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Living in the USA: The Home of the Dumbest People in the World

Foto by tgw, "The Face of God," New York City 2011
Has This Heat Gotten to Me?

Am I nuts or is anybody with any brains at all sick and tired of this political posing going on in Washington, District of Corruption, over this debt-ceiling bullshit? I don't apologize for speaking bluntly because to me bullshit is bullshit and this evil trickbaggery that's been going on down below the Mason-Dixon Line--yep, folks, D.C.'s a Old South city--is pure-dee, using Old Southernese, bullshit. Or pure-dee bullshipittle, as my dear old departed mother would have put it. These ninnies, these whining nitpicking little Napoleonic-complexed pretenders--yes, I can easily compare them to World Wrestling Federation (sorry, World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince McMahon's inherited nest egg) Rasslin' --the phony form of Greco-Roman wrestling. Ironic how it's illegal (supposedly) to stage a phony boxing match but it's OK to stage a phony wrestling match.

And our President! What a ninny! And what got me on this shit-detecting venture is this sudden reappearance of this Congressional phony rasslin' tag team the media has dubbed "The Gang of Six." Yes, these six old Congressional farts are back in the rasslin' ring once again to pose as the Great White Hope against the current World Champion Rassler, President Barack "Mr. Bend Over Backwards" Obama. These phony rasslers will stage a 2-out-of-3-fall scripted rasslin' match to see just how much We the People of the USA are gonna get screwed up the wahzoo in terms of "sharing the sacrifice," "tightening our belts," etc., bullshit, etc., bullshit, etc.

But this is what really pissed me off--read this, from

“The Gang of Six proposes immediate and significant cuts to Social Security benefits, and a process for addressing the program’s funding shortfall projected to appear 25 years from now. The process would virtually guarantee devastating cuts. This plan breaks faith with the American people, who overwhelmingly oppose benefit cuts.

“The Gang of Six framework contains very few specifics but one is glaring – the immediate cuts that would affect all 55 million Social Security beneficiaries by changing the way the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is calculated. Their plan would substitute the less accurate and less-generous chained consumer price index (CPI) for the current CPI in calculating the COLA. This breaks a promise made by many politicians to not cut the benefits of anyone over age 55.

“Over the next ten years alone, the chained CPI would take $112 billion directly out of the pockets of beneficiaries with cuts growing larger each year and pushing many of the oldest old, primarily women, into poverty. The COLA cut would reduce benefits by 3.7 percent after 10 years, 6.5 percent after 20 years and 9.2 percent after 30 years. For a typical senior who retires at age 65, their Social Security benefits would be $1,000 less by the time they are 85 – on a benefit of just $16,000 a year. That’s a big loss of income that may be affordable for politicians in Washington but not for most people across the country.

“Adopting the chained CPI goes in the wrong direction. Most people who depend on Social Security devote a much larger share of their income to health care, and these costs are increasing at a much higher rate than other living costs. They need a more accurate formula that reflects these higher costs, which would result in a COLA increase, not a COLA cut. Seniors and other Social Security beneficiaries have not gotten a COLA for two years. Apparently some in Washington think that was too generous."

Did They Really Save Hitler's Brain?
Everybody surely remembers that Mexican movie called "They Saved Hitler's Brain." Actually they saved Hitler's whole head in a bell jar. And Hitler could talk. I think the Gang of Six have found that Hitler head and are taking orders from it. I mean, where do they have the balls (and they're all men, aren't they?) to come up with such evil ways of covering up the dumb ass spending binge of their President, our two-stolen-term faux president, Baby Boy Bush? Under this illegal robbery of We the People's Social Security pool, that pool into which all working people have paid from the git go of their first-ever paycheck right on through until they retire, these cruel men have come up with a Social-Security-cutting plan that says the longer you live, the less Social Security benefits you're going to get. I mean how dare these assholes. These well-heeled bastards, these political parasites who get the best of everything in life thanks to We the People of the USA paying more and more and more and getting less and less and less in return.

