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Holy Allen Greenspan! The Son of a Bitch Sells Us Out to Commie Chinese

I just heard on the Rhandi Rhodes Show that Allen Greenspan shot his blabbermouth off last night in Hong Kong--why was he in Commie China Hong Kong? Well, it seems like this piece of ancient (he's about 90 isn't he?) crap said in Hong Kong that the US economy was heading for a free-fall. That recession was right around the corner. That son of a bitch. As a result, and it's true, folks, the Commie Chinese panicked and sold off 9% of their US holdings in the Shanghai-ed Stock Market and as a result of that, our wonderful infallible official US gambling casino, the stock market was tumbling like the superstructure of America is falling down. That son of a bitch Greenspan. And that son of a bitch, Bush, it being revealed now that Bush is aiding Sunni insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, I assume, with direct connections to his precious Al Qaida; Bush is giving our tax dollars to Al Qaida Sunnis to kill Shi'ites. Why? Why do you think Unka Dick ain't been around lately--they almost got his of "dyin'" ass in Kabul--and what the hell was that son of a bitch doing in Kabul? And what was he doing in Indonesia? Where else has he been since he was summons to Ryadh and told what to do by the Bin Ladin/Saudi Royal muckitymucks who, along with the Commie Chinese, the Brits, the Japanese own our asses lock, stock, and barrel. Holy shit. It's too much for my old ass. I may be headed for the hills and my wolf relatives. I mean, YOU'D BETTER GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF MUTUAL FUNDS! You'd better get your money out of the stock market. You'd better start beating Congress's door down...Holy Shit, I'm gonna get to see CHAOS! "Hey, Henry Miller, you bastard; you died too soon; CHAOS was just around the corner! Holy Shit, Henry, I'm gonna get to see CHAOS come to pass. I don't know if I got the guts to face it. Old Doctor Hunter S. Thompson and my nephew out in the Mojave Desert who blew his brains out recently may be right that there is no hope; no reason to live and face a horror not of your making and not of your want. We may all be cowards at heart. It would be good to learn from the old Berlin Jews who knew to get the hell out of Naziland before Hitler needed a scapegoat for his own bad blood how they knew it; how they knew it was time to get the hell out of there.

By the bye, Freedom Lovers, this may mean that Beijing Real Estate Company that was gonna rent that coming pink elephant Freedom Tower of Commercial F. U. being built on that what-should-be sacred ground down there at Ground Zero, which in reality is a cemetery not a piece of commercial real estate will pull out of their leasing deal now and leave that meant-to-be middle finger against the terrerists a sore thumb empty, an expensive tombstone over those sacred graves of all those ground together human identities, which is all we really are anyway, just foul dust. The ashes of my nephew of Mojave suicide fame came the other day. Just a jar of ashes and not that many ashes either. Like on South Park when Kenny got killed, the bastards, and they creamated him and Eric found the urn and thought Kenny's ashes looked like Ovaltine, you know, a chocolate drink mix, so that's what he did, stirred Kenny into some milk and drank him down. When asked later why he was looking so weird, he said, "Damn, sometimes it's as though I'm Kenny--god-damn, no, I feel like Kenny, dammit."

So anyway, hard times are coming. The dollar is collapsing. The equity market could then tumble. [Go to the tailend of this post for the US Dollar Index--you can watch the dollar trading around the world kind'a minute by minute--it is, experts say, dropping but slowly--you better hope it keeps dropping slowly--if it drops fast, get ready to jump out your high-rise luxury apartment window. "Look out below!"
This is a book, the last book in a trilogy by a dude named Chalmers Johnson. He's a doomsayer, a masterful one, and his outlook as to the future of this country (he calls it an Empire) is pretty damn bleak. The country of tomorrow, to Johnson, he's bias in that his main interests are Japan and China, is the People's Republic of China, a country he says that is being very rationale in their shaking loose from their Stalinist past (Maoist, same thing, I guess) and entertaining Capitalism in a nationalistic way. Commie China currently has a ready army of 800,000. Wow, at least four times greater than any army We the American Empire can put together. Of course, our Military Industrial Complex has us scared out of our skulls over these invisible but invincible boogiemen that are laying in wait to attack us and destroy "our way of life," whatever the hell that means. There are certainly better ways of life in this world--I'm checking out a nice little place in Bordeaux, France, right now as I type this that looks like it offers me a better way of life than staying on and trying to survive in what once was the greatest city in the world but is now a playground for tourists and beaucoup rich foreign investors--no more independent communities; our little-man billionaire mayor is intent on destroying NYC neighborhoods and so far only Chelsea has been able to hold out somewhat against this little bastard's utter hatred of poor people, especially renters, shitcan scrubbers, jakeleg war veterans living in the street, bag ladies--they're just about gone from the streets, mental patient rejects, anyone who isn't superrich. I sometimes feel after listening to this little man mayor that I am an imbecilic child and that this privileged little rich fart has to dress me down and tell me how I have to act to be one of his kind of New Yorkers--and this little asshole didn't have a pot to piss in till he came to New York City and got that damn Bloomberg Network dropped in his damn lap.

