Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Living in New York City Under a Constant Full Moon

Foto by tgw, "The End of the Capitalist Rainbow," New York City, 2009.
The Civilized Wolf
I tried poetry. All the poetry's already been written. I'm reading Ezra. Why try and be a poet anymore? Poetry solves nothing. The average Joe, that bastard, thinks of poetry as "There once was a plumber named Lee/While plumbing a girl by the sea...." That means the wild and imaginative poet is writing off into thin intellectual air. I'm under a full moon these days, folks. Back to growling. I've tried to become more civilized. I remember when I hated that word. A fucking British word with a Brit meaning of "civilisation"--the opposite of Nature--that's what civilization really is. Taking the savage out of the jungle and Christianizing him then enslaving him and stealing all his land and wealth and natural resources. That's what the fuck civilisation was to the fucking Brits. That's what the fuck's wrong with the USA's ruling white people. They never broke from that British influence--even our Constitution is Lockean in its philosophical way of thinking. That Brit down-the-nose way of considering other people. It's even developed in their language. The Brits originally all talked like peatboggers, coalminers, sheepherders, and Cockneys--London a total scumbag city up almost into the 20th Century. Read Dickens--there ya go; that's London in its rotten years. And Dr. Johnson was big fatass blowhard. There, I've said it.

I really got pissed off and sent to growling when I watched this series of Paul Shaeffer-hosted PBS series where they're showing unreleased videos of the banquets from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (in fucking Cleveland, Ohio, of all places--it should be in the Mississippi Delta or Saint Louis; that's where black and white rock 'n roll came from). And Paul Shaeffer, don't get me started on his outsider ass. He's a Canadian musician who so thinks he's black and so hip with blacks--when he sings and plays he's so mocking--so free, white, 21, and lucky he doesn't even realize he's a stupid-looking bozo to an American musician who struggled so hard to get OUR music accepted and considered "civilized"--to end up with the luck that the only people who accepted it were the Brits, the French, the Danes, the Swedes, even the Norwegians--hell even the Soviet kids gobbled up jazz and blues and rock 'n roll and tried so hard to be American when it came to music (and poetry, too--loving Ginsberg) among the teenies in those good old days of Ruskie Communism! What if the Soviet Union had of hooked up with China back in those golden years of great purges? Jesus, just think, today we'd be totally under Communist-Capitalism rule. Is Marx rolling over in his grave? Hell yes. I can feel the wind from his rolling all the way over here in NYC. Karl, the hypocrites have won. They've led us into an unnatural world. A civilized world. A British civilized world. An Anglo-Saxon world. My generation warned the world about White Anglo-Saxon Protestants! WASPs. And guess who rules ya now? Oh how dumb we are. Being civilized makes us think we got the solutions to all the world's problems in our stupid monkey skulls.

I'm itchy mad--like a wolf standing guardedly over his fresh killed baby elk, its extended belly just steamy begging to be bitten into with a flourish; yet, some other son of a bitch is creepin' up on me, dammit, my senses tell me exactly where this intruder is--I growl...first imperceptively except to ears naturally attuned to wolf warning signals. The growls intensify the more daring the intruder gets. Then comes the real growl. The serious one. The one with the fangs showing and dripping with venom. Then the intruder gets the message and slinks off to seek other fare or hides and waits a few moments to see if they can get another opportunity to attack, a deceit, of course, me as a wolf is naturally aware of.

I'm under a full moon. I did enjoy an old clip of Santana doing "Black Magic Woman" during his induction into that Cleveland Hall of Fame (actually the first several entries were true American rock n rollers--the first being Chuck Berry--and yes, Chuck Berry invented rock 'n roll. The Duck Walk. Michael Jackson did the Duck Walk backwards and called it the Moon Walk. Maybe that's the way a duck would walk on the moon).,+1958.jpg
Chuck Berry taking off into the air at the end of a long duck walk. That photo shows rock 'n roll being created...look at those ducktailed white dudes in Chuck's back-up band. Chuck used pick-up bands on his gigs and he could be a son of a bitch as a leader. It was rumored, and it might be true, Chuck's still alive we could ask him, that he didn't know how to tune a guitar and would tell the back-up guitar player to tune it for him. That photo looks like a stage shot promo pic, so probably in that photo Chuck is doing an Allan Freed Rock n Roll Review show. There's nothing in rock 'n roll literature to compare with Chuck's output. I'm especially impressed and have been since I first heard his music: Chuck's "Havana Moon." God, what a tune. And "Back in the USA." And "Almost Grown." And "Reelin' and Rockin'." And "Brown-eyed Handsome Man." And "No Particular Place to Go." And "School Days." And "Roll Over Beethoven." And "Sweet Little Sixteen." And "Wee Wee Hours." And "Maybelline." How brazenly white was it of the Beach Boys to totally rip off Chuck Berry's sound and claim it as their own. These clowns now waste money like the conspicuous spenders they are while Chuck, though he's lived a good life, paid hard dues for it. One time arrested and thrown in jail for breaking the Mann Act by carrying an underage girl, a 14-year-old girl he picked up in El Paso or somewhere strange like that, across state lines. Chuck later was made to humiliate himself before a white-judged IRS court by pleading with them, crying real tears, not to send him to prison. Then later, a photo of Chuck with his rather long dick hanging out circulated among the music world. Then again later, Chuck misbehaved again by them finding a hidden camera in the ladies room of Chuck's barbecue joint.

