Friday, October 10, 2008


Word Bathing
I'm sitting here on another John "Nutjob" McCain Sunday and I'm sitting here in front of this computer and the words are coming but they are coming so fast I'm having a hard time wrestling them into shape and saga. The economy has tanked. The Goldman-Sachs crooks have robbed us blind. Paulson looks as though he may commit suicide at any moment--he should be considering suicide, too. McCain and Palin are so stupid that I'm sure they are appealing to the backward of this country, and these goofs are true believers besides being about the stupidest people in the world. I am one who thinks he knows a majority of Americans are pretty cool and reasonable people--but the nutjobs keep having their message spun their way--and I'm sorry, forgive my political incorrectness, but anybody who listens more that ten minutes to a John "Nutjob" McCain speech and is shaking their head in agreement or who listens to more than a minute of Sarah the Paleface and starts smiling and hollering "Amen" are NUTS--yep, folks, insane--still living in an imaginary world of mystery-- a world of scary things--especially violent death (we love violent deaths)--whereas intelligent minds know the real world, the world that was NOT made by a superMAN, which is all the White Man's Christian Holy Father is: a superMan from the wildest mind of the wildest backwards man, man the coward.

Americans, all of us, are cowards, myself included. I want no confrontations. I'm a live and let live type a'fellow--though if you "come against" me, I will defend myself--the lefty Libertarian in me--

I keep asking myself, how come we, including myself, just sit twiddling our thumbs while our money and our country, whatever you think about it, is being driven into the ground (the Neo-Cons call it "the race for the bottom") by fat-cats and fat-cat inheritors and the worthless sons and daughters of fat-cat families or these millionaires-in-an-hour coming off the Internet by the thousands, and the roaming-the-world crooks going about, lurking about, looking for more wealth to steal? Like I was watching Steve Forbes the other day and I was listening to his pure-dee bullshit and it was so obvious to me that this son of a Capitalist Pig, his father turning down doing a still-fairly-hot Elizabeth Taylor for men, was an idiot. Yes, the sons do inherit the sins of their fathers. And seeing Steve Forbes being taken seriously on a teevee commentary show--and they're all shows--pissed me so off! I mean, that bastard, that privileged asshole, what has he done to become an expert on the economy!

I'm a writer. Writing keeps me clear headed. And I get angry when I write and writing angry makes me write with a different ferocity and drive, one that a machinegunner feels when he's mowing 'em down on a battlefield, I imagine, that old machinegun smokin' and gettin' fucking hot; yet he keeps on firing the son of a bitch as though desperate to continue living, the feeling of total abandonment to what your machine's doing for you, keeping you alive. And writing angry keeps me alive.

I started late as a writer. I'm just now reaching my peak. I, unlike Hemingway and Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, don't have to commit suicide because I'm all written out! Hell fire, boyz and girlz, I'm just getting started, except, like a stampeding of cattle, sometimes my words get out of control--they are coming so fast and furiously, you know, words that make sense but need a lot of rewriting and I hate rewriting--the words have to be fresh with meaning for me--the word that first comes to my mind is the word I truly want to use. When rewriting and I know I have to maybe change one of these words that's when I have a clashing of decisions in my vexed brain. Writing into a high wind is like spitting into a high wind--it blows back on you.

Hah, I don't give a shit if I don't make sense--it's like automatic writing, see? It's like Gertrude Stein sitting in her big Morris-like chair in her apartment on Rue de Fleurus writing in a continuous present tense, thus creating a continuous present time, not giving your words much chance at taking any chances--like performing an piece of atonal music--you must hit the notes perfectly--one wrong note ruins the piece.

Sitting at a machinegun shooting out words at a writer's greatest enemy, the blank page.

History repeats itself? You bet it does. Hegel (and many others) said history was cyclic--what goes around will come back around--and I think we should think in terms of circles--everything seems circular, spinning around like a child's top spins around, the more speed the more security; the less speed and the top begins to topple.

There's an example of what I'm writing about (I sometimes use the word "talking" for "writing." That's what I'm talking about) up there above this paragraph. That paragraph up there just suddenly popped its head into the middle of this post. A struggle today. That's what I'm getting at: this post is a struggle--a kicking against the pricks.

Like John "Nutjob" McCain and his wreckless flying in the Navy. Maverick my ass. Stumblebum nutjob killer is what this dude is. What a fool. And what a passel of fools follow this joker around. Like big white goons holding up monkey dolls wearing Obama for Prez buttons. Or big-bellied Swift Boaters talking about socialists and terrerist lovers and cowards and shit. Or a fool for a running mate; a total fool. Fools rush know the rest of that old adage. I use it continuously. It's a part of my everyday present tense these days. This man is a fool. This woman is a fool. But then so's the other guy a fool. So's his running mate: another fool. Except, one must judge fools as they are--seeking out some source of intelligence amongst their foolish statements.

