanks were shelling his apartments like Qaddafi's now getting battered by tomahawk missiles fired from We the People's Navy, that which is on every sea in just about every port in the world.

We the People have 50,000 armed forces in Japan at this minute. Are we asking, are these young fools going to get contaminated?--our US Navy, if you recall, was detecting radiation out a many-miles distance from the exploding reactors the day they were blowing up.

[A Bracketed Aside: Did you ever notice, like in the case of these tomahawk missiles, how White Men love naming things after their concept of just what an American Injun (and I use the White vernacular pronunciation of the British-English word "Indian") symbolizes?--I think these White admirals in the Navy arm of the Pentagon thought naming a missile "tomahawk" made clear its savagery. Don't you think that's how the White Man thinks when he names his muscle-items after American Injun terms?--like his athletic teams: like the Kansas City Chiefs, for instance. These "Chiefs" are mostly Black men with a few superstar White guys at quarterback or at center (did you ever notice there aren't many Black centers in Pro (White) football?) or at the wide end positions--I'm sure there are and have been American Indian football players in the Pros (yes, Jim Thorpe played pro football), still there aren't that many--so in what sense did the White owners come up with naming them the Chiefs (the original owner of the KC Chiefs was Lamar Hunt, son of aboriginal-White-Trash moron, H. L. Hunt, at one time the world's wealthiest man--the man who bragged about quitting school in the 3rd grade (when he was 21, his dissenters jibed) and said he proved, "Yew'ins don' need no ed-gee-kay-shun to git rich")? These players are Chiefs same as the Cleveland Injuns's baseball team's (again a team of mostly Black, Latino, and White guys) Chief WaHoo is a Chief in the ridiculous sense of the word). Or the Washington Redskins--a White Man-owned team that's representing We the People's capital (isn't there a Redskin atop the capitol dome?). And check out the Washington Redskins--again a bunch of Blacks mostly, salted with a few superstar White guys. What's red skinned about 'em? Again, I think it's because to the White Man, American Indian icons stand for "savagery"--these White owners want their teams to be savage. Same as the U.S. Navy admirals want to imply the savagery of their tomahawk missiles by naming after the weapon the American Indian supposedly used to hack off the tops of White Devils's skulls. White racism, of course, but, hey, since the USA still thinks like a White Collective, it's not racism, even though the nation is turning Brown. Like the White's used to joke during one of Mayor Ed Crotch's reservoir-low-water-level crises, "If it's yellow, let it mellow; but if it's brown, flush it on down"--anybody in New York City should remember that phrase floating around the air in NYC apartments and lofts back during Mayor Ed Crotch's (I have no respect for that man) high-and-mighty term in office when here in NYC we were always having "water crises"--our reservoirs were drying up, according to Mayor Crotch's water commissioners, so We the Citizens of New York City every year of his mayorhood had to conserve water--to the point where one of Ed's political campaign contributors talked the City Council into forcing all NYC landlords into installing low-pressure shower heads and low-flush commodes in all their apartments, which they did. Same as recently one of Mayor Bloomberg's private hedge-fund investors came up with a warehouse full of Chinese-made radon detectors he needed to get rid of. Soon our landlords were sending around notices that radon detectors were being installed in our apartments whether we liked it or not and that we were also going to be charged $25.00 cash on the barrelhead for these plastic pieces of crap--and they run on 3 expensive Duracell batteries, too. I've lived in my apartment without a radon detector for 25 years and I don't ever remember anyone dying of radon poisoning in this building--I can't remember even reading about any deaths in NYC due to radon poisoning--though I am sure New York City air is probably full of radon poison--my God, one living in this city really doesn't want to know what he or she is breathing in day in and day out. Forget the emission fumes from the millions of cars and trucks and underground trains running 24/7 rampant up and down and all around this town; forget the tons of poisons being spewed out by all these huge-ton air-conditioning units atop every building in NYC; forget the sewer fumes coming up out of those sewer exhaust pipes atop those same buildings; forget the tons of electro-magnetic radiation and toxic poisons being spewed out by the thousands of cell-phone transmission towers that are on the roofs of every building all over this city, especially the buildings lining both sides of Broadway--there's one directly behind my apartment on the roof of that building--and my building has a huge one on the roof of the oldest building on Broadway. Looking out the hall window the other day I noticed they have put several transmission towers facing my building on the roof of the building on the catercorner of Broadway from us. Plus, we can't forget those "Cancer Corridor" poisons blowing over us from the chemical plants and oil refineries in New Jersey--just across from poor ole Staten Island. (An aside within an aside: My apologies to the Woman Trumpet Player, but my girlfriend and I were down in Battery Park the other day and I asked her if she'd like to ride the ferry over to Staten Island and have lunch and she replied, "God, it looks so gloomy over there," so we didn't go. Poor ole Staten Island--I've lived here now 40 years and I've only been to Staten Island twice--and that was on the ferry over to the S.I. ferry terminal, staying on the ferry both times--my nephew the photographer was with me on the last trip and we went to Staten Island on the ferry because he said the ferry coming back to Manhattan was the perfect platform from which to shoot panoramic photographs of the magnificent New York Harbor--and New York City does have one hell of a great harbor--one of the best in the world--no brag, just fact.)]

