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Living in New York City: Amongst the Dumbasses

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2007
Say Goodbye to: One of the great all-time MLB managers (he was also a player), Dick Williams of the old-school of managing; an advocate of Billy Ball; he took a lazy Boston Red Sox team and shaped them up to the point they won the American League pennant, first time since 1948, though the Sox lost to Bob Gibson and the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. Williams was the manager who took over the Oakland Athletics after Boston fired him when he got pissed at Carl Yastremski and Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey. At Oakland, with Charlie Finley buying him some of the best players in baseball--Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers, Vida Blue, etc.--Williams started the Oakland Dynasty. Later in his career, he took the San Diego Padres to their first World Series, though they were no match for Sparky Anderson and the Detroit Tigers that season. Dick Williams, 82, American baseball player and Hall of Fame manager (Oakland Athletics, Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres), ruptured aortic aneurysm.
Say Hello to: A Bunch of Dumbasses
Who's a Dumbass?

Let's reverse that question, "Who Isn't a Dumbass?" I'm biased. I can only see Dumbasses. President Obama is a dumbass. Do you get the feeling these dumbasses have blown already all the Social Security pool monies, have filled the Social Security pool with worthless IOUs? I mean, don't you get the feeling that these birds have allowed the best of the program to fly the coop into the foul nests of our criminal financial system?

And Little Timmy Geithner is a dumbass. Did you hear Timmy threatening the Greeks that if they didn't accept these draconian austerity measures imposed on them by the IMF and the Euro Bank, the whole "too big to fail" banks are going to start failing again...and both Dumbass Timmy and Dumbass President Obama are already talking about how we must all suffer (and President Obama says he's so sorry this is the case BUT...and there's that big BUTT being pushed at our lips, "Kiss this or you'll be sorry") or else he'll have to bail out our banks again. YES. YES. Both these dumbasses are saying we must bail our banks out--they are still too big to fail. Americans are failing by the boatloads; yet, Americans are left to sink or swim--fuck bailing We the People out!

The dumbasses keep on approving of more and more war involvements--I mean our armies and our weapons are scattered across the world--at a cost of so far around 3 to 4 trillion dollars, according to the latest computations done by Brown University. Think of that! I mean, come on, THINK OF THAT SUM! 4 trillion dollars! Divide 4 trillion by 350,000,000 and see what you get. That's how much money each one of us could have had had that money have been used to BAIL OUT THOSE OF US WHO ARE TOO POWERLESS TO NOT FAIL. And why oh why is this gaggle of Dumbasses breaking down the doors of our senior citizens to arrest them as drags on the economy! Senior citizens, those 65 and older, and a huge voting bloc it would be should Senior citizens ever organize or have any kind of representation in Washington, District of Corruption (whatever happened to the Grey Panthers; did they die off?).

Just think how totally bailed out our politicians are when it comes to health insurance benefits (they have the best in the world), permanent get-out-of-jail cards for when they get caught with their mitts in the collective kitty or involved in their many sexual escapades, campaign treasuries of millions upon millions of dollars--Obama's campaign coffers packed with a billion dollars of tainted money, a lot of that billion coming from these banks and financial institutions that are TOO BIG TO FAIL.

And Timmy Geithner is a rat fink, too, as long as I'm mudslinging. And I am slinging oil-mud at these "clean-cut Ivy League dudes" who are picking our ribs clean of any meat we have left on them.

From the Spoiled-Brat/Dumbass Lips of Timmy Geithner

"Some think that by preparing to deal with crises you make them more likely. I think the wiser judgment is the contrary. In this area at least, if you want peace or stability, it's better to prepare for war or instability."

The choice is between which mistake is easier to correct: underdoing it or overdoing it."

The government can help, but we need to make this transition now to a recovery led by private investment, private."

That last statement shows you where Dumbass Tim's loyalties lie. In Timmy's resume, by the way, he calls himself a Public Servant. Yeah, he's served the Public up on a silver platter to the financial industry from which this little dumbass prick comes.

