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"Geronimo" in His Own Words

I have always been both an admirer and champion of Geronimo, though when I was a kid out on the plains of West Texas, Geronimo's legend was one that struck fear in the white man's heart as most white folks, the elders, I grew up with thought of Geronimo as a kidnapper of young white girls ("All injins love white girls; they're like N-worders in that reee-speck") and a scalper of all "brave" white men, some old women, too, why and even babies ("I heered them injins would take little white babies and throw 'em up in the air and shoot arrows at 'em--why, I heered about one white family where their darlin' little baby, Moses O'Hara, was tossed up in the air by Geronimo's savages and landed daid at his mammy's feet with 14 filthy injin arrows piercing his little precious white body")--I mean, come on, folks, stories like that are enough to send a little white boy or girl out on lone prairie into an imaginary world of perpetual nightmares of Geronimo and his redskins tossing babies in the air and shooting them full of arrows or staking "brave" white men spread eagled over a red ant bed--in the middle of a broiling prairie sun--and then pour honey over the poor white slob, you know smear the honey on lightly--maybe take a couple of slugs of honey while you're preparing the white devil--or "I've heered tell of stories of injins gutting a pregnant white mother and spearing out the fetus and barbecuing it and eating it with wild war-whooping glee, all naked, and painted up, geegawed to the hilt in pagan regalia".... Then while in the U.S. "Goddamm, Goddamm" Army, I was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, just outside Lawton, Oklahoma, and old Geronimo is famous there because that's where he was imprisoned after he was captured by the U.S. Calvary.

So, anyway, thedailygrowlerhousepianist sent this link to me a moon or so ago. I married a 1/8th Choctaw girl when I was a pimple-faced lad without any sense and looking in old Geronimo's face I see my wife's grandfather, who was 1/2 Choctaw--and Mexican-Irish the other 1/2--could old Geronimo's seed been amongst that old man's DNA?

Anyway, here ya'all go, Geronimo's story in his own words...hot damn, unexpurgated, too. Remember when "unexpurgated" on the cover of a book meant the "sex" and the "foul language" were left intact in it's story? Oh hell how that sold books.


I'm amazed at how many tribes and subtribes and different Native American peoples there were in that Western part of America, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, especially Arizona, Geronimo's home turf.

Dennis Kucinich (sic)
During a debate last evening at Drexel U in Philadelphia, presidential candidate and Clevelander Dennis Kucinich (sic) called Georgie Porgie Bush mentally ill. He's already getting right-wing swift-boated over his remarks, which he's said he will not take back or apologize for, like Nancy "Richer than God" Pelosi forced poor old outspoken Pete Stark to do last week; weakkneed toadies, all of 'em, even the good ones. God how I consider politicians the lowest form of human-animal hybrids. Numbskulls all of them; dumb as a pine log; especially Pappy and Mammy Bush and their chillin'--Neil, Marvin, Jeb (named after a Confederate general), the daughter, whose name escapes me, and Little Georgie, the whiny little spoiled rich brat who's resume is full of failures--in fact, everything Georgie Porgie has tried has failed disastrously--why, his oil business with one of his Bin Laden "brothers" failed so bad, the Bin Laden brother ended up dead with a bullet through his head. And now Unka Dick(less) and Georgie Porgie his puppet want World War III--the last hope for a Neo-Con world dominance--a war that won't have Iran nuking anybody but will have the good ole USA and it's subsidiary, Israel, nuking Arabs and Persians like Hitler gassed Jews--the Final Solution is rearing its hydra-heads again! I mean, don't we all agree, defending Israel is more important than preserving the earth and mankind?--why, Bush and his billionaire buddies are prepared to sacrifice the whole of humanity to defend Israel and Middle-East oil from the pagan Islamic hoards that are gathering behind Osama bin Ladin in Paki-stan and the Hindustan and Afghan-is-stan and Uzbek-i-stan--and I can't stan all of this bullshit that is flying out of Washington, the District of Corruption, and right into We the People's dumbass faces. Hey, those clowns are shittin' us, folks--even the good ones--they're all nuts, Dennis, including you probably.

Not me, however; I'm like Henry Miller, too f-ing sane to be insane. I once worked in a nuthatch in Austin, Texas, for two days--a good salary, too--but blimey and blow me down, people, those poor souls were way on out passed CRAZY, they were "out of this world" and certainly "out of my world" and I wasn't about to, like R.D. Laing taught us, take 'em by the hand and lead 'em back into that forest in which they were first confused and discombobulated and taken over by their instincts and the frightening legends that have developed out of those instincts. Transcendence is very difficult; not all of us have the brain-power to pull it off, certainly not a stupid, low-life, belly-0f-the-dog politician.

