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Chaos Doesn't Respond to Control

The Power Elite Has No Idea What to Do (Nor Do They Give a Shit) to Control Chaos; Living Under the Illusion They Are Protected From Harm by Their Leisure
The human beings who control us all today--our world "leaders"--are the same ole leaders--some of them are trying to come out in new costumes, but, nope, they're the same ole players who've been shipping all us COMMON fools into the gulags of the Chaotic World since the Industrial Revolution happened back at the end of the 19th Century--their drive was then and is still today to reinstate slavery, to bring it back to life in order to repair all the damages to the world's human superstructure they've done with their cheap-labor schemes--turn slavery into just a natural labor force--being paid by a chance to stay alive as opposed to wages, the bane of the Capitalist profiteer--those who control us and are trying now to control the uncontrollable Chaos caused by their greed--their speculations--their speculations into irreplaceable natural resources for instance--ah what a paradise for the Leisure Class! Those who lived high in the trees in the jungle living now high in the concrete-risen trees of civilization, a civilization whose controls have gone haywire!--those who see unproductiveness as noble! Those who compare themselves to Lords; those who compare themselves to Gods. Our Caesars. Our potentates! Our Venetian doges! Our pharaohs! Our royal family of fops! They are not "leaders" at all, but WE the People, unfortunately, we are followers and do look to these birds as leaders.

Obama's "Come Let Us Reason Together" (Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson's tagline in the '64 election) approach to being president has backfired big time on him right off the bat--and that's one problem with woman-trained and -prepared Obama (I can empathize with him on this, myself being raised by a triumvirate of Pioneer white women, single-mother women, too, all the men they chose being weak-assed poets, violinists, tennis bums, and race-car drivers, men on the bottle, on the prowl, or on the run) and this backfire came on Obama's very first effort to enforce his executive authority by demanding Congress universally pass his 250-billion-dollar economy jumpstarting bailout boondoggle (his New Deal) the bailout money he promised in his campaign to every man-woman-baby one of us, relief in tax burdens, giving tax rebates, retaxing the rich--he promised to reimpose the taxes on these ungodly rich sons a'bitches that The Bush Baby Fop, ungodly rich himself, passed on to his and his family's biggest nest-egg contributors--tax breaks that helped his father and his brothers and his Mammy Babs's investments (her family was filthy rich before she reeled in old Pappy Bush), and he helped out his half-brother Prince Bandar Bush and the Saudi-Arabian royal family's investments in this country and in the Carlyle Group and the Bush Family Foundation--and oh holy wailing Hell, the Hell of Virgil's Hadean Boat Tour, that included big tax reductions for filthy rich Unka Dick "Shotgun" Cheney--oil and gas rich already from investments in his carpetbagging political connection to the State of Wyoming and as a Halliburton executive, monies of which he kept receiving even while vice-president and helping to hand out billions of We the People's money to Halliburton (once known as Halliburton Well Supply and Service) and its then division, KBR (once known as Kellogg-Root-Brown Offshore Drilling) and other oil-companies-turned military and Department of Defense and Homeland Security contractors--how disgraceful is that that old son of bitch Dick(less) Cheney...but there I go getting sidetracked again.

So Obama's community service approach didn't work on the Leisure Class Repugnican House--no Repugnican crossed the aisle to vote in patriotic unity with Obama on his economy bailout adventure--which, to me, an insult to Obama himself--and he knows that. The Repugnicans are now intent on voting as a bloc, as a solid bloc, against Obama, on purpose, showing this uppity N-worder the White Man is still bossman. They're telling him that even though he is the President of the USA, he's still in their racist eyes nothing but a common N-worder. And some of these creeps faithfully believe Obama, I've recently heard a white New York Citian say this at a party, is out to destroy the White Race--like what if Obama suddenly says white men have to breed with black women or they don't get to breed at all--I jest, of course--but I suppose these fools think Obama's promoting race-mixing, turning the white (for purity) man into a Tanman, tan, the color that symbolizes all racial colors mixed together--total equality--by us all looking alike. These white scoundrels feel that Obama doesn't know his place and doesn't see that no matter who elected him, this is still a White nation under a White God, god-dammit. Fools! They are all fools! Brazen fools! Fools with great leisure on their hands--do you think being a politician is productive labor? Bullshit. It's Leisure Class ruling. They have the leisure time to rule us; we're too god-damn busy producing and consuming and going into debt to them to have time to figure out our destinies on our own, no thanks to any fucking bunch of Leisure Class million/billionaire fools who think because they're so rich and we're so poor they are NOBLE and DIVINE!