I have no qualms at calling this class of heathen human-monkeys dumbass. President Obama is the biggest dumbass in Washington, District of Corruption, and trust me, I don't think Obama is dumb. He's not dumb. You don't have to be dumb to be a Dumbass. A dumbass to me is someone who knows better but can't do better because politically he's a dumbass, dig? And politically he's a Black (half-White, don't forget) man so he has to pretend to be a dumbass whether he is or not. But, don't worry, he is a dumbass and he will continue to make dumbass decisions no matter how easily he wins the oncoming election and I have no doubt this Dumbass can certainly out class all the White Dumbasses who'll be out to "tan his hide," or what they'd like to do him in that truth that lies just under their breath, that attitude of White supremacy and all the death threats that brings with it.

Orrin Hatch, Double-Dumbass
This idiot, and a Mormon to boot (how did so many Mormons get so influential in our politics?), from the low-populated state of Utah--most of the state's land is owned by We the People of the USA, said yesterday in his dumbest and stupidest way that the poor are not doing enough to reduce this country's deficit--that the wealthy are already doing MORE than their share since, as all of these tax-loophole-privileged dumbasses claim, the wealthiest of us pay more than 70% of the taxes, which is totally bullshit. Orrin Hatch, by the way, is a multimillionaire, though at one time Good Ole Orrin was a poor Vernal, Utah (his family founded the town), boy who worked at shit jobs to work his way through the University of the Mormons (Brigham Young U), and then was a Union man while working his way through Univ. of Pittsburgh Law School. Fuck all of that now. Orrin is the longest-running Utah politician in the history of Utah politics--he's been reelected 5 times--and now runs practically unopposed when it comes time for reelection. Orrin has the best healthcare in the world; plus he's covered for the rest of his life by the best retirement policies in the world--he retires with his full salary and office privileges and monies enough to build the Orrin Hatch Dumbass foreclosures on any of Orrin's many properties--plus, I'm sure by now there is an Orrin Hatch Foundation nestled neatly in some off-shore bank somewhere. Orrin, too, is a faithful Mormon, and though his family is originally from Vermont, they have been Mormons for as long as they can remember, able to trace Hatches back to the good ole days in Nauvoo, Illinois.

When I was a kid, it was quite common for Mormon missionaries to knock on our door--West Texas is full of Mormons--and want to discuss the Book of the Mormon and its relationship to the Christian Book of Hooey called The Wholly Babble--I'm sorry, I'm so opposed to these human-monkey fantasy trips that I can't say their names correctly--The Christian Holy Book of Babble...oops, dammit, why can't I write Holy Bible?

Most of the time when the Mormon missionaries knocked on our door, my mother would politely turn them away. BUT, if my dad were home when they came, he would invite them in--my dad loved to debate--and soon the house would be ringing with the high tones of my dad's voice bellowing in Christian argument with the serious lowering tones of the Mormon young men--Mormons must serve a period of mission work--going all over the world to try and bring the Mormon message to those dumber-than-Mormons, those who potentially might believe the silly crap the Mormon's teach.

I remember one night when my dad let the Mormons in, the brouhaha soon began boiling around the Mormon issue that babies who weren't baptized (like those who die at birth) would go to Hell! My dad couldn't see his God turning babies away from Heaven just because they were born dead or died before they'd been baptized! My dad firmly believed his God recognized the age of innocence, which according to most human-monkeys is that time from birth to 12 years of age. If you died during that age, God would be considerate and let you into Heaven, I suppose maybe based on whether your parents were practicing tithe-paying Christians. Though I definitely can't see God letting the innocent unbaptized babes of the heathen into Heaven. This religion bunkum is very complicated, isn't it?

