Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beware the Idiots of March

Ignore It and It Will Go Away
I am sitting here eating a Subway BMT, that's an Italian sandwich since the BMT (Broadway-Manhattan Transit) subway line went to Brooklyn through Little Italy and then over to Brooklyn, like out to Canarsie.

I was up late last night--with the boys--watching basketball shit--and once my alma mater got kicked out of the run I suddenly could care less who wins the rest of the NCAA basketball bruhaha. I'll pick North Carolina to win so that's that and let me get back to my stack of books and get some new book learnin' in and wipe all this sweaty basketball crap out of my head.

Commercials during the basketball tourney were weird--car ads galore--especially a Hummer commercial. Most car commercials emphasize that not only will these cars go 100 mph in a school zone but they'll also go just about anywhere in the world you wanna take them; like out on some mighty glacier--I love the 250 horsepower SUVs doing wheelies down the side of snow-slick, icebound mountain logging road. And our Japanese car-making buddies, one of them, saying in one of their commercials that their Japanese car company is now making Japanese cars in the USA. Get that? Amazing.

Come On, Mohammed, Make Us Laugh!

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - Turn the Screws a Bit More and He Might Confess to Assassinating Lincoln

A. Alexander, March 16th, 2007
After viewing reports regarding the supposed super-terrorist, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and all the dirty deeds he has reportedly claimed to have committed one is left to wonder, "Tortured much?" Seriously, the only thing Mohammed hasn't confessed to either doing or masterminding is the fall of Rome, but it is probably coming.

More Confessions Here:

The Progressive Daily is an interesting Internet news source; well-done spot.

This sandwich is pretty good except for the tomatoes; they're green. You fry green tomatoes or make chow-chow out of them; you don't put them on sandwiches.

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