The wealthiest bastards in the world aren't giving a shit about the economic fate of the rest of us commoners. Hell no! These bastards, even though they've driven all their companies and our governments into bankruptcy (the nation of Iceland went into bankrupcy this week!), they personally don't give a shit because they haven't lost a damn thing personally, especially their decorum (remember how important decorum is to the Power Elite). How are you gonna hurt Bill Gates with his beaucoup billions of dollars in pocketed profits? You can tax his ass is one way, but hey, approach Bill Gates, say just outside his offshore bank in the Cayman Islands, and tell him you're gonna tax him--SHIT FIRE, soon old Bill and Melinda will be moving to Dubai or, Hell, moving to his own private island--fuck the rest of the poor-ass, dumbass world. Bill Gates recently cockily admitted his plan to retread the world's school systems into Windows Vista customers has failed. His "ridding the world of AIDS" has failed, too. Pfizer Pharma, ironically, has just spent 60 billion dollars buying one of its competitors, Wyeth; a lot of those billions were made off AIDS epidemics. All the while, rather than buying Wyeth, Pfizer could help rid the world of AIDS by giving AIDS drugs free (or even at cost) to areas of the world suffering AIDS epidemics--but no, no, no, no, WELFARE isn't profitable. Charity isn't profitable (except as a tax write off for the rich executives of these fuck-you companies--check out all the billions they put in their nonprofit foundations, for instance--all rich families and big corporations (which are citizens of the US under a Supreme Court ruling handed down back in J.D. Rockefeller's crookeder-than-crooked robbin' days) put their excess profits into nonprofit foundations. Slick Willie and Hillbilly Hill Clinton probably even have foundations--I know P. Diddy has one already--and he's not even forty yet. I think P. Diddy's mother even has her own foundation. Slick Willie, it's now revealed, made millions off foreign investments--and where did he get the millions to invest in foreign interests?--I mean, pretty good for this hillbilly kid from Hope, Arkansas, "a blackest land with the whitest people" place--a good ole segregated Southern time, especially back when the Slick one was cruising through N-worder town and hollering "What's that, baby, you swallow a watermelon?" at pregnant black women! "It ain't your seed!" was the expected reply, then the Yuck, yuck, yucks of the N-word-town cruising privileged white boys. "You ain't a man, Billy Jeff, 'til you've gotten you some of that black pussy, boy!" And these yuckers are under the rule of a black man now. Poor Obama. He listened to his mother who taught him people are basically good--it's the organizations they belong to that are bad.

This morning New York City's billionaire mayor, who I consider a little asshole but who some New Yorkers who know no better love, has told us commoners we're up shit creek without paddles now--but, of course, not him-- as far as his solution to New York City's being in the hole billions of dollars is to punish the citizens of New York City and those who earn their livings here, and NYC going broke happened on his watch, though like most of these rich bastards, he takes no responsibility for any of this city's wasted monies--an independent Repugnican, he calls himself, like his hero, Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani, who also took no responsibility for his crooked time in office and some of the ruin he left behind--like Rudi has never explained what happened to the millions in his 9/11 Survivors Fund--and Rudi's still tagging around New York State, looking old and humpbackity, trying to show he's still powerful and going to run for governor, especially now that NY State has a black governor and Rudi's proud that he successfully beat out New York City's first black mayor, David "Sweatin' Heavy/Tennis First" Dinkins, when Dinkins was trying to get re-elected--Rudi then reasons, hell, our black (and handicapped) governor should be an easy take down for old Ruthless Rudi, who hates black people with a Brooklyn Italiano-Mafia-growing-up passion)--and, likewise Bloomingidiotburg, our billionaire know-it-all mayor, like Rudi, Mikey hates blacks; hell, Mikey's hate goes further, he hates all poor New York Citians, but especially poor black New Yorkers--Mikey hates all people who make less than $55,000-a-year, or families who make less than $100,000-a-year (and have no illegal immigrant South American nannies), and this privileged little too-rich bastard has given huge tax breaks to these hundreds of foreign-money-backed hotel developers who are building hotels on almost every block of Manhattan; he's handed out huge tax giveaways to corporate investment firms; he's probably squandered the city's pension fund (I'll bet you) by giving it over to Goldman-Sachs or Lehman Bros. to manage--and look at all the hi-rise office buildings going up like weeds from one end of Manhattan Island to the other, ironically some of them being built by some of the companies now claiming they're bankrupt and in need of more and more billions--and these rich assholes, especially Mayor Bloomingidiotburg, have made Manhattan an island more indefensible by the hour by jam-packing in more new buildings and jamming in more millions of people onto this once jungle island into a sardine-can metropolis--vulnerable as hell and, like I said, making Manhattan indefensible to any kind of an attack, terrorist or otherwise.