What a fucking horrible mess human monkeys are making of this beautiful planet.

Scientists. Fuck 'em. Why aren't they creatively led to find harmonic paths for us to follow rather than this insane earth-destruction mode they are currently in.

One reason is most scientific research nowadays is being funded by the big corporations under whose New World Order we now live--just think of the huge bonuses our nuclear industry offers brilliant physicists and chemists to lure them into nuclear science--rewards like the pharmaceutical industry offers the biochemistry majors it needs to keep its toxic chemical formulae contemporarily patentable--all drugs after 7 years revert to their generic state--like at one time I worked on both Zyrtec and Claritin antihistamine drug accounts--now both Zyrtec and Claritin are over-the-counter drugs. One way these big pharmas keep their drugs from becoming generics after seven years is through tweaking the original formula just a tad so they can then be reintroduced as "new formula" drugs--"New and Improved Urincorex" [my own made-up drug]. They need the best and brightest of biochemists (a lot of Asian women are biochemists) so they go to colleges and not only support biochemistry research programs but offer the grads at the high end of these programs sign-on bonuses of $100,000 with a guaranteed starting salary of $80,000-a-year. That's almost as much as a high-school drop out who goes to work on Wall Street as a floor broker can take down in his first year on the Exchange.

We have several computers around the Growler office here in the lower depths of the Gowanus Canal (the "anus" part of Gowanus is accurate--the Gowanus Canal is the site of the largest oil spill ever until BP's shoddy well blew up and turned the Gulf of Mexico into a large petroleum product (Obama's administration just today also released news that they are allowing Shell to drill, drill, drill, 3 3,000-foot-down wells--WHERE? Why in the Gulf of Mexico, 130 miles south of the Louisiana coast--doesn't that sound familiar?)--I jest, of course, about our offices being in the grimy depths of the Gowanus (it could be mistakenly spelled "Cowanus"); in fact, they are no where near Brooklyn or Gowanus Bay.

Like we have a new iMax G5 we recently purchased. Running the latest Leopard on it, too. And first off we had trouble with it falling asleep the minute we powered it up. This eventually led to it going to the deadly blue screen where the cursor froze and the devilishly hypnotizing whirling pizza wheel started vexing its hexing evil eye at us. That was fixed when a cleaning lady accidentally deleted all the ATI-prefixed extensions on the damn thing and now it works just fine. We don't have time to watch movies on a stupid computer anyway--trashing all those ATI- extensions deactivated the DVD player or our ability to download pay-for movies and shit like that.

Our trouble now is Firefox 3.6. It sucks. I notice they are working on 4 in Beta. 3.6 is damn fucking slow--sometimes it will not open our Yahoo mail page--just hangs about half way there giving out error messages that declarations are being rejected.

I personally, outmoded as I am, still use a G4 PowerMac running Panther 3.3 and the old version of Firefox 2.6--but I swear, even in its totally unupgradeable state, it's still faster than Firefox 3.6.

When I'm home, I use a Toshiba laptop I love--though it has a bad video-graphics card in it, too.

Future shock is now continuous.

The world is in the midst of total chaos. You better be prepared to "take up thy bed and walk" at any given moment. There is civil war brewing in the Ivory Coast. There is serious rebellion going on in We the People's al-Queda-terrorist breeding ground--the native home to Osama bin Laden--Yemen, a country we totally support with billions of dollars annually--and we've got CIA assassination squads working 24/7 in that US-puppet-dictator-ruled nation of Arab peasants--beautiful women, the women of Yemen. Oil-rich and sheik-ruled Bahrain is in the throes of revolution, too. They are also protesting in Damascus. And there's trouble in Iraq, though we're not going to hear anything about that. In Pakistan we continue to drone kill men, women, children, babies, grandmothers, grandfathers--we've tagged 'em all "The Enemy" therefore we kill them--60 the other day--and the Pentagon assholes boldly stood proud and military erect with their chests beaming with stream after stream of battle ribbons and medals and said all they killed--even the babies--were proven enemy combatants.

Lord Chaos is tough to please. He's like Saturn when it comes to gobbling down humans; and, yes, like Saturn, he does eat babies.

The Power Elite of the World are partying--especially the new billionaires in Moscow--especially the filthy rich new billionaires in Hong Kong, Macao, and Beijing--especially the billionaire dictators who control more nations than there are FREE DEMOCRACIES. American Bullshit, that's the democracy we kill for.

Amazin', amazin', amazin',

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Say Goodbye to:
Pinetop Perkins--97 years old (1914)--Pinetop lived through almost the whole stretch of the blues as it came to life in the USA, playing his pianos and keyboards--making tons of records--backing the greats--with his head full of blues riffs going way back to the beginning of the blues--the days of the American greats: as a kid going even back to when Robert Johnson was still alive; and certainly back to the beginning of the electric blues/Chicago blues: and he played with 'em all, especially McKinley Morganfield...there aren't enough words in me to praise old Pinetop. Pinetop Perkins, 97, American blues musician.

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