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Same Old Shit; Save Our Soil; Save Our Soccer; Save Our Seas; Save Our Sanity; SELL OUR SOULS
SOSs are all over the place, in handwritings on the walls of the world. Russia has tourist ships that now sail right up to the foot of the North Pole. The North Pole, once only reached by traversing several hundred miles of ice now sits in a pool of navigable water.

According to the NUTJOB followers of Christ, Moroni, Buddha, Muhammad--name any nutjob "savior"--how about that walking-on-his-hind-legs weasel, Reverend Sun Yung Moon?... to these insane and scared-near-death human beings,THE WORLD IS EVIL; Nature is antihuman; therefore, it's considered belonging on the evil side of the creationist ledger. Heavens, Nivannas, supernatural levels, reincarnation, goofball things like that are paradise to these confused unscientific fakirs. To me, I'm already in paradise. It's where I live; where I survive; that's paradise. My paradise is my life in this giant town in which I reside, this giant town on this wonderful globe on which I reside, the only globe perfectly suited for my kind, our kind of animalkind and florakind, the only planet in our solar system on which our kind can survive without going through some kind of mutational process that could nanoengineer a human being able to live in extreme temperatures or in extremely difficult-to-breath airs, if there are any "airs" at all; Jupiter is one big gas ball. Are there any gas people in Science Fiction literatures?

It's wonderful to me that astronomers have just discovered two moons flying around the sailing iceberg, Pluto. "Mickey and Minnie," that's what they should have named them-- but they've already named them something astronomally cute--it had nothing to do with Pluto being a cartoon dog nor that he is even the god of Hades.

My paradise is wonderful; it's full of good music; it's full of love and happy living; it's full of "hope on the morrow," as my semireligious dad used to chortle a lot. I have "angels" for friends; hell, I have some "devils" for friends, too.

To me, the true believers in a better tomorrow in some other cosmos, these fanatical unscientific metaphysicians, are intent upon destroying this world, my paradise. To hell with them. Why don't they like the fools in Jonestown drink the sacred Kool Aid and cool it on outta here...or act like those fools that joined their true Big Daddy messenger fool who heard orders coming from Jehovah's spaceship docked up in that Holy Cosmos, so molecularly far out there that they had to die together, you know, like die so their spirits could liquify so they could board that Holy spaceship to Glory Hallelujah, so it's teleportation system could absorb their saintly molecular liquors.

So, please, all ye Christians, just drink the Kool Aid
and leave this awful earth and at the same time leave those of us who love this earth, our only paradise ever, to go on with our lives unhindered by your stupid interfering unsupported biases? Please, all you true believer fools, drink the Kool Aid...drink the Kool Aid...drink the sacred Kool Aid, the true body and blood of Joshua the Nazarene carpenter with the Essene Judaic view of life who's been blow about the deserts of the Holy Land as so much rotten dust for 2006 years now. Why is it so easy to believe all that religious gobblygook and so hard to believe in so brilliant and simple a theory of evolution? Living in the desert to these fools is better than living in the once-lush valley of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers. Assholes.

More About Ludlow, Colorado, 1914
I happened across a wonderful PBS documentary running early in the morning on Long Island PBS Channel 21 on the unionist movement in this country. Wow, it was well done. It's a several-part history of the union movement starting way back in the earliest days of this union and coming all the way up to present day ("present day" being several years ago since it's an already-been-run-and-rerun-already show).

It was always immigrants--just think in the old days the immigrants had to work at whatever kind of work they could get over here, usually the tough shit work, the kind of work all aristocrats and aristocratic pretenders and even the sticks-low trailer trash whites shy away from. "Castrate my own sheep? How dare you; that's what scumbag Messkins are for. You ought see those rascals bite those sheep nuts off, spit 'em in a bloody bucket, then take 'em home and have mountain oysters for the whole winter. How dare those pepper bellies strike my sheep empire. Start shootin' a few of 'em, that'll bring 'em around to my way of thinking."

