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How Do You Spell U-S-A? Why, W-A-R!
THE ENEMY: The Afghanistan People
Look at those young devils. Look 'em in their evil eyes. Those, my brave and fearless Americans, are the faces of future al-Queda terrorists who will be intent on KILLING YOU! Yes, those are the evil little bastards that are being born daily in Afghanistan with only the murdering of Americans on their evil minds! When they successfully attack us on our home ground its called murder. When we invade their home ground and blow up 40 or 50 men, women, children every day, it's called WAR, a justification for killing, murder, mayhem, displacement, ruin.

Those young men in the above photo are Afghanistan young men. Look again! Look deeply into their vicious faces. Look at those challenging smirks! As our brave and fearless, naive to military service, Commander and Chief said last night in one of his greatest speeches to date up at that great institution of World Peace, the West Point Military Academy, these are the terrorists who have to be stopped over there or by God or Allah or Zeus, they're comin' over here.

I pause here to answer a question from my hypothetical audience: Why didn't he give his speech at the Naval Academy or the Air Force Academy? The answer to your inquiry is Fuck the sailors and fuck the Air Force; we don't need sailors in these land invasions and occupations and the only air force we need are the cargo planes and those are privately owned. Besides most of the waters where we could get our naval vessels in close enough to either Iraq or Afghanistan are controlled all by Arab nations and Iran. A huge war was fought over the Suez Canal in not that distant past over the northern countries, the White Christian countries, needing access to that area's oil. (Of course, if you read The Daily Growler often enough you know we've said over and over and over both these invasions and occupations were deeply intently about gaining control of oil and gaining control of land needed for a trans-Central-Asian oil pipeline to get oil from the Caucasians into oil-less Europe terminating at Trieste in Italy.)

The fact we can't get our Navy into this Central-Asian-Middle-East action is another reason we're kissing India's ass (in Pappy Bush's Gulf War our Navy did bombard the hell out of Iraq--but at that time, Iran was knee-deep in a factional difference with Iraq and could have cared less if the US used the Persian Gulf to park their warships there and shell the hell out of Iraq and wipe it off the map, something they hadn't been able to do in a 10-year war with Iraq--a US-backed Saddam Hussein and Iraq army in that war). Obama's million-buck state dinner for the President of India was an ass kissing ceremony. Think about it. India has ports on the Indian Ocean. We have that big military presence on Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean--our dear old ally, our fatherland figure to us English Whites, Britain, also has military presence there. This way we can attack Pakistan through India when we take the Afghanistan War into Pakistan from Afghanistan, which President Obama hinted at broadly in his war speech last night. The Indians hate the Pakistans so they'll cooperate. I'm thinking militarily--I'm a Sociologist, remember. Sociologists know something about everything, including military tactics--so I'm thinking militarily our Commander in Chief, the recent Peace Prize winner, has his eye on the Pakistan nuclear stockpile. Another reason we're kissing India's nuclear ass--another reason we're trading them nuclear secrets for mangoes. [I mean, come on, people, that sounds ridiculous and it is ridiculous; yet, our president spent millions of dollars entertaining the president of India--while in the backroom continuing on with that ridiculous trade made by the most ridiculous president in our history--and his nuclear-invested asshole buddies like Donald Rumsfeld, that sleazy evil piece of crap still roaming free living the good life. Are we killing Afghanistan people for Rumsfeld's safety? And that King of all Assholes Unka Dick Cheney's safety--and check out how involved Henry Kissinger still is in our political affairs--this sorry worthless son of a bitch--blubbering fat now, in his fucking 80s, WWII veterans are dying like flies and Holocaust survivors are fading fast, but not Henry; Henry lives on and on, enjoying gluttony, conspicuous consumption, partying hearty at the height of a "recession." Doesn't that make you want to take a pitchfork after these crooked-as-snakes-at-night bastards? That's a blues idiom thing: "Straight as an arrow in the daytime, crooked as a snake at night." Do you know anything about snakes? At night they're crooked, you see. Because they are out hunting at night, wiggling evilly through the swamp grass or throughout the brier patch looking for prey--then coiling to strike when they sense it. They don't have good eyesight; they see through their bifurcated tongues.

With our Navy in an Indian port, we wouldn't need drones anymore. We could fly stealth bombers off three or four aircraft carriers--nuclear powered ships, by the way--fly back and forth bombing the bejesus out of sites in Pakistan then returning to the ships in the Indian ports. That's a strategy I see possibly developing.

