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Manipulated by the Narrative

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All of Us Have a Narrative We Follow

As a writer, and I do claim I am a writer by natural direction, I am bound to a narrative, my narrative, the tale within me, la cuenta, the reason for my thinking I am naturally a writer. Taking control of my narrative is my task as a writer. There is an editor within me, too. It’s natural for a natural-born writer to also be a natural-born editor. In fact, I feel I’ve been cursed as a good writer by also being a good editor in the sense that the only way I’ve been able to make my best living (earnings/wages) is as an editor—and, yes, I have been a copywriter, but copywriting is just copyediting advanced to a style and editors advancing to become copywriters—in other words, copywriting is prefabricated writing—blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Copywriting to me is lower than copyediting. I found being an editor much more personally rewarding in terms of respect than I ever got when I was a copywriter.

My narrative is the narrative I’ve been a slave to since I first started typing when I was eleven, which is also the age I lost my virginity—to a younger woman.... You see how easily my narrative manipulates me? I immediately start parallel lining several narratives within the big narrative (all writers or men or women with writing ambitions have that one huge novel in them—they’re always working on their BIG novels!)--which is why controlling this narrative is my challenge as a writer digesting its matter, forging it into a tale, a continually present and presented tale, a continuing saga of continuence.

All of this to say I’m cooling off on my growling and biting at the hot air of the insane back-to-chimpanzee-state “soulless” bastards who are bringing “the American Dream” crashing down around my my Atlas-shrugged shoulders. “It’s only a paper moon/Sailing over a cardboard sky/But it wouldn’t be make believe/If you believed in me.” When you lose belief in yourself, then everything becomes staged and the narrative coming from the stage becomes the narrative you accept as being your narrative.

I listened to Amy Goodman this morning—and I listen to Amy Goodman every morning—and falling back into the continuous present of my narrative, I here have to admit that Amy Goodman is my kind of babe—I once was within meeting distance of her when she was one of the staff of WBAI-FM, the Pacifica station here in New York City where Amy made her name and started her Democracy Now news program, and though I didn’t meet her, touch flesh with her, that time, I did know who she was an I was immediately attracted to her--to her “look” actually—and Amy even at 52 still has that look...

Amy Goodman at 51

...and this relating is leading me to a recent Wednesday night when I was attracted to a woman who by God now in relating her to Amy Goodman has that Amy Goodman look, too—damn, and now I start thinking back to other women—the wonderful Lesbian woman I worked with and fell for.... Please fiddle around and listen to good music or something as I try and entangle myself from my narrative—which seems to always want me to confess my sexual adventures rather than observing and reporting the Doomsday adventures being played out before me in the Big USA Narrative, the narrative that is being upheld by both our presidential candidates—the arm-in-arm Nutjob McCain and, I apologize like Rush Limpdick would apologize, I mean Barack Obama, of course—like Don Rickles used to condescend after he’d done a White Sambo routine on a black couple in his audience—“Of course I’m kidding...I’m know that...I love black people...blah, blah, blah.” The insulting comedian is a Jewish stage tradition. It’s always part of the great Jewish writers’s narratives, the Village Idiot who it turns out is actually the Village Genius.

Yes, McCain and Obama have locked arms and are both talking the same shit and I sit and think, “Holy Shit, we’re so doomed.” I suddenly am feeling as though I’m a Jew in Berlin in 1932—if I’m intelligent enough, I’ll know to blow this town and fatherland rather than stay and face the obviously coming consequences of a nutjob nobody named Adolph Hitler coming to power.

I listen to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now faithfully every weekday morning, though I don’t always listen to every square inch of the hour-long broadcast. Sometimes after her initial headlines and her first guest, the show gets extremely out-of-my-realm-of-interest and becomes boring and to me boredom is a waste of time. I’m never bored. Lazy, yes, but while I’m lazing around I’m active mentally, working on my narrative. This morning, however, Amy captured my attention for almost two full hours—her first guest was Joseph Steiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning Economist (a fellow Sociologist), living out an easy life as a professor at Columbia U here in New York City, though today Joe was in Austria (what a life if you can get a tenured professorship at one of those big-buck-coffered colleges!), but anyway, let me jump over my jealousies and get to Joe’s value. This economist has a great grasp of what’s going on in Congress right now—this Wall Street bailout bullshit, which seems to be going to pass in spite of the people of the USA being totally unitedly opposed to this BULLSHIT—or in terms of Wall Street it’s BEARSHIT. Joseph Steiglitz says this bailout is the worst-case solution to the crisis. The solution, and this should logically (economically) really work: you immediately stop/freeze foreclosures and begin renegotiating the mortgages either turning them into 30-year loans and thereby paying off the old mortgage and reducing your monthly payments through the long-term fixed-rate loan or by restructuring the mortgages to fixed-rate mortgages and at lower interest rates so that the owners can start being able to make payments and not get behind--payments structured to accommodate their budgets. Also, and Steiglitz clued me in to this, these banks and securities have “good loans” on their books—We the People are buying up their “bad loans”—the Big Three banks are now buying up these failed companies's “good loans,” the ones that will probably be paid off and represent future recovery profits. Steiglitz goes on to say we should be nationalizing these going-under companies and banks and thereby take over those “good loans” as well as the “bad loans”—pay down the bad loans as the good loans are paid off. Wow, economics is so simple. All Sociology and the root areas of empirical study that branched off from it, like Economics, are based on “percentage” logic. It’s the same logic that makes a computer work. All the facts must be digested and redigested to finally come to an approximate solution to whatever problem you are out in the field with your surveying and measuring devices studying. There are so many “facts.” An economist’s main job is to ferret out the many “lies” amidst all those “facts.” Same thing an editor does with a written narrative!

