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Dumbocrats Stand Tall--and Then They Fall

Unka Joe "the Little Weasel" Lieberman Helps His AntiSemetic Buddies Keep the Holy Wars in the Middle East Going
The following shows the vote on how the gang in D.C. voted on the move to quash the effort to try and block Georgie Porgie from outright stealing billions upon billions of more dollars for his Iraq and Afghanistan folies:

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2007 The Washington Post Company

Praise the Lard! Unka Joe Lieberman has stood tall by his Repugnican buddies against ending the War in Iraq. Yep, the Little Weasel is gonna show the Dumbocrats who the hell he really is now--a great rightwing senator from that great Amurican state of rich man-poor man Connecticut (home of the Bushes!!!), where they've consistently elected rather stupid rightwing rich boy (how about the Bushes and the Dodds!) politicians even though there are certain parts of Connecticut that are as poor as Job's whole flock of turkeys--go to Norfolk, Bridgeport, areas of Stamford, Hartford, New Haven (you go off the Yale campus and you better have a bottle of wine and a good shopping cart with you) and you'll see that "other side of the tracks" Amurican life that Connecticut snobs act like they don't know exists, though hell, go down to Greenwich, the CEO residency of the world, and somebody has to clean the those folks's shithouses; somebody has to nannie their spoiled little princes and princesses; somebody has to teach and tutor (it's a gold mine for tutors) the hundreds of spoiled brats of the rich; somebody has to drive their limos and pilot their private planes. I don't know if Unka Joe LIEberman's from a rich family or not, but Unka Joe, I guarantee you, is rich now after being in the Senate for as long as he has and being from the area he's from--you better believe he's rich--I'd say he's worth at least 20 million by now, what'a you bet? And that's the problem we have in Congress. All of these petty Amuricans, these government-dependent packs of rats who run for any kind of political election they think they can win--or lose--they go to Washington, District of Corruption, to feather their NESTS--I mean, even though they only serve one term, they are covered for the rest of their lives with pension (a percentage of their high salary for the rest of their lives), over-total healthcare, free mailing, paid-for office space, and all the election monies they had left over enough to set up their offshore bank accounts--oh, you bet all these rich assholes have offshore bank accounts.

That's why it doesn't matter to a professional politician whether he or she wins or loses in elections; there's always another election--and if you've run in one election, you've got a big-buck base so you can keep running and running and running--check out champion loser Rudi Guiliani who's decided it's time for him to skip from being a two-term mayor of NYC to being president of the US of A. The amazing goofball-goombah-second-rate lawyer (a god-damn government-dependent Federal prosecutor--a job he failed at also, though he's given unproven credit for putting John Gotti out of commission--Gotti, the nutjob Mafia boss) who's only election he won in his long and devastating political career was being elected mayor of NYC--hey, he beat poor ole heavy-sweatin' David Dinkins who had upset "How'm I doin?'" Ed Crotch and had driven that phony over to the far right where his "in-the-closet" ass always belonged. Problem with heavy-sweatin' David, a good man, I once drank with him because he was a friend of my best friend who was a Time Inc. photographer, was the reason for his sweating, the clue to his insecurity as mayor--he was especially nervous--I mean, as the first black mayor of NYC, he knew he had to be perfect--what a burden. At the time Dinkins was mayor, and I insist he wasn't a bad mayor at all, NYC was at war, blacks versus Koreans; whites versus a huge influx of brown and yellow (whites like to talk color since white is not a color--why whites aren't very colorful people) immigration coming into NYC--a huge movement of immigrants into this city always causes divisions-- whites versus blacks versus brown and yellow immigrants--WHITES getting scared, folks--the whites needed a dumb dude to protect their majority (in 2007 whites are no longer the majority in NYC), a dumb dude like Rudi Guiliani, a natural-born racist/rightwinger, to restructure their police to an all-white protection company and change the education system where local school boards can't take over schools and to totally do away with WELFARE, which NYC whites, righties or lefties, have always feared--especially the rich whites who really run NYC; welfare to them means they are supporting naturally lazy blacks, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans (the fastest growing immigrant population in NYC at the moment), you know, those who come illegally to this country to steal the white man's wealth.

So even though NYC is pictured to the rest of the world as a hotbed of bleeding heart liberals by the media--the same media who classify the NYTimes as a leftwing newspaper--NYC is dominated by old rich, yes, old rich liberals, a lot of Jews, a lot of immigrant Irish (potato famine Irish)--but as to its liberalness when it comes to politics, nope, NYC is as wild-ass rightwing as the rest of the US of A.

So Unka Joe "the Little Weasel" LIEberman put his "independent" vote on the right side of the aisle as he joined his Repugnicans buddies in tabling the motion to block funds to the Iraq War.

Does it seem to you like it seems to me that the Dumbocrats are going to chicken out when it comes to playing the hardball we need to be playing with this administration and its determination to literally ruin this nation both economically (oh, Georgie Porgie says the economy is going through the roof; he even says he's gonna balance his outrageous budget in 8 years--REMEMBER, everything Bush says is a LIE, so you figure out the truth--remember, backward thinking--sending 21,000 more troops to Iraq--a LIE, he's sending like 40,000 more troops to Iraq. He's not going to attack Iran--another LIE, we're already in Iran) and physically. We'll end up totally broke; our armed forces will be in disarray and dysfunctional by the time he decimates them in those two silly wars of his; our national production will be sent to China and India (India's our newest toy boy nation, you recall I said a few posts back) leaving Americans all as SERVANTS, a service class--servants chosen from the squalid masses who'll be squatting on the sidewalks offering their pencils and apples and oranges and rotten bananas and stolen cigarettes and black market meats--we will be on the verge of anarchy--which is when the Fascists step in and declare Georgie Porgie our Chancellor and the New World Order will begin.

Let the fun begin; I'm ready.

Norman Mailer
Saw old Norman Mailer trotted out last night on the boring Charlie Rose talk show on the US Public British-Broadcasting System (PBS). Norman has a new novel. Oh shit! This novel gives us Hitler as a young man. Poor old Norman. He's not a very good novelist; he never has been; his best novel is his first book, Naked and the Dead, and his critics say and I'm one of them, Norman never topped that book and certainly never wrote a better novel. Why Are We in Vietnam? was unreadable to me. Executioner's Song? I have to admit I read it and liked it, though Truman Capote did a much greater literary job with his In Cold Blood than Norman's copy of it. His novel on Cleopatra--I can't even remember its title--was also an unreadable book for me--I started reading it when they serialized it in Playboy magazine, but it was totally unreadable, too; as though Normie had a little penis, I thought, if you catch my drift.

Advertisements for Myself and Armies of the Night--now those were Norman Mailer at his best. That's some good writin', pardner. Remember Norman wrote a book on Marilyn Monroe?
Ah, Marilyn Monroe, she was Norman's adult goddess--took the place of Betty Grable, the WWII goddess who gave it up to Monroe after the war ended and the Swing Era gave way to Be-Bop, the Beats, and the God Is Dead crowd.

Hemingway called Norman, I think, "the little corporal," and said though Naked and the Dead was well-written, it missed the boat on the war--written, as Hemingway also surmised, by a guy who had not seen any action in the war, which I think is true, even though, yes, Norman was in the army during WWII.

Norman is 84 years old; looks pretty good, but like he says, he can't have that many more years to go at that age. Life. Funny thing, isn't it?

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