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thegrowlingwolf In Growling Resentment of These Backwoods-State Privileged Politicians Trying to Drive This Nation Into the Ground

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2011
Ron Paul Can Beat Obama Now/Hellfire! John McCain Could Beat Obama Now

This whole debt ceiling bullshit is just that, bullshit, a dog and pony show these hillbilly hick Republicans are pulling on We the People of the United States. Like this John Boehner (I call him John Bonehead). Why is this little backward creep from the poor and broke and low-populated state of Indiana [Mr. Ed: The Wolf Man got confused--Bonehead is from Ohio; still it's a rightwing state with a Tea Party attitude] able to hold such sway over what could turn out to be ruinous effects for this nation in terms of its left-behind citizens, those foolish ones of us who are earning less than 200,000 bucks a year; those of us living on $26,000-a-year and less. I mean I highly resent this Indiana prick fucking with my life. I resent these fools like Michelle Bachmann being able to garner so much air time and so many critical comments trying to take her seriously when she's a fool, a Christian fool, an Oral Roberts University-graduate-type Christian fool. This low-brow hypocrite is originally from Iowa, a backward state privately owned mostly by Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland whose biggest industry is riverboat gambling. She's a Middle-American flat-footed floozie (with a floy-floy) who is now making her home in Minnesota, another broke state whose government now ruled over by a rightwing cretin government got so broke it had to close down--only this morning the idiot governor finally signing the budget so they can get on with their further wrecking of that once profitable state that gave us Hormel Foods, Honeywell Industries, General Mills, and the 3M Corporation.

So John Bonehead the little Indiana [OHIO] backwards-thinking prick (piece of crap) was saying yesterday that he's sorry but Americans are just going to have to face it, they're going to have to sacrifice in order to pay off this enormous debt that this free-spending Democrat president, this wildly spending president, is backing us into. Sacrifices We the Low-Life People of the US are going to have to make by giving up getting to deduct our mortgage payments from our income tax; giving up any hope at getting to retire with a good income safety netted by a working and no-problem Social Security system; giving up any hope we had of if say we got cancer when we were in our 50s or 60s or 70s or 80s depending on a perfectly fine Medicare Healthcare system to bring us back to life--Medicare, which is ripped off liberally of course by insurance companies and greedy doctors, the cause for most of any problems Medicare has had in the past; giving up all that investment of having worked our asses off for 50 years of our existence and having paid out of every check we ever got from childhood on until retirement into our Social Security accounts (Social Security recipients still pay taxes), and also after we turn 50, paying out $100-a-month into our Medicare accounts--to pay for Plan A--hospital stay.

At the same time, have you noticed, these assholes aren't voluntarily cutting their outrageous salaries--all these clowns averaging over $200,000-a-year, 60% of them millionaires already. Nor have you noticed President Obama voluntarily cutting his salary--cutting his advisory staffs--cutting his use of Air Force 1 and 2--or cutting back on the fleets of staff cars assigned to the executive branch. Or how about cutting Federal judges salaries? Or how about cutting back on Hillary Clinton's private State Department army in Iraq? Or how about cutting the general officers's salaries in the military? Or how about Congress having to pay for their own healthcare? Or what about eliminating wasteful Cabinet positions or hell how about combining Cabinets?

And what further pisses me off about all of this is, these lyin' dog assholes are now saying they're trimming our debt by--they throw out 3 trillion in one load of bullshit, then it will go up to 4 trillion a shovelful, or then I've seen it down to 2 trillion--3 trillion without having to raise taxes--in fact, and listen to this, their latest fraudulent spin is that they are lowering taxes for ALL AMERICANS! Oh whoop-the-fuckin'-pee! We give up our Social Security and our Medicare in order to get lower taxes! How stupid is that? We're all headed for hell in fucking handbaskets and here's a little Indiana [OHIO] half-baked White racist cat who ain't sacrificing one damn dime of his privileged existence threatening to ruin most of our lives--Jesus, why don't these idiots drive the rest of you Americans as mad as they do me? I don't hear any counterarguing going on--well, yes, Bernie Sanders is making noise, but Bernie is ineffectual--Congress as a whole laughs at his ass--besides, he's from Vermont, to these fools, a hippy state. Or Dennis Kocinich, too. Totally ineffective. To the point Dennis's own Cleveland constituents don't want him--they'd rather have a Tea Party nut take his place.

And my contention is: I am now in the minority. My left-leaning libertarian ideals are totally ignored; in fact, my ideals are considered in the worst light: as atheistic, as communistic, as socialistic, as humanistic--WHY, I dare to consider humans as fucking monkeys! I'm a disgrace to this nation Under God. Whose God? What God? And I must give in to the will of this backwards-thinking majority of Redneck Racists from backwards-drifting, broke small-populated states like Wyoming, Indiana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Alaska--or totally broke states like Michigan and Ohio and Minnesota and Texas and California (yep, California is broke--why, there's talk in California of them separating from the US and becoming the Bear Republic).