Fuck the Air Force, too, right now--we don't really need them yet. Surveillance is handled by Blackwater flying the surveying missile-shooting drones for that. Besides, I know Blackwater has its own air force--and so does the CIA--a contracted air force but planes available to them for their extraordinary rendition flights, which, according to Neo-Con formula are still going on being respected by President and better yet Commander in Chief Obama.

Currently we have over 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. Now our peace-loving man-of-change president is going to send 30,000 more poor souls over there. Some of those West Point drop outs he was making his speech to will probably end up as canon fodder over there; or even if they graduate as 2nd looies, 2nd lieutenants have the highest death rate among officers because 2nd looies can be assigned to battlefield duty. In Vietnam the 2nd looies were the most "fragged" officers there were. We forget, the Peace-loving President has already sent 20,000 over to Afghanistan since he took over from G.W. Bush, the little lying wrangler who got us into both of these endless messes----and didn't Georgie Porgie Bush send some Iraq soldiers over to Afghanistan before he retired to his Dallas mansion?

Now Obama taught us in his war speech to not see this Afghanistan mess as another Vietnam. Oh no. And why is that, you might ask? His answer, because this is a NATO war, this is a coalition war--THIS IS THE WAR THAT IS OUR RESPONSE TO THE 9/11 ATTACKS--this is our righteous war.

Here's the Gung-Ho military attitude about our invasion and attempted occupation of Afghanistan (from Central a pro, pro military site):

Citizens from more than 80 countries died September 11, 2001 - innocent men, women and children from across the globe. Within hours of the tragedy, Coalition involving many nations assembled to fight terrorism - literally hundreds of countries have contributed in a variety of ways - some militarily, others diplomatically, economically and financially.

The United States began building the Coalition on September 12, 2001, with support from 60 nations for global war on terrorism. Currently more than 50 Coalition partners have approximately 42000 troops in U.S. Central Command's region of responsibility. This Coalition of the willing is working hard every day to defeat terrorism.

In Afghanistan alone, our Coalition partners are contributing nearly 31,000 troops to Operation Enduring Freedom and to the NATO led International Security Assistance Force.

The war against terrorism is a broad-based effort that will take time. Every nation has different circumstances and will participate in different ways. This mission and future missions will require a series of Coalitions ready to take on the challenges and assume the risks associated with such an operation. Coalition forces have made important contributions in the war against terrorism across the spectrum of operations. Particular contributions include, but are not limited to, providing vital intelligence, personnel, equipment and assets for use on the ground, air and sea. Coalition members also have provided liaison teams, participated in planning, provided bases and granted over-flight permissions - as well as sizable contributions of humanitarian assistance.

Central Command is absolutely right about most 9/11 casualties weren't US citizens.

So this Afghanistan invasion and attempted occupation is a GOOD (righteous, divine) thing G.W. Bush did! Yeah right! And, oh no, we shouldn't look at the past and ask Mr. Bush why our national air defense system failed to stop the 9/11 attacks, oh no! Or ask him why the Patriot Act ID checks at airports didn't catch any of these goofy bastards. Where were our rapid-response teams? Aren't they supposed to be on ready alert 24/7? So while our president then, this now great military strategist, G.W. Bush was reading My Pet Goat to fifth graders in Florida and Unka Dick Cheney was fleeing to his private bunker somewhere under a CIA mountain in Virginia--a virtual reality mountain!--21 half-drunk Saudis with boxcutters were able to trickbag our Air Defense Network, the U.S. Armed Force, the CIA, the FBI, the Patriot Act Security checkers and pull off this monumental attack on the very heart of the USA, our largest city; our tallest buildings.

How come there was never any explanation given for why our air defense system failed us? You know the truth about 9/11 and what that was really all about will eventually come out like the truth came out about Pearl Harbor--the air defense of Pearl Harbor did work. A forward observer way out on a lonely distant Hawaiian island whose mission was to keep his binoculars trained on the skies toward Japan and the Aleutian Islands north of Hawaii called in to Hickam Field to army headquarters and reported he saw a wave of fighter planes headed toward Honolulu and the closer they got the more he thought that no they weren't American planes returning from a training mission, they were Japanese planes. This info was supposedly sent to Franklin Roosevelt in D.C. but...and you know the rest.

