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The Wonderful World of Chaos

Free Form
Free form in jazz is about as musically free as you can get. No confines. No fences. Free range. Able to leap tall obstacles at a single bounding measure of ascending eighth notes. I just got up from my aging piano where I've been doing finger exercises, trying to keep digitally loose as a goose. I've been a true believer in Korg electronic keyboards since the 80s when I bought a Poly 800, a sleazy little pipsqueak keyboard even in those days though considered innovative by the industry--Poly 800s still sell on eBay for a hundred bucks or so--but in its heyday it was used all over the music place from rockers to studio musicians. Jazz didn't accept it really. I used its organ preset, but it was cheesy. Then I bought a Korg M-1 when it first came out. I bought it at Sam Ash on Music Row in New York City. I went in there knowing I wanted one and as usual in Sam Ash in those days the snobby staff wouldn't wait on you unless you looked like them so that day not one staffer would wait on me. Finally, I took $1500 worth of greenbacks out of my jeans and started waving it in the air and hollering auctioneer-like, I've got an irritatingly noisome voice when I'm mad, "Heah ya go, I got 1500 smackers of good ole USA cash-a-rootie here if one of you out-of-work stars will wait on me!" It wasn't long at all until 4 dudes jetted over my way. This one dude beat them all. Turned out to be the day job for a jazz drummer I recognized and who I did the right handshake with--in those days it was a trickier version of the ole "give me five" ("give me some skin, daddy" started by Louis Armstrong) where you actually gripped hands then slid your palms off each other (the give me some skin move) only to come up bumping elbows--something like that. After the handshake I was in like Flynn with this drummer and I got my M-1 and put it in a cab and got home and had it set up and was recording with it a couple of hours later. I bought it because I got a steady gig with a Long Island blues band and especially since this band had gotten a gig opening for Robert Gordon at the old Lone Star Roadhouse in New York City. I still have a recording of that night, just me doing two diddies--that M-1 sounded so god-damn great. I got a standing ovation after both my tunes, about 200 folks in the joint. We were so hot that night that Robert Gordon ask us to sit on the stage during his gig--he ordered over the mic "Give these dudes a round of beers on me--great job guys!" Gordon was with Chris Spedding that night--and Rockin' Rob Stoner, a bass player I'd known around New York City for what seemed like forever, certainly ever since I'd come on the NYC music scene. Now I have a Korg N-5, a low-end version of the M-1 (it does have M-1 piano sounds on it) that records great, though live it ain't so hot--too tinny, a problem with even high-end electronic keyboards. They never will be able to duplicate a true instrument sound on those things no matter how hi-tech and artificially mimicking they can make them. That electronic tinniness is deeply rooted in these instruments. We used to call them AIs, for Artificial Intelligence machines, which is what they are. I like Korgs because they were developed on Long Island by Amuricans even though they are made in Osaka, Japan. Japan, by the way, bought all our instrument companies in the 80s--they bought Fender guitars and basses and along with Fender instruments came Harold Rhodes's great electronic keyboard invention, the Rhodes Electric Piano. The original Rhodes were not only a joy to play, but damned if they didn't have a great new piano sound to them. I don't think it's ever been duplicated--that sound! I still own two Rhodes, one an original Rhodes Stage 77 (77 keys instead of the normal 88) and one a Fender-Rhodes Stage 77, same piano as the original Rhodes, made at the Rhodes factory, but carrying the Fender-Rhodes emblem for the first time. Then CBS bought them and took them to Japan and suddenly all our guitars were being made in Japan. Now, I've been noticing, a lot of guitars are being made in Korea, Mexico, and China. Such a low time, those Reagan years, when we sold our culture to the Japanese--think of it, all our recording industry moved to Japan; and Sony not only bought our music from us but they also bought all our cinema archives since we started making films. RCA sold our television industry to the Japanese and GM took our automobile industry over there under the advice of a man named Malcolm Baldridge! Ironically, now, the three leading industrial countries in the world are our former enemies, the Germans, the Japanese, and the Communist Chinese. The world hates human beings--and can't you see why?

The world itself can cause Chaos. In fact, our planet is a chaotic planet. There's no stability here. That's why the Muslims are so miserable. They love and worship stability, but there is no stability in this chaotic world. That's why the Jews, the Christians, and the Judeo-Christians are so miserable. The world won't tolerate dependence on fanciful illusions for stability. The world defies any power human beings come up with to use in trying to stabilize it. That's why the Buddhists set themselves on fire! They can't stabilize the world long enough to find Nirvana--except as a US grunge band! That's why the Commies are shiftless skunks. Communism can't stabilize the planet. That's why the US seems to like being at constant war. It's really a war against the planet.