My problem with Obama is this: why won't he for his own dignity's sake stand up to these Boneheads and Mitt McConartists (from the great progressive state of Kentucky) and these phony assholes like Ron Paul or Christian-bimbos like Michelle Bachmann? Why won't he shove this shit right back in their faces--turn the tables on these uncompromising further-right-than-Reagan assholes? I've advised Michelle Bachmann, by the bye, that she should release a sex video showing her having hot Christian sex--and that pervert husband of hers looks like he'd love a threesome with say Michelle and Sarah "Paleface" Palin or maybe Michelle and Sarah Palin's daughter--is it true Paleface's daughter's gotten herself knocked up again? What a bunch of low-life pieces of crap who are deliberately out to ruin our lives.

In the meantime, China grows rich on our failures. If we default on our debt payments, whose gonna bring us down? Not the Chinese. If the Chinese called in our debt it would wreck their economy. Who is gonna buy their cheap child-labor-made teevees and computers and all those junk Disney Mickey Mouse clothes (all full of formaldehyde) and all those junky toys and those lead-laced candies? And Japan right now can't afford to mess with the debt of ours they own--not with their economy on the brink once again of collapse. Iceland defaulted on its debt and it's doing quite fine, thank you. Argentina defaulted on its debt and it's doing just fine, thank you. So let's default on our debt. Fuck it. Let Moody's rate us -AAA--who gives a shit?

And how 'bout that crooked-as-a-snake-at-night Moody's rating service--owned by Warren Buffett (that old piece'a crap junk-bond billionaire)--saying that Greece will certainly default--and I say YES, YES, Go Greece--default rather than sell your country to the Euro-trash banks and the International Monetary Fund--that American-headquartered and financially backed bunch of crooks, swindlers, pirates that was now supposed to be headed by good ole Dominique Strauss-Kahn the French rapist. And now that poor hotel maid is baring her crazy misdirected soul (coming to America to escape the brutal existence in her homeland, the military-dominated ex-French colony of Guinea) on morning commercial television--and I was reading one comment about her not being that good looking a woman--with pock marks on her face. The reporter however went on to declare that this pock-marked-faced ugly woman did have one hell of a well-developed woman body--which means she has nice perky tits on a sway back that allows her magnificent African steatopygic ass to stick out far enough for this Frenchman rapist to remember how his countrymen prefer their colonial black women a la Negress style, which is doggie style to a Frenchman.

And this is all the return of Ronald Reagan (Reaganomics; New World Order; rise of the Neo-Cons under Reagan's loose-wig banner) to haunt us. Always keep in mind, though President Obama refuses to look at "what was," he's only interested in "what will be," our refusal to look back and study the antics of the Reagan Administration where all this trickle-down nonsense got started; where all this free-trade bullshit got started; where all this
"drive the economy down" bullshit started; where all these Middle-East wars and conflicts began--Reagan selling out his President at the time, Jimmy "Ineffectual Peanut Farmer" Carter, by negotiating with the hostage-holding Iranians behind Carter's back, the deal being the Iranians would hold the hostages until Reagan got elected then he'd flood Iran with US millions and in return they'd release the hostages--and that's exactly how it happened. You must remember when it comes to Ronnie "Star Wars" Reagan, his last years in office he was the Alzheimer's Association's poster boy: "So you've got Alzheimer's...You can still be President of the USA." In a way, we are so lucky Ronnie had Alzheimer's his last years in office because it made Nancy Reagan acting president--and boy-howdy was Nancy one dumb woman--an actress, totally unreal people--Reagan the actor playing at being President with his Grade B acting background and his gaggle of unholy scriptwriters.

Yes, this is the return of Reagan, the greatest president the Power Elite on the right (the Sun Belt millionaires and billionaires) have ever come up with.

Americans idolize movie stars. We are extremely jealous of the privileged lives they get to lead. And the biggest bunch of US idiots on earth are those who live in Southern California--or to be more specific, those who live in L.A. and nearby vicinities (like Anaheim, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, Riverside), my own relatives and friends included. These idol worshippers have given us William Randolph Hearst (is Patty Hearst head of the Hearst empire now?); Senator George "the Hoofer" Murphy; the great Tricky One from Whittier, Richard Milhouse Nixon; Ronnie "Second Banana to a Monkey" Reagan; Mayor Sam Yorty; the Democratic wimp Gray Davis; Governor Arnie "the Maid-Humping Nazi" Swartzennegger (ex-husband of a Kennedy girl); and their current governor, Jerry "the Wacked Out Buddhist" Brown (he became a Buddhist when it was the hippy thing to do after reading Herman Hesse while listening to Led Zeppelin). And I've left out a hundred or so low-level Congressmen, several of which are currently making fools of themselves in Congress.

