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thegrowlingwolf Still Resenting Being Ruled Over By Numbskulls

Foto by tgw, "Brick Faces," New York City, 2011
Can anyone believe
this tomfoolery going on in the District of Corruption, a tomfoolery that could suddenly change all of our lives so drastically, draconian cuts to our beginning of life and our ending life and cuts in the middle that will reduce us into a Rich vs. Poor nation, the wealthy Plutocrats living the Life of Roman Emporers while we perish or are reduced to slaves--Obama looking more and more like Nero, as he fiddles away while under him the House and the Senate plot his destruction--so if our Emperor is going down, then the whole of Rome can burn to the ground as far as he's concerned. Get some balls, Mr. President, once again you have a chance to redeem yourself, to shed that skin of Ronald "Second Banana to a Monkey" Reagan and show us your best self...but no, you seem determined to bring ruin to We the People making less than $200,000 a year; most of us not making much more than just-getting-by earnings--leaving us broiling on the backyard grills of this truly nutjob, asshole, pissant pack of pieces of shit who call themselves Republicans, Tea Partyites, Libertarians...still fighting the Civil War, still standing as though they are the New Great White Hopes who'll restore this country to the White Man's rule and the White Man's God's monarchical reign--can you imagine being ruled by a Fictional being? Why, that sounds like the whole idea behind the Wizard of Oz, whose libretto and verses were written by Ernie "Yip" Harburg, a Socialist at heart who meant for the movie to be a powerful social statement for this nation just then coming out of the GREAT Depression, if you didn't know. Here, check out Amy Goodman's Tribute to Yip and his message:

Back to the old post:
Why Me, Lord?
I used to work with a guy who called himself Average Al. His sort of perpetual comment, made along with his natural breathing, was "Why Me, Lord?" He never got an answer. It was a perpetual question. And it was the cry of an average man. He was a PhD. in Middle-Eastern Ancient Languages from Penn. That's why when I met him he was head of proofreading for the accounting-firm-turned-management-firm (the best creative accountants in the business), we worked for, a title he would later relinquish to me when he quit his post to get married and go to work for a tech manual publishing company in New Jersey. The last I heard of him, Al's wife had left him for another dude; but he was already hooked up with yet another woman to whom he was planning to marry; the divorce had been messy and kind'a left Al broke; and his job was in jeopardy due to a downswing in business, but also due to an outsourcing of the kind of work he was doing to India and Singapore. Poor old Al and his constant whining, "Why me, Lord?"

I thought of The Average One last night as I tried to watch President Obama explaining why he and the House Majority Leader, John Boehner (Bonehead)(OK, so he's from Ohio, the state that stole the 2004 election for Bush from the Heinz ketchup widow's wimpy husband, John Kerry), though both their deficit-reduction plans are almost word-for-word similar...with the exception being Obama's claiming he wants excessively overrich people and excessively profitable corporations to give up some of their tax-loophole privileges--you know, "pay their share," as he kept saying--like taking away their ability to deduct the depreciation on executive yachts and corporate jet fleets, but then Bonehead is opposed to any kind of tax increases or even taking away those tax loopholes from the excessively rich 1% of wealthy whomevers who own us all lock, stock, and barrel.

Obama, I noticed, carefully avoided directly mentioning two things: one he never said directly that he was for cutting Social Security payments 40-to-60-dollars-a-year for the next 10 years--meaning that if you start off at 65 getting the most you can get from SS, $1100-a-month, by the time you are 75, you'll be making way less that $1000-a-month (i.e., $700-a-month, after deducting 40 a year for ten years--losing $400 during that time, leaving a 75-year-old with only $700-a-month in SS benefits. Penalizing seniors for living too long. To me, this is homeland terrorism. These fools to senior citizens who are depending on SS and Medicare for their very subsistence and health-care salvation are terrorists. Obama mentioned cutting Medicare--he's for that--but he didn't mention cutting Social Security by name, saying, yes, he agreed to ENTITLEMENT cuts, which is code for Social Security. Remember, Obama's bipartisan committee on the fiscal deficit chaired by that Wyoming piece of crap, Allan Simpson, a political parasite, and that North Carolina piece of ex-Clinton crap, Emmet Bowles, recommended the same cuts as the Bonehead Republicans's plan back last year. In fact, it's hard to tell the difference in the two plans.

The other name President Obama would not mention was G.W. Bush. Obama openly admitted last night how he's a true believer in Reagan economics, that's Voodoo Economics, folks--that's big deficit-spending economics--that's tax-increasing on the workingclass economics--that's "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" economics--it's Milton Friedman's brand of economics that says even if it doesn't work say it works and it does work (guessonomics we used to call it in my college days)--or even if it causes disaster, so what, it will correct itself...besides, it's still the best way to go--why look at how it worked in Pinochet's Democratic Republic of Democratic Free Chile after our CIA assassinated Salvadore Allende the democratically elected president of Chile and then said he had conveniently committed suicide--his body, like bin Laden's, too blown to pieces to be revealed--and, duh, that economics didn't work down there no matter the glowing accounts our commercially paid journalists did on the subject.

