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Existing in New York City: Being Barbecued By the Hot Air of Politicians and Our God the Sun

Foto by tgw, "Moon Over Manhattan," New York City, July 2012
Say Goodbye to: Robert Reno.
Yes, he was Janet Reno's brother, but I knew him and loved him as a journalist. He wrote columns in the old Bill Moyer-owned Newsday (once known as Long Island Newsday) on money matters and Economics. Robert Reno, 72, American newspaper columnist (Newsday), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Don't Get Too Hopeful Yet
Yes, Mitt "the Mormon" Romney is such a spoiled-brat rich fool that surely he hasn't got one chance in Mormon hell of beating President Obama in this year's most expensive ever presidential campaign (can you believe these privileged assholes are blowing 11 billion trying to get elected to a job that pays what, $300,000 a year?). But then that's what Dumbocrats, lefties, and progressives said about G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush beating Al "the Bore" Gore in 2000 and John "Spoiled Brat Rich Boy Ketch-Up Heir's Plaything" Kerry in 2004; yet, Georgie Porgie was our worst-president-ever for two terms. OK, so he stole the 2000 election with the help of his crooked brother and he stole the 2004 election with the help of Repugnican crooks in Ohio, but he still got enough legit votes that stealing both elections was a simple matter for Simpleton G.W.

President Obama still refuses to sling mud. I mean this guy is giving the Repugs every opportunity to trash him; yet, he will not trash them. He's amazing in that given every opportunity in the world to become our greatest president ever he refuses to budge and instead lopes right along in G.W. Bush's footsteps. He like Romney is taking millions of campaign bucks from his Wall Street heroes (remember, he said they were his heroes in his pre-2008-election book; the same book in which he said besides Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan was his other preferred past president--WHY? Because of his economic policies and foreign trade policies!!).

Following along in Bush's footsteps, Obama is issuing executive orders, one that gives himself the privilege of assassinating American citizens with his love of drones, drones he is now allowing to fly by the thousands over the USA.

Obama is still rather wimpy when it comes to immigration policies--more deportations under his administration than under G.W. Bush's. He has continued to spend millions of dollars continuing to build G.W.'s wall along our border with Mexico. He has continued giving the Pentagon and the Defense Department unlimited amounts of unaccounted for monies--billions upon billions of dollars. Obama has continued to go on with putting missile sites aimed at Russia in Poland and other Slavic countries. Obama has continued to pump billions into G.W. Bush's lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He ingests in his campaign speeches that he has pulled our worn-out troops out of Iraq in victory--he hasn't, of course, pulled all our troops out of Iraq. We the People of the US are still supporting the world's largest embassy there and we are supporting Hillbilly Hillary's little State Department army of 12,000 and we are supporting over 150,000 private contractors still there, including the evil Blackwater, whose name has changed so many times, who the hell knows who they are now?

Obama is loping right along in G.W. Bush's footsteps by continuing to allow our Federal Reserve, still run by Bush Baby Ben Shalom Bernanke, to dole out trillions upon trillions of bail-out dollars to our criminal financial institutions and banks. In the meantime, Obama looks the other way as these criminal institutions continue to play the derivatives games and the interest-rate-setting games and the credit-card scamming games, Obama's favorite Wall Street criminal gang, J.P. Morgan-Chase led by Obama's favorite Wall Street schemer, Jamie Boy Dimond, now said to have blown 8 maybe 9 billion of We the People's bail-out bucks on inner-banking risk taking (gambling), and the accusations go on and on--not only in this country but worldwide. The Spanish people have risen up against their crooked combo bank this past week!

Obamacare, that some say is exactly the same as Romneycare in Massachusetts, was written and endorsed by the pay-or-die healthcare insurance crooks and the pharmaceutical industry greedbags and yes it does force several million Americans without the funds to afford any healthcare insurance to buy some from the pay-or-die boys or pay a penalty come tax time. And yet Dumbocrats and neo-lefties and progressives are now trumpeting Obamacare as life-saving and the greatest healthcare reform in the history of the US! And I ask you, would you trust John Roberts coming over to your side during a presidential election year? Wouldn't you wonder what the fuck is going on with Roberts, a rightwing nutjob who took rightwing nutjob William Hubbs Rehnquist's place on our Supreme(ly Dumb) Court during G.W. Bush's second stolen term in office, crossing over to the enemy side to save Obamacare?

I know I'm a lone wolf growling my political bemoanings to an environment of deaf ears while the praised and highly paid journalistic pundits excuse Obama his two-facedness because, as they warn, we don't surely want Mitt "the Mormon" Romney to win (or steal) this election. They've got me there; hell no I don't want Mitt "the Mormon" Romney to be my president. Once again, We the People of the USA who vote are given a choice of two evils neither of whom is able to talk about the biggest problem facing us: an economy definitely on a disastrous course while the economy of the People's Republic of Communist China is growing by Capitalistic leaps and bounds (ain't that ironic?).