So what's the mayor's solution for us New York City stupid boobs having gotten ourselves into debt, those of us who have to do productive work for a living? The Solution: He's raising our taxes: property taxes; plus he's instigating a 5-cent tax on plastic bags used in trade, and he's raising even the already-outrageously high city sales tax.

New York Citians already have federal, state, city, and FICA taxes ripped right off the bat out of their earnings--then on our telephone bills, we once again pay Federal, state, and city taxes, fees, and charges--on top of those taxes now the Governor of New York State (he's broke, too) is putting a payroll tax on all productive workers while at the same time he's saying he can't tax the wealthy or they'll leave the state--these bastards taxing us like the buzzards they are, while at the same time jobs are dropping like flies--talk about things leaving the state--and payroll taxes, hell, soon there won't be any payrolls--but the governor will survive in his unproductive and wasteful leisure time employment so we ain't gonna worry about his ass while he's kissing white rightwing ass up in White-rightwing-ass Albany. And this son of a bitch Bloomingidiotburg is gonna rip some more money out of our paychecks, too, don't worry. New York City is losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every day of the week, so that's why I keep growling about what paychecks, you rich fools! You pompous assholes. You have the solution to the problem you created! What bullshit. Throw 'em out of office, I say.

Members of the Leisure Class [the Power Elite] are pissed with this rise in grass roots actions going on during this new Great Depression; in fact, this is a greater depression than the last one (caused by a Repugnican administration led by a millionaire pompous ass Herbert Hoover and his corrupt administration)--commoners to the Power Elite are suckers--they're not supposed to understand the abstract world of corporate crime, which includes political crimes, too.

Check out our past presidents, those of them who have wrecked our economy before--how many of them were really criminals: like Herbert Hoover; like Warren G. Harding, a true fool, though a lovable one, especially with the ladies; or Tricky Dick Nixon; or Mafia-lovin' JFK; or G.W.H. our vomitting buffoon president who is also head of the rich and powerful Bush Family Empire; or how about the voodoo economics of Ronnie "2nd-Fiddle Actor to a Chimpanzee" Reagan; or the biggest crook of them all, Little Boy Bush--come blow your Skull & Bones dick like a real rich-pampered-bisexual Yaley man--John "Ketchup" Kerry's one, too, don't forget! What a fool Kerry is. Like McCain, he's a war nutjob fool.

Note, it took the Illinois Assembly about an hour to impeach their numbskull idiot Governor Rod Blagojevich--yet G.W. Bush, the crookedest, stupidest, and most reckless never-honestly-elected "president" in history, got away with worst crimes than Bobbin' Head Rod because We the People's Congress couldn't find it in their hearts to impeach one of their own--send old nutjob Blago to prison but not a crooked little asshole like G.W. Bush--just imagine, maybe if Congress had impeached Georgie Porgie back when he was lyin' like the dog he is to us and trick-bagging us into two unwinable wars we would not be in this mess we have today--I did say MAYBE. I'll bet you, when Blaggy ran for governor he was praised, championed as a reformer, and said to be a rising star in Illinois politics (HAH), praised even by Obama, probably. Illinois idiots had no idea what a stupid-ass, pompous, vane, nutjob Governor Robbery Rod was. [What a joke Cally-forn-y-yah's governor is, too, don't forget.]

