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No Such Thing As Change

Change Is Impossible
Most of us consider ourselves totally outside of the evolutionary process. Most of us if asked seriously, like by Madonna in one of her truth or dare enlightenments, whether we are "created" beings or "evolved" beings would say we are created beings. That word "creation" to most of us means "God." The average Yahoo has no understanding of what the word "create" means.

I call this the act of humans thinking from "inside to outside"--yet, in order to "learn" things we are subjected from birth to adolescence to instruction from outside to inside. Like from our parents and relatives. Like in school from teachers and peers. In school we are memorizing and hopefully comprehending things being explained to us by outside agitators. These outsiders are from the get go showing us what all these symbols we see outside confronting us and inside we are clueless as to how to solve the questions these symbols added up force us to ask ourselves. So these outsiders teach us the insides of the outside, how all the outside symbols add up into things called "solutions" (answers)--and these solutions we call "truths"--but then, too, as neophytes we are taught that in solving a problem we must "prove" our solution to that problem. Proof! Proof leading to correction. Readjustment. Yes, you see, we add up our symbols and each one of us comes up with different "truths" (answers), our so-called truths, which we start spewing forth--mimicking our teachers, like Plato--our teachers's solutions become true solutions. Most of us, however, never learn how to prove our solutions. As long as the teacher gives us passing marks, we figure most of our solutions must be correct, even if half of them aren't. "A C average is good enough for me!" And that "C average" attitude becomes the national attitude--anything above C becomes too complicated; and anything below C is something to be ignored--especially if you struggled long and hard to maintain that C average.

All of this for what? That there is no such thing as change. That's a pretty hard conclusion to explain, what with us all looking in the mirror and seeing ourselves changing right before our eyes! To me that is not change. That to me is normalcy. The change within the normal is normal; therefore it isn't change at all. We all "grow" old. That's normal. What's abnormal would be a solution to that normalcy found in trying to prove normalcy. Perhaps one of us more evolved human beings will one day discover an "error" in compounding normalcy. And this "Einstein" will "figure" that by "changing" one aspect of normalcy we can stop aging; suspend youth through maybe correcting the man-made clock, the solution to its illogical construction may be "changing" to a biological (evolutionary) clock; suspend aging that way. As long as we accept normalcy as a correct solution to a human-originated problem, things will go on same as always.

Humans interpret this planet as "theirs" to do with as "they" wish. We believe we have been given this unique place by the gods of our human imagination (from "inside" solutions to confronted problems)--whether the silly gods the Indians follow, the teachings of an epileptic prophet/god who lived in a cave with his sister, the drunken revelated Mormonic gods dreame up by a man named Joe Smith, or the dollar-sign gods We the People of the USA continue to follow and adore--as if the evil eye on the backs of our worthless one dollar bills has hexed us, hypnotized us to always follow our hypnotist leaders, those of us with the most money and therefore the most privilege and the most power and therefore the most believed when they spew forth their solutions to our wildly going-out-of-control problems.

Brass tacks: Obama, for instance, isn't changing one damn thing in solving our current massive problems. Obama is confused. Only a couple of years ago, it seemed to most of us that G.W. Bush's solutions were correct solutions to the specific problems G.W. was given to solve. 9/11 when you look at it evolutionarily was like a flea on an elephant's ass when it came to problems that needed immediate solutions. al-Queda was such a minor threat and still is, while the fact we are poisoning our air and our water, our staffs of life, our true gods, and the fact that we are spewing up a filter of our own filth that filters out the life-giving rays of the true and only God, the Sun, and allows the deadly ultraviolet rays to get through. Those are the rays that are BAKING us. Those rays are gradually cooking us out of existence. Fuck a surprise military attack on the WTC and the Pentagon and the White House by 22 Saudi Arabians (OK 1 was a Jordanian) with boxcutters who got through Bill Clinton's great Patriot Act airport search system--remember, old Bill said we had to show 2 forms of photo ID to get on an airliner. That was Bill's solution to our problem of national security. That it didn't work and those Saudi Arabians managed to pull off one of the great military attacks of all time (similar to the Trojan Horse military attack by the Greeks used against Troy--"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts") is still a secondary problem to the fact we are poisoning our air (our atmosphere), we are poisoning our waters, we are biogenetically poisoning our food. Plus, because we accepted G.W. Bush's solution to the nonexistent problem with Iraq and also his "rush to judgment" against the people of Afghanistan, another nonexistent problem where G.W. Bush's solution came before there was even a problem. Because we did not accept the corrections (the proofs) to both those wars by those of us evolutionarily wise enough to see that there really wasn't really a War on Terrorism, that it was a mistake given status as a solution, as a truth, and as a result it collapsed our economy, cost us millions of jobs, lost us hundreds of factories, brought our Las-Vegas-style stock market tumbling down 4,000 points at one time, caused millions of us to lose our homes, caused millions of us to have to live in tent cities, that caused G.W. Bush's administration to totally ignore the disaster that was New Orleans, Louisiana, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita flooded and demolished way over almost two-thirds of that city and yet as of today not one storm-flattened neighborhood has been rebuilt--and thousands of displaced New Orleanians are still trying to survive living in poisonous FEMA trailers--"You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie." Again, the problem overwhelming G.W. Bush and his backwards thinking administration--the "drive us down to the bottom" boys with their hopes and faiths in their Neo-Con solutions to their pulled-out-of-the-air problems, like abortion. Abortion is a nonexistent problem. How many women really get abortions every year! I guarantee you, more young men and women (from birth up through their early twenties) will be killed either from drinking and driving, with a handgun or a rifle, as suicides, as gun-toting assassins, or as military personnel or as military contractors (5 contractors were arrested by the Iraqi government yesterday (Saturday)) than fetuses vacuumed out of Yahoo-sex-taught women's wombs. Or fetuses vacuumed out of Yahoo-trained USA women's wombs as compared to the killing of the innocent people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Congo, Somalia, Mexico, Haiti, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mumbai, India, Colombia, Peru.... See how unimportant abortion is as a problem in the evolutionary process?

