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Existing in New York City: Is That Goose-Stepping I Hear Outside in the Street?

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2003

Say Goodbye to: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, one of the great voices of the 20th Century--Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, 86, German baritone and conductor.
Is That Goose-Stepping I Hear Outside in the Street?
Scott Walker is leading the Dumbocrat in the recall vote in Wisconsin by 4 points, according to Marquette U pollsters (is it just me or do Catholic colleges run a lot of polls?). Looks like it turns out George Zimmerman had a right to blow Trayvon Martin away--hey, Trayvon had been smoking marijuana! Those damn Black kids! Wonder what dope Zimmerman had in his system? And out in stone-broke California, that flip-flopping fop, Jerry Brown, is going to use draconian austerity measures to try and reverse California's 16 billion dollar debt ("Hey, Jerry, why don't you raise taxes on the wealthy?" "Hey, Jerry, why don't you raise taxes on the foreign corporations making billions in your state?). And in the world of continuing crooked Wall Street financial firms, turns out Jamie-Boy Dimon and his scheming J.P. Morgan-Chase crooks blew more billions than they first revealed--now it's up to 3 billion (a drop in the bucket for too-big-to-fail (bailed out) J.P. Morgan (the Pirate)-Chase); these pirates still playing the derivatives game, knowing they are still too big to fail and We the People of the USA will bail them out. President Obama, however, loves Jamie-Boy; why, Obama invests his newly gained millions with J.P. Morgan-Chase. Declares it the best-run financial pirate gang among our many crooked banks. You don't think they have Obama's nuts in a fist-grip do you? After all, he admitted in his book that they are his heroes. Jamie is also on the NY Federal Reserve Board. Jamie is also head honcho (CEO) and chairman of the Board at J.P. Morgan-Chase Piracy Institution--in other words he's his own boss. Word is out that Warren Buffett, that old sleazy two-faced crook, is buying up a bunch of Old South newspapers. And there's right-wing brag that Mitt "the Mormon" Romney who is a spoiled-brat rich bastard who is also an idiot is tied with Obama in several polls. And plans were revealed today while Hillbilly Hillary was entertaining some Israeli big shot that yes we are ready militarily to try and invade and occupy Iran. Plus, Hillbilly proudly announced we are giving the Neo-Nazi Israelis millions of more bucks so they can build a missile system--called the Dome--around themselves as protection from the evil Iranians and those lower-than-dog Palestinians (Israel's "Jews" in terms of their Nazi leanings).

Ah, sweet Chaos. And the world is in Chaos, folks. Europe is crumbling under Germany's rule once again. The Greeks are sweetly revolting against the Goldman-Sachs austerity measures--following in the footsteps of the Icelanders! Fuck Goldman-Sachs--let's bust their asses instead of letting them take over our country. And in Spain hundreds of thousands are sick and tired of these austerity measures that take it out on the workingclass. Wasn't the idea of the European Union to create a level playing field in Europe?

As Marx said revolution won't come from the lumpenprolitariat (the peasant classes). Nope, it comes from the intellectual classes.

I remind Growler readers of what my hero, C. Wright Mills, wrote back in 1956 in his prophetic book, The Power Elite:

"The powers of ordinary men are circumscribed by the everyday worlds in which they live, yet even in these rounds of job, family, and neighborhood they often seem driven by forces they can neither understand nor govern. 'Great changes' are beyond their control, but affect their conduct and outlook none the less. The very framework of modern society confines them to projects not their own, but from every side, such changes now press upon the men and womenof the mass society, who accordingly feel that they are without purpose in an epoch in which they are without power."

The G-8 power elites met at Camp David (named for Eisenhower's grandson who married one of Nixon's daughters) today to decide on the best way to take over Africa's food supply. The guest speakers were from Monsanto (promoting genetically modified foods as they try to take over the world's food supply) and DuPont (inventors of Agent Orange and owners of Union Carbide, which they bought cheap after the Union Carbide plant in Bopol, India, blew sky high and killed a huge number of Indians (no one went to jail for murder in that incident), and I'm sure Jamie-Boy Dimon will be there amongst his fellow crooks; remember, he's one of President Obama's dearest friends now--Obama invests his newly gained millions with Jamie at the crooked firm of J.P. Morgan-Chase (Chase Bank originally a Rockefeller bank run by David Rockefeller--Chase Bank was going flat-dab bankrupt until We the People of the USA bailed it out--J.P. Morgan, also going bankrupt, was allowed to merge with Chase so they could be too big to fail)--these are the crooked, swindling jerks that are bringing the world's economies down around our necks--they should all be hauled off to jail, but of course they won't be--instead they'll continue to rule over us. These are the underhanded jiveass turkeys who are draining our economy dry. Remember, the whole idea behind this and any Neo-Con scheme is CHEAP LABOR!!!

And Monday, Chicago, under Emanuel "Mussolini" Rahm (Chicagoans elected this joker as their mayor so don't really blame Emanuel for simply being himself), turns into a war zone when the stupid NATO funky butts hit town to decide where next to cause Chaos. Remember this bunch of fools was originally the North Atlantic Treaty Organization formed in WWII by Grrrreat Britain and the US so they could rule the north Atlantic sea lanes. Remember, too, G.W. Bush, that little asshole, washed his hands of the Afghanistan folly by turning that war over to NATO back before he passed his rule on to Barack "Executive Order" Obama. Who's a bigger fool in all of this than Barack? This man had a chance to become our greatest-ever President and he gave that chance away when the Clintonista clan (including Emanuel "Mussolini" Rahm and David Axelrod, Chicagoans) got ahold of his nuts and got their hands up his ass.

Ah, sweet Chaos.

I give C. Wright Mills the last word:

The power elite is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women; they are in positions to make decisions having major consequences. Whether they do or do not make such decisions is less important than the fact that they do occupy such pivotal positions: their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is itself an act that is often of greater consequence than the decisions they do make. For they are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and claim its prerogatives. They direct the military establishment. They occupy the strategic command posts of the social structure, in which are now centered the effective means of the power and the wealth and the celebrity which they enjoy.

Hey, enjoy life while you still have it,

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What's New From New York City's Billionaire Mayor?
What this rich fool had to say about living wages:

New York's billionaire mayor is so opposed to a tiny raise for workers at companies that get public money that he's vowed to sue. What's the deal with living wage laws anyway?
Photo Credit: shutterstock
To a few hundred New York workers laboring for $8 or $9 an hour, a living wage bill recently passed by the city council means a raise, a few dollars more a week to help feed their families.

To billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, it's a wedge to open the door to communism. That's right -- the mayor told a local radio program that requiring businesses that get taxpayer subsidies to pay their workers a little bit more is just like a centrally planned economy. “The last time we really had a big managed economy was the USSR, and that didn’t work out so well,” Bloomberg said.

Picasso's Guernica, 1937 (as the Fascists were taking over his beloved Spain)

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