That's rock 'n roll, folks, except the white rock 'n rollers get away with it on an "Ah Shucks, white boyz will be white boyz; blacks should know better" attitude. Look how they harrassed James Brown, one of the truly greatest rock 'n rollers of all time. Fuck Michael Jackson being the King of Pop. James Brown's the God of Pop. Michael Jackson learned all his moves from watchin' James Brown. James had the best-controlled band ever, too. Except Ike Turner kept a tight band during his golden time--before he threw his shoe at Tina or fucked her sister or was a bigamist or had mixing bowls full of coke all over his fabby Los Angeles mansion. And oh the shit they put Ike through after his heyday had passed and coke grabbed his brain and his smartness and turned him into a fool. They did it to Sly Stone, too. And god-damn what a great band Sly and the Family Stone were. "Let Me Take You Higher!" "Thank You for Letting Us Be Ourselves." Boy that Sly was some musician.

Bullshitting about our music calms me down. Looking out the window at the real world pisses me off again.

The shams they are pulling on our asses. Wall Street has gotten back to being so rich thanks to We the People bailing their crooked deceiving asses out that now our Corporate Lawyer President says he's going to be able to cut the deficit down and still have enough left to start a Federal job program. Then a few minutes later he's backpedaling. General Petraus is now backtracking about the surge in Afghanistan working right away! Yeah, never any certainties. And why no certainties? Because there are NO certainties. And I stop and I remember my knowing that everything a politician says is a fucking lie. Backwards thinking--I keep hoping President Obama doesn't slip, slide away but he keeps on keepin' on going down the wrong road, the Clinton-Bush Highway to phony abundance and deregulated solutions. Truth is: nothin's changed. We are still in deep shit. Especially if you're poor. Making less than 5o grand a year and you're strugglin'. Job losses are still at record highs in spite of what the government figures are showing. The bail out of Wall Street was a trillion bucks, folks. They don't need 200 billion of that! Yahoo. 200 billion out of 1 trillion. Hell yes those crooked assholes don't need all of that to get back to dealing in derivatives, again totally unregulated. Yet Obama's so phonily proud and he's helping the Dumbocrats get elected in 2010 and he's already getting ready to run against Sarah Palin in 2012 and his starry eyes are revealing how hollow his words are now.

Sorry, folks, but I see a lot of Clinton hands up our president's ass trying to control him like Unka Dick and the Neo-Cons and Pappy Bush had their hands up Georgie Porgie's ass and controlled him like the handpuppet he was bred to be.

Come on, don't you get your hackles up when you think of those crooked deceitful inhuman assholes getting off totally free of even a threat of having to serve a little time for doing what they did to this country--or what they did to people's lives of other countries. For disrupting and displacing the lives of 4 millions (guesstimated) Afghans and Iraqis (2 million refugee Iraqis living in Syria and Jordan and Lebanon--places where they are hated). For the civilian deaths they caused in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. For the havoc they have wreaked on our armed forces. For the deaths and maimings to our troops they are responsible for. All because Pappy Bush and his fucking Saudi-Arabian asshole buddies in the oil cartel broke Muslim laws by allowing US forces to gather and use sacred Muslim soil to put together an attack by a heathen nation on a Muslim nation. That's what pissed off the Saudi Islamic fanatics like Osama bin Laden and caused 9/11. Such fucking bullshit--and we are hypnotized by these phony newscasts and government announcements and President Obama's now boring speeches. What a shame! What a chance to change the whole fucking world and President Obama is blowing it big time. What is forcing a man a smart as Obama to follow exactly in the drunken arrogant footprints of his predecessor. Power is just too REWARDING in terms of position and wealth!

Why do I let this bullshit drag me so down. thewomantrumpetplayer has the right idea about all this--ignore it; it never changes; it's always the same no matter the time; why can't I take her advice?

You know what pisses man off the most? He can't find certainty! Think about it. If you ever tried to get into philosophy (logic), you remember how that has been the big hang up with philosophers since time began--certainly since Plato and Descartes and cats like that. Trying to find certainty. Even Newton, a Brit civilized Anglo-Saxon (Anglican) mathematician, tried to establish certainty. What these damn computers are programmed to do--discover certainty.

Idiots. Humans are idiots. Look at the stupid shit going on in Copenhagen. Bullshit! Larry Summers should be over there explaining to the Third World countries (now called "the developing countries"--most of these countries former Euro-trash colonies--read Franz Farnon; he explains all about what a Third World country is) why his plan to dump nuclear wastes in certain African countries is a good idea--and look what dumping nuclear waste off the Somalian Coast has done! The economy of Somalia now depends on acts of piracy.

"Too much monkey business," Chuck Berry said. And that's the root of all this evil: too much monkey business!

There is an official Chuck Berry Website; it's pretty cool. Chuck deserves it.

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Marybeth said...

A Buk poem for you Mr. Cynical. One of my favs but then I'm sentimental. Lots of things suck, and I could go on and on, but you've done that for me. So here's a little poem just for you:

the bluebird

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too tough for him,
I say, stay in there, I'm not going
to let anybody see

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I pour whiskey on him and inhale
cigarette smoke
and the whores and the bartenders
and the grocery clerks
never know that
in there.

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too tough for him,
I say,
stay down, do you want to mess me
you want to screw up the
you want to blow my book sales in

there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too clever, I only let him out
at night sometimes
when everybody's asleep.
I say, I know that you're there
so don't be

then I put him back,
but he's singing a little
in there, I haven't quite let him
and we sleep together like
with our
secret pact
and it's nice enough to
make a man
weep, but I don't
weep, do

A.J.P. Crown said...

Is there a word that means complacently grumpy, or actually someone who is wallowing contentedly in grumpiness? It's a New York thing. People there think it's cute; but it's not good for you, in my opinion. I think you ought to try and get out of New York once in a while, Mr Wolf.