Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're Getting Blogged Down

Suddenly thegrowlingwolf Hates All Blogs
[in his own words]

It almost brought bloody tears to my eyes when I realized that since running One Spring Morning Off Spring Street hits on the blog have dropped dramatically. I mean, shit, writing a blog can be defeating. I mean I was just over at BartCop, I haven't been there in a hell of a month of bad Sundays, so I went over there and there was Bart having a pompous ball defending Hillary, defending Al Gore, defending Wesley Clark, and always defending Bill Clinton and that pisses me off that Bart has a very successful Website for an old cat fading away like an old soldier out in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of Oral Roberts and his worthless, sorry son and his equally sorry trailer-house trash daughter-in-law who are now in skullduggery trouble over their blowing old Pappy Oral's tons of tax-free filthy millions on trips to the Bahamas and 35,000-buck shopping sprees and 2 cars for the wife and accusations that she's been holding sex talks with young college-boy dudes at three o'clock in the morning or emailing them suggestive emails, "Hi, boyz. Have your hard throbbing cocks thinking about me in just my panties kept you from reading the Word of Jehovah tonight, like that passage where King David screws his own daughter--Wow, does that turn you boyz on...."--hell, we agree, that's simply spiritual counseling she's doing--wow, and that's who rules and influences in Tulsa, former home of Billy James Hargis, too, and a city infamous for it's white citizens back in 1920 or so destroying one of the most successful ever black communities ever, a thriving black community with upward mobility in integrated Oklahoma--though Oklahoma is packed with scumbag white racist pigs now--most of the politicians in Oklahoma are scumbag white racist pigs--though Oklahoma was never a slave state--hell it wasn't even a state during the Civil War--so it was integrated from the get-go and a lot of well-educated blacks left the ridiculous dumbass-white-dominated South hoping to at least find a chance at a little more freedom in the Indian Territory--and this integration was working fine until the Tulsa white population decided their N-worders were getting too uppity and mixing with whites too much--"Ya give 'em an inch and they take a mile." Just think, Ralph Ellison was born and raised in Okie City. Charlie Christian the great guitarist was from Okie City. So was Walter Page of the Blue Devils fame, the band that later became the Benny Moten Ork and then became the Count Basie Band. John Hammond, who claims he discovered Count Basie, says when Benny Goodman, who was married to John Hammond's sister (the Hammonds were rich as hell) told him about the Count and he went with Benny Goodman to Oklahoma City where the Count was playing a long gig and from there John made a star out of the Count. So the Tulsa white folks descended on the successful black community and before the day and night were over, the Whiteys (or Europeans as blacks now derogatorily call whites--I don't like it; I hate Europeans (not all of them, of course--like a wonderfully seductive provincial French chick I know) had burned down the entire black community several square blocks of downtown Tulsa, burning out black homes, businesses, and then the National Guard coming in and condoning shooting men, women, children, babies--remember, white racists rationalize that blacks are not really human beings--our white forefathers believed that, too; that's where white racists get their racism, from the Holy Christian Babble--I mean Bible--and then from the white founders of this country, like Ben Franklin--an out and out racist and womanizer and woman hater, too. Or how about good ole George Washington, the Great White Father of us all no matter our color; he treated his slaves like shit; after he died, Martha Washington was scared shitless that the slaves were going to turn on her and kill her in the night--she was so afraid of this that Nathaniel Greene had to go to Mount Vernon and bring a doctor with him to calm her down; plus "Never Told a Lie" George grew yearly crops of the evil weed, which his slaves harvested as a cash crop but also for using around the plantation for both smoking and making ropes and clothes and shit. And how 'bout old Tom Jefferson?--he admitted he agreed that blacks were not really human beings--he protected slave holders in the way he worded his Constitution--our Constitution states that blacks are at best only 1/4 human beings--so hey, folks, those Tulsa white people, good Christians all of 'em, saw nothing wrong with shootin' a bunch of animals just to get rid of their nuisance just like you shoot rabbits when they get to breeding to friskily or rats in the barn or hell a god-damn gator coming out of the swamp to eat your white ass.

