Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rats Jumping Back on Sinking Ship of State

Washington, District of Corruption, Working Against We the People
They say that Congress's email is so clogged with protests from We the People against bailing out these more-than-crooked, swindling, disaster banks and securities houses that they've had to shut down their email, these cashless financial entities that are going down minute-by-minute due to unwise speculations and trading debts and bad investments--and still, the representatives of We the People, under a Dumbocrat-led Congress, are giving a big Unka Dick Cheney "Fuck You" to We the People, going right ahead and voting to give these stone crooked motherfuckers every penny they so desire--with Henry Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman-Sachs, and one of the biggest crooks in the game, on his knees sucking the dicks and eating the pussies of these caving-in bubbleheaded, one-track-minded Congressional representatives as he reminds all these clowns that they represent the wealthy in this country--all of Congress are millionaires or close to it; all of these crooked bastards are heavily invested in the stock market in hedge funds--Johnny Boy Edwards (who couldn't keep his dick in his pants) for instance was once head of a large hedge fund/ Barack Obama's leading economic guru is Robert Ruben former CEO at Goldman-Sachs/ even the Governor of New Jersey, Jim "Big Smiles" Corsine (the guy who almost killed himself racing 100 mph in his black, window-tinted, black guys wearing sunglasses-driven SUV showing how fucking powerful he was--that is until he was almost wiped out when his tough-guy driver hit the slick side of the highway and sent the Gov crashing down a slope and almost killing him--he's taken to using his state-provided helicopter now) made his fortune ripping off homeowners and shareholders and investors as a CEO at Goldman-Sachs--and Nutjob McCain, god knows how many Wall Streeters are on his staff!! Wall Streeters and K Streeters--running and ruining our economy--the stock market buck dancing to whatever tune these assholes start playing, going down 799 points one day and then jumping back up 500 the next--what's that all about?

And this bailout bill will pass--and guess what these assholes have put into it now! Tax deductions for businesses! Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Further tax breaks for businesses--further FDIC coverage for these fucking crooked banks!

I say let Wall Street flounder in its own gravedigging; I say let it move to Jersey City--or how about Atlantic City, New Jersey, or Las Vegas, where it belongs anyway. There are more oversites and regulations on the crooked casino owners and developers in this country than there are over Wall Street and now the THREE big banks!

And on top of this bullshit, We the People here in New York City woke up this morning with our little prick billionaire mayor saying he was going to run for a third term in spite of it being against the law. He says do to Wall Street's fucking up, New York Citians now need his expert executive abilities to guide them through these tough financial times, plus he's added some bullshit to his already mountainous pile of bullshit by claiming the city ain't so well off after all, condo-prices and rents aren't high enough, taxes aren't high enough, we need more tolls on our bridges, and his developer friends need free rein in their overdeveloping--like the pal of Little Mike's who's trying to wreck downtown Brooklyn by bringing the worthless New Jersey Nets basketball team to Brooklyn!--and these crooks want more rezoning and more city land to grab--to build more hotels for these tourists who are now the lifeblood of NYC, according to this little prick from Boston who lucked out and got the Bloomberg Network handed to his worthless ass on a silver platter--the Bloomberg Network--guess what it originally did? Why it reported on Wall Street and the financial world! Wall Street made this little billionaire prick from Boston fabulously wealthy--blessed into the mayor's office by his hero, Rudi Mussolini Guiliani! Billionaire Bloomy failed at his attempt to run for President--so now he's decided he's got to stay mayor of New York City--Rudi Mussolini tried that, too, after 9/11 but We the People of New York City told him to go to hell, which he did, going into the security game with his pal Bernie "Fuck 'Em in Ground Zero Body Dust" Keric.

And my rent went up yesterday. Rather than bailing out the American people they're going to bill us with more debt--like I say, we get a big Unka Dick "Fuck You" slammed into our protesting faces. Protesting, by the way, is no longer allowed in most American cities--the police decide who can protest and who can be a journalist and who's a security risk--same as the police worked in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during the reigns of great executives like Adolf Hitler and Benito "A Journalist" Mussolini.

OK, so this bailout will go through--700 billion dollars of really nonexistent money being handed over lock, stock, and barrel to the crooks who got us into this economic mess. I say throw them all in jail--first faux president Bush, then Unka "Fuck You" Dick, then Henry Paulson, cuff him and book him, and that Berneckey or whatever the hell the Federal Reserve (not a government agency by the way with no Constitutional authority) guy's name is, throw him in the Paddy Wagon, too, along with Robert Ruben, and the whole executive pool at Goldman-Sachs and all the other crooked sons of bitches wrecking our economy in the name of Neo-Conservatism. And Bush is still president--we can't impeach this the crookedest, lyingest, least-liked president in our history--a president who now it is being shown stole the 2004 election in Ohio--and this Karl-Rove-based trickery of purging the voter rolls is still going on--in fact, it's still going on in Ohio today!

Unlike the New York Mets this year, this big shenanigan being pulled on us in the District of Corruption is Amazin', Amazin', Amazin'--and we dumb-animal human beings go right over the cliff with these fools. Fools rush in (remember that!) where wisemen fear to tread!

We are now being ruled by the Global Marketplace--goodbye, American Dream! Welcome to the World Nightmare!

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Marybeth said...

Thank you, I needed that. Can't rant quite so well myself these days, what with everyone dying around me. YES, EVERYTHING IS FUCKED, and how! My mother would have loved your rants, by the way. She was a famous ranter herself. Nobody hated Bush more than she did.