Monday, June 15, 2009

A Pompous Ass

On Being Conceited
I was watching a tv show on Chicago. They were in a boat going up the wrong-way flowing Chicago River and suddenly right before my eyes was a huge silver sign that said "Trump." I knew right off the bat that meant Donald Trump had left his shitty stamp on Chicago. The Donald as the Prince of Conceit calls himself has stamped his vulgar name all over New York City. Since he finally got his way in spite of neighborhood (community) protest and got to build his enormously disruptive Trump City on the West Side of New York City--a city he'd been trying to build on the Penn Central Railroad Yards for decades. Trump City here in New York is a gaudy series of over-fifty-story buildings of all shapes and conjectures--a field of skyscraping vulgarities--all plastered with the name "Trump"--one long sequential wall of an apartment complex says "Trump" every 100 feet or so. You might try and trump me on this by saying, "But surely nobody is moving into this huge disruptive series of Trump pre-death tombstone buildings." Yeah, that's what a struggling out-of-work once-handsomely employed average New York Citian would think. Truth is, the noveau riche of the world are flocking here to populate Trump City. The worthless sons and daughters of the hoi poloi--like the minor sons of the Bin Laden family--like the minor bastard sons of tons of Arab sheiks and tribal asskissers--like the worthless sons and daughters of many a Asian Rim post-WWII millionaire, the sons and daughters of the Power Elites of the world--and they have flocked to Trump City and now suddenly there is a huge population rise in that neighborhood--and already Trump City has messed with the neighborhood school system--in one incident, Trump City privileged kids took over one very progressive neighborhood school so thoroughly, the kids who formerly attended the school are being moved to a new school leaving their old school to the Trump City kids. You go by this school on a school morning and you see a line of limos with chauffeurs and illegal immigrant nannies dropping off the Trump City worthless parasitical brats.

Donald Trump is conceited and its OK. Most famous people are conceited as hell, but that's OK. "Hey, they're famous. They've achieved wealth so they must be more talented than the average bear; therefore, sure, they can afford to be conceited." The mayor of New York City is Mister Conceited; yet that's OK. "Hey, man, Mike's a billionaire, damn right he's conceited."

All of this because A. Nony Moose recently left one of his brief put downs of me by saying I was "conceited." I know what it means. And, yes, I am conceited. Why? Because god-dammit, I know I'm right. I'm not a genius, but I'm a Sociologist, an encyclopedist, and as such I have read my eyes almost blind, I have been influenced by Sigmund Freud, George Groddeck, Sir James Fraser, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Ingersol, C. Wright Mills, Buckminster Fuller, Carl Jung, Philip Wylie, Elie Faure, Frank Lloyd Wright, Emile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, Henry Miller, Blaise Cendrars, Lawrence Durrell, D.H. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead, Charles E. Ives, et al.... Conceited men? How about "confident" men? If you call confidence conceit, well, I can't argue with you.

I'm conceited in what I know because I'm confident that what I know is right. Prove me wrong.

One reason this individual calls me conceited is because of my views on religion. I know damn good and well I've got nothing inside me labeled biologically as a soul. I know that I am an animal the same as a gorilla is an animal; the same as a camel is an animal; the same as plankton are animals. I put my "faith" in the evolutionary process and not some Human Big Daddy in the sky who looked in a mirror one day and said, "Geezus, I'm a damn good-looking specimen of divine being! I should make some little miniatures of myself and put them on that planet I can't seem to control--it's a renegade force that I need to tame. Son, what do you think?" "But, dad, I'm not even born of a virgin yet!" "That's right, I don't have a son yet. Well, anyway, I like my idea of creating these miniature mes--Minimes. Let's see, if I take a little of this clay and spit in it...."

There is no doubt in my mind that we are the products of an evolutionary process that began eons ago and not the creative designs of a superman, the figment of our scared-shitless imaginations. Yes, I believe in instincts. From instincts come myths. We have plenty studies of myths--Sir James Fraser's marvelous work, The Golden Bough, traces our myths back to myriads of cultures--we see the same stories (tales, fables, myths, "creations") told in every culture--the history of MAN just that--a history of MAN, insignificant man who has made himself divine and thus separated from the animals and plants, the living aspects of this living planet.

