Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Massuh and the Fieldhands

"Hey, Boss Man"
I watched "shuck and jive" commercial teevee Sunday morning just long enough to see how creepy this country's Power Elite are becoming at a point in history where they are on the brink of owning the wealth of all nations. All the right-wing Sunday morning "news" shows were packed with idiot Repugnicans, the main nutjob showing up to put in his 1-cent's worth of illogic was loser and still Vietnam-brain-scrambled near-billionaire thanks to his marrying a beer and whiskey peddler's daughter and who was a protege of Charlie Keating the savings and loan swindler who's swindling led to We the People's bailing out the crooked savings and loan industry in this country--all that glorious introduction for John "Vietnam Nutjob" McCain.

McCain looked stupider than usual, but he was in good Yahoo spirits. He looked very comfortable, looking like he'd just had one of those $400 haircuts Johnny "Fuckin' Around on his Cancer-Riddled Wife" Edwards was famous for. Nutjob McCain did not seem worried one bit about credit card debt, being foreclosed on any of his many mansions around the country, no recalls of any of his 12 luxury automobiles--which sends me on a tangent: like, how come no one has come up with putting the "luxury tax" back into existence again--you know, a luxury tax on Lear Jets, yachts, private islands, excess bonuses (aren't those luxury payoffs? shouldn't they be subject to a gift tax?), limos, helicopters, diamonds, cell phones!

McCain of course was on this worthless piece-of-shit show to criticize President Obama [and trust me, folks, all these Repugnican Obama criticisms are based on Obama's letting his "black side" image dominate his "white side" (his mother's side--the main side--with Obama badmouthing his father this week, saying fathers shouldn't be like his father though he did backpeddle and say his father introduced him to basketball and jazz, which, in the words of Convited Felon Martha Stewart, are "good things")--in other words, racism is the basis for all Repugnican criticism of Obama. McCain is such a droopy, impotent, girly man! What a dipstick. Yet, there was our commercial teevee millionaire propaganda jockeys interviewing him as though, "God-dammit, Jawin' John, I think the Amurican people see now where you had the best ideas afterall now that the, Kneegrow is in office and seemingly with his nose up the terrorists asses--and, yes, John, we, too, wonder sometimes about Obama's allegiance, since like you brought up there is some doubt as to whether he is legally an Amurican citizen."

Then I saw the infamous Mitch McConnell on another of those right-wing firebrand shows and he, too, was attacking Obama on the grounds that "a common houseboy" was over his wooly-booly head in terms of running the White Man's House, a house where at normal best, according to the Repugs, he and his gorilla-related wife would be cleaning the shit houses in that sacred White Man's Plantation House rather than being the head honcho there. Why, if old Tom Jefferson were to walk in the White Man's House today, he'd order Obama to fetch him a bottle of good French wine, tagging it with "Boy" and not "Mr. President" [Repugnicans would love to use the word "nigger" but they haven't let that slip yet. In terms of Michelle Obama's favoring a gorilla, YES, one of those brilliant Deep South Repugnicans did get brave around his White brethren and call Michelle Obama a gorilla-woman, but that wasn't deemed a racial insult by commercial teevee. Just some old south nutjob having a little Amurican ridiculous fun!]

And how about the New York State Senate's being taken over by a bunch of Yahoo Repugnicans with the help of a low-life Latino scumbag, Speedy Gonzales Espada (knife in the back), jumping the aisle to declare himself president pro temp of the NYState Senate! Heave the rascals out, we all cry, but they tell us back that there is no recall of senators in the NYState Constitution! Great, so in the meantime, We the People of New York State and New York City are suffering losing jobs, our rents and taxes going up, tolls on highways and bridges, higher sales taxes, higher public transportation costs, wholesale rezoning of New York City neighborhoods and a taking over of Manhattan by mostly foreign private-equity investment groups--the Brits, the Israelis, the Saudis, the Royal Family of Dubai, the Communist Chinese--Donald Trump, that national eyesore!