G.W. Bush, Pappy Bush, Unka Dick, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove, the heart and soul of the Neo-Con New World Order bunch of ex-Trotsyites openly admitted, in fact they braggingly admitted, that We the People of the USA needed another Pearl-Harbor-like attack.... So, God-dammit, why weren't these things investigated? Why the day after 9/11 did we so readily agree that the 21 Saudi-Arabians who pulled off one of the great military attacks of all time were all members of al-Queda working out of Afghanistan under orders from a guy named Osama bin Laden (a former CIA agent our CIA brought to Afghanistan) and under the protection of this eviliest of all Islamic sects called the Taliban? And why did we so quickly agree with the government's explanations knowing like we should have known that our government has lied us into most of the wars we've participated in over the past 225 years--our nation was founded from out of the ashes of a WAR...and WAR has remained our solution to national crises ever since. And now we are told by President Obama that though Bush perhaps fucked up by invading and trying to occupy Iraq to the neglect of Afghanistan, he was divinely justified to wreak havoc on Afghanistan. That's the good war, Obama told us. And now, that's Commander in Chief Obama's good war.

President Obama in keeping G.W. Bush's military goons in place is getting the same military bad advice Bush got. I remember when Obama made his first "surprise" trip to Iraq how when he came back he tooted about how impressed he'd been with General Petraus. I remember being shocked at seeing film clips of Obama walking hand-in-hand with Petraus and then trumpeting what a brilliant soldier he thought this stiffneck was. I sensed when Obama made that statement that Petraus had convinced him that his surge tactic had worked successfully in Iraq (it hadn't really, which we shall see it hadn't the minute we ever pull our troops and mercenary goons out of Iraq) that he didn't see why it wouldn't work in Afghanistan as well. [You know one reason we hate Iran so much: yes, the big reason is their oil reserves, but another reason is they control Persian Gulf seaports--even one on the Black Sea with access to the Mediterranean.] Gates, Petraus, MacCrystal, all Bush Pentagon goons. All stiff-necked military prigs who've never really fought a real honest war in their lives--always virtual wars in their tactical rooms--tactical shit they learned at our war college, West Point.

Here's some interesting statistics:
Casualties and losses
Afghan security forces:

5,500+ killed[14]

Northern Alliance:
200 killed[15][16][17][18][19]

1,532 killed (US: 929, UK: 236, Other Coalition: 367)[20]
7,874+ wounded (US: 4,434,[21] UK: 2,864,[22] Canada: 360,[23] Germany: 132, Australia: 84[24])

139 killed
10,569 wounded (to 2007/03)[25]

Total: 7,371+ killed

Civilian casualties
23,115–23,550 killed (see our List of insurgent fatality reports in Afghanistan)
1,000+ captured[26]

11,760+ | 31,357+
(lower and upper totals of the available estimates)

You can double and triple the above numbers now that we are escalating our effort to occupy and dominate Afghanistan. With future intentions of driving our coalition, NATO, dumbass dumbass canon fodder troops on into Pakistan. Why, this surge will be so successful, soon, just watch, those military pricks will be saying they need 50,000 more pieces of canon fodder. Let's hope President Obama hasn't already prepped for his "Mission Accomplished" photo-op yet.

We never lose in this country. Even though we're all losers, we never admit we lose. "How'd ya do at the pony track today?" "Not bad, I just missed hitting the quinella in the 5th race and I almost won across the board on a long shot--broke his leg on the far turn or he'd a won and I'd a'needed a wheel barrow to bring home my winnings."

So Obama has revealed his hand. Now he has to play it as it lays. Irony keeps on keepin' on as the President once again hops on his in-air White Man's House, Air Force One, to fly over and pick up his Nobel Peace Prize and make another one of his brilliant speeches as he accepts it. Awfully hypocritical if you asked me--a man picking up a peace medal who has just committed 30,000 more troops in an invasion and attempted occupation that is continuing to devastate Afghanistan (I was heartbroken to read that all the archeology sites in Afghanistan have been decimated by the war, one the site of one of the largest Silk Road cities they've ever found--only recently discovered with exciting excavations and finds already turning up interesting history and habits of those ancient times--now totally destroyed beyond repair or reclamation. Wrecked beyond recovery. A whole ancient city lost; ending up as war rubble).

Obama pulls the rabbit out of his hat by saying this surge will end our involvement in Afghanistan by 2011. That's bullshit, folks. Besides, by 2012, Sarah Palin will be our first woman president and commander in chief with Joe LIEberman as her Veep and we'll be treading water out on the high seas without any hope of ever recovering our once "Amurican Dream" way of foolish life.

This is a sad time for this country. Our politicians are sick bastards. Their only care is for the globalization of the world into a one-world order. That's all they want--imperial domination of the world's markets!

Why old Ben Bernecke has the Federal Reserve printing presses going Warp 10 printing out more and more worthless US currency. The fol-de-rol rolls on. Better roll all your assets over into gold and silver bullion. Better get something with some real value! Take your money out of big banks, too. You'll break 'em overnight if you do.

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