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The Daily Growler: Fear and Death at the End of Another Year

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2009.
Keep on Truckin'
I have this pocket knife shaped like a 10-wheeler bluntnose-cab-tractor-trailer and on the side of the trailer it says "Keep on Truckin'."

Keep on tryin' to truck.

trucked, truck·ing, trucks
To transport by truck.
1. To carry goods by truck.
2. To drive a truck.
3. Slang To move or travel in a steady but easy manner.

[Short for truckle or from Latin trochus, iron hoop (from Greek trokhos, wheel).]

I believe R. Crumb's the one that started us "Truckin'" in the slang.
truck 2 (trk)
v. trucked, truck·ing, trucks
1. To exchange; barter.
2. To peddle.
To have dealings or commerce; traffic.
1. Articles of commerce; trade goods.
2. Garden produce raised for the market.
3. Informal Worthless goods; stuff or rubbish: "Look at your hands. And look at your mouth. What is that truck?" (Mark Twain).
4. Barter; exchange.
5. Informal Dealings; business: We'll have no further truck with them.

[Middle English trukien, from Old North French troquer.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

The first question truckin' around in my mind: If there are only 100 al-Queda left in Afghanistan and I'm reading where al-Queda is now building up its attack base in Yemen, then why isn't President Obama (our "War Is Peace" president) preemptively striking against Yemen? I'm putting ideas in our President's head: move the Iraq forces into Yemen! Hot damn. Another war front! MORE WAR, DAMMIT. War is truck.

Our current idiot-idol terrorist supposedly was trained by al-Queda in Yemen. Yemen just a couple of days ago told our Prez they had with the help of our very criminal CIA rooted out some al-Queda cells--oops, I guess they missed this guy.

The "Detroit-aimed shoe-bomber-copy-cat" from Nigeria, wearing freaky military-style clothes, with a bulge in his crotch (oh those Nigerian men and those big banana-sized cocks!)--oops, they missed this guy through two checkpoints. Now they are trumpeting that this dude is a prominent Nigerian banker's son and that this proper Nigerian banker dad (yeah sure) had turned his own son in prior to his own son getting a flight clearance from Nigeria to Amsterdam to the good ole USA--oops, they missed this guy. Don't they check passports? Don't passports list the country's you've visited recently? Like Israel used to not allow anybody into Israel who had visited a country like Syria for instance, why doesn't the US just not allow anybody who has recently visited Yemen...oh, but wait...that seems too easy. That seems too rational. Whoaa. If we stop all terrorists from coming to this country, how the hell you gonna keep us afraid of terrorists? Let's see, this al-Quedan operative's profile: he's got a Muslim name; he's a Muslim-named African Muslim man; he's a Muslim-named African Muslim man studying engineering in London--an Arab-Muslim haven--much larger Arab population than here--where Homeland Security rumors had him shouting anti-US and pro-al-Queda statements; plus he wears a lot of military-like clothes; plus he's from Nigeria where supposedly we are told Osama bin Laden did some dirty work at one time--that's when ObL was supposedly working out of the Sudan. Second, this bird supposedly was on a watch list but not on a no-flight list. Cat Stevens is on a no-fly list but not this dude. Third, the prominent banker in Nigeria supposedly warned the US his son had gone off into the wackiest end of Islam and was babbling like an idiot terrorist and was going off to Yemen on his Christmas vacation (Muslims do take Christmas vacations) to study the latest ways to blow up Americans (were all the passengers American? Well no, let's see the bomber wasn't American was he? Well, the airplane was American--and worth more than the combined worth of all the passengers on board whether American or what).

Here's a spoiled brat banker's son, a poor little Nigerian rich boy, with enough money to fly around the world at will, to live a good life in London, a good life back home in Nigeria, with plenty of spare (leisure) time to decide to become a terrorist and blow a US (Delta) airliner up while it was landing in Detroit of all places. Why Detroit? Now I'm reading that this dude had been to Detroit before. Interesting isn't it how these scoundrels have money enough to travel all over the world...or have I said that? And ain't it ironic how Osama bin Laden's a spoiled brat poor little Muslim rich boy, too. Could these poor little rich Muslims boys maybe hate their fathers? Is this a "love me, daddy" syndrome at work here? Oh they know their mothers all right. Was Obama's daddy a banker? Was the original Bin Laden a banker? [Osama came to this country during Ronnie Raygun's administration as a man named Osmon.]

So the idiocy of this War on Terror continues to have its moments. Funny how these so-called al-Queda recruits pop up after every 30 billion-dollar-additional war-spending approval bill whizzes through Congress with only a modicum of dissenting votes. There, of course, is no public option in any of these bills either. The only public option we have is the government grabbing 30% of our earnings every paycheck.

And I'm told I complain too much. It's not so much complaining as it is I'm revealing hypocrisies.