Now here's another blatant kick in the ass We the People are going to get from this Gang of Six Old Repugnican Farts. They are brazenly insisting on further tax breaks for corporations and the Power Elite. The CEO of J.P. Morgan, for instance, is going to get a salary of 20 million bucks this year. Under the current tax law, this little pirate would be taxed at a 35% rate, which means he will owe $7 million in income taxes. The Gang of Six say that's too much; they are hardheadedly (dumbassly) demanding that these overwealthy bastards be given a further tax break that will reduce their tax rate down to 29%--and they are really wanting to knock it back down to 23%. At 29%, this CEO of J.P. Morgan's tax bill would be $5 million--saving him $2 million in taxes.

Also, figure this out: according to this Gang of Six's highway-robbery plan, Exxon-Mobil, holders of the world's record for making profits (most of those profits made off We the People's Department of Defense and the Pentagon--oil, gasoline, lubricants, inflammables for the US Armed Forces scattered on 150 bases around the world) must be given further tax breaks--in fact, we shouldn't even tax their foreign profits--I mean can you believe this? These thugs (that's why they're called a Gang) and this cowardly lion President are going to give corporations and millionaire/billionaires (our Power Elite) bigger tax breaks than even Little Shrub Bush gave them (his own kind).

And isn't it sickening to know that We the People of the USA are still supporting that worthless old Pappy Bush and Mammy Babs Bush--Pappy gets all kinds of monies from We the People--his ex-Presidential salary and a security force and office space; plus as an ex-head of the CIA he probably gets a little pension from them; plus he was vice president--I'm sure he gets a couple of checks quarterly from having held that worthless job--Think of that--doesn't that make you want to revolt? And then, too, there's the embarrassing fact that we're supporting Pappy's most worthless son for whom We the People recently built for this little worthless weasel son of a weasel father and grandfather a library! Also, if you're ever in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I wouldn't ever advise anybody to visit Little Rock, Arkansas, unless they were flying over it 60,000 feet in the air, but in case you're ever there, check out the library We the People built for Billy Jeff Clinton! It's an architectural wonder--a wonder monument to the President who fucked Monica Lewinsky with an illegal Cuban cigar in the Oval office--after she'd sucked his old Big Willie Pop off--"Oooooh, Mr. President, I got your gooey-gooey all over my good blue dress." This the real son of a bitch who started all of this whole bullshit we're now having to go through--he caused it by listening to and taking the advice of two dumbasses, Robert Rubin and Larry "Duh?" Sommers, and then deregulating the BANKS and WALL STREET FINANCIAL FIRMS! Allowing insurance companies to form banks; allowing banks to sell insurance; allowing financial institutions to become real estate dealers (i.e., Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Bean...and later Smith). Oh, don't get me started...these stupid macho men who rule us by holding their Power Elite club memberships over our heads so piss me off. This brings out the hungry wolf side of me.

Since over 60% of Congress are millionaires or better, do We the Stupid-Dick People of the USA expect these crooks to raise taxes on themselves. President Obama likes to quip that he's one of these rich bastards who's getting these tax breaks--and notice, none of these bastards are cutting their salaries or eventually giving up their salaries after they've gotten to be a certain age. HYPOCRITES! LYIN' SCHEMIN' DOGS! Or as Grandpa Al Lewis would call them, Pieces of Crap.

Or how about this for unbelievableness: The reasons we're in such a deep debt are not even on the cutting table. They are totally ignored as these charades continue.

[It was announced yesterday that the latest figures show that 2 million Iraqis have died in Iraq since the beginning of our invasion and occupation. Holy Cripes! Like Pontius Pilate, our War Mongering Presidents are washing their hands of these deaths.]