In explaining his love for Reagan and Reagan's vision for this country, Obama mentions how the presidents after Reagan kept Reagan's policies alive very successfully--and he mentions Bush the First, as he called him, and Slick Willie, but he skipped over G.W., moving on into his wimpy compromising efforts with his scary opponents in the upcoming election. And this is politics, folks. Obama could raise the damn debt ceiling by executive order, but no, he's more determined to align himself with the far rightwing--and you see what he's after, folks? He's after the independent voters--he's after voters like Joe the Liar LIEberman and the Connecticut White people who put him back into office after a progressive Democrat whipped his ass in the Democratic primary--though Joe got enough votes he was able to run as an Independent; in fact, he declared himself separated from the Democrats, the little traitorous prick, and then as if mocking his former party he showed up at the Republican Convention here in New York City--remember that? Joe LIEberman was there along with former NYC mayor, Ed "I Think I'm Gay" Crotch (Koch) where they made fools of themselves--and what a sordid racist convention that was.

Obama finally had to mention G.W. Bush when he was mentioning how presidents before him had no trouble raising the debt ceiling--mentioning how G.W. had raised it 7 times without any hangups. Whatever happens with this debt ceiling, we will have to face this same bullshit again in six months when it will come up for passage again--every six months.

Today, and this really pisses me off, Moody's (owned by Warren Buffett and recently under criminal investigation by the Justice Department for giving worthless companies triple A ratings so they could continue their crooked ways unimpeded by a bad credit rating) is saying they are definitely going to downgrade the USA's credit rating. How dare these bastards having this much power over We the People's government of the people supposedly by the people. Yeah, and then Obama started his whoop-tee-do by kicking in the platitudes about how "we are the greatest country in the world" bullshit--and Obama last night had to pitch that in--saying we are the greatest nation in the world--the strongest nation in the world--the richest nation in the world--so why then, I'm screaming at the dude, are We the People, the workingclass Americans in general, the Blacks, the Latinos, having to sacrifice our freedoms and our entitlements and our healthcare and our retirement and our pensions and our wages and any chance of retiring when we're 65 now?.... IT MAKES NO SENSE, FOLKS. Like why is this country so in debt when one of its chartered corporations, Exxon-Mobil, is raking in the largest profits in the history of Capitalism?; while our banks and financial pirate firms are rolling in billions and billions of We the People's tax-dollar bailout monies--giving themselves multimillion-dollar bonuses, tax-free bonuses, too.

Obama didn't mention last night either how in bailing out Chrysler, We the People of the USA lost 2 billion dollars. Chrysler is an original-Detroit company that was sent into ruin by the Nazi-Germany car company, Daimler-Benz (now claiming that they invented the automobile back just before Henry Ford did), makers of the Mercedes-Benz, Hitler's favorite automobile during the almost now-forgotten World War II, --and then when Daimler-Benz threw the company on the fire, Chrysler then cried they were going out of business unless We the People bailed them out, which President Obama did without blinking an eye--this at the same time we bailed out General Motors (sent into bankruptcy due to their moving most of their assembly plants to Mexico and Europe and Canada). So we bailed Chrysler out with one of the very confusing back-room secret deals which now it turns out also involved Fiat of Italy. Just last week, it was announced, YAHOO!, that Chrysler had paid back We the People its bailout "loan," but that NOW, it was the property of Italian car company Fiat--from the Nazi-Daimler-Benz company to the Fascist-Fiat car company--an Italian company now owns our famous American 4-wheel-drive invention, the Jeep--oh, and, I was surprised to read that Canada also participated in We the People's bailout of Chrysler. And I'm asking myself, what the hell was Canada doing helping We the People bail out Chrysler? Where's the bookkeeping on all this shit?

I was laughing like a crazed hyena, too, yesterday at the early reports from Murdoch's (hacking) Fox News and from Murdoch's Wall Street Journal's front page headlines on how (and this came out right after this murderous mess had happened and before anybody knew the truth of who had done this) the Norwegian massacre was obviously an Islamic Jihad attack--why, hell, the Fox News idiots squealed, it is Norway's 9/11! (There is a way big difference between this event and 9/11; 9/11 was a great historical military attack and killed 3,000 people and destroyed, literally turned to dust, 5 large buildings, two of which were once the tallest buildings in the world.) But, yet, that's exactly what one fool was spouting on a Fox News broadcast. Even if it wasn't al-Queda, this idiot honked on like a prolix goose, it was definitely Muslims who did it--and then, Glory Hallelujah, it turns out the terrorist who wiped out--the figure goes up and down--as high as 93 killed--but now blown back down to 76 killed and over 100 wounded--the terrorist who offed all those Norwegians was a blue-eyed blond Viking-Nazi-Aryan--a Blockhead Norwegian--maybe you could almost say he was Norway's Timothy McVeigh.

