Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Adventure of Superman

The Planet Earth vs. Human Beings
The latest statement on the world situation: Forget it! Human beings in separating themselves in terms of communion from the rest of reality have set a trap for themselves. Human beings have painted themselves into a corner.

We breed incessantly in spite of the conditions in which we are breeding. The slums of the world produce millions of babies a day no matter whether they are on the garbage heaps of Manila or in the favelas (shantytowns) of Rio. In the midst of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq babies were being born. Same in Afghanistan. Photos of the Darfur inhumanity always showed crying mothers with babies in their arms, wrapped around their legs, or lying naked and dying on a dirty rag spread over the burning sand.

Not many human beings care much about life. Even their own lives. As I write this, millions are being killed en masse by police and army forces around the world. The oil industry itself promotes governments massacring (sacrificing) its indigenous people in order to confiscate their LAND and the riches those lands contain, i.e., currently happening in Nigeria and Peru. Human conflicts that fight to the death continue to blossom around the world. Weapons production and sales are at their highest in human history. Guntoting humans rule the lands of the world. Humans love killing devices. Humans find killing themselves and their animal relatives most exciting and exhilarating. In Human entertainment, killing or being killed (chancing death) is the most thrilling to humans of its offerings. Humans breed far more killers than saviors; far more murderers than doctors and nurses; humans are inventing more and more ways to die and fewer and fewer ways of surviving.

Though human beings consider themselves ultrahighlyintelligent, an intelligence summed up through their own made-up measurements and guesstimations, they are no more intelligent than the blind mole, an amazing creature, or the brightest chimpanzee.

Human beings dumbly go about life. The more humans born, the more conflicts generated. Human beings are afraid of natural death. Death is the enemy and not the savior--and, yet, unfortunately for human beings, in the evolutionary process death is nothing more than a momentary inevitability. Since there is NATURAL (automatic) CORRECTION in the evolutionary process, gradually perhaps death will be dealt with, but at the moment, if things don't die, the planet dies. The planet however has the final word. The planet doesn't give one hoot in hell about human beings and their animal relatives. By merely shifting its infrastructure every now and then, the planet easily kills millions of human beings. By just shivering its timbers the planet can wipe out millions of human beings no matter their rank and importance. By belching up lavas and gasses out of the pits of its belly under the seas, the planet can produce a tsunami that wipes out 250,000 human beings in a matter of seconds and in some cases, totally wipe out whole villages, towns, and industries and environments and therefore an existence. Yet, human beings remain defiant! They shake their fists at the planet and predict that one day they will conquer the planet with cosmic military forces mysteriously appearing out of the planet's atmosphere....

Human beings are so full of shit.

for The Saturday Evening Post Daily Growler

Check Out This Insult to We the People by Our Government:

Check out the Middle East Partnership Initiative--Check out Hillbilly Hillary's statement about it--check out where it's headquartered. Check out it has taken 530 million bucks in We the People's money since it was projected and headed by, the invention of, Unka Dickless Cheney's DAUGHTER! We the People of the USA gave 56 million to this phony Neo-Con lobbyist group and President Obama has said he's giving 82 million to it this year. Amazin! Amazin! Amazin! That's change, folks. Yes, we can, whether we want to or not!

By the way, Friday's The Daily Howler [see List at right side of blog] post is great. Howling Bob at his best. He's picking up some Growlerisms--adding some savvy to his writing.

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