And then I was seeing Bill Clinton praised for leaving office with a surplus, a surplus that G.W. Bush blew in a matter of minutes after 9/11, a dude who you've got to remember was our first president ever "appointed" president by the Supreme(ly Dumb) Court (an unConstitutional act, but then who the hell gives a shit about that old piece of yellowing paper?)--this after Georgie-Porgie's brother, Jeb (named after a Confederate general), the father of those "little brown babies" old Mammy Babs Bush used to speak so lovingly of (Jeb married a brown woman--"Hey, Jeb, was your wife legal when you married her?"), threw in the garbage a huge block of White Democrat votes--a large bloc of Black Democrat votes up in the Palm Beach area--enough to send the Florida results to the Supreme(ly Dumb) Court, who in turn decided Jeb's little dumbass brother George W. was yes indeedy, We the People's new president, in spite of his having lost the overall election to Al "the Bore" Gore (who is still a bore no matter how Progressive Democrats, like the Daily Howler, keep defending him). I mean, come on, you gotta give credit to this little weasel of a rich boy, G.W. Bush. I mean, to literally steal two presidential elections in a row. Yet, too, We the People on the Righteous Left have to remember, G.W. Bush got enough legitimate votes in both elections so it was easy for Karl Rove and his henchmen to steal the Florida votes through Bro. Jeb in the first election, and then steal Kerry's winning votes in the very backward state of Ohio in his second election. And remember how old stupid-ass Kerry, the privileged son of a rich man and an ex-D.A. from Massachusetts, the phony Vietnam hero who son of a bitch lucked out and married old Charlie Heinz's Heinz's 57-inheriting widow while old Charlie was still smashing tomatoes in his grave--and who instead of staying up and challenging G.W. Bush's stolen-vote win, went to bed with the widow Heinz and got in a good night's sleep--so he lost the election, he didn't lose his Power Elite-Yaley-Skull-and-Bones (where to be a member you have to suck another member's dick) membership privileges--and this fool is still in Congress, still dragging his ass in terms of anything politically innovative.

God-damn-it, I cry, even writing tongue-in-cheek about these rascals drives me almost into the rubber room at Bellevue Hospital, right up the street from me here on this absolutely beautiful, cool, and peaceful Monday morning here in the greatest city in the USA in spite of our little pissant community-wrecking public-school-wrecking anti-poor-folks billionaire Mayor who is trying to change my hometown into a gated community and rich-boy playground for his New World Order billionaires and high-end millionaires, a group that includes Arab (Islamic) princes and shieks who are allowed to come here and buy up our buildings and vacant lots and old hotels--a group of investors that also includes Communist Chinese private-equity real-estate investors, allowing these Capitalist-Communists to come here and buy our buildings or finance boutique hotels and new hi-rise luxury office and condo buildings up and down our rezoned neighborhoods--especially up and down Sixth Avenue, one of the last of the low-rise avenues--once renamed the Avenue of the Americas--a Robert Moses renaming of Sixth Avenue in time for his 1964 World's Fair that celebrated NYC's Latin American roots--thus the renaming of 6th Avenue to the Avenue of the Americas and then putting statues of famous Latin American political and military heroes from one end of the avenue--up at 57th Street on back down to below Canal--Jose Marti's statue is one of those statues--Simon Bolivar's statue is on the Avenue somewhere--statues now totally ignored as people rush up and down Sixth Avenue madly, hustling to keep the lousy US dollars coming in--nobody any longer calling it the Avenue of the Americas--not really.

And, by the bye, speaking of bucks, I see where Yahoo News has an article on how if our stupid Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, our paper dollars will be worthless--that it's better to get rid of your paper money--you know, buy gold at $1600-an-ounce--or silver at $60-an-ounce--of course helping the precious metals market!

G.W. Bush raised the debt ceiling with nobody challenging his wreckless spending that got us into this economic mess in the first place!! Doesn't that PISS YOU OFF like it does me? To sit and see these privileged well-taken-care-of fools playing politics with We the People's future no matter if we're young or old or Baby Boomer or Middle Class, whatever the hell, just riles me up with resentment and also seeing perhaps my final years become horror years rather than years of living in a planned community in Florida and playing golf and shuffleboard all day and square dancing all night with my new senior live-in mistress--"Pass me that bowl of Viagra, will you, Sal, I think my sweety's decalcified her vagina momentarily tonight and I'm expectin' some salacious fun, that I am!"

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