Our leisure-class (Power Elite) assholes got We the People into trouble--and now guess who they expect to bail THEM out of trouble?--WE THE PEOPLE of the USA, that's who--it is we who have to tighten our belts, not them; it is we who have to give up our government services, but not them; we have to endure always money-saving reductions in funds for educating our children but not their children or taking care of ourselves when we're (oh my Gawd) Senior Citizens--while they get only the finest in healthcare--most of them have their own private physicians--on retainers. These rich assholes still have good incomes--with bonuses. These rich assholes aren't losing their many homes and estates to any foreclosures. Their children aren't missing anything in their educations--only the best for them. Princeton University, I was reading t'other day, now costs $45,000-a-year tuition--that to me is unbelievable, but, hey, Princeton's packed if you go over there and walk around campus.

The solution to this bailout bullshit: We the People should confiscate all the corporate holdings and the private holdings of these corporate board members and pooled-wealth investment brokers and bankers, including Warren "Junk Bond" Buffett's ill-gotten, I'm sure, billions--sell the assets off at auction and take the proceeds and give them back to We the People who were screwed out of them by both the rich and the government rich; plus if you insist on bailing these jailable crooks at least loan them the money and make them responsible to We the People to pay it back or we foreclose on their asses--do that at least! We the People should confiscate this wealth and force it back into OUR economy. I'd even confiscate all the auto industry assets--nationalize it until it can reorganize and retool and bring automaking back to this country on a wide scale--bring auto design and invention back to this country--like since we do more damage than any other people to the environment, why shouldn't we be leading in efforts to create alternative fuels and alternative automobiles to use the stuff. It's not the brilliant automotive engineers and designers who've gotten our auto industry into financial ruin--no, it was management (the guys who have no idea how to build a car--the guys who accepted the SUV as a standard mode of family transportation) originally going offshore to assemble their cars--at the same time pressuring Congress to do away with tariffs and export duties and import duties--why, hell, saith the Global Auto Industry, open the borders--we wanna make Camaros in Canada and call them "Made in America" on our commercials--the American fools not remembering that Mexico and Canada are America, too. So, hey, the Mexican slave workers along the US-Mexican border assembly the cars--they can assemble several hundred cars a day--lets see, at $3.00 an hour with no bathroom breaks--12-hour workdays--$36 a day--7 days a week, that's --no vacations--no healthcare--no permanence--no unions--you can probably assembly a hundred cars for a labor cost of maybe $36,000-a-day--then you bring them free into the USA and sell them for an average of $17,000 a car--let's see, 100 cars at $17,000 each--$170,000--most of that on interest-earning credit--or lease agreement, which is like a high-interest loan really--yes, there are other expenses besides labor--but their bitching and whining has to do with what US workers cost them--$75-an-hour! as one auto CEO complained as he was begging for 80 billion dollars to bail him out of his management-caused dilemma--CEO salaries break down to tons more than $75-an-hour--and they don't have to produce anything except year-end assurances to their "shareholders"--most of whom are THEM!

God-damn we are surely DOOMED. Obama's the right man but at the wrong time and doing the wrong kind of thinking--he's trying to mix the backward thinking of the Conservatives with what is supposed to be his progressive thinking into a "Yes, We Can" movement--but you can see now he's getting frustrated--he's beginning to use that Bernie Mac-style of Chicago black humor to crack back at the cracker fools he now realizes he's surrounded himself with! You mean old Larry Summers, that conivving asshole, couldn't convince Repugnicans to vote for Obama's economic bailout since he's one of the Clintonistas who got us in this financial mess in the first place? Repugnicans first of all hate Bill Clinton. For Obama to tie himself to Clinton so closely seems the biggest mistake he made. Rather than listening to the masses of We the People who elected him, he thought he knew how to out fox these crooks, by bringing them into his healing community. What a mistake.