These immigrant laborers took just so much abuse and then they broke, forming into clubs and gangs, grabbing weapons, guns, bombs, and final forming a union, in the case of the Ludlow miners, it was the Western Federation of Miners, started in the Couer d'Alene, Idaho, in the silver mine struggles that got the miners shot at and shat upon by the Idaho National Guard back before the Ludlow days. This union stood up and started successfully fighting back against the big mining corporations, a lot of which were owned by big New York City investors or Standard Oil or common crooks like that, bastards who have from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution had the government on their side, the police, the army, the National Guard, all the agencies meant to protect We the People gladly taking the side of the corporate owners against the low-life, scumbag, foreign, "can't even speak English" workingclass in this country.

The Ludlow Masacre was much worse than I remembered. The final count of the dead turned out to be not 25, yes, 25 miners were shot, but also 75 more folks, including some scumbag Pinkerton dectectives hired by the company, but also 2 miners's wives and 11 children. One of the women, Mrs. Charles Costas, burned to death holding her newborn infant in her arms when the National Guard set fire to the union strikers's tent city and then charged it on horseback shooting, rifle-butting, or bayonetting all the people trying to flee the flames. The two hardest working strike leaders, Louie Teekus (sic), a Greek immigrant, and Charlie Costas, an Italian immigrant, were shot in the back while going in and out of the fire trying to save women and children, Charlie losing his whole family, including his wife, as I said, found in charred repose with her charred infant frozen on her breasts. Hardworking commonfolk burned and shot to death just because they were dying of diptheria due to the unsanitary conditions of Ludlow, a mining town, and the miners were suffering the very dangerous possibilities of collapses and explosions, that happened with regularity in those old coal, silver, gold, and copper mines of that Rocky Mountain area from Northern New Mexico on up to Butte, Montana, where the Anaconda Copper Mine was, and they wanted the mine owners to respect their lives and do something about the horrid conditions they were forced to work under for a maximum of $3.00 a day for 13 hours a day.

The irony? When the National Guard first arrived in Ludlow they were welcomed by the miners's union band since the miners thought they were there to protect them and bring peace so they could have negotiations between the union big shots from Chicago, Big Bill Hayworth was one of them--Eugene V. Debs was another one, and the mine owners. But, nope, same as New Orleans found out a year ago, their own government forces were there not to save them but to kill them.

The company behind the Ludlow Massacre? Colorado Fuel and Iron. And who owned Colorado Fuel and Iron? Why, the Rockefellers. And who was the man who said these miners were the scum of the earth and besides they were all filthy foreigners and should be forced to work for free since they were so stupid and dumb as to destroy property belonging to Colorado Fuel and Iron--that property worth more than the whole lot of these foreign scumbags? Why, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The old family pappy's pride and joy. "That's my boy!" crowed old ruthless John D. Rockefeller, Sr. , so proud of his criminally minded and killer son. THE ROCKEFELLERS never had to pay reparations for that massacre. Now Ludlow sits abandoned and ghostly up in its quiet wildflower-wavy meadow still landmarked by the fallen buildings of the old mine and the abandoned stores and homes of the old town. Why didn't The Rockefellers never have to pay for their crimes? Because they are privileged and we worship our privileged and so we let them get away with murdering us. They can have your whole family burned and shot to death and it's not considered murder by the US courts so there's nothing you can do about it. The governing creeps are on the Rockefellers's side. As I type this, the Senator from West Virginia is John D. Rockefeller IV, the namesake of two of the most ruthless inhuman bastards who ever lived to rule over us in this country. And, by the way, how's the coal industry in West Virginia? Changed much since the Ludlow days? Not much. Dozens of men have died in coal mines in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West Virginia in the past two years due to the mining companies (again mines once owned by the Rockefellers and Standard Oil) totally ignoring mine safety conditions. Also, in West Virginia, the union is still subject to being shot at, and families uprooted from their property by eminent domain because some coal company wants the coal under their farms or houses. So it's always fuck you, drop dead, go to hell, it's our coal, from the Rockefellers. And those hillbilly fools in West Virginia elected a Rockefeller as their senator. He's the f-ing enemy, you clowns. Yes, we Amuricans are total fools when it comes to religion, education, our own arts and crafts, economics, psychology, sociology, and politics. We always vote for the rich man no matter how he treats us. New York City right as I type this is being run into the ground by a mayor born in another town who is now a billionaire, doesn't need to work, yet he's happy as a midget clown being mayor and helping his real estate buddies to get filthy rich by giving them development rights with no attachments, huge tax breaks, long cheap leases; or his buddies in the sports world--oh God how this cheap-suit billionaire wanted the Olympics in New York City so he could build stadiums, his favorite sport right now; then he wanted to give his buddy who owns the New York Jets (they play in New Jersey) a huge big parcel of West Side New York City to build a huge piece of crap football stadium on;it gets worse, he also gave another of his sports buddies rights to blow down whole sections of Brooklyn center city in order to build a basketball arena there--a huge complex so that rich corporate assholes can rent overpriced party boxes and luxury suites--and then, rather than naming the arena after the people of Brooklyn, they will sell the name to the highest bidder--so the Arena could become something as insulting as The Burger King Arena, or The Budweiser Beer Palace of B Ball, or it could be called the Halliburton Center...oh yeah, or how about the Neil Bush Educational Software Arena? Or the Marvin Bush Security Systems Garden--or how about The Carlyle Group Arena? The day they name Yankee Stadium (soon to be imploded and rebuilt to fit the rich man's idea of a great ballyard) after some crooked corporation--like Time-Warner Field--oh God, no, please, "Pass that Kool Aid overhere to me, will ya, Bro?"