This is the Age of the Crook, the Flim-Flammer, the Swindler, the False Prophet, the Sidewinder, the Robber Baron, the Schemer, the Pawnbroker, the Banker, the Broker, the Joker, the Privileged, the Nest Egg Guardian.... Squash the poor like you squash a stupid bug! Bringing down the bootheel of power on the necks of We the People of the USA--we the suckers! We who beg for help and mercy and relief. We who get nothing in return but more sacrificing, more having our homes and land stolen from us--leaving millions of us to live in tent cities--leaving millions of us without jobs--leaving millions of us stranded in the jungle of luxury costs on what should be essential services like healthcare, housing, the pursuit of happiness. I do not want to live like The Donald. His style of life is gaudy and wasteful to me! His is a hick's aesthete. Did the Donald graduate high school? Did the Donald go to college?--or was college for him sitting at his dad's private table in the 21 Club (it started as a speakeasy--in other words, an illegal drinking establishment for the lushlife, high-boozing, conspicuously big spenders of Upper-Class New York City during those stupid Prohibition years--the New York City Upperclass, by the way, does include Mafia dons, their wives and families, low-end political criminals like Rudi Giuliani and Bernie Keric and high-end swindlers like Carl Ichan, who the City of New York named a Randall's Island stadium after)? [There used to be a statue of Lewis Wolfson in the original old Pan-Am Building (now the Met-Life Building, unless Met-Life has sold it to a foreign investment group and I haven't heard about it). Then Lewis was busted for Wall Street shenanigans and went off to prison. The statue then disappeared.] [Question: whatever happened to the Goodyear blimps that used to cover sporting events and shit? Now it's the Met-Life blimp. Now there's a Met-Life Bank, too.]

We the People have the power--a power in numbers if nothing else, but we are all spoiled brats. We are all hornswaggled into submission; mesmerized by that old phony American Dream bullshit. We are scared shitless every day of our lives. Swine flu. Meteorites heading dead-on at us. A North Korean nuke missile hitting Hawaii. Believe it or not, now the Repugnican nutjobs are calling for nuclear weapons for Japan! (I kid you not, I heard Footballer-Reagan Gay Club member-Politician Jack Kemp's speechwriter now a member of Congress saying that this morning on one of those Krusty-the-Clown right-wing-promotion shows). E Coli is now in our cookie dough (first it was spinach, then peanut butter, now cookie dough). Al-Queda now is regrouping and reaiming at us--AND from WHERE: how about Gaza! Yep, the filthy A-rabb dog Palestine is now the homeland of a reemerging Al-Queda! This Al-Queda's intent is of course the destruction of God-blessed and American-financed Israel. The Pentagon propaganda machine has trotted out some old "so-said" Al-Queda training films where a bunch of black-hooded, camouflage-uniform-wearing dark-skinned-looking dudes are leaping and bounding around in some desert sands firing off AKAs. I mean, these could be US soldiers making a docudrama! But there they are, and the talking head announcer says, yes, these are Al-Queda trainees and they're thick as hops and training first-class in GAZA--their intent, obtaining nuclear weapons with the objective of annihilating Israel.

The weapons blackmarket is doing fine; in fact, the weapons industry has never been better. Gun sales are zooming up. AKA sales are going through the roof. Why, you can even buy missiles and perhaps high-grade uranium on the black market now, too. It was interesting to recently read that the USA had bought a billion dollars worth of uranium from Russia! The talking heads reported this saying it was necessary in order to fuel the whole bunch of new nuclear power plants that are soon to come on line in spite of the people of those areas not wanting them. Like We the People of New York City are begging the energy czars to shut down leaky old Indian Point nuclear facility that is on the verge of exploding just 25 miles north of New York City. "Don't worry," I once heard a NYC politician say, "a disaster at Indian Point at the most would kill only 250,000 of us!" So relax and turn that air-conditioner skyhigh!