Writing. Writing. A writ. Writing. Writing. Word after word after word before word after word later-coming word, another word, a wrong word popping up at the right place, a topsy word, a tickly word, a tricky word, a right word popping up in the wrong place, a word or two, a word of caution, a final word.

With me, there is never a final word.

The Economy Is Gone--It's Time for a New One
The more I gaze at what's going on with this Wall Street bailout, which has now seemingly turned into a big bank bailout now, the more viciously angry I get--in other words, what the hell is going on? George W. Bush is going all over the world spreading his nonsensical bullshit and this motherfucker has been out of the country most of the time since he declared the government had taken care of the Ike victims and damage in the Gulf Coast (no more mention of that on the news)(no more ever mention of Katrina and how we let New Orleans down)(and what happened with the floods in the Mississippi Valley--taken care of?)--and our illegally begotten "president" is trying his same old trick of going to Europe and Asia and telling them we have to have a coalition to solve this world economic crisis that the real government of the United Snakes, the US Corporations, created and perpetrated and are still perpetrating, getting their crooked mitts on 700 billion of our dollars and in the meantime poor folks, mostly blacks and low-class whites are being thrown out into the streets, their homes (most importantly their lands) taken away from them by the big foreclosure companies now, like Trott & Trott in Michigan--this bunch of loan shark crooks have foreclosed on over 150,000 Michigan homes and forced over 300,000 people out into the street or the homeless shelters or the slum motels--yet, you drive by Brother Trott's mansion and there's no foreclosure sign on his house--oh hell no! And you go down to his swanky office building and what's rented the ground floor--why the John McCain for President headquarters--now we know why McCain gave Michigan up to Obama--because why? Because currently the Repugnican Party in Michigan is challenging over 300,000 registered voters--trying to ban them from voting, registered or not! On what grounds you should be hollering? You see, when you register to vote you give your home address, which has to be in the district you're registering in. Now, if you get foreclosed on by Trott & Trott (or any of the crooked banks and savings and loans holding mortgage debt) and kicked out into the street, then that address is no longer your legal residence--so by appearing to vote at a poling place, you'll be refused admission on the grounds you could be commiting voter fraud because the address you gave when you registered to vote is vacant--nobody is living there! See? Therefore, how can you say that's your address when nobody's living there! The GOP is doing this same thing in Ohio--again over 300,000 voters are being challenged based on this same address bullshit! The right to vote? Yeah, sure. This ain't no democracy, folks, the best you can get is a representative to vote your way in the Electoral College, and he or she doesn't have to vote your way at all in some states. All this voting left to the states going all the way back to the States Rights days in the early days of this White Man's nation--the same States Rights that gave states the right to decide if they wanted slavery to stay or not. And while we're talking about slavery, I'll bet you haven't heard one mention of Lehman Bros. having to apologize just a few years ago to blacks for at one time participating in the investing in and making profits from slave labor--Lehman Bros. has never paid any reparations, however.

Another John McCain Sunday and things are worse than ever. The Christian fundies are saying Jesus is coming back through the clouds and gathering up his flock--the Left Behind bullshit--I say, oh, please, Jesus, hurry up and leave me behind--take those nutjobs of yours out of my existence--I wanna enjoy what few years I have left on this our only Paradise! The frightened continue to be ignorant no matter their education. To be afraid wipes out that education. To be afraid of dying wipes out all logic. The most pious among us are the ones who are the biggest cowards. I say round all Congress up, the faux president and Unka Dick "Fuck You" Cheney, and Hank Paulson and Bernekey and Cash-and-Carry (the Goldman-Sachs stooge only 6 years out of business college who's gonna be in charge of the government dole outs to the Wall Street Crooks of which he is one), 'round 'em up, and I'm sorry, Barney Franks, Obama, Hillary, Robert Ruben, you all gotta go, too--and send 'em straight to jail--I hear the District of Corruption jails are about the sleaziest in the country!

It all looks like a joke, but its hard to laugh at it--it's a cruel fucking joke, folks.

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Marybeth said...

I'm too lost in my own daunting and overwhelming personal grief to know what the hell is going on in the world except that I'm sure it's more of the same old big bully shit that the human race has always suffered, only maybe a little worse right now. If you really look at the history of this species you learn that this is not a pretty animal, never has been, probably never will be. I'm listening to Chet Baker right now with Bill Evans on piano because that makes sense and feels good. Not much does. And Chet, by the way, was a sick piece of shit in his personal life, beat his women, was a liar and a cheat and a sick, sick addict, but, fuck man, he could play some sweet horn. Really sweet. Just beautiful.