Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Is Chaos Here?

Unka Dick's Dickin' Us, Folks
Listenin' to Randi Rhodes, who I'm totally randy for these long afternoons in ice-cold NYC--though I'm still kind'a in disgust because I heard Rudi Guiliani called "America's Mayor" this morning on one of those teevee-network copycat morning shows, and it so disgusted me I wretched. If Rudi's your mayor, America, you're in trouble, especially you Hispanics and Muslim-looking folks; in fact, all you non-Euro immigrants--Rudi's a white man, an extremely ruthless Mussolini-like (probably a Rudi deep-down hero) cocky ass white man, a man you don't cross--check out his mug; he's so cold-blooded to make him laugh pisses him off, unless it's a dirty joke or some salacious talk about some of the hot babes Rudi attracts--he's like Henry Kissenger, a dude who thinks he can have his way with the babes--remember Henry admitted he was a playboy of the Western world when he wasn't bringing assassinations and coups and shit to Latin America, avoiding Europe where he was a wanted man--anyway, see, Rudi being referred to as "America's Mayor," holy Christ trapped in Roman shit, just pissed me off. How dare these ignorant clowny heads on teevee make such declarations. I asked the question, who the hell decides whether Rudi Guiliani is ballyhooed as America's mayor or not? Who puts that info in the airheads of these teevee pretty people? Rudi sends these bastards press kits and shit like that and in it these numbskulls are told to trumpet Rudi as America's Mayor and they just spew it out like that when they give headlines to the fact that loser Rudi is going to run for the presidency. By the bye, Rudi ain't got a chance in hell of being America's President--the best he can ballyhoo is that he was once mayor of NYC--hey, Rudi lost to Hilary Clinton when he decided he was ready to be a senator. While the headlines this morning concerned Rudi Guiliani as America's Mayor--I didn't hear a word about the massacre-ing going on in Iraq--except the insurgents did missile down another Marine helicopter today over there, 7 American dead--ho hum, not exciting enough for the NEWS--Katie Couric can't pronounce those damn A-rabb names; shit, all she is is a cheerleader blown up by publicity to be an intellectual sex symbol; and, I admit, I would have loved to have boffed Katie when she really was cute and saucy; but not now; besides she's still a grieving widow who may be entering the menopause zone.

So, meanwhile, back at the Randi Rhodes Show, I am listening to Randi this afternoon and she said something that was very interesting. She said in a chaotic situation it's easy as hell to steal, and I thought, yeah, Randi; in fact, I'll take it further, in a chaotic situation it's easy as hell to rob, steal, enslave, incarcerate, incinerate, lacerate, murder, and annihilate--and Randi may be exactly right--we may be entering into total Chaos, that predicted by my hero Henry Miller in his so many great books, like in his trilogy, The Rosy Crucifixion.

In Chaos we're all slaves to the twisted reasoning of the DYING, for only the dead have life in Chaos. And as Thomas Wolfe said, the real Thomas Wolfe and not the phony in the white suit, "Only the dead know Brooklyn." [What a great little book that is, too: Only the Dead Know Brooklyn by Thomas Wolfe.]

A caller into Randi's show, a caller who was very bright, said he thought the vote on whether to debate Georgie Porgie's "surge" idea for increasing our presence in the great Land of Freedom, Iraq, showed how the Dumbocrats really didn't win any F-ing damn thing in the last election to even win enough votes to debate whether to have a debate on the Iraq War and that voters in November didn't really vote for the Dumbocrats as much as they voted against the Repugnicans-- and that sounds cool to me--and the Dumbos have to come in like Flynn if they want to control (God-damn, I show my age with my cliches--which may not even be cliches anymore--can "in like Flynn" make a comeback?--by God, I think it's time old Errol Flynn was brought back alive in some novelistic persona perhaps--what a man that Errol was) or else they'll be seen for what they truly are, WIMPS, and they are wimps, pussywhipped men and mean-bitch women; yet total WIMPS when they come up against these Repugnican human-animal hybrids who are being manipulated by Unka Dick's hand being up all their asses and working their thinking like Paul Winchel used to work Farfel the dog's yackity mouth.

Bulletin: The fifth helicopter in a two-and-a-half-week time period has been shot down in Iraq--7 dead American lads--and Randi is roaring, where are these bastards getting missiles enough to shoot down our helicopters? And then she makes a point, could they perhaps be coming from Saudi Arabia who is really running this mess now--AND THE SAUDIS HAVE THEIR SMARMY HANDS UP UNKA DICK'S ASS who has his hand up Congress's ass and Georgie Porgie's tight ass--HOLY MOTHER OF BEOWULF, I'M GOING BACK TO WRITIN' POETRY!!! WHERE'S ELIZABETH BISHOP WHEN I NEED HER?

Here's one of Elizabeth Bishop's best poems if you care to check her out:

The Dumbocrats lost a big one in the Senate yesterday. All because some Repugnicans who said they were with the Dumbos on this issue, like Olympia Snow of Maine, turned around and voted goose-stepping right down the F-ing Repug Party Line, Achtung!, and Randi's right, the Dumbos don't have a majority in the Senate without turncoat Repugs--because Unka Joe "the Little Weasel" LIEberman is now getting his revenge on the Dumbocrat voters of Connecticut but also having to kiss ass to the big, wide, dirty Repugnican assholes who backed him as an independent and now he has to vote their way or they'll put him in a light plane and send him off to paradise early. So the Dumbos can't count on Unka Joe and ole Tom Johnson is still in a half coma so he can't vote, so, there, the Dumbos have gained nothing from the elections they won in Novermber. They really didn't even get the minimum wage raised yet with the Repugs F-ing it up with all kinds of tax breaks for people who are already rich.

Jesus, I feel like running to the distant hills, man. I've lived in New Mexico. I know places out there where no man dare interfer, where a brave enough human being could probably live with the wolves and Sangre de Cristo ghosts...too bad for me, though, because I'm a lover of New York City, once the most fascinating city in the world, a city full of lights and great white ways and stages galore and the biggest city library in the world, the home of the world's best musicians, writers, playwrights, the greatest newspapers, and jazz clubs and blues clubs and supper clubs and hotel lounges and dancing and dancing and good food. F, there I go reminiscing again. I'm glad I'm in the NOW, but I would love to relocate.

I am now watching the USA and Mexico playing soccer--out in Phoenix, at that huge University of Phoenix stadium. It's a good match, 1-0 USA 25 minutes into the 2nd period, but Mexico is fiesty as hell and have missed at least one sure-shot-on-goal that I've seen. The USA is a big team; they look good; when they attack they're slower than the fiesty Mexicans but they're better attack players. OK, I'm gonna put this post to bed and watch this soccer match, futbol. Boy, sometimes the US is clumsy as hell, wild as hell, but they attack with a viciousness the Mexicans aren't used to. Mexicans are much faster team; quicker team? You know what I mean, unless you think soccer sucks; OK, I can see why you'd feel that way, but this is the US versus Mexico, a big rivalry, man; listen to those roosters crowin' out there in golf-course-lawned Phoenix. Si, senor! [The US won 2-0. US is a much stronger team than the Mexicans.]

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