Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gringo Generosity

Shipping Out the Messkins
God-damn, White folks are just flat mean, deep mean, with such hatred for people who do not look exactly like them that they quickly change from deep mean to deadly mean. This especially comes to light in the way our police forces respond to all the people they are supposed to serve, especially the government enforcement agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, gimme me an F…gimme a U…damn, this shit makes me cranky and wishing I were superhuman, which would logically make me supernatural—damn, it’s that god within me growling at me.

Example of just how F-ing low-life mean our government is right now—think FASCIST state—think SS, whether in English or German—call up in your mind an image of Benito Mussolini—fat, pompous—actually nothing but an F-ing newspaperman—or hell, call up an image of the daddy of them all, Adolf Schickelgruber—a little man, a pompous self-righteous hypocritical (demon in the true sense of the word) [that was an adjective] man—look into their eyes—and you can do it in PhotoShop 7, too—you see nothing compassionate in their peepers. Their eyes are like looking into the headlights of a coming-at-you locomotive (that’s what runs on some railroad tracks for you younger tykes who’ve never seen a train—is that possible?)—I have to explain my metaphors—Jesus, look, I’ve been sidetracked…whoa, I have to shut her down or I’m gonna derail). These are eyes you want to stay out of the way of, to avoid coming in contract with…unless, hell, that’s the way you want to look—that’s the way you think looking gives you power…yep, cop thinkin’, military thinkin’, Homeland Security thinkin’, and certainly as is exampled in the case I’m trying to get to, the Immigration cops—“Ice” the Mexican immigrants call them.

I was surprised to hear that a woman is head of our immigration policies. The tactics these compassionless goons used in rounding up 12,000—you readin’ that right, folks, 12,000 workers at Swift Packing Plants around the Utah-Colorado-Minnesota area, locking them into their workplace, then interrogating them, then arresting all of them who had no legal papers, putting them into buses they already had along with them—these immigration cops, by the bye, were all dressed in what they call “riot” gear and they were carrying what they call “military” weapons, which means AKA pistols and machine guns [better known as SWAT teams]—armed like that against roomsful of Mexican men and women at their jobs earning money, having taxes taken out of that money, all but a few of them having legal papers. So they put the ones they arrested on buses and took them to parts unknown, ending up arresting over a thousand of them on the grounds they originally were looking for identity theft. Later it was learned at one place of detention they were forcing some of these immigrants into signing deportation papers while they were still on the buses. When legal counselors tried to get to them to give them their rights, the Feds denied them access.

Hey, these goons broke up families. Took away parents to separate jails in separate towns, while leaving these people’s kids in schools with no one to pick them up after school and no one to contact the schools and leaving the schools holding these kids while looking for relatives or people who could take care of them. Whew. Am I proud of being a white man. I’m a proud white man, let me put it that way. But I’m not proud of the meanness of my people, except I know where it comes from. It comes from Christianity and a tradition of being led by ruthless monarchs—and that includes not just Anglo-Saxons, but all the white Euros and Russkies and Slavs and French (Gaelic) and Vikings and Barbarians and Visagoths and Greeks and Mesopotamians and Hebrews and Egyptians and on and on back it goes to tribes and tribal chiefs. God-damn, that means, it’s not just something exclusive to being white then, doesn’t it? If you can trace this meanness all the way back to the beginnings of us all then it’s universal; all humans, no matter the color of their skins (what a foolish way to judge human beings anyway—it makes no sense to me—how did “whiteness” get to represent purity?

I've read some letters today responding to this Mexican roundup--the most of them were of a condemning nature but there were the pure white responses of "Hey, these people broke the law when they came to this country illegally, and they broke the law when they got jobs with fraudulent identities, and it's too bad these children got left behind, but, by God, some of these children are illegal, too, and by God, you got to follow the laws of this country and those laws have to be enforced or else these Messkins are gonna sweep into this country, take jobs away from good God-fearing white folks...Hell, I say ship 'em all back, even the Messkin-Americans, ship 'em the hell back to F-ing savage Mexico."

Further evidence of white meanness, these poor buggers were arrested on a Mexican holy day, December 12th, the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Lupe, La Virgin, the Mexican version of Mother Mary, Joe Ben Joseph's young Judean mom. A lot of gringos don't believe Mexican Catholics are Christian; to these norteamericanos Mexican Catholicism is paganism, a mestizo religion. Take a look at this weird very Catholicy site to find out the weird story of La Lupe:

A very weirdly Latin American site.

And by the way, I hear Georgie Porgie, our phony "president," saying it all the time and white people who are for kicking all non-whites out of this country: "This is a nation of laws." Who the hell says! These mostly second-story lawyer failures who gather in Washington, District of Corruption, and make these LAWS are dumbass crooks of the most scumbag nature and they make us a Nation of Laws, not our Constitution, which is supposed to protect us from too many laws and laws that are beyond human comprehension, like the laws these scoundrels put into the Patriot Act.

God-damn, though, why do white people think they are even more special than stupid human beings who think they are special beings and not animals when that's all all of us are, animals, refined monkeys, and all of us come from the same place, have the same DNA, have the same blood, have the same systems of nerves, sense the same--Holy Shit, why bother! I'm tired of growling.

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