Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Clean Break, Part 2

The Babbling Wolf
I got so far off track with yesterday's post--I do this by myself now; I have been abandoned for the winter, even by Franny and Zoey, the two-headed girl reporter; she's living la dolce vita over in Tuscany until the thaw. But anyway, Charles the Leper is running the wiki-wacky machine so at least I'm protected from terrerists! I went off on the Freedom Tower again yesterday on the Freedom Tower site. That building so pisses me off and I think it should piss off all New York Citians and Americans, but, of course, that's not the spin being put on that damn underbudgeted piece of architectural crap--the Freedom Tower, designed by a Euro-Trash architect, and what we never hear, they were having trouble renting office space in the building--I mean absolutely no corporation wanted to locate there, EXCEPT--guess who decided to rent substantial space in this tower to the freedom these 19 Saudi Arabian nutcases supposedly took away from us? (oh, I'm sorry, one of them was a Jordanian--none of them were Iraqis, right? Yeah, that's right. None of them were Taliban, right? Right. None of them were Afghani, right? Yeah, right. And none of them were Iranian, right? Yeah, but.... It's like I'm arguing with Hillary Clinton, who has proven herself this month to be a BIMBO with no thoughts outside her own programmed Neo-Con self--I bet Slick Willie has his hand up that big broad butt working that mouth--and she mumbles and bumbles in her speeches--which like Christian preacher's sermons and extensive accented advice from the Dalai Lama make no reasonable sense at all--but enough of Hillary).

So who's gonna be the major tenant in the Freedom Tower? A Beijing real estate firm! Yeehaw! Ain't Capitalism grand, especially when a communist country owns all the Capitalist country's debt? But do you believe that a Beijing real estate firm is so far the only major tenant they've found for the Freedom Tower?--so far a 2-billion dollar WHITE elephant and getting more expensive every day? I can believe it since the Commie Chinese are big in Manhattan real estate, developing 55-story luxury apartment buildings and hotels all over the city (our billionaire mayor says that New York City's major industry is now tourism!! And you should see the turista Gringos who come to NYC--Yahoos and hillbillies all clamoring to go the Lion King and then to blow big bucks on Chinese Commie-made clothes at the Disney stores, eating a McDonald's, visiting Times Square, which is now a total commercial circus of 2,000 room hotels and television networks, Hard Rock cafes, just a bunch of jive in neon and brash in-your-Yahoo-face commercialism. Holy Christ, what the hell is going on in this country? We are hocking our whole fucking culture and existence to the Commie Chinese, the Saudi Royals, the Brit bankers and oilmongers, and the poor old Japanese, who got stuck with a lot of Manhattan real estate back in the 80s and 90s--remember when that Japanese oligarchy bought Rockefeller Center and then gave it back at a loss to good ole David and Larry Rockefeller?--office buildings on Fifth Avenue and some over on Madison sat empty for years due to overbuilding by these Japanese developers. Now the Japanese economy has tanked several times but they still hold several fistfuls of our debt so their future is secure. Plus, you know we are still sending these countries millions in aid every year; well, maybe not the Chinese Commies, though we are shipping our businesses over to Shanghai as fast as the Commies will welcome them in with open arms and open hands out. Communist China now has a millionaire and billionaire class. Why, that's exactly what Karl Marx had in mind in The Communist Manifesto, isn't it. It is just hard to believe all of this shit. It's like we're living in a cartoon for real, I tell you; and now our cartoons are being drawn by Taiwanese--they're animation geniuses, except, they have their own facial and body characteristics in their natural genius heads so their superheros and heroines look like Asians who had those eye operations--I mean Asian cartoonmakers are obsessed with big round eyes. Look at The Simpsons. Look at their eyes. I mean The Simpsons does look white American in their characterizations, except the eyes--Wow, the Asians love BIG round eyes. And I live in an Asian neighborhood here in NYC and I think the Asian girls are the most beautiful women around these days, almond-shaped eyes and all. God, they can be beautiful women; they look like young girls until they're in their 30s--they're even cute old women--that's why our GIs so prized them during WWII (America's first real contact with the Japanese people), and then during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Ironically, now in NYC there are large Korean and Vietnam neighborhoods. I like the Vietnamese; they love America, man; they love flat screen teevees, house and techno pop music, Budweiser beer, and God do they love cigarettes. I've never seen human beings smoke as much as Chinese and Vietnamese men--not so much Korean men. I don't know any of the women who smoke; not like the men. I quit eating in Chinese restaurants years ago because of the Chinese cooks and chefs that used to live in my building. I'd see them leaving for work in the morning and then coming home at night; wearing their white uniforms, always with a cigarette dangling out of their mouths, always, and then the next morning--uh-oh, they might be wearing the same whites they were wearing when the came from work--you know, some stains here and there, and again, that cigarette dangling from their mouths. And then one day, I'm eating Chinese with a friend of mine and he suddenly starts belching hatred out at the Chinese waiters, cursing the ground they walked on. "Look at this!" he hollered. I looked, he was pointing at a cigarette butt that looked like it had been put out in his dragon-fried sea bass presentation. "Oh, that just for you, Miss-ser Asshole." No, they weren't that blatant about it; in fact, they kissed his ass in a very sublime fashion while making fun of his ass at the same time. "You gonna eat what they bring you after that?" "F-ing no way; I'm gonna dump it down the pants of that god-damn waiter when it comes--piping hot, too, I hope. Let's go have a cigarette."