Mother Jones went to Ludlow in 1914, then she went over and made a speech in the Trinidad, Colorado, Opera House. She told the striking miners, "You ain't got a damn thing if you ain't got a union." And that's true about life; without a union with life, you ain't got a damn thing.

Remember, Old Nelson Rockefeller gave us the World Trade Center. He also died with a big greedy smile on his face after enjoying a long double-headed blow job from two hot young babes who were in his employment. One of those chicks, the one who was caught with his gnarly old dick in her mouth, Megan was her name, got shipped off to California, given a fur coat, and a job as a hack reporter on some penny saver newspaper out there. Wonder if she still has the taste of his filthy old seed in her sweet mouth? The other one, or it was "said" she was there, too, went on to become a member of the board of a large television network. Oh girls, the careers are there for you if you just have the guts to get down and suck the dick of a rich man with a hell of a lot of power--yes, the way you suck it--all rich men have a hell of a lot of power.

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The Daily Growler Sports Bulletin With Marv Backbiter
Adios USA, sorry lot of privileged geeks, especially that Dumpster from Texas who was supposed to be such a hot shot goalmaker. Shit, he only scored one of the only 3 goals the US scored against three different teams, and their tie with Italy was because one of the Italians scored the US goal accidentally. Ghana looked serious today, wide-eyed and hungry to beat the USA; and they did; but the US looked like little prepschool boys waiting for their mommies to pick them up from soccer practice. The US coach was seen packing his bags behind the clubhouse, getting ready to make a run for the hills. I say sack the whole team and start over again...USA! USA! SOS, signals the USA.

OK, here I go, here's my latest list:

1) Brasil, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal (a pretty good looking team)
2) Italy looked good in their win today, Spain, Ecuador--they need one more win to get to the quarters, Mexico--they're still a scrappy team, a might too little for my taste in soccer players.
3) Sweden, Ghana...the other turkey teams I can't remember: I think the Saudis and the Iranians are still in it, aren't they? Sweden and Ghana are now the best long shots. Ecuador is my particular longshot still.

Finals: Brasil or Argentina vs. Netherlands or Spain. Whoaa, I forgot, Japan's still in this; Korea, too? Jesus, what a sucky bunch of teams this cup. I'll keep watching. I may be hollering "Go Brasil" here in a few days. Forgive me l hat.

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The Daily Growler Quote of the Day
"Language was invented to ask questions. Answers may be given by grunts and gestures, but questions must be spoken. Humanness came of age when man asked the first question. Social stagnation results not from a lack of answers but from the absence of the impulse to ask questions. Eric Hoffer


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