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World War Three--the Beginning of Chaos

Bulletin: thedailygrowlerhousepianist just informed us that Freddie Hubbard, the Hub, one of the last of the young turk trumpet players who came to New York City in the late 1950s, died of a heart attack in L.A. last night.
Freddie's Dead/"Red Clay"
Laughing Like a Hyena
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.... You can't stop war. War is what keeps the USA going. The Military Industrial Complex rules us. We the People are currently paying for Israel to attack Palestine--oh, wow, the Hamas and the Israeli Army are equals--that's what an Israeli commander says--G.W. Bush says Hamas are thugs, and he should know since he's one of the biggest thugs in the world, and should be "abolished." And this is abolishment, a form of the final solution, which is, of course to wipe out the Palestinian people--especially those in Gaza. Israel wants the Gaza strip; remember, they won it and then had to give it up. The Gaza strip connects to the Red Sea and borders Egypt and means the Israeli Navy could patrol that whole coastline all the way up almost to the Suez--so there ya go, someone has to be noble enough to eradicate these filthy dog Palestinians. Even the other Arabs consider the Palestinians as dispensable.

The Israeli Military is totally supported by We the People of the USA's tax money--to the tune of several billion-a-year. We the people and wolves and bears and other almost extinct species are under the thumbs of our military Power Elite--we have no choice but to let them give us orders--and these male military/skinhead bullshit creeps are masturbating their war-hard-ons like monkeys on LSD in anticipation of World War III--or at least the chance to use nuclear weapons--nuking the Palestinians--so 20,000 or so die--it's like slaughtering wild dogs--there is no human element involved. At the same time, We the People must know, our Military Industrial Complex uses the Israeli Army to test potential weapons and weapon improvements. Israel, for instance, in this all out attempt to abolish the Gaza Palestinians, is testing cluster bombs and on-target computerized missiles--missiles set on a computerized course to hit what Israel is calling Hamas "security" areas throughout Gaza City--thereby Israel says they are not purposely hitting civilian targets--like the Islam University in Gaza City--yep, Israel bombed the shit out of it--hitting a girls's dormitory and killing several women students--but that's OK, folks, because these are humans lower than the lowest dogs. Charles Mingus's autobiography was called Beneath the Underdog, where Charles said he was being the unwanted child of a Mexican whore and a black soldier boy from Nogales, Arizona, and where Israel considers the Gaza Palestinians--beneath the world's underdogs.

Probably Israel could right now get away with nuking Gaza City--killing thousands of Arabs, pronounced "dogs" by Israelis. The Israeli Army is a cruel bunch of fiends. You see, Israel claims its people live in constant fear of being attacked by Muslims. This, of course, is a religious war--Islam vs. Judaism (Zionism in the case of Palestine). Everybody used to hate the Jews--so then you gotta expect the Jews to project their hate back on somebody and in this case it's on their Semitic brothers and sisters--the children of Ishmael, according to Middle East legends--the legends of God's Chosen People seeking salvation in the desert so scared of broiling alive in the waterless desert and its hot kiss of death. Religions have divided this world into waring states!

Most people make their best livings off war. The Power Elite gets filthy rich off war and selling arms and bombs and nuclear devices and building nuclear plants and building nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, missiles--so far you haven't heard of any of the MICs going under have you?--like General Electric--times have never been better for good old GE; Lockheed-Martin? I'll bet they're doing fine and dandy, too.

But have you ever thought about how when our armies are weak and worn out that we will have the Israeli Army to take our place in doing our Middle East dirty work, like trying to blow away the Arabs and Persians and all those desert tribes who believe that Allah is the Biggest Daddy of them all....

As I've always said, there's no difference in Yahweh and Allah--no difference in Jehovah or Elohim or whatever name you give the Hebrew Biggest Daddy and Allah. Both are god-derivatives of the Sun, our only real living god--unless you prefer darkness, like a blues musician.

Obama [notice I haven't mentioned the Israeli war lord commander is named Barak] has already said he's ready to sacrifice human existence in defending Israel. Obama, too, has already said he's for extending the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by adding troops and trying some of General Petraus "surge" tactics--and Old General Petraus (pronounced "Be-tray-us"--note, the general is always in very clean starched fatigues as though he were going out to direct our troops in the thick of battle) believes the "surge" has worked in Iraq, and Obama has already admitted he thinks Petraus is an impressive man--and I notice Obama is a workout maniac--and he smokes cigarettes, too--what about his heart! speaking of "surge." Both men have said these "surge" tactics have been successful in our invasion and occupation of Iraq--an invasion based on lies and a continued occupation based on our desperate attempt to conquer the current Holy Grail, the oil of the world.