Steiglitz says this whole Wall Street crisis can be traced (through Economics (Price Theory)) directly back to the price of oil and its relationship to the invasion and eventual occupation of Iraq! Oil was $23 a barrel in March of 2003. In March of 2003, 2 million of us New York Citians marched down Fifth Avenue shouting our lungs out saying we didn’t want the WAR in IRAQ to happen—and we called Bush an evil son of a bitch who should be IMPEACHED rather than accepting his NARRATIVE and ending up in another VietNam-War-type losing situation. Now we know Bush Baby’s narrative was a big pile of bullshit acting on a huge Hollywood-created bullshit stage with a narrative so farcical to be haw-hawed like hell yet so seriously threatening as to make one want to cry. Does anybody remember “Mission Accomplished”! That farce!

So it still all boils down to the price of oil—and in the 5 years of the “Iraq War” oil prices have skyrocketed to the point they have changed the economic situation not only in the USA but all of the world—there is a banking crisis going on in Europe, though they are handling it assbackwards to the way We the People are handling it.

The price of oil zoomed up as the War in Iraq zoomed up, with Wall Street riding the inflating wave of the housing bubble, which was supporting the economy—an economy propped up on BORROWED MONEY.

So what does the bailout boil down to? We the People are bailing out banks and securities houses who have fallen because their “profits” were based on BORROWED MONEY—a nonexistent money—therefore THE COLLAPSE of banks and Wall Street firms.

I heard one economist saying he wished We the People could get an answer to the question of “What will happen really if we don’t do anything in this situation?”

Then Amy had a guest on who said that these so-called debates these idiots are participating in are controlled by something invented by the Dumbos and the Repugnicans arm-in-arm called the National Political Debate Corporation or something corporate like that and it is this sham bunch who decide who will be in the debates, the rules of the debates, the questions that will be accepted by the candidates, and the questions that will not be allowed. Though put into being by the Dumbocrackpotic Party and the Repugnican Party in cooperation with each other, it has now grown into a corporate-backed debate consulting firm headed by two K Street stooges. The largest sponsor of these debates this year? Budweiser! No longer the King of Beers now that it’s owned by a Dutch-Brasilian conglomerate who now call it "America's Lager." That’s the reason they’re having the Veep debates in Saint Louis! Wow, those conniving bastards—what’s the difference in them? In my narrative there is no difference. The world is in a chaotic mess right now and only us Village Idiots can get us out of this.

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I stumbled into The Daily Growler teevee room and editing horse stall and embarrassingly watched Sweet Sarah of Alaska in a battle of wits with Uncle Joe "Agent Orange" Biden (from Delaware, the DuPont state, the state where usury is legal and condoned)--and what a bungled job by Gwen Awful the hostess--what dumbass questions, first of all--and the way she bumbly asked them--and then the answers--Holy Joe the Dalai Lama's Shit Eater, both Uncle Joe and Paleface Sarah replied to Gwen Awful's awful questions with even more awful answers, Uncle Joe spewing Obama-the-greatest hyperboles all over the staged stage and then Sweet Sarah coming in in her Alaskan-hick drawl with the absolutely stupidest answers--you talk about going 'round Robin's biggest barn, this coached swimsuit model-turned governor talked a new form of doublespeak--how about circumloquacious doublebabblespeak that would cause a polar bear to commit suicide. My favorite part of her continuous babble was when she kept referring to the public sector as "the private sector"--"We've got to give tax breaks to the private sector!" What does this loony toons woman mean by that? If Reagan was The Great Communicator this woman is The Great Miscommunicator. Uncle Joe Biden ain't no brighter than Alaskan-hick Paleface Palin. I got to asking myself "Why in the hell are vice-presidential candidates debating? What the hell do they have to do with anything? Shouldn't they be debated which one of them would make the best president should their presidential candidate up and get killed or die--especially Biden should have brought up McCain's scary medical record--heart trouble; melanoma cancer!--and asked Sweet Sarah of Alaska what the hell she'd do if she were suddenly president? Otherwise, what the hell were they debating? What real Constitutional reason for being does the vice-president have? President pro temp of the Senate? Does the vice-president cast the deciding vote in a deadlock?

Idiots all. But, get prepared. It looks like we're gonna be lead for 4 more years by idiots. In a way, and my friend and I were just laughing our asses off about suddenly wanting McCain and Palin to win it--for that Nutjob and his full-of-hockey-mom veepette to actually come to power! What jump for her! It's kind a'morbid to think of John McCain winning the election and then dropping dead from overpartying at his inaugural ball and Sweet Sarah of Alaska going home with her Joe and her 5 stupid-as-hell-looking brats--always babies hanging all over this woman--to the White Man's House--which I suppose would then be referred to as the White Woman's House. Philip Wylie must be laughing his ass off in his grave seeing this MOM maybe becoming president of the USA. ["Momism" from Philip's Generation of Vipers.]

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The Poetry of Sarah Palin (from Slate)

"On Good and Evil"

It is obvious to me
Who the good guys are in this one
And who the bad guys are.
The bad guys are the ones
Who say Israel is a stinking corpse,
And should be wiped off
The face of the earth.

That's not a good guy.

(To K. Couric, CBS News, Sept. 25, 2008)

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