The Power Elite are not afraid one bit of terrorists--you think Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, those private-island billionaires, are worried about terrorists? Hell, Bill Gates makes tons of money selling operating systems to al-Queda, the Taliban, bin Laden's office staff and personal computer set up--we assume al-Quedans are expert computer science geeks like they are military explosives experts. If they use PCs running XP, Windows 7 or Vista, doesn't that make Bill Gates a terrorist, too; aiding, associating with, and abetting terrorists? Using the vague definition of a terrorists, come on, couldn't the CIA rendition flight old Bill off to say our good friends the Syrians for some serious torturing until he confesses he's a terrorist agent? I mean is anybody thinking like me? All of these poor boobs we've imprisoned at Guantanamo, Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, undergoing torture in Egypt, Syria, Morocco--and all those terrorists we are killing daily in Afghanistan and Pakistan--and still we can't stop a fool spoiled rich brat Nigeria banker's son from almost blowing up 250 passengers on a Delta Airlines coming from Amsterdam over Detroit?

This idiot college kid was now they say using a condom full of this military explosive powder (how does al-Queda get their weapons? From Russia? From China? From Israel? From the USA? From Saudi-Arabia maybe?) tied next to his big Nigerian banana-sized cock. They then say he somehow got hold of a syringe--like a spike you shoot dope with--I guess those are OK to bring on a transcontinental flight--filled it with water--and then tried to shoot the water into the condom and set off the special military explosive powder--they've already told us what the explosive compound was--everything is already known--you ever notice that? I mean don't they strip search Muslim men from Nigeria coming to the USA? Don't they do hand searches? Pat downs? I mean couldn't a trained cop type feel a condom full of explosives tied to a man's crotch in a thorough pat down? Certainly surely they could have found a syringe among his possessions?

Right now it is scary how totally vulnerable the USA is to a real military attack, though I doubt if there's any nation in the world today who could pull it off. Maybe Great Britain might be able to lob a nuclear-headed missile into downtown New York City (Great Britain is a country who has attacked us before don't forget)--or say the Mexican Army--or the Canadian Army could do some real damage--in fact, I would be afraid of the Canadian Army if I were President Obama.

You see, we're so vulnerable to military attack because we have no armed forces left in this country to protect our borders--we have no state militias (the National Guard) left here "at home" to guard our states and cities in case of a any kind of attack from humans or Nature. Even the least-intelligent madman Muslim knows how easily penetrable our borders are. I mean think about the tons and tons of ships and airliners carrying cargo that comes into this country every hour of every day--think of all the international truck traffic that is racing across our borders on a 24/7 basis. How does all that good marijuana and cocaine and horse and Ecstasy and crystal meth get into this country by the millions of pounds 24/7? And of course one of our reasons for being in Afghanistan, besides the oil pipeline we want coming through there--and those oil fields in Iran just over the Pakistan border--and those Iranian ports over on that side of the world, too--is to protect our big pharmaceutical companies's investments in the poppy industry over there. Where do you think our pharmas get the poppy juices to make all their miracle opiate drugs, like Oxy Contin? Opiates! We love opiates in this country. We used to could get opium-laced hashhish on the streets of NYC--the opium came from Afghanistan; the opium-laced hash came from Turkey and Lebanon.

And President Obama is ballyhooing his justification of war and more war by filling us with fear now about this terrorist being besides a rich banker's son supposedly a new breed of al-Quedan explosive tester who will now be invading the US in droves (or maybe DRONES)--all of them with condoms filled with firecracker powder and carrying syringes and pretending to be sick and asking for a blanky so they can carry off their evil deeds without suspicion. This form of fear is the same form of fear you get when you tell little kids scary stories and then enjoy watching them piss in their little pants from fear. "Ooooooooooh I'm'a scared," we little US children are crying as our government continues to keep us under control by scaring the shit out of us. In the meantime....

I keep saying over and over, we are the biggest terrorist organization in the world. We are playing Mafia with the world. We are going about whacking our enemies as world policemen, world undercover cops, and world-dominating armed might--our armed forces are imperial in nature--the most well-equipped and costly military in the world--yet, an armed force that has not had a successful war since WW II.

Since WWII, like a good Sociologist would, check out how much money we've spent on our unsuccessful military adventures. Check out how many billions at the same time we've put into our undercover cops, the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, ICE, the Capitol police force, the Secret Service, Homeland Security (Obama keeps putting right-wing nutjobs as head of his Homeland Security), the National Internal Security (NIS), local police forces, the Pentagon. Are we safer today than we were after WWII? HELL NO.