All of that growling about Tulsa, Oklahoma, but what pisses me off more about BartCop is that he has a heavily hit Website and he has the right attitude against Georgie Porgie and all his stupid pet moves--and yes he and Mark Perkel are against the Iraq War, but only today Bart is dumbassly wondering why American kids are still volunteering for the Army--Bart's asking now are they stupid or something? Why would a kid join this army, to be maimed? or to be killed? So why are these kids still joining the Army? Bart's too white and too Tulsa to figure this sort of thing out because Bart is a gun toter, ex-bar runner, a drugstore cowboy, and as such he will not say anything bad about our soldiers; they are "real" to him--he respects them as true men and women--but now he's finally seeing how stupid these dumbass kids are--how dumb they are; how uneducated they are; plus how vulnerable they are. These dumbass kids don't see the aspects of the war the way BartCop does. They don't read BartCop or The Daily Growler and if they did they'd blow us off as unpatriotic liberal-commie-rats and go back to reading their corn-fed Holy Babblings; I mean what kind of a woman would join this Army?; and some of them leave their kids and husbands at home to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, where both wars are as illegal as hell and, if you're religious, as immoral as hell; both wars are the results of lies--BIG BAD LIES, folks, lies that have been made truths by the corporate media--I mean on teevee, you always see pro-war rationalizing--you see stories on Iraq but they're pap and they're always positive in terms of "mission accomplished," always reporting things as "a government official said this morning that the Iraq situation [a great word] is looking up in spite of 37 people having been blown up in a car bomb attack and another 14 killed by scared-shitless Blackwater soldiers of fortune while Eric Prince sits back here at home safe and sound and getting richer and richer by the lyin' minute--look at the god-damn money we are having to pay for these lies--to support these lies--to make them truths. Now Turkey is making their move against the Kurds--remember, everybody hates the Kurds--they have the biggest oil fields. Now Putin in Russia is pumping up his dick to get a hard-on against his pal Bush and is telling Bush he'd better not bomb Iran or he'll suffer the consequences, with Putin threatening to start the Cold War over again. All the while on teevee the Christian Fundy crooked-as-snakes preachers are preaching Bush as God's (Jehovah, their god) chosen man and that by-god we gotta go to war to defend Israel 'cause the Jews are God's (again, Jehovah the Christian God) Chosen People--and Jesus H. Christ such bullshit--and how do you expect a stupid jerk teenage meth freak maybe on his or her way to prison to not bail out and join the army so dumb are they so frustrated and useless they are--so why not join the fucking Army and take a chance on getting maimed or killed? Why not? War has always been advertized as "Making men out of boys" and now they can say, "Making men out of women," while what they're really saying is, "We're making killers out of boys and girls," that's what they're really saying. Remember I told you, the first thing they shove down your throat when you land at basic training is "You've either got to learn to kill or you're gonna be killed." You see, with a "kill or be killed" attitude there is glory in both killing and getting killed. It's all about glory, isn't it?

And this is what I meant by saying at a The Daily Growler bullshit session that I was tired of writing thousands and thousands of words of "avant garde" thinking while a misinformed drugstore cowboy from Tulsa, Okie Homey, gets so many hits he has to expand his broadband to colossal proportions--he now has successfully put together an Internet radio broadcast that people subscribe too--and now, like BuzzFlash, this son of a bitch is starting asking his readers for donations--he has an equipment improvement fund going right now and has already raised $7500--and BuzzFlash is doing the same thing now monthly, having a fundraising drive and saying they now need 25 grand a month to keep their Website going. That's the key to a successful blog--getting so many hits you have to go all-out commercial--then, they got'cha!

But BartCop insists that Hillary Clinton is going to make a great president and she'll make Slick Willie Sec'y of State and Al Gore Secretary of the Environment, plus she said recently she's going to end the Iraq War the minute she takes office--oh yeah, sure, sure, it's all Nancy Pelosi's fault, sure, sure, and never any mention of Mike Gravel, the only real person running for the presidency.

Fuck voting though.