Don't you wish Obama would just come out and say, "Look, my feller Amuricans, Mitt 'the Mormon' Romney is a spoiled rich brat fool. I mean, come on, folks, the Republicans are White racists, and this country is turning brown, so why don't all you good Whites and you Blacks and Latinos get with it and get me back in the White Man's know, give me a mandate...and you Democrats, get solidly behind me, and I'll tell you, I'll get back on my 'Yes We Can' steed and reform things revolutionarily...." But that's so much what he's not going to do, but don't you just wish he would? He could end these wars; he could slash the Pentagon's budget, slash the Defense Department's budget, do away with Homeland Security, bring our troops home from the 150 bases we're supporting all around the world...hell, extend a hand of friendship to the Muslim world...instead, well who the hell knows what these bastards have planned for us?

I mean, I'm reading where Hillbilly Hillary is in Kabul talking some bullshit about how Afghanistan is now a "major non-NATO ally." What in the hell of backwards thinking does that mean? A reversal of G.W. Bush's turning the Afghan War over to NATO?...washing his hands of the whole thing? At the same time I'm reading about Hillbilly Hillary's adventures in Kabul, I'm reading where Exxon-Mobil is in Kabul, too, making deals for Afghan oil! Oh, you didn't know Afghanistan was a big cog in our quest for all the world's oil?

I just can't get it up for all this election year bullshit and that's all all of this electioneering is, total bullshit!

I mean doesn't the way these bastards toss billions of dollars around all over the world have you wondering the same as I am--where the hell are these 2nd-story operators getting all these billions? I mean, I'm reading one day where California's broke, near bankruptcy, then today I'm reading where they are starting work on the US's first high-speed rail line. Yet, on the same page I'm reading that well though there were a batch of private-sector jobs created last month, the economic picture for us is still BAD. Does bad to our soothsaying Economists (Economics remember is not a "pure" science but is based on statistics and crunching numbers to fit the bevies of economic theories in the world) mean what it used to mean to our rock 'n rollers? Bad is Good.

I'm confused. So I'm turning my attention to the temperature sailing up over the 100 mark in the Big Stewed Apple today. When the temp goes over a hundred here in NYC, it's like being in the depths of Holy Hell. Here on Manhattan Island we're sitting atop a concrete slab, a concrete slab that sucks the hottest heat out of the sunlight and blasts it back up in our overworked and overtaxed faces. In the meantime, Con-Ed is having to turn up the dynamos all over town in order to keep our billionaires cool as they sit pompously atop their hi-rise luxury condo buildings or in the top-floor suites of their overbuilt hi-rise office buildings--or else they've flown the coop of the city and gone off to their private-island Caribbean estates.

I'm going back to reading my books. To hell with the world.

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The Sun in Art

the art of Dosia McKay

What's the Real Sun Up to:

X-FLARE: For days, giant sunspot AR1515 has looked capable of producing a really strong explosion. On July 6th it finally did. Yesterday, the sunspot's magnetic canopy erupted, producing a brief but potent X1.1-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash:

The explosion hurled a CME into space. According to this movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, the cloud appears to be heading south and away from Earth. However, we cannot yet rule out a glancing blow to our planet on July 8th or 9th. Stay tuned for further analysis.

Look at the CME movie one more time. The speckles near the end are caused by energetic protons accelerated by the flare. Guided toward Earth by solar magnetic fields, the protons are peppering Earth-orbiting satellites, causing "snow" in imaging systems and posing a slim threat for single-event upsets (computer glitches). X-flare alerts: text, voice.

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Marybeth said...

And if you want to get really depressed, read this month's issue of "Orion" magazine in which Bill McKibben writes about the mathematics of global warming.To keep the global warming increase below 2 degrees Celsius (i.e., keep it from being truly catastrophic), the world needs to limit CO2 emissions to less than 565 gigatons over the next 40 years. Currently the fossil fuel companies have found and are intended to dig up and burn 2,795 gigatons of CO2. So oil, gas, and coal companies will succeed economically only if the planet tanks. And these companies aren't done looking for more fuels. ExxonMobil spends $100 million EVERY DAY looking for more oil and gas. Compare that to the 4 million they spend in an entire year researching renewable energy sources. Pretty grim. It's hot as Hades for a reason and the big energy companies are going to make it hotter and crazier until the whole planet goes under. Better to read an uplifting book, if you can find one.