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thegrowlingwolf on President Obama's Dilemma

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2006.
White Folks (do you see what "Obama's dilemma" is yet?)
I was listening to Obama explain his sudden being impressed with G.W. Bush's military adventures in impressed, in fact, he's taking old Georgie Porgie's brilliant surge strategy that helped us WIN the War on "Terrerism" (G.W. Bush's pronunciation) in Iraq. Georgie Porgie said as much as he was leaving office. Remember, he said his greatest accomplishment as president was his leading us to victory in Iraq in revenge for Saddam Hussein trying to "murder" Pappy Bush and also in revenge for We the People rebuking old Pappy Bush as a Wimp First Class. "Mission Accomplished" was G.W.'s proudest moment.

I've said over and over how powerful it is being commander and chief of the US Armed Forces. Then think about how especially exciting it is to a rather "little boy"-acting man like Obama and to now be realizing how powerful being President of the USA is in that it also means you are in charge of the Armed Forces. How doubly exciting it must be to know that you are the first black man to not only ever be President but to be Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. Jesus, that realization must make Obama's skin tingle with proud excitement, unimaginable excitement. What it must be for Obama to be sitting all alone in the Oval Office and thinking to himself about the whole affair!

But also think about the pressures from all sides on this honestly intelligent black man who out of nowhere in the very worst of times has found himself with such power. Even the pressures from within his mixed "soul" (core) are fiercely bugging him over what to do with this power. Remember, this man is half white. He was raised by his white mother's family in Hawaii. He admits in his book that his grandmother who raised him was a racist--in the sense she readily admitted to him she was afraid of black men when on the streets alone. Also think about how this dude was abandoned by both his Economist (Sociologist) father and his Social Worker (community organization) mother. He was born to brilliance. His father was exceptionally intelligent, intellectually so, as was his hippy mother. To a man in young Obama's predicament his only hope was either athletics or the highest education he could get. With thinking of himself as a "universal" man, he used that determination to get a damn good education, starting off at Occidental College in Los Angeles, a prestigious little college sittin' smackdab in the middle of Sparkle City. Then of course we know the rest, Columbia, then Harvard Law.

Think of the cross angers going on inside this poor man's head. First of all, he looks solid black. He could not use his white mother's input to pass as white. Does that bug him: that even though his mother was stone white, he is stone black? (If you've studied genetics you know the father's genes are dominant in certain areas, like skin and hair. Obama does have his mother's complexion, if you can know what I mean. His hair has redness in it, too.)

As a black man, President Obama has faced all the stonewalls, idiocies, and blatant racism all black men have to face, have to get used to if they are to try and strive to become equal to the already on-top White Man they suddenly find themselves in competition with when they come out into the White World even with the finest of educations and with an intelligence far superior to any white man or woman socio-econo-politico competition they are facing every day.

This is the White Man's nation. The majority of not only the population but of the voters in this country are free, white, and twenty-one. Check it out, whites dominate all the state houses in this country; all the city governments in this country; all the law enforcement agencies in this country; all the corporate management in this country; all the wealth in this country; as heads of the banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions white men control all our mortgages, title deeds, bank accounts, property (like our automobiles; jewelry of worth; stocks and bonds; pensions). Most of your main street businesses are owned by whites. Most of your main street real estate is controlled by white real estate sales personnel, developers, agents, management companies. Wall Street is totally controlled by whites. Hell, our Congress is majority white. Our generals in our war adventures are white. The majority of President Obama's advisers are white. His cabinet is majority white. Remember the white hick fundie Jesus freak hallelujah preacher Obama picked to give the invocation at his swearing in ceremony? Our court system is ruled over by white law enforcement, by white judges, by white prosecutors, by mostly white juries, by white probation officers, by white parole officers, and then if convicted you are sent to prisons under the command of white prison boards and white wardens and white corrections officers and white parole boards and if you're on Death Row and you can't avoid getting throttled by the state, your executioner will be a white man. Or the guys wearing the white coats shooting you full of death serum will be white men. The white governor may even be there to watch you being asphyxiated on that special gurney. [The White Texas white law enforcers last night proudly "lynched" an poor black man with an IQ of 69. Anything under 70 is supposed to make it against the law to execute such a man, but our strict constructionist Supreme Court of Supreme Idiots (with Miss Sotomayor sitting on it now), said, shoot the poor bastard full of air bubbles and dismiss him from living. We wash our hands of it." And so those lusty white Texas white revengeful executioners were in top form last night. "There, that'll send that retard nigger to hell where he belongs. Being a fuckin' retard ain't no excuse for a nigger when it comes to white law in assbackwards Texas."]

I can understand what Obama's facing. Think of how he must hate some of the white bastards he knows are racists that he has to act civil toward every damn day. He has to try and act tough around them though he knows he'd better not piss even one of them off or who knows what might happen to him. You think Obama doesn't understand there are white people all around him who behind his back openly want him dead? They seriously want him dead. Think of the frustrations he's already facing with all the death threats he's treated to every day by his security staff.