In spite of this information, Fox News commentators kept up with the Islamic Jihadist talk--saying Norway was especially at risk of a Jihadist attack because they were a democratic society who have been working hand-in-hand with the USA, blah, blah, blah. How about if Norway is vulnerable to Arab Jihad terrorist attacks because Norway is a big participant in our Afghan War--remember that's a NATO war now after G.W. Bush turned that war over to them and Norway is a member of NATO and as such has troops fighting in both Afghanistan and in that new NATO war of invasion and occupation of OIL rich Libya--a country we have had our greedy militant eyes on since RONALD REAGAN shot missiles at Khadaffy's palace--and I believe killed one of his daughters--because at one time that was our only military base, Wheeler Air Force Base, on the African Continent and Khadaffy kicked our military out of there when he was pumping up his pompous rule by backing Islamic militants financially (same as the Saudi-Arabian royal family supported al-Queda (the attacks on 9/11) and bin Laden) and allowing them residence in Libya.

It's Reagan all over again. The Black Reagan is our president. This son of a bitch tricked bagged We the People with glorious promises of reform and change--YES WE CAN--screaming it out over crowds in the 10s of thousands wildly cheering for this man, crying big huge tears as this guy thrilled them with these Utopian promises, like reformed healthcare; like not touching Medicare or Social Security; like ending the war in Iraq immediately and immediately beginning bringing the troops home; like closing Guantanamo prison and holding civil trails in the USA rather than allowing a military tribunal to try these men--some mere teenagers--most not guilty of anything except being a Muslim. And all of those promises are now so much smoke. And as we've said all along--back before he took office--President Obama has said all along that Ronald Reagan was one of his heroes--and that he wanted to be a combination Abe Lincoln-Ronald Reagan, which he is. He's a Lincoln Republican/and a Reagan Democrat.

Did you ever think about President Obama being a token black?--somehow put into power, I keep thinking to myself, by a Pappy Bush-Clinton coalition. Remember, Pappy Bush put the electronically lynched Clarence "Long Dong" Thomas on the Supreme(ly dumb) Court. Remember Clinton has said G.W.H. Pappy Bush was his new best friend--this when they combined to set up their famous tsunami relief organization, an organization that collected billions of dollars but never really accounted for how the money was spent--some of which, I'm sure, went to Pappy and Slick Willie as administrative salaries, big bucks which when pooled with Slick Willie's big multimillion-dollar book deal and lecture circuit bucks allowed the Slick One to form his now plush World Something Organization (did you know Willie and the lyin' dog and Bush-Family puppet, Tony Blair, were now in business together?)--a nonprofit therefore tax-free foundation-like group, which has now propelled Slick Willie from a $30,000-a-year Arkansas (backward state) governor to now an ex-President worth over 200 million dollars. That's how you get rich in the USA. You get yourself elected to a political office--it doesn't matter if it's the local dog catcher, as long as you get elected to an office. From there all you gotta do is kiss the right rich boy's ass and soon like Jim Bunning the ex-baseball player politician you'll be sitting pretty in Congress, raking in a 200,000-a-year salary, plus 10s of thousands in perks and junket and corporate and lobbyist gifts and trips and dinners and golf outings, plus millions in campaign contributions every year, plus the best free healthcare in the world, plus a guaranteed-for-life retirement package. Either be a politician or a movie star, which in a way is the same job--both jobs being acting roles, both jobs demanding you be a quick study subject, having a sharp memory, playing whatever role your backers (your financial backers) hand you.

Like Grandpa Al Lewis said, stop preaching to the choir and get your asses of your masses off their asses and into the streets--as they are doing in Egypt, Syria (think of the bravery of those tired-of-being-oppressed people), Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, England, Spain, Greece, Italy....

Hey, everythang's cool. Americans are more interested in Amy Winehouse's promotional-driven-record-company-drugged life and demise than they are their own propaganda-driven-perpetually-scared-overtaxed-drugged life and probable demise. August 2nd, 2011, could be the actual December 12, 2012, Doomsday for us US fools and idiots. Why hell, we're all so fucking confused, we're liable to elect Michelle Bachmann our first woman president! Amy Winehouse would have made a better president than Oral Robert U's pride and joy, the woman who when President will run the US government using the Christian Holy Book of Babble as her total manual of rule.

I can still hear Nixon telling Henry Kissingassinger to get down on his knees and pray with him to Jesus Christ (Nixon, like his wife, had a drinking problem)--even though, as Nixon said, you're a fucking Jew bastard.

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And the Father of Cryonics Hath Finally Entered His Hot Ice Grave

Robert Chester Wilson Ettinger (4 December 1918[1] – 23 July 2011[2]) was an American academic, known as "the father of cryonics" because of the impact of his 1962 book The Prospect of Immortality.[3][4] He is considered by some a pioneer transhumanist on the basis of his 1972 book Man into Superman.[5]

Ettinger founded the Cryonics Institute[6] and the related Immortalist Society and until 2003 served as the groups' president. His body has been cryopreserved, like the bodies of his first and second wives, and his mother.

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