How Many Military Bases Does the USA Have on Foreign Soils?
I was thinking about that recently--I knew we had a lot of bases all over the world but I wasn't aware that it was as many as it is. According to Chalmers Johnson, there are 737 US military bases in 130 countries around the world! WOW! Let me say that again: there are 737 US military bases in 130 countries around the world. We have 37 bases on the Island of Okinawa alone! They hate the US in Okinawa. Remember the rape and murder cases that had the Okinawans up in arms a few years back? Of course, Japan hates the Okinawans so they gladly make all kinds of military deals with the US including the old treaty that keeps the USA in Okinawa. Can you imagine the expense of all of this pompous bullshit! How dare this country act like it owns the world! Actually, if you remember history, this all started with John Foster Dullass, the Sec'y of State under Dwight David "Fore!" Eisenhower, a real fop of a army idiot who got us involved in a hell of a lot of shit around the world including Iran! It was during the Eisenhower fiasco presidency that the CIA, the president's private and very secret army (in order words they do his every command, even if that be the assassination of someone they don't like--these guys are ruthless!! God-damn I'm growling mad.

Johnson says we're doomed; we're trapped in this Military Industrial Complex's supergrip. We the People can retaliate against it. No member of Congress, no president, no nobody can bring it down. You try to close a military base in this country and watch the Yahoos react by ballyhooing and whining about them losing the source of their income. My hometown, once a booming railroad, oil, cattle, cotton, and truck farming center is now totally dependent on a large SAC Air Force Base that has been in the same location where it was originally built at the beginning of WWII. If they close that base, my hometown has no viable industry anymore.

The two leading Congressional champions of military bases because their states have the most military bases of all the states are Kay Baily Hutchinson of Texas (a rightwing political madame) and Diane Feinstein of California--and who the hell gave Diane a political career?--all those gays and lesbians in San Francisco, all those San Andreas Fault-straddling liberals out there, too, a lot of New York rationalizers out there, too, in Northern California--with of course some rednecks thrown in for bad measure up there in the redwoods.

Johnson says we need a "renaissance of the citizenry" in order for us to ever break the jail term this idiotic military empire shit is sentencing us, too. It could be a death sentence.

Yes, check it out, the CIA is the president's own private little army--same as Blackwater is his own little private army, too. The CIA has murdered, assassinated, massacred, destroyed, drugged, ruined in an insanely bungling inept way that has left horrid death and disruption in its "Sherman Through Georgia" way of operating--at the direction of the president of the USA, the only person the CIA respects; WE the People are not allowed to know anything about the CIA--it's all secret stuff--and think of the billions of dollars and thousands of lives this CIA has cost WE the People. Two thousand nine hundred poor working stiffs, CIA operatives, FBI operatives, Arab real estate moguls, investment brokers, telephone operators, Mac operators, graphic arts directors and artists and computer service people and waitresses and waiters and cooks and saladmakers and jewelers (remember the tons of gold supposedly kept underneath the WTC?) and nightwatchmen just coming off their shifts and security guards, et al.--in retaliation for those 2900 people (all of whom were not US citizens) being killed that grim day in this wonderful city, 3150 dead soldiers (men and women), 10s of thousands of soldiers missing arms and legs, with serious head injuries, some with missing genitals, some with their faces burned off--all of them psychologically damaged beyond repair--that I guarantee you from having close friends who survived VietNam--the nightmares, the cold sweats, the enemy only they can see, one of whom was found frozen to death one cold February morning down in now rich and fashionable Tribeca, and it is now estimated over 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since this War began, plus 2 million Iraqis have been displaced and are refugees in Jordan, Iran, Syria, places where they're really not wanted. Mission Accomplished, however.

It's scary when you think of the power Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie G.W. (Georgie the Wimp, Jr.) Bush has. Hell yes he can just ignore Congress. He could simply declare himself Chancellor for Life, put us all under marshall law (hell, all the police forces and fire fighters around the country love this little defense contractor pimp) and bugger We the People--in other words, bend over, folks, we're all gonna get a good fuckin' when the bills are all called in and the Big Stick Collection Agencies come to collect (that's Commie China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Britain--that's right, folks, Britain has invested heavily in its little upstart colony, real estate, banking--it's British Petroleum whose drilling in our Alaskan Wilderness and pumping our own oil down to us at a profit.

And you think it ain't about oil?

Here ya go, here's the US Dollar Index:


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