Or think about this, how every time he tries to make one of his promised changes how suddenly there's this cluster of white ex-Clinton aides and Democratic Party boss types at the Oval Office door telling him how he can't do this or that. Hear them riddling him with white doublespeak, "Remember, Mr. President, your obligation to old so and so with the health insurance lobby. You're still in debt to his lobby group for let's see, looks like about 12 million they gave to your campaign. And, oh yeah, while we're here, this Afghanistan mess, you're talking like you want to decrease the troops there, er-ah, Mr. President, we're in some 80 billion bucks to that asshole Karsai and his worthless police and army so let's not be so sure we can ever pull out of Afghanistan. Do you know, Mr. President, that in one battle in the north there, right outside of Kabul, with the Taliban, the Afghanistan Army didn't show up? They couldn't get any of them to fight. So, Mr. President, as Mr. Bush told you in that secret meeting you guys had, the surge worked in Iraq, we've won there, so why not use the surge in Afghanistan? General Petraus assures you it'll work. You admire him, we heard you say you did in Iraq that time. So here's the deal, we've always said in the Democratic hierarchy that we should pull our troops out of Iraq but NOT send them home but rather send them over to Afghanistan and let 'em mop up over there. Truth is, Mr. President, we have a report right here that says there are only about 100 al-Queda diehards still operating in the area so we have to play that down and emphasize the still-threat al-Queda in cahoots with the Taliban are to the people of the USA. They're in Pakistan, Mr. President; they're no longer in Afghanistan. So, you see, Mr. President, if you want to keep your majority in Congress coming up here in 2010, you'd better not look like a Pappy Bush wimp character; you'd better look tough like the commander in chief you are. Remember, John McCain's beginning to put in his two-cents worth again on all the Neo-Con talk shows, and we can't forget he's not only politically powerful but he's also a real soldier, a Naval Academy officer, a very successful Vietnam War veteran. Not many came back from 'Nam to the successes of McCain and Kerry--most of 'em end up like Max Cleland. You see what happened to Max Cleland, Mr. President? We can't let the Swift Boaters do that to you, Mr. President. If we win big in 2010, then maybe you can start implementing some of your promised changes then. In the meantime, don't even consider public-option health insurance and forget talking about it. Forget being radical in Copenhagen over this climate change bullshit. The Republicans say it's phony baloney and they've got the Christians on their side, so don't have anything to do with climate change, Mr. President. And this gay marriage business. Whooo boy, Mr. President, don't touch that with a ten-foot pole. Be sure to stand tough. And never consider cutting the Pentagon budget or vetoing more billions for our wars. The people are afraid; they demand protection, so let's play up this Afghanistan thing as a righteous effort. You should maybe use some of G.W. Bush's old speeches--he was very successful at getting anything he wanted out of Congress and the people seemed to love the little bastard. I mean he beat Kerry--waxed his ass. Hell, Kerry was in bed asleep before the final count was in--he knew his ass was grass against the Bush gang. And don't ever, Mr. President, let on you're even thinking of taxing our rich--besides, Mr. President, you'll be taxing most of Congress if you do that, including yourself and all our ex-Presidents still alive, like that rascal Jimmy Carter. We suggest you associate with Bill Clinton and George Herbert W. Bush rather than even recognizing Jimmy Carter if you happen across him. He's an anathema; besides the Jews hate him and we have to kiss the Jews's smelly asses, Mr. President. We have to; we're committed to the Jews, blah, blah, blah...." You see the kind of backroom bullshit this intelligent black/white man is facing every day?

Black men hold their anger inside. They all down deep know they can't trust any white man. Not really. Mrs. Obama certainly knows that. Anger could be boiling in Obama's solar plexus as he keeps having to give these speeches, speeches he's seeming to now not totally believe in. They are becoming Cesarean-like speeches. They are imperial speeches. He's the commander in chief giving out orders now. All because of these many fingers-in-the-pie people around him, white people most of them, white men most of them, of the White Power Elite most of them, of the White ruling class in this country. White Ivy Leaguers most of them, too.

More war? Yes. More wars? Yes. More money for wars? Yes. More troop deaths in war? Yes. More civilian casualties in war? Yes, inevitable. More atrocities from war? Yes. Higher taxes coming for the lower classes? Yes. Higher health insurance rates for everybody? Yes. More Wall Street bailouts? Yes. More wild ups and downs in the Dow-Jones? Yes. More wealth being stolen by the corporate world? Yes. More cut services to the average Joes? Yes. More job losses? Yes. More outsourcing? Yes. More privacy losses? Yes. More rights taken away? Yes. Harder times a comin'? Yes. A worthless dollar on the horizon? Yes. Had we all better learn to speak a little Chinese? Yes.

It's interesting to see that Karsai is shouting out over the heads of the US troops to the Taliban (they are Afghanistans--Pashtun--Taliban meaning "students" in Pashto--Sunni Muslims they are, I believe). Karsai wants to talk to them about unifying as Afghanistans in terms of eventually forcing foreign troops off their soil. Remember, Hillary Clinton had high praise for Karsai when she attended his presidential inauguration a few weeks back. Now Hillary's blabbing about how great a move this sending 33,000 more canon fodder boys and girls over to Afghanistan. She says, and she's an expert at this, this is going to finally bring peace and democracy to Afghanistan--I believe Hillbilly Hillary was standing on almost the same spot Pickles Bush stood on when she praised the new freedoms her husband's illegal preemptive strike against the Taliban and the driving them out of Kabul had brought the precious Afghanistan women! And the bullshit goes on and on and on. And it's all as unbelievable as this Latin musician I heard say he was heavily influenced by the Police and then by Sting. Holy shit, I tuck my head in shame.

Chaos, folks. That's all it is.

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