We are entering the realm of Chaos these days. This is the toughest universal math problem we dumbass humans have had to face. The planet on which we reside has all the answers within its evolved state to all our problems. The Amazon rain forests, which human beings being haters of Nature (because Nature defines human beings as simple animals) are destroying by millions of acres yearly, contain future drugs that could keep us living way beyond our allotted AIG life insurance human life expectation charts! Yet, we won't stop destroying this amazing space until it is totally gone and replaced with cattle ranches leased by rich Commie Chinese in order to raise cattle for the New China's lust for red meats. We are destroying our planet with thorough deliberation. We have brought the wrath of our invented wrathful gods down against our Mother Earth! It's the same as Freud's Oedipal Complex. In this case, human beings have fallen in love with their invented father and have turned against their natural mother.

We human beings at best are idiots. Does that make me conceited?
I am insulted by the Mayor of New York City, Little Asshole Mike Bloomberg--you talk about conceited--in his low-keyed, loud-lying campaign ads for his illegally running for an illegal third term as mayor. He says New York City needs his business acumen at this time of economic crisis in the city, state, country, and world. Of course, it's his business acumen that has gotten us into debt, has reduced human services to practically nil, who has taken over the New York City school system (probably unConstitutional--the idiots in the state government are holding hearings on it now), and turned New York City education into a business venture, headed by businessmen and not educators. But that's not what peeves me about Mayor Bloomingidiot's condescending (down his nose) campaign ads. No, it's because in his out-and-out lying about his bringing jobs to NYC (at the same time he's saying this, NYC is losing thousands of jobs a day) and giving out loans to small businesses, he says he's doing this to "keep the Middle-Class in New York City." Whoaaaa, Mayor! What does that mean? What's the Middle-Class to you? Your pals making 10 or 15 million a year? The Middle-Class in New York City if there still is one at best earns $75,000 a year, and probably on average, around $55,000 a year. Poverty in NYC is $26,000 and below. By saying he wants to keep the Middle-Class in NYC, he's really saying he's driving the POOR OUT of New York City. What an asshole. Yet, he has no opponents! Who can afford to run against a man to whom 22 million dollars is loose change?

Also, Bloomberg in revenge for everybody castigating and eventually voting down his congestion pricing traffic plan--after he'd already fucked up traffic in Manhattan with his stupid crosstown traffic patterns that cause huge traffic tieups--has totally changed the traffic patterns in Times Square--from West 46th down to West 30th--he's rerouted Broadway and Seventh Avenue--he's put tables and chairs smackdab in the middle of traffic in the middle of Times Square. This poorly planned scheme has traffic on Seventh Avenue, Broadway, Sixth Avenue snarled in polluting tieups--what a fucking mess, and in the meantime, Times Square is crammed full of construction sites, with 60-story hotels going up like mushrooms. At the same time this stupid saying we have to prepare for a couple of million new New Yorkers in the coming years. This hi-rise construction is choking the life out of Manhattan. Fifth Avenue is now like walking down the Midway of a carnival. It's gutters and sidewalks are littered with garbage; the street itself is jam packed with yellow cabs and huge ungodly and tacky tour buses, tour buses packed with tourist fools paying as much as $25 a person to ride these toxic-spewing buses around while a clown babbles bullshit over a microphone at them. Tour buses are packed even if it's pouring rain. They are issued raincoats when they board the tour buses on rainy days. Mayor Bloomberg says tourism is now New York City's main industry. Too bad, I say.