OK, so the Commie Chinese are renting up the Freedom Tower. Is there a Freedom Tower in China already?

Now it seems it's so very important to build the world's tallest building down there at the Freedom Glory Hole. Seems a Philadelphia Chinese-Commie developed office building is gonna top 1776-feet and this has the Freedom Tower truth spinners going nuts. Now they have to make the Freedom Tower taller than 1776 feet to be the tallest building in at least the US of A. So, I suggested they make it 1812 feet to commemorate the British burning down the White House, except the freedom the Freedom Tower represents is certainly not a freedom from Britain. I suppose it does represent our freedom from an Al Queda takeover. Yeah, sure, the massive Al Queda Army is going to really invade our shores and take us over and turn us all into Islamic fanatics--can you see Lynndie Englund in her burkha?

By the bye, whatever happened to that white chick soldier who when we first went into Baghdad supposedly got captured by Al Queda and was tortured and she took two or three bullets, then we came to find out it wasn't that way at all, it was a photo-op and set up spin session all along. Also, remember the mighty patriot Pat Tillman, fool, who gave up a multimillion dollar contract to go kick so towelhead ass in Afghanistan. Then remember all the patriotic crying and moaning and flag waving and Marine units marching with their guns (they're rifles, I know; I was in the US Army, were you?) and their snappy programmed robot ways of following F-ing orders during the halftimes of all the pro football games that year--"Let's bow our heads in remembrance of that great patriotic hero, Pat Tillman, God Bless America, and real men with balls like Pat who gave up fame and fortune to die for yours and my freedoms, these freedoms, under God, we hold so dear in this Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, like the great saintly Pat Tillman." OK, so truth was Pat got blown to bits by friendly fire. Aw, hell, too bad, Pat. So you're now looking like an idiot rather than a patriot. I do think our phony president gave you a medal of some kind of order; check it out, the medal's made of fool's gold.

