Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Growlin' and Howlin'

From The Daily Howler

As we've said before, there is a big difference between "growling" and "howling"--yes, wolves howl, but only after they're satisfied and looking for further pleasures--I suppose a wolf can HOWL the blues, but it's when a wolf GROWLS that you've got to be careful. Also, a Howler can be a very loud and demanding monkey. All that prefacing done, we today link you to The Daily Howler for a damn interesting edition, yesterdays' Howler post, which is considering just why Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani could become YOUR next president--with maybe Joel Lieberman as his running mate? The Howler is an ex-schoolteacher/comedian from Baltimore whose comments on the right-wing bushbeaters and idiotic scumbags, like Tim Russert or the Howler's favorite dope, Chris Matthews (a pompous fatass who'll soon have a massive coronary--his piggy face turns bright red occasionally making him look like the Very Dead Reverend Jerry Falwell, another pig face possum 'n gravy eatin' fat ass, as he was shovelin' in that last big soup spoon full of burgoo fat and ham-fat gravy right before GAWD belted him with the massive coronary that sent old Rev Jerry off to "gloryland" afore his time). Anyway, here's a damn solid good read from the Howler yesterday, check it out.

thegrowlingwolf and thedailygrowlerhousepianist Are Pulling a Bix & Tram Day Today, Eating, Drinking (to the Drunken State), Playing Records (Wolfie Just Got His 78 rpm Record Player), etc., Maybe Even Chuckling Over an Pound Poem or 2

Yep, the old Wolf Man and thedailygrowlerhousepianist have called in "sic" today--and we know where you can find them but we won't give it away. Wolf Man turned in half his next installment on One Spring Morning Off Spring Street leaving us hanging high for the next half of it, which he's carrying around in his "Hecho en Mexico" black briefcase and wearing his D'Avila Mexicano sombrero--easy to spot wherever he's at in Manhattan, New York, or even if he's in Manhattan, Kansas--he swears he's checkin' in tomorrow with a "final" epidsode--his "final" episode was supposed to be #25, but he's transcended that and is aiming at some stratospheric number now--who the hell knows? WEV.

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