And how about blowing the tops off all the beautiful OLD mountains of West Virginia, to enable us a solution to our energy problem, a solution says the correct answer is to rip the coal out from under the earth's thick skin by blowing off mountaintops--without us really knowing why coal is under the earth's thick skin to begin with. What is the reason for oil being within innards of the earth? Evolutionarily speaking, there must be a major problem that needs a solution in our dependence on coal for our own selfish human animal comforts. Fuck al-Queda! Fuck Iran and its nonexistent nuclear weapon problem. Fuck North Korea's attempt to gain national recognition by threatening to shoot a nuclear missile at San Francisco--it is not a problem in need of an immediate solution like say our national healthcare policies are. Making a profit off the diseases and illnesses of human beings is just flat wrong. We should nationalize our healthcare system immediately--without haste, without letting the industry itself give us solutions to the problem, solutions that have not been proven, they are in need of correction--there are obvious mistakes in our healthcare system the way it is now. The solutions to the health problem--easy, nationalize healthcare--put it into a Medicare-type system--our Medicare system works--its problems have been solved and its workings have been proofed to a point that our Medicare system is being adopted by other nations, like Taiwan recently. Those nationalized systems work. The problems and solutions to it the HMO Industry are putting out on Yahoo television in the form of "truthful" ads are total lies, the same as the War on Terrorism, the War of Drugs, the findings of the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, the Homeland Security, the NIS, the Supreme Court of Yahoos, police departments...their solutions are idiotic. They are selfish human solutions based on human animals being "created" by a superhuman being (thinking from inside outside).

And Obama's solutions to our problems? Seems like to me these are the same solutions Bill Clinton had to our major problems--the same solutions, believe it or not, G.W. Bush had to our major problems--G.W. in defense of his father having been called a Wimp turned very minor problems into major ones, and his solutions to these minor problems were able to become our most major problems ever--our economy collapsing for one! Our industries crashing for another? Obama's solutions do not bring change. Change is only possible through proving a solution over and over, correction upon correction, the way Evolution works!

Simple, simple, simple; yet, we continue to see things as Human Animals who think we are especially "created" by a imaginary human we call God to solve the demonic problems of the Earth (the source of our devils) with "God-handed-down" solutions. 1 + 1 = 3. "God, I know you said in your word that 1 + 1 = 3, but the Devil is tempting me, Lord, he's saying 1 + 1 = 2. I trust in your word, God, so I'm going ahead and rebuking the Devil--I'm sticking with 1 + 1 = 3, Lord, and I'll die believing it, too, Lord."

The greatest problem man so far has solved is the problem of how did we become what we became. Human animals are able to put into symbols what this thing called "existence" may be or may not be. The most probable answer is found in the human idea of Evolution. The other animals seem to agree with us on this point, too. But then they've understood Evolution all along and have followed its corrections of itself and have followed those corrections as truths until that correction is suddenly proven incorrect--by a meteor hitting the earth perhaps--and a new solution is introduced--like the crocs and alligators figuring out how to sink below the surface points of danger--to bury themselves in the muddiest bottoms until the destruction of the meteorite's hitting the earth has settled and cleared, to return to the new surface and to begin living successfully once again. So crocs and alligators survived that ancient holocaust whereas dinosaurs did not. That's all Darwin meant by "survival of the fittest." Those who follow the evolutionary process become the most fit to solve the many crossroads problems we'll have to find solutions to; meteorites hitting the earth simply being a part of the evolutionary process.

Obama's speech to the Muslim people was a well-written speech. But, in terms of corrections and proofs and such, at best it was an advertising campaign speech. I read the other day where both party politics are already readying for the Iowa Caucus in the next presidential election. They are already having fundraisers for party politics operating monies for this time maybe a two-year campaign for the presidency. This is the moment when something proved wrong can be corrected, but it won't be. A C-average mentality can't except so abrupt a CHANGE. What if all of us took our money out of big corporate banks and put them in local banks?--like in New York City the Apple Bank! It's a local bank that has stayed afloat during all of this bullshit crisis. Yet people continue to use CitiBank and Bank of America, both overmerged, too big to not fail, conglomerates who have reconstituted themselves with We the People's future monies for decades to come. They outright robbed us of our future--and yet we continue to do business with them. The solution to our banking crisis lies with the people whose monies are being used now to bail the banks out at the expense of We the People losing our jobs, our homes (the banks foreclose on us), our health!

C-average thinking. C-average people can't prove any solution to any problem. That's why fortunetellers make millions a year. That's why religious fakirs live like dukes and princes, duchesses and princesses while their congregations are starving to death.

for The Daily Growler
(written by staffer P. C. Flipper)

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