Jessica...wasn't that the phony captured girl soldier's name? I can't remember her name; all of America probably can't remember her name. I don't remember her book, so where's she, in a mental hospital somewhere in the Midwest? Such a shame. And there seems to be nothing We the People can do to stop all this. We could. We could march on Washington! We could quit paying taxes! We could quit buying Chinese goods and renting overpriced Chinese developed apartments and quit staying at foreign-owned hotels (the average hotel room in NYC these days is $575 a night--but all these sheetrock and aluminum stud hotels are full as hell with Germans, Brits, Yahoos from the sticks, Outlanders, Sales folks from all over the world; and in the cheap hotels, those Indian and Pakistani hotels, the influx of Latinos house up at 110 bucks a night until they find an apartment out in Queens, which is already Little Latin America out there; except for Flushing, which is little Middle-East.] Holy shit. I was trying to Americano jive with my Bangladesh coffee man this morning early out there in the ice and snow and the son of a bitch couldn't even understand what I meant by asking, "Hey, man, where do you drive in from?" "Yes, very cold, sir, very cold." "No, I mean, your truck there..." "Yes, that's my truck; this my stand." "No, I mean, was it difficult driving in this morning with all the snow and ice." "Oh, yes, very cold." I gave up. "Have a nice day." "Oh, no sir, I am not playing, as you say."

G.W. Bush's Idiocy
I'm listening to Randi Rhodes as I type this--or is it "as I word process this"?--and, damn, she's hittin' nails on the head all over the place. A sensible woman. Sayin' it like a white preacher-- Randi does remind me of Cristo-Cosmo Paula White, a Christian dyed-blonde fundie babe from Palm Beach, Florida, and Randi has a house in West Palm, so I'm sure she knows Hot Paula White [Remember, the Wolf Man's personal pastor is still Pastor Melissa Scott, old Doctor Gene Scott's widow--she's got Paula White whipped all over the place, you know, looks, stage presence, message, smartness in brains and dress, and sexy--Pastor Melissa Scott is one of the sexiest women the Old Wolf Man has ever stumbled across looking for some baby female elk to throttle and devour--sorry, I got sidetracked by my religious leanings--my religion is based on old Father Freud's principles, pleasure principles, ya see].

So, I am listening to Randi and suddenly she plays this clip from Georgie Porgie Bush's press conference--I think this morning. I hear it, but I can't believe what I'm hearing. Georgie Porgie was telling THE TRUTH! Wha! you say. I know, I know, but I'm telling you--listen, hears what he said when he was asked by a reporter about if Iran was supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgents that are killing our troops (3,131 now) then how come he was allowing the European Union countries, supposedly our BIG allies in the War on Terrerists, to still trade with Iran and not doing anything about to stop it--he added, since Iran weapons are getting our troops killed. Here's what Bush babbled back to this guy, he hemhawed around, stuttered a bit, huffed, and finally after hawking it up really slowly, getting a big ball of snot cocked in the back of his throat, this is what he finally spat in the face of our soldiers, "Money trumps Peace sometimes." That's exactly what he said. I waited about a minute and a half while he compiled it and finally got it, that's what he said, "Money trumps Peace sometimes." A truth, dammit. He told the truth. You can't used backward thinking on that one--because "Peace does not trump Money ever" everybody knows that's the lie in this "presidential" statement.

The other day this quack "president" spat another load into the face of our troops, and this time their families back home here, too, after he was asked by a reporter, "Are you aware of the low morale of our troops in, I just spoke with a high-level commander over there and he told me that troop morale in Iraq is very low; the troops are wondering what the hell they're doing there; who are they fighting; who's the enemy?" Georgie Porgie's reply, "Hey, these are volunteer troops and they're willing to go back three or four times. The low morale as I see it is on the home front, with the families back home...." Can you believe that kind of answer by the Commander and Chief of a US Army of 100,000 troops under attack in Iraq--under attack from whom? They don't know; Bush don't know; I don't know; You know? Who's the enemy in Iraq now? The Sunnis? The Shi'ites? Al Queda? Iranian insurgents? Syrian insurgents? See what I mean?

We are on a ship of state piloted by a crew of zombies. We are sailing on a Ship of Fools, right Katherine Anne Porter, a great Texas writer--cock-a-doodle-do--I'm a Texas wolf, remember--Hell no, I am not a coyote! Hell no, coyotes are dogs, apologies to the Plains Native Americans who find the coyote wily, from whence comes Wiley Coyote.

We gotta get off this ship, folks.


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