Here in New York City, we've had a rain-soaked end-of-May and all of June so far. Now, however, our weather jokers are predicting temperatures in the high eighties come next week. Here it comes. A New York City sweltering summer. Anything over 90 in New York City crucifies you. Nails you to your energy-gobbling air-conditioners. Most people who work in office buildings no matter where are breathing recycled air! I once watched as a worker took the filters out of the air-conditioning system in an office where I worked. I swear there were living things in the muck of that filter! The last office building I worked in had sealed windows. I have lived in New York City for 30 years now without an air-conditioner. It gets brutal when it's up around one hundred, but I figure if Al-Queda can train in 115-degree Palestinian desert air and survive enough to blow up New York City yet another day, I can surely survive another New York City summer. 87-89 they're predicting for the coming week. That's holy hell, but still easily survivable. It's when the temperature hits 98 to 100 and stays there for 8 or nine days in a row, that's what the true Hell is like. "Yes, Virginia, there really is a Hell. It's New York City in the summer time. Or worse, Washington, District of Corruption, in the summer time. Or how about downtown Baltimore on a 98-degree day!"

I just switched off Brother Jack Van Impe's early-morning Christian-Fearmongering broadcast--it's 3:30 am Monday morning as I write this. Brother Jack was hot with WARNINGS, comparing Obama's "naivete" with that of the Brit fop Neville Chamberlain and his meetings with Adolph "Half-Jewish" Schickelgruber right before Schickelgruber trick-bagged the fop Brit Power Elite and did a behind-the-back shuffle into Poland and Czechoslovakia! The half-Amurican Winnie Churchill calling him a naive fool all during Neville's fop fumblings. That's who Brother Jack is comparing Obama with. Brother Jack is insistent on a coming nuclear war--Brother Jack's Christian made-up Bible tells him that a nuclear war is eminent--nuclear war in the Bible is "fire and brimstone" and "burning flesh" to Brother Jack Van Impe. In some obscure Old Testament passage it says, "And God warned the Jesuihites that there would be wars and more wars all leading up to that final big bash, that war of fire and brimstone and burning flesh! Glory be to the Wrathful Yahweh and his peacenik son! And by God according to Brother Jack why is Obama naive? Why because he's trying to stop this nuclear war from happening! Boy, now there's some Yahoo logic for you. Idiocy but hey since most Amuricans are true believer idiots this sort of bullshit takes hold--especially in White Racist Amurica. They are showing their ugly heads all over the place. Most of them are openly trashing Obama--most of them hinting, too, that like the right-wing encouragement in the killing of abortion doctors, the killing of Obama may be next on their Neo-Con reasoning. WARNING. I am a White man. I know my peeps. Yes, my peeps love assassinations! My peeps see anyone who isn't White as DIRTY! Don't you understand, folks, it's all a matter of one's definition of cleanliness!

It's going to get hairy, folks, before it gets "better." It ain't gonna be no fun living in this country unless we sweep these right-wing assholes back under the carpet where they belong--either that or eradicate them!

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Note: Rumor has it that our own Wolf Man is currently negotiating with friends to operate an American Music-oriented Website. We may soon lose our VOICE--like BuzzFlash, The Daily Growler may be skidding off into oblivion due to little interest in political and general comment from a farther-out point of view than the celebrated experts who are consistently wrong and not on top of things and are way behind when it comes to innovative forecasting. The Daily Growler months ago warned that Obama wasn't the liberal savior we hoped he would be when we overwhelmingly chose him over the likes of Hambone Hillary Clinton, Big Bad John the Vietnam Nutjob, and Sweet Sarah Paleface. Are we better off with Obama than we would have been with John and Sarah? The The Daily Growler answer to that might SHOCK you!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pentagon Rebrands Protest as "Low-Level Terrorism"

You have to hand it to Pentagon securocrats and their corporate cronies, they never miss an opportunity to demonize, vilify or otherwise slander domestic political dissent as "terrorism."

The American Civil Liberties Union reported June 10 that "Anti-terrorism training materials currently being used by the Department of Defense (DoD) teach its personnel that free expression in the form of public protests should be regarded as 'low level terrorism'."

According to the civil liberties' watchdog: "Among the multiple-choice questions included in Linkits Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness training course, the DoD asks the following: 'Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?' To answer correctly, the examinee must select 'protests'."

Yes, you read that correctly. The Pentagon has designed a training system that puts you in the crosshairs! And why not? Back in 2003 Mike Van Winkle, the spokesman for the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC) said of antiwar demonstrators brutally attacked by riot cops at the Port of Oakland during a protest against the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq,
To read the rest:

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