The Power Elite control the human aspects of the world by controlling all human wealth--all the while doing their best to extinct as many of the planet's other animals as they can as fast as they can--human beings need territory--we are territorial animals. Man is hard at work decimating his fellow animal beings from its smallest animals like the plankton of the cold Antarctic Ocean to the largest mammals--whales, elephants, rhinos, hippos--and those animals that have traditionally been enemies in human fables like Gilgamesh's long poem where he as the world's first superhumanhero wipes out a pride of lions with his bare hands. We are wiping out the lions and tigers of the world. We are wiping out nature all over the world. We hate the planet. We can't control it. The planet doesn't give one shit in Hades what happens to human beings! It doesn't give a shit if human beings are corrupting the atmosphere, the rain forests (the lungs of the planet--and humans hate our lungs), and extincting all its life--so frustrating since down deep (in our instincts) we know our efforts won't affect this planet's continuance one iota whether all its animals are decimated, whether all its vegetation and forests are burned off, whether we blow the tops off all its mountains, and drain all the coal, oil, gas, and water out of its soul so we wasteful human animals can waste it. This orb will turn on long after we're gone and our sun has died and there isn't even a universal remembrance of us left, unless its a remembrance left by one of our nuclear waste garbage dumps, like Yucca Mountain in Nevada, which will survive forever--or maybe the remains of our plastic society--plastic made of petroleum products--we are ruled by the Power Elite, especially the lot of them who got into the Power Elite through oil wealth! But the world doesn't care about us. That's why we believe in all our gods and superheros. Like this movie that is currently outgrossing every movie ever made, this transformer movie. The planet isn't afraid of our monsters! And what's so stupid about these films, they are totally unreal, totally graphic-software-manufactured, blown up versions of comic-book-page illusionary monsters. Machines arising to eat all of their creators, like Saturn needing to munch on newborn babies for its continuance! And I like Rage Against the Machine, that band; yet their endeavor is futile.

The Daily Howler lately has been doing some damn good writing, telling it like it is (remember that? Gil Noble, a legend in NYC television journalism, one of the original black journalists in NYC teevee, still does a show on the local ABC-TV called "Like It Is"). The last couple of Howler posts have been right on (remember that?) in terms of how ignorant Amuricans are and how especially dumb our Congress is.

Here's an excerpt from yesterday's Daily Howler:

Consider two columns in Sunday’s Washington Post. They were written by George Will, a man of the right, and Ruth Marcus, a woman of the center left. Each column pondered the high cost of American health care.

Will began with bluster and thunder. “Most Americans do want different health care,” the thundering giant announced. “They want 2009 medicine at 1960 prices.” Will’s meaning was soon made clear—Americans want the advantages of modern health care at the price tag of its Model T predecessor. In this passage, a thundering giant announces why this desire is so dumb, so absurd:

WILL (6/28/09): The Hudson Institute's Betsy McCaughey writing in the American Spectator, says that in 1960 the average American household spent 53 percent of its disposable income on food, housing, energy and health care. Today the portion of income consumed by those four has barely changed—55 percent. But the health-care component has increased while the other three combined have decreased. This is partly because as societies become richer, they spend more on health care—and symphonies, universities, museums, etc.

It is also because health care is increasingly competent. When the first baby boomers, whose aging is driving health-care spending, were born in 1946, many American hospitals' principal expense was clean linen. This was long before MRIs, CAT scans and the rest of the diagnostic and therapeutic arsenal that modern medicine deploys.

Spending on health care has increased, Will condescends, because health care has gotten “increasingly competent.” We have amazing stuff now—MRIs, CAT scans, all the rest! This just isn’t your father’s health care. If you think you can get it at bargain prices, you’re just a big dumb silly dope.

Of course, they have CAT scans in Europe too. And in the year of Our Lord 2003, those European nations (and Japan) recorded per capita health care spending which went something like this:

United States: $5711
Denmark: $2743
France: $3048
Germany: $2983
Italy: $2314
Japan: $2249
United Kingdom: $2317

Just like Michael Kinsley on Friday, Will forgot to mention a salient fact. Other nations with “increasingly competent” health care spend half as much as we do!

Excerpted from: www.dailyhowler.com/index.shtml

We've readily admitted here at the Growler that we sort of parallel-lined ourselves alongside The Daily Howler--stating that a wolf howls when it's looking for love, but it GROWLS when it's hungry, mad, looking for something to sink its teeth in. However, the Howler lately has been a little more Growler acerbic in his opinions and a little more understanding of just how dumb Americans really are.