George Steinbrenner and his two sons are three of the dumbest, jerk0ff, rich assholes to ever own a baseball team (and believe me there have been some dumb, pompous, asshole owners in baseball before)--they know nothing about baseball--Brian Cashman, the general manager, is included in this put down. The Mets suffered this kind of managerial bullshit for years--under Fred Wilpon (sic) especially and now finally they have a good team and a good manager, except, if Willie doesn't make it next year to the World Series, his managerial days are over. I think the Mets should get A-Rod, but they won't; they still hate him from when they had him after Texas dumped him back when the Yankees bought him--remember in negotiations with the Mets he wanted his own luxury box, his own promotional lines (clothing, memorabilia, etc.), plus his own billboards and office space? This is all the maneuvering of A-Rod's agent, the wiliest there is--he's putting A-Rod's free agency out on the open market hoping at the last minute the Yankees will renig and resign the best player in baseball today. A-Rod could easily get offered a 300 million dollar contract by some team--based on A-Rod playing on into his forties.

Will Joe Torre go to the Dodgers? I think he might; and he'll take Pettitte, Posada, and Mariano Rivera with him maybe--Don Mattingly, too, who the Steinbrenner jerks treated like shit 'cause he was considered by them one of Joe's stooges--plus they lost wild-man Larry Bowa--dumbass Steinbrenner. His pompous fool ego is what wrecked the Yankees this year not Joe Torre. Brian Cashman couldn't pick a winning pitcher if he had Cy Young's hand up his ass directing him; hitters are easy; they're a dime-a-dozen out there, but pitchers--look at how the Cleveland staff folded in the World Series. Boston's pitching this year, except for Beckett, wasn't really dick-shit; but they came through against the Chief Wahoos at the most important time (and I don't consider sweeping the Rockies anything spectacular--I think I could single-handedly beat the Rockies in Fenway), though the Yankees beat 'em easy all season long; hell, the Yankees beat Cleveland 6 in a row in the regular season--but how are you supposed to be up and battling with the eye of the tiger when your pompous, jackass, dumb-fuck owner announces that Joe Torre either beats Cleveland or he's fired! Way to go, George--hope you're disease is eatin' you on outta here, though your sons and your son-in-law (who's not even George's son-in-law anymore) are dumb as you and will wreck the Yankees--wait and see. Sons always ruin their fathers's businesses, and the Yankees are hard to ruin--the richest team in baseball--yet, the Steinbrenner boys will manage to ruin it. Joe Gerardi is a cool dude--he wasn't a great player though, and managing the Florida Marlins is much easier than managing the Yankees--plus this guy was Jorge Posada's back-up catcher--and now he's gonna be Posada's boss! And how stupid is the rumor the Yankees are going after Mike Lowell; Jesus, they've got that Boston reject Johnny Damon clogging up the line up now; why would you want another Boston reject on your team; Damon has been totally worthless since they got him two years ago--hitting .310 in Boston, comes to NYC and this year could only hit .250. The Yankees are a train wreck ready to happen. It could be I may not even be interested in baseball next year--or I might become a Mets fan--can you imagine? "Babe, Lou, Joe, Yogi, Whitey, Reggie, Donnie Baseball, dudes, I'm sorry; I may be blowin' out the candles on the Yankee altar." I really can't imagine being a Mets fan, however, though the Mets are really a branch of the Yankees--their first manager--their current manager--and check how many old Mets finished their careers with the Yankees--Doc "the Snorter" Gooden, Darrell Cokestrawberry, Dave Kingman, Lee Mazilli--to name a few--so in a way I could say float above the Mets next year while keeping an eye on the Yankees in case they come out of this smelling like a champion rose--though I can't imagine them doing it--I mean they are banking on a bunch of wunderkind "untried" pitchers, all of whom, including the miracle boy, Jabo Chamberlain, started out like houses a'fire but blew it bad in the playoffs--remember silly, stupid, Jabo and the gnats? And the Yankees are banking on those young Double-A-at-best kids to put 'em on top next year--and A-Rod won't be there and Posada could be gone, leaving only Jeter to carry the team--A-Rod, Jeter, and Posada were the only consistent hitters on the Yankees this past year--the rest of the young Yankees all fell below what they'd done the year before--Cano hit .344 last year; he hit only .270 or something this year.

We'll see. Wev.

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Happy Birthday, Ezra Pound! goddamm, goddamm, goddamm, DAMM.

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