And I can't kiss Al Gore's ass because I know Al Gore is a professional politician--that's all the stupid ass knows--his father and his grandfather were politicians--in Tennessee, too, baby, same as being in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to me--I mean Tennessee is the state that gave us the KuKlux Klan. The racist Grand Ole Opry and the racist Nashville music scene are in Tennessee--remember when a black man tried to run recently in Memphis, Tennessee, the whites ridiculed him and made race jokes about him and gave out false information about him in opposition commercials and he finally was beaten out of the election--disheartened because he was leading in the polls all the way up to election day. Most of us who love jazz and blues and r and b don't like hillbilly music no matter how well-written it is--like Willie Nelson's shit. You listen to it long enough and it's all the same old whining in your beer shit. And Al Gore's just the same old shit out of the same old pot. Hillary Clinton is not going to end the Iraq War--she's getting too rich off it--she's invested heavily in WAR stocks--why don't people like BartCop get that?; how come here at The Daily Growler we've seen it all our lives from me through thehousepianist, theryefarmerfromqueens, fran&zoethetwo-headedgirlreporter, themysterioustexan, marvelousmarvbackbiter, thepersonwhoreferstothemselvesaswe, why some of us here have stopped voting--have NEVER voted--do not stand up when the stupid, boring National Anthem is played, an anthem all about WAR and Victory at WAR. Under white rule we are a WARRing nation, a nation of saps, of sheep, of lemmings--we do what we're told...we don't like being punished--we are the stupidest people on earth--"Ye reapeth whatsoever ye sow." Watch teevee shows--we like plenty of murder, rape, women screaming, cops getting shot, all bad guys getting shot, huge horrible explosions--in one Miami CSI episode a "terrorist"--all the bad guys on the Miami CSI look Spanish, Cuban we assume--set off a bomb that killed at least 14. Hell, if that were real, Georgie Porgie would have us bombing Habana after something like that, which he'd love to do anyway 'cept he's too busy stayin' drunk and whacked out on maybe Romilar cough syrup--he's strung out on something, though--power and wealth maybe. As I heard a pundit say t'other day, the current value of the Iraq oil reserve is 3-t0-14 trillion dollars--this guy said with a pile of money that big sitting out in the middle of a desert, hell yeah you're gonna have human beings killing for it, going to war, nuking everybody for it--MONEY rules, folks; so if you aren't rich, there may not be anything but trouble ahead for you. Banks are desperately trying to keep from going under due to the big real estate bubble bursting that's still going on and that has been predicted by The Daily Growler since it was launched over a year and a half ago and the banks are getting stuck with overdue payments or no payments at all and then having to repossess all these properties with millions of bucks in mortgage payments still owed or reneged on. Banks don't like getting stuck with worthless or overpriced properties.

Politics is so beneath me now. I have more fun writing about Lester Bangs and the Rolling Stones and Yoko (Joko) Ono--who has just built a "peace tower" in Iceland--what's that all about? I hate writing about subjects that BartCop is getting famous and somewhat rich off of writing about and certainly egotistically satisfied, and yet I'm a ten-times cleverer thinker than he is.

No it's not envy. Bullshit no. I love living in constant turmoil. I'm just tired of writing tirades--yet, if I don't write tirades, I don't get no readers--except one, a woman trumpet player out on the other coast who claims The Daily Growler is her "Morning Read"--otherwise our other most fervid readers and some of whose comments I have not published because they're one-tracked and wildly sexually aggrevated have to do with The Daily Growler spiritual advisor and cold sex icon Pastor Melissa Scott--who by the way has been dumped from our New York City semi-Christian network, the teevee network given to Rudi-pal Larry Pax during Rudi Mussolini's mayoralship, in favor of an infomercial--Fuck you, Larry Pax, and a pox on you and yours for dumping our favorite religious interpreter, the fascinatingly beautiful but we figure sexually cold as ice, Pastor Melissa Scott--I mean, I bet Melissa could make you think she was pullin' the damn thing out by its roots she's so demanding. Ex-porn queens aren't necessarily the exciting pieces of you know what they portray in the films--all actors are acting (playing, pretending) no matter the film. I mean, to make a porn film of a couple F-ing for say 15 minutes will take at least two hours to shoot--which means some of the studs accidentally shoot prematurely and then have to have a fluff job for god-knows how long until they can get it up enough to start shooting again--then the editors take over and the film becomes what looks like one long real scene of "Oh shits" and "Yeah, you like that, baby, yeah?" and then the exaggerated moans and hollerings and then the "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" and then the big ejaculation-all-over-her-face scene!

It's all masturbation, folks; even writing blogs that nobody but a handful of intelligent souls read is masturbation. I got more comments writing about Vachel Lindsay, you know, I called him a racist, than I have Lester Bangs--who to me was a much better writer and poet than Vachel Lindsay.

Sorry but I'm getting tired of blogging. It seems so immature to me now.

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Marybeth said...

Oh my, that was a roar, not a growl. Well, your loyal woman trumpet player on the other coast is still reading you every morning. Don't get so blogged out that you stop writing "One Spring Morning Off Spring Street". I was delighted to finally meet Lester Bangs in yesterday's episode. I loved the photo of him. He didn't look so incredibly un-fuckable to me. He had a wonderful face, like a passionate, brilliant, lunatic saint. Forget about that asshole BartCop and his asshole readers. You don't want them anyway. All geniuses are unloved in their time. You know that.

Richard Neva said...

Fuck voting and fuck people who vote! All politicians are terrorists and all voters are enablers thus terrorists themselves. Look what the last election brought to office. A bunch of terrorist war mongers. Don't vote ever again!