Our old raging reverend, Dr. Jack Van Impe (a The Daily Growler Hall of Famer), was so off-the-wall early Monday morning, I almost threw my radio out the window. For the first time, I noticed, too, that Jack's semi-beautiful wife, Rexella, is now a Dr. like Jack. The announcer introduces them as "Doctors Rexella and Jack Van Impe." On this program, Jack just came flat out and said Obama may be the antiChrist! Then Dr. Jack let out a "Praise the Lord, Jesus is coming, oh what a glorious time to be alive--just think, Jeeeeesus is coming to take his seat on his throne in Jerusalem!" and said we'd all better tune in next early Monday morning because at that time he's going to discuss whether Obama is a Christian or not! Dr. Jack, you cagey old deceiver, you're going to intimate that Obama's a Muslim! I know you are, Dr. Jack, you little pompous ass. I pray to my gods that this Jesus X. dude will hurry up and call all his children home to whatever fantastic paradise awaits them--just get 'em the hell off the planet, Lordy Lord God--and, Lordy Lord, I hate to ask this of you because I'm in love with a beautiful Jewish woman who I don't wanna lose, but would you also take the Chosen Ones on up there with those that truly believe you're the Jewish Messiah? Maybe then we can have some peace down here! My prayers, however, are seldom answered.

Obama is still an interesting character for me to study with my Sociologist eyes! (Remember "Betty Davis Eyes"--name the one-hit-wonder who recorded it? That's the Growler quiz for the day. Who sang "Betty Davis Eyes"? for a growler of ale at a bar of our choosing.) Obama says he's determined not to look back, as if he believes the old Jewish tale of Lot's wife looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah and turning into a pillar of salt! Interesting that a woman in the desert turns to salt rather than stone. But perhaps Obama is understanding now that some of us who elected him are demanding he turn around and take a look back if only to see the source of the problems we are currently facing, where they came from and how they happened! How can you correct a problem whose wrong solution you continue to respect? How can you correct the wrong solution to the economic crisis when you don't look at the figures that led to the wrong addition (solution)? Obama met with members of the Gay and Lesbian community yesterday and he was extra cool and charming with them, talking out the correct side of his mouth for their sake; yet, the day before keeping in place the "Don't Tell" policy with Gays in the US Army, one going on trail today, a lieutenant who is a high-profile translator, a West Point graduate, who admitted he was Gay and was immediately dishonorably discharged! Obama said he would rescind that policy...but, no, yesterday he said he was keeping it in place. 266 Gay soldiers have been dishonorably discharged due to this travesty of human rights originally put into law by, who else, Slick Willie Clinton, the phony liberal Dumbocrat who originally fomented all the involvements we're currently bogged down in--Willie giving us the original Patriot Act; Willie shooting missiles into Afghanistan telling us he was destroying an Al-Queda training camp run by the illusive Osama bin Laden (a CIA invention), then telling us he'd hit a school maybe instead of the training camp. Or remember the Slick One bombing Iraq continuously. Firing a missile one time that killed the leading female artist in Iraq; firing one missile that he said hit a Saddam Hussein bombmaking plant when in actuality it was a pharmaceutical lab he hit, wiping out a source of medicine for long-time embargoed Iraqis! Slick Willie also sent the Marines ashore in Somalia. How quickly we've forgotten that failed mission--remember the Mogadishu tribal goons dragging our soldiers's dead bodies through the streets of that ravaged African city? For what did those poor young men and women suffer and die for in Somalia? Slick Willie got us involved in the Kosovo situation; then got us involved in the Serbian-Bosnian situation--again, a Christian vs. Muslim situation. We pried into that business and what good did it do? Has Sarajevo been rebuilt? Slick Willie used Guantanamo to imprison hundreds of Haitians who he had rounded up while they were still on their innertube boats and unsafe rafts trying to get to the USA--Florida--and freedom from the terrible oppression and poverty of Haiti, a nation the USA has punished for whipping the shit out of Napoleon's foppish French forces to become the first Republic in North or South America, a Black Republic of former French slaves (some of them perhaps even relatives of Napoleon's precious Josephine, a Martiniquean of dubious parentage)--and Slick Willie put a flotilla of Navy vessels around Haiti to block future efforts of Haitians to escape to the safety of the USA--who has a statue standing out in the middle of New York Harbor, I can see it from my window, that says this nation welcomes the oppressed of the world with open arms--a poem written by a Jewish immigrant girl--Slick Willie's Statue of Liberty had a extra verse to that poem, it was "Fuck You to All Haitians Seeking Freedom in This Cuntry" In an ironic, I think insulting to Haiti, move, Obama has made Slick Willie his Haitian analyzer/envoy--Slick Willie will evaluate the Haitian situation--from his Harlem office, I assume--I can't see Slick Willie living in Haiti, or even visiting there. Or how about it that it was Slick Willie's Neo-Con-artist economics nutjobs who deregulated banks and insurance companies and financial institutions and allowed stock brokerage houses to become banks and to sell insurance and allowed insurance companies to become banks and to sell stocks and allowed banks to sell investment plans and insurances of all kinds; all of them deregulated to the point they were all able to become bankers and stock brokers and insurance peddlers and financial middlemen without control--my bank peddles life insurance to me 24/7, wasting money sending me these offers several times a month--wasteful hustling is all it is.

