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Living in New York City: Where Our Mayor Allowed a Couple of Young Indians to Screw the City Out of 600 Million Dollars

Foto by tgw, "The Most Beautiful Building in NYC," New York City 2010
We the Citizens of New York City Were Jilted Out of $600,000,000
The above flyer was being handed out last week by members of one of the District Council 37 (the City workers union) legal wings. One of our Billionaire Mayor's trickbags was threatening to fire thousands of teachers, putting money into privatizing the city public schools, closing fire houses and firing firemen--all of which turned out to be, like I said, a trickbag job to take the attention away from his real goals, to cut to the bone all special services to like single working mothers--he cut their Day Care subsidies in half--these are women working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet--this billionaire bastard gives a shit about anybody making less than a couple of million a year. All of this controversy over firings and budget manipulating is also a trickbag maneuver to cover up the many money-stealing schemes this mayor's administration uses to line their pockets, help the mayor make another million or two, and allow schemers wickeder than them to swindle and steal and rip-roar fraud We the Citizens of New York City.

This billionaire little-man mayor claims what this city needs to make it work is a businessman, you see. Bloomberg gives as evidence of his business acumen his being beaucoup rich from a very lucky shot he got given when Merrill Lynch bought his system and the software that goes with it, which was before they were bailed-out by We the People of the US when we let JP Morgan-Chase (as big'a bunch of crooks as the finaglers at Merrill Lynch--those who drove it into bankruptcy) buy it cheap, like pennies on the dollar with their bail-out money since they, too, were going broke before we let them merge, both of whom were also individually going under.

Oh, aren't We the People of the US generous! While we're struggling to keep our jobs (unemployment has bounced back up to 9.5% nationally--higher in California, where it's at 12%--and Michigan and Rhode Island where it's over 10%) and to hold on to our homes and land, while our government is killing people all over the world with our now national industry's, the Military Industrial Complex, latest Weapons of Mass Destruction--our armies are killing people daily in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia now, Yemen, still in Iraq, in Libya--our drones are killing people, our CIA is going about the world assassinating people--and these cats are gorging themselves with wealth made off death and destruction. And We the People are so fucking generous!! Why, we're so generous, we're throwing billions upon billions of dollars at our military which is burning up 40% of the world's fuels, oils, energies--and once again, We the People of the US and our generosity are making Exxon-Mobil the richest-ever Capitalist merger in the history of world business--yep, at one time Exxon and Mobil were separated and as such were threatening to go bankrupt if they weren't allowed to merge, the merger trickbag started being pulled on us dumb We the People back in the late 60s and continues right on up to this day--merging companies--one company paying billions of dollars to merge with another company--and that's what We the Generous People of the USA allowed Exxon and Mobil to do--to merge--and now, look at the greedy bastards--they've cornered the oil market--they have a built-in profit-making machine called the U.S. Military, which buys billions of barrels of oil and gasoline and lubricants from Exxon-Mobil, as a result, they are a behemoth corporation--they are now BIGGER than the the U.S. Government, which our goofus-ass Congress is now warning us is going to default on its interest payments if We the People of the US who make less than $200,000-a-year--especially We the People who make poverty earnings--have to tighten our belts and sacrifice for the sake of the wealthy individuals who rule us through the Power Elite and for the sake of the big corporations--those same pirates who get to deduct use of their company jet fleets and whose big shots get to deduct depreciation on their yachts and their portfolio of mansions and island homes and summer homes and their hunting lodges--and, further We the People are warned, if we default on our interest payments (to Communist China, Japan, Euro Trash countries), ohhhh NO, the crooked-as-a-snake-at-night rating service, Moody's, owned by Warren Buffett, caught redhanded fixing ratings for certain companies, says it ain't gonna fix it so the US Government's ratings will stay triple A--oh no, they're going to lower our Government's ratings--thereby shooting interest rates up sky high and devaluing the dollar and putting more of us out of work.

A Great Depression is being choreographed in Washington, District of Corruption, as I type this. August 2nd is fastly approaching and the meatheads, like John Bonehead and Mitt the Mormon Romney, this Kentucky backwoodsman/hick millionaire, Mitch McConnell (and trust me, folks, there's nothing worse than a hick millionaire--check out the Sam Walton story)--all very wealthy MEN--and they are chopping down all our cherry trees--though they assure us they cannot tell lies. Capitalist Pigs. Ayn Rand's ass-kissing lovers, rightwing Libertarians (Check out Lyndon Larouche), Morons. Dumbasses. As Rick Wolff says, these assholes only know Capitalism; they are dumb to other ways of existing, so dumb in fact, they find Socialism disgusting and tag it as Communism--and you don't mention Marx anymore--he, too, is now associated with Russian Communism, the FAILED social system--though Marx called the result of the Revolution of the Proletariat a Communist Revolution--the Communism that Russia adopted wasn't Marx's Communism at all. Read Rick Wolff's Website, he knows more about Marxian Economics than I do, or more to than anybody else who calls themselves Economists. [Also check out the Marxist Economics lesson after my sign-off line below--WARNING, it ain't easy to understand--except if you're able to follow its logic.]

In the meantime, here in New York City the cost of living is now the highest in the USA thanks to our Billionaire Mayor and his rezoning schemes and his trying to takeover the Island of Manhattan as a gated community and urban playground for his billionaire buddies from all around the US and the World. [By the way, YES, all charges will be dropped in the Strauss-Kahn rape case. He'll be freed to rape again, while the single-mother maid he raped will be ostracized and condemned and may even have to do a little jail time--like how dare her charge this big-shot Frenchman with rape--come on, she consented, she's a whore, she's a dope-dealing, money-laundering whore--who now will lose her job...while Strauss-Kahn parties on heartily, and forgiven of his sins, he'll go on to reap (I almost wrote rape here) more and more world honors and make more and more millions of dollars and keep on raping whatever woman bends over in front of him while he's on a Power Elite horny trip.]

So our Billionaire superbusinessman Mayor Little-Man Mikey Bloomberg allowed this CityTime bunch to screw We the Citizens of New York City out of 600 million dollars--and when the little pricks who pulled this off were uncovered, they ran like rats back to the home country: INDIA! India, dammit!

We the People of New York City should be able to make a citizen's arrest of Bloomberg and confiscate all his wealth and holdings (except those he's hidden away in offshore bank accounts and investing in offshore property, like real estate ventures in several Caribbean countries). Either that or stop paying taxes. But NO, We the People of New York City are drugged on our efforts to get-rich-quick--and the young people of this town who are making the best money--the young lawyers and doctors and Wall Street brokers and bistro owners--are unconcerned about it all--noshing away in their little quaint wine & chocolate bars, eating their small portions of food concoctions invented by British chefs--like a one inch by one inch square of salmon broiled and laid over a bed of fennel, topped with a pickled owl's egg, and encircled by a sauce made from raspberries, pig assholes, and pomade--oh, sorry, pomegranate jelly.

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For a Pretty Good Lesson Covering a Very Complicated Subject, Here's an Explanation of Marxist Economics That The Daily Growler Approves Of--WARNING: You've Got to Love the Subject to Really Understand It--Economics Being Empirical Logic--That's All: Marxist Economics:

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