And how ironic at the same time Obama is phonily negotiating nuclear disarmament proposals Congress is gradually bringing nuclear power back on line in this country--right under our scared shitless noses--allowing nuclear reactors to be built with deregulated glee--and we are still manufacturing nuclear-powered submarines, destroyers, all carrying nuclear warheads, or we're putting nuclear warheads on our in-flight bombers, and you know we're carrying nuclear warheads on those nuclear submarines that could be sitting at the bottom of your local harbor for all you know.

All of this raving just to get to the news that bothered me more than Mohamed Abdullah Dumbshit blowing up a Delta airliner with a penis bomb! That's it, this guy will become known not as the shoe bomber copycat but as the penis-bomb bomber. And oh shit, what a brilliant engineering student he must be. His firecracker popped alive then fizzled out burning that banana-size cock down to normal size. And praise the almighty fictional Lawdy Lawd we got his anti-US ass before he killed more Americans. That al-Queda war cry "Kill Americans"--I mean they come on as a wacky bunch of juvenile pop-gun warriors. I mean, come on, they don't even have the ability to make a shoe bomb work--much less a penis bomb work. Seems he'd a'done more harm had he simply slipped a boxcutter into his shorts, taken over the airliner, and then crashed it into downtown Detroit--or do al-Queda men wear shorts?

Much more alarming to me--silly man/wolf hybrid that I am (remember when G.W. Bush talked about man-animal hybrids that would develop from stem-cell research? Whatever happened to stem-cell research?) was reading of the deaths of people I was surprised to see had died over the past couple of days (Wikipedia's Death List is the most up-to-date and great death list there is! Jimmy Wales, however, is crying he's broke and Wikipedia is broke--he's begging for money on his sites now--just like BuzzFlash is constantly begging for money on their site).

Connie Hines, for instance, died back before X-mas. She was 74 or so. Connie Hines? you're asking. Who the hell was Connie Hines? ANSWER: Wilbur Post's hot wife, Carol Post--and she was a little T&A hotty--, on "Mr. Ed."
Connie, Mr. Ed, and Wilbur--Connie Hines was a young boy's masturbational icon in those days when boys and girls learned sex through osmosis.

Also, Arnold Stang just died. He was 91. Anybody remember Arnold Stang?
Arnold Stang, from whence came Don Knotts and PeeWee Herman.

Have you seen Peewee's big comeback on teevee lately?--I think Peewee's written a book or something. Remember, Peewee's career was supposedly ruined after he was caught jacking off in a Sarasota, Florida, porn house. Time changes things, don't you see; little kids don't remember Peewee is a jack off anymore.

And a man died yesterday I thought was older than he was, Percy Sutton, one of the richest and most successful black entrepreneurs ever, an ex-Tuskegee airman, lawyer (Malcolm X's lawyer), radio-station owner, owner of the Apollo Theater, former Manhattan Borough president.
Percy Sutton. Percy was quite a ladies man, too. He liked 'em young and willing (we all have our Freudian weaknesses).

In the meantime, speaking of our speaking blasphemingly of teevee's millionaire actor Charlie Sheen in a recent post--a post discussing Tiger Woods's tomcatting around being such a shock to folks, I mentioned how Charlie Sheen got away with living half-ass drunk and pilled up among LA prostitutes for a long while and it didn't hurt his chances of hitting a top-rated show and ending up a successful Hollywood star! Alas, poor Charlie! He ended up in jail out in Hollywood last night--seems he had beat his wife or some such domestic violence charge as that. He'll beat the rap and come out clean as a just-emptied goose-liver-bred young goose. And just like Peewee is making a big second-coming-comeback (it's funny mentioning "coming" around Peewee Herman) and will earn another cool million or so for a brief moment--comebacks sometimes don't last long--look at how far into the past Donny and Marie have faded now--the comeback champs of all time. Though Martha Stewart has made a fantastic comeback after serving out her prison term for being a felon. So so will Tiger be comin' back big time soon. He'll be truckin' again, don't you all worry. Hell, Tiger can go play golf in SE Asia--they don't give a shit over there how big a wife-cheater he is--they just want to see the bastard play golf! Hell yes one of his doxies is going to say Tiger's a tiger in bed--especially after the Tige had $3000 wrapped around his (we hope) black-genetic pecker and not Chinese-genetic pecker--the Chinese noted for the tiny pinkie-finger-long dicks. I learned that from reading Henry Miller--I believe it's Sexus that introduces us to the Japanese man with the tiny prick who curses himself and all Asians for being a little branch like in the tree limb department (speaking of wood)! I jest, of course. I am a jester, aren't I?
Is it easy to realize that Barack Obama has been president for a whole year soon?

I don't complain too much. I'm just irritated by ironies and hypocrisies and lies and backward thinking. We could turn the world into a paradise, but instead we are intent upon destroying it.

In the meantime, remember R. Crumb and Eddie Kendricks, and, as my pocket knife says, "Keep on Truckin'"

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