So Slick Willie's reign gave us this current economic mess, exaggerated gladly by little rich boy dumbass G.W. Bush when his bushwhacking crew led us merrily and drunkenly into this black hole we're now depending on a junior senator from Southside Chicago, a black-white-international man with a Muslim name, to pull us out of. If you know physics you know you can't go into reverse when you're being sucked into a black hole. And if you know the laws of thermodynamics, you know you can't retrieve yourself from entropy once it starts sucking you into the heart of Lord Chaos. But, I know, I'm not supposed to criticize the Slick One. He's totally overpraised by bloggers like BartCop, for instance--Bart's so in love with Slick Willie he will offer to go out back into the alley behind one of those Tulsa Cracker bars and bareknuckle fight you over the Slick One's honor. Bob the Comedian (the Daily Howler commenter) is a big Clinton defender! Some people believe Slick Willie is the greatest president we've had since JFK! But, the Slick one makes me growl, and I say bullshit to such exalted praise (and remember I'm not at all a fan of JF (for Fucking Around)K).

And speaking of denigrating Slick Willie, I was reminded the other night just how slick Slick Willie is while watching a PBS Brit-glamor show on the infamous Pamela Churchill, one of the slickest whores (they politely referred to her as a courtesan on the PBS rav show) to ever fuck her way from a common whore all the way to the top of American politics. It's a position she purposely came to America to gain, starting it off by luring in and then marrying old lonesome Leland Hayworth the Broadway producer. She then began to waste all Leland's hard-earned millions. She eventually drove poor old Leland to drink and then to his demise, leaving him and his family stone-cold broke. This lucky whore wiped out Leland's whole estate. Then before old Leland hadn't even been embalmed yet this whore was on the phone to her old WWII lover, the Honorable Robber Baron Averill Harriman, that rat bastard, after noticing that his ancient old wife had just croaked leaving the ancient old rich-ass Averill lonely for some hot pussy! And Pamela, who was the hot pussy he needed, soon became Pamela Harriman!

As Pamela Harriman, this whore took over the Dumbocratic Party. And guess who Pamela Harriman's prize Dumbocrat toyboy was? She picked him out herself! Why it was none other than the young upstart who had just lost his first effort to be governor of the last-ranked State of Arkansas (hey, I married an Arkie, I can talk about 'em). Yep, you guessed it, Slick Willie Clinton. She got Slick Willie elected president. And how did the Slick One reward her?--maybe he showed her his dick or diddled her with an illegal Cuban cigar (they seem to be easily obtained by big shots and politicians), I don't know--but he made her ambassador to France! Wow! How's that for success? Her son Winston, he was sired by Randall Churchill, Sir Winnie the half-Amurican's worthless fop son, said he remembers the shock he got the night he walked into his mother's Washington flat and caught his mother on the living room couch topless and with old topless Averill Harriman (he was like 77) with his hands all over her breasts squeezing them and his old gnarly tongue dancing over his mother's nipples.

But rather than looking back on this Clinton bullshit, Obama gives jobs to nearly every old Clinton hanger-on from those days--especially all Slick Willie's Neo-Con economy advisors! But Obama's slick, too, so we'll keep on keeping a Sociologist eye on him--and we'll tell it like it is as we observe him!
Check out what the old Truth Seeker says about the Slick One:


People really don't understand slick-looking and sauve-acting hillbilly men like Billy Jeff Clinton, but I do. I grew up with a whole slew of Billy Jeff Clintons. Their kind either became fundy Christian preachers or they ran for a political office. Smart? Who the hell knows? Billy Jeff got a Rhodes Scholarship because of old Bill Fulbright, the Arkie senator who started the Fulbright Scholarships that led to Rhodes Scholarships (a scholarship given in honor of Cecil Rhodes, a Brit-fop asshole who wanted a One World Order under British control). Senator Fulbright was giving him credit against the Vietnam War and Slick Willie knew that and became an antiVietnam War "activist" because of old Bill. I've heard rumors that old Bill might have been a little deviant when it came to young men, but that's a rumor and we're not into gossip here at the Growler like the normal rags and blogs are.

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