What do I know? I'm just a "god-damn leftwing libertarian," as one critic calls me--an idiot as my Conservative white readers call me; yet, really I'm a live-and-let-live-type dude--a me firster! A cynic. A pessimist. An historical pessimist. A nonconformist deluxe. An Atheist with a capital A. A writer with a flow of unceasing words. A man of words. A machinegun writer whose machinegun is loaded with ammunition belts containing billions of words! Some words that haven't even been invented yet!

[I am listening to one of the greatest ever jazz albums: Rashaan (before he was Rashaan) Roland KIrk's 1965 album called Rip, Rig & Panic with the invincible Jaki Byard on piano, the ultimate piano, Richard Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. It goes well with the culturally depraved politician haranging!]

First NO in Obama's Promise of Change
I was sad to hear on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning that Obama's first approved military action for his administration under his command as Commander and Chief and under the advise from his warhawk Sec'y of Defense, Robert Gates, Bush the Criminal & Lying Faux President's Sec'y of Defense, was a drone-plane-delivered missile attack in the FATAH region of Pakistan--an area of Pakistan bordering on Afghanistan that our stupid vice-president, Joe "Blunder" Biden, said in his limpwristed reply when asked about this attack at a press conference yesterday that this region of Pakistan is a "No Man's Land," and area so large and ungodly isolated, anyone can attack it since Pakistan has no sovereign control over the area--this after Joe Blunder, the DuPont Senator, said he had been to the region many a time! And I'm going, whoaaaa, Joe Biden's been to the FATAH many times! The FATAH, by the bye, is a leftover territory from the days of the Brits foppish rule over Pakistan when it was a part of the Glorious Empire of Glorious England and the Glorious English Monarchy's effort to make Christians out of all those mixed-up and confused Little's considered a Tribal Territory--Peshawar is its capital--supposed populated mostly by the Taliban and Al Queda--home of Osama Bin Laden and his dialysis machine. So for Obama's first war venture, his missle-firing-drone-aircraft approved by him as Commander in Chief on the advise it was an Al Queda stronghold--so there that drone plane went on its mission, and it loosed its missiles at the said military target, then BOOM, off it went, and then OOPS, it turned what they hit and blasted to a state near smithereens wasn't an Al Queda stronghold at all but rather a civilian neighborhood--of course Obama's not commenting on this self-destructing process of objectionable preempting strikes against sovereign nations (a Commander Bush fabrication)--his continuing illegal wars on nations and peoples who've never attacked the USA--like the nation of war-tired Afghanistan, a nation that has literally never ever lived in peace--millions killed when the Soviet Union tried to take them over and take over their natural resources as their own--Afghanistan being the way oil gets down from Central Asia into Europe. So like Iraq was Bush's folly and foolish war adventure, now Afghanistan, Obama's decided, is going to be his, his downfall--and watch how fast the Repugnicans start impeachment efforts against Obama once he fails really big.

Obama's stand against Palestine in favor of the Israelis (whose Army is totally dependent on the US for its money and equipment--Caterpillar bulldozers being mainstays of the Israeli Army--Caterpillar being a big military contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan, too--Caterpillar, the maker of Big Boys Toys) and now his attacks into the sovereign territory of Pakistan are showing Muslims that Obama is no friend of theirs no matter what words he said before he was elected--being elected the most important thing in his life same as it is with all politicians who are already starting to campaign again--and Obama is still saying he will not negotiate with Hamas, which, don't forget, is the democratically elected government of Palestine--blah, blah, blah--and Obama's keeping such a worthless chicken hawk asshole as Robert Gates as his Sec'y of Defense, and sending Richard Holbrook, another nasty little Clintonista asskisser, over there to negotiate now--SHIT, Obama's insulting the Muslim world, ruining any chances he overwhelmingly had to diplomatically negotiate with them like he did the day he won the election and a hope for real change was in the air all over the world!

So far--some change--some good domestic decisions so far--but NO CHANGE where change is really necessary--in the economic crisis and in this nonsensical and unwinable War on Terrorism.

Yet, I sail along on my own sea. Fuck the sea of politics. That's a hopeless sea. A sea that flows right straight down and into the blackhole of Hell.

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Marybeth said...

You're finally coming around to my point of view. Politics is a hopeless sea that flows straight to Hell. Best to sail on your own sea. It's the only way to stay partially sane.