I'll say this for Mormonism (the correct word when talking about it), it makes more sense than Christianity--even though it was written by a drunken White man. Like Mormons reject the virgin birth of Jesus. They say he was born of an earthly father same as all of us are born of earthly fathers--that there was some daddy-mommy fucking going on--or, if Jesus was illegitimate, he was still born the same way human-monkeys are born. The Mormons even believe God the Big Daddy of us all was born of earthly parents and was elevated into the God state. The Book of the Mormon's the Book of Abraham--yep, the poppy of the Jews and not the juice of the poppy--states that there perhaps was more than ONE GOD by using the term "they" in talking about how this world and the holy babble came about! So, OK, Joe Smith was drunk when he found the golden plates in that Illinois ditch, still he got it "righter" than the sober (we assume) men who are credited with "writing" the Christian Book of Babble.

Those of you who know me, or have been keeping pace with this now-long-running reality novel experience we call The Daily Growler, know that I consider myself a soothsayer. Here's some predictions I've deduced as more-than-likely possible:

--it will be revealed that our government has put us into a 4 trillion-dollar war debt in that it has borrowed all the money to pay for these perpetual wars (and they're not going to end during my lifetime, a lifetime that hasn't got that much time left on it). War next time will become war all the time.

--Obama to change parties! I'm going off the deep end on this one, like the old-timey soothsayers of my youthful days (Criswell and Jeanne Dixon) who would throw in some wild fantastic predictions to keep their bestselling book balls rolling along nicely in the NYTimes Top Ten Nonfiction list. President Obama to announce he's shapeshifting in mid-stream--"I am announcing today that I have decided, after considerable consideration and due to my respect for President Ronald Reagan, who I've decided is the greatest president we've ever had, and whose economic policies I and my Wall Street heroes and my Harvard Law School asshole buddies and Timmy Geithner and the Big Dog, Slick Willie Clinton and Dave Axelrod and my old pal, Emmanuel Rahm, who is now the Boss of Chicago, all approve of. I know I'm a deceitful bastard, a turncoat, but, I don't give a good G-D about it, I'm going South on you Dumbocrats and joining my new buddy-buddies in Repugnicanism, John "Failed Mission" McCain and the always charming Michelle Bachmann--a woman of Joan d'Arc strength who is fully admired by my wife Michelle [he pauses waiting for applause and cheering to die down]--and my old pal Allan Simpson--all agree to my party switching--so from now on, I will be proud to be a Patriotic-Corporate-loving-Rightwinger Scumbag Repugnican--and my new campaign manager 'bout a big 'round of applause for that great man from Connecticut, Joe LIEberman...Hey, Joe, my man, front and center, pal."

OK, so I'm spoofin' on the dude. Still, as far as I can see, our Dumbocrat President is already about as rightwing a nutjob as a Dumbocrat can get.

for The Daily Growler

Say Goodbye to Cy Twombly
Cy Twombly standing before his art. Cy Twombly's father pitched for the Chicago White Sox. He was named for Cy Young and so he named his son after Cy Young, too. Cy came to New York City and attended the Art Students League becoming close friends with Robert Rauschenberg who talked Cy into enrolling in the famous Black Mountain College in Asheville, North Carolina, where he studied with Franz Kline, Ben Shahn, Robert Motherwell (one of my fav American artists) and of all people, John Cage. It was at Black Mountain College that Cy became fascinated with the work of Paul Klee (one of my fav artists). Cy moved to Italy in his latter years where he married an Italian artist and they gave birth to an Italian artist son. Cy was known as a "school blackboard" artist because of a couple of his huge panels that resemble chalk scrawls on a school blackboard. He also like to paint series of panels like those hanging behind Cy as he stands before them in the above photograph--the image coming to life in the far left panel to gradually evolve into the completed painting in the last panel.
Say Goodbyes, Too, to: Josef Suk the classical violinist; and Wes Covington the former MLB baseball player--outfielder--good hitter--best years were with the Milwaukee Braves (before they were the Atlanta Braves); and finally, give a tearful goodbye to Ruth Roberts, the songwriter who gaves us one of our favorite songs: "Meet the Mets!"

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