Obama has foolishly chosen the former New York City school head as his education head. But, I've determined Obama, though he tries to correct himself as he's doing now with Israel and his backing back toward single-payer health care, is naive, naive to the point of helplessness--a brave front, but then he seems to be a coward behind the scenes. Like why did he go to Saudi-Arabia and allow himself to be seen with that fop royal asshole whatever his divine name is--didn't this current Saudi king behead his brother in order to "ascend" to the throne?--what a farce. And today he's meeting with the sorry criminal ass bastard president of Italy! We, like Bill Maher recently, want to call Obama out and make him explain what the hell he's doing! He's fucking up big time and I think it's time he faced the music of We the People. Come on, Obama, what the hell's going on?

Here's another peeve I'm developing. Am I right or wrong, but since Bill Clinton tried to make Hillary his National Healthcare czar, why are we now when electing Dumbocrats as president also electing their wives to public office? Michelle Obama is globetrotting! She's over in London today. Already in his first 100 days or whatever, Obama and his wife have traveled a couple of times around the world (once on a "date" in Paris--eating at the most expensive restaurant in Paris--in the Eiffel Tower), together, or individually. Michelle Obama has traveled on her own on several foreign junkets! Repugnican wives of presidents were, it seems to me, kept in their place--like Pat Nixon was left to get drunk every night longing for her Dickie Boy; Mamie Eisenhower before Pat Nixon, hit the bottle in depression because Ike was seldom home and besides he was banging his woman Army secretary or whatever she was; Mrs. Ronnie Raygun Reagan after Ronnie became an Alzheimer's poster boy did takeover the presidency, she and her psychic, the late nutjob Jeanne Dixon, but the Repugs covered it up and covered up the fact that Ronnie was passed out at most important meetings or else didn't even know who the hell he was at most meetings. Jellybeans for brains. Betty Ford, the wife of old Gerald Ford, a never-elected president, became an alcoholic and pill head so bad she started her own celebrity detox clinic in Palm Springs, with government subsidies and the millions of dollars her Michigan-hick husband acquired in his long service for this nation on the Congressional Country Club golf course or hacking away with his pal Bob Hope out on the Palm Springs golf courses (all of them restricted clubs, by the way--like the Congressional Country Club--"No Niggers or Jews" at one time--ironically, the PGA tour event now held at the Congressional is a Tiger Woods event). Mammy Babs Bush, old Pappy Bush's woman (remember rumors of Pappy's Chinese mistress?), was rather quiet as First Lady--except she did manage to finagle millions of bucks for her worthless children, like big Neil (a little crook who got his ass caught in the savings and loan industry bailout of a few years now back), or little Marvin, the World Trade Center security czar ("You did a heck of a job, Marvin!"), or helping her truly worthless coward son, Georgie Porgie, get a job where he could fuck up and it wouldn't cost Pappy and Mammy Babs and the Bin Laden family millions to bail him out of his failed ventures--including his going AWOL from the National Guard--so they paid his way into politics (let the stupid people pay for this asshole's mistakes), especially the governorship of Texas. With daddy and mammy's money, G.W. beat a tough old babe dying of cancer to get to be the killin'est governor in Texas history--killing 157 mostly blacks and Latinos on Death Row. The one place you don't want to end up if you're a black or Latino is the Texas Death Row. You're a goner once there innocent or what! Current Texas governor, Rick Perry, I swear I read the other day, has already broken Georgie Porgie's record for killin' blacks and Latinos--and, oh yes, they do kill white boys, too--and Georgie Porgie proudly killed a woman, the Latino woman who found Jesus on Death Row and begged for clemency from the very Christian Georgie Porgie and Georgie said, "Hell, go ahead and juice the bitch; that way I'm sending her to Heaven if she's such a god-damn Christian now. Here, let me stick the needle in her...."

Conceited? No, just confident in what I'm saying is my honest opinion. Remember, I follow the principles of Admiral Stockdale--the only faith you need is faith in yourself! Amen, brother.

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Language said...

And, yes, I am conceited. Why? Because god-dammit, I know I'm right.

I would just like to endorse this: the Growler has every right to be conceited. He's read more than I have, and that's saying a lot.

Marybeth said...

Remember what Yogi Berra said --

"Never answer an anonymous letter."