I mean how can these assholes (the Gang of Six and our President) keep a straight face 'round-Robin's-barn press conferences now--he makes no sense. He's a tin man. And yet, in the coming election, once again the American people are stuck of bottom-of-the-barrel choices. And I say the American people and I've said it before are the dumbest stupidest most superstitious while they work this dumb shit out--like Obama when he gives one of his gobblygookfraidy-cats (who've had their balls cut out and their paws declawed) in the viciously cruel world. How can we allow these clowns to mock us like they do?--allow them to look down their noses at us like they do?--to lie to us, to purposely lie to us like they do?...they're lying, folks, lying like dogs. Debt ceiling. They had no trouble passing it when Bush was the worst president we ever had. [One of the Gang of Six is this Chambless hick from that great backwards state of South Carolina. This is the sorry bastard who got into Congress by trashing and vilifying Senator Max Cleland, the paraplegic Vietnam veteran, by calling him a phony and a coward--G.W. Bush, the AWOL Texas Air National Guard pilot, also belittled Cleland in one of his trips down to that great state that still wants to fly the Confederate flag over its capitol. Oh the gall and balls of these pieces of crap MEN. The Gang of Six: the Democrat from North Dakota (a very small state that should belong to the Nez Pierce and the Lakota Sioux who are still imprisoned on reservations out thar, partner) and one is from the great state of Oklahoma, another backward state who's dumbass representatives and senators are dumbly determining our fate--and Chambliss from South Carolina...God-damn, where's my representative? Where's my senator? How come a senator from New York City doesn't have more say over our fate that a Gang of Six outlander hicks from low-populated, mostly all-white-controlled states--two of the states still imprisoning Native Americans, Native Americans who should still own both North Dakota and Oklahoma like they did Oklahoma before Standard Oil's geologists discovered oil there in the early 1900s.]

Why aren't the people who elected Obama throwing shaving cream pies at his two-faced face? Dammit! Yes we can! Yes we can out-Bush Bush! Yes We Can!

So the legend that today's seniors are stealing all future SS benefits from the growing old baby boomers finally has frothed to the top of the mix. Fools. By destroying the system We the People of the US are allowing these politician creeps to legally cut the throats of any old fool who has good health and dares to live over 80 years of age. "Hey, Gramps, you're gettin' close to 80, pal, time for you to either take yourself out on the ice or get your ass out and get a job--your Social Security payments are dick shit compared to what you're costing our asses in assistance--so die you bastard, either that or, like I said, go out and get a job so you can pay your own way."

FUCK SENIORS. That's the massage. It's an election year coming up soon; the boys are out collecting as many millions as they can get their greedy little mitts on so they can either pretend run (test the waters, you see--so, like Newtie Gingrich just did, they blow 10 or 15 million testing the waters--who cares?--it's deductible) or actually get the nod from their party's head honchos they are the "serious" candidates.

Here's some truth: Corporations and the men who run them and the men who do their books have since Capitalist time began hated taxes and hated paying out their end of Social Security input and hated paying for their workers's healthcare and for workplace safety. They have hated paying into workers's pension funds and 401Ks...and since the Republican Party became the Party of the Power Elite, they have been trying to wreck Social Security and Medicare and unions and having to pay for keeping their workers healthy and keeping their workplaces safe.

George W. Bush tried to teach us how to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps like his thieving forefathers did--like his worthless father and his worthless brothers and sister did--like his old Mammy Babs did. Remember what Mammy Babs said that time she was playing the humanitarian role as she strolled through the Astrodome filled with Katrina storm victims from New Orleans on a photo-op with her faux-president son: "Why lookie-lookie heah, Georgie Boy, all these New Orlun's kneegrows are so much bettah off heah in the Astrodome than they were before the storm hit New Orluns, ain't that right, sugar?"

I make fun of these fools, but then it's dangerous to face off against these ruthless bastards. Especially messin' with the Texas Bushes. I mean people with dirt on the Bushes end up being found dead from shotgun wounds in a ditch down in Texas somewhere, i.e., little Georgie Porgie's Saudi-Arabian oil business partner; or the Texas journalist who wrote the book about the Bushes that Pappy Bush had Macmillan pull from publication--that poor bastard ended up DEAD down in Texas, too--while Little Georgie Porgie was the Playboy governor of Texas.

And how pathetic is Rupert Murdoch? That old dried up prune--so crooked he's wrinkling up like a wadded up piece of paper--stewing in his own stolen wealth's juices. "Hey, Rupert, you old creepy bastard, look over here, we got a pie for your crumpled up old mug!"

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