I still to this day can't understand how all three of our automobile manufacturers are suddenly broke? And why then aren't their overseas plants broke, too? How come they are going to shut down all US and Canada plants, go bankrupt as an American corporation, then become an importer of cars to the US, like the big Japanese and German car companies are?--except, hot dog, look at Toyota losing for the first time in their sordid history--sales down 31%--and all because of those GOD-DAMN illegal invasions and occupations and our mad dash for all the oil in the world--us versus the mad Arabs, the rich Chinese, and the Mafia-like Russians--confronting nations all over the world and claiming rights to oil through countries like Georgia--and through the Central Asian nations, like intolerant Uzbekistan where we now have a huge military base, too, all of which are Islamic, by the way--ain't that ironic? Pakistan we have by the balls and they're Islamic--except I just read that Pakistan has blocked the US for bringing military equipment into Pakistan out of Afghanistan--and Indonesia is the largest Muslim population ever! Amazing. We support Islams as long as they're under royals and military dictators, but let them try and go their own way--oh NO--our military might is ready to take humanity to the brink of destruction just simply because it is of the POWER ELITE, and guards and protects and goes adventuring for the wealthy. General Smedley Butler said this back in the 20s and 30s when he was leading US troops all around the Caribbean in protecting the pirating US corporations like Chiquita Banana and her United Fruit banditos and US banking interests and making sure they got their ways in countries like Nicaragua, Colombia, Panama (our military stole Panama from Colombia in order for us to build the Panama Canal), the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti. Butler said the US military was not protecting the freedoms of We the People but was working for the US corporations who had Capitalist interest in the Caribbean's rich crops and oil and gold and silver and...and, isn't this all about Capitalism anyway? That's the religion that's ruining the good ole "God Blessed" US of A. And didn't Marx tell us all exactly where Capitalism would lead us? Our own sociological science of Economics has theories that explain exactly what happened to our financial and banking sectors--and we have two Nobel-Prize-winning Economists, Joe Steigler and Paul Krugman, both Dumbocrats willing to serve Obama and instead he picks who? Two ex-Goldman-Sachs bandits, Robert Ruben and Larry "Use Africa as a Nuclear Waste Dumping Ground" Summers--and these greedy criminals, these Wall Streeters and bankers and loan sharks, are robbing us blind--and we have to keep having to keep in mind that these men are criminals--they are robbers--and that they really have robbed us blind and are continuing to rob us blind right now as I type on this post--and I'm talking about these Wall Street geeks like Hank Paulson, Robert Ruben (an Obama advisor), Larry Summers (an Obama advisor), this creep from the New York Federal Reserve (Obama's next Sec'y of the Treasury). These big shots are all low-life CROOKS! These are the most sophisticated professional crooks in the world. INTERPOL should be investigating them. Instead, they're investigating themselves and giving themselves bonuses for being so god-damn slick and brilliant at stealing all of We the People's money--just think, Hank Paulson and Power Elite dickboy G.W. Bush have to date stolen way over a trillion dollars from We the People--and Bush Baby's old Pappy is in on this bullshit, too--we can't let that old crooked asshole off the hook, that old swindling crooked business failure--check out his Zapata Offshore Drilling's record of going under due to Pappy Bush's spoiled rich brat Power Elitist kid attitude--his grandpappies and old Mammy Bush's wealthy daddy had to bail old Pappy Bush out of his debts--remember, Pappy was also a WWII hero sham--remember, Cap'n Bush flew his plane, a la Nutjob John McCain, into a nose-dive crash landing, pitching to a stop in a clump of trees, then bursting into flames--and who was out of that plane first--why old Cap'n Pappy Bush--as a result one of his crewmen was trapped inside the plane and died. Have you ever noticed how truths about the Bushes are always hushed up somehow--remember the Texas journalist who wrote the tell-all book about Georgie Porgie and Pappy Bush's shenanigans in Texas politics and the Bush Family Empire blocked publication of it?--Macmillan was going to publish it I think--and then this writer ended up dead of a gunshot wound a few months later--no more reporting on that incident. Like Unka Dick shot a man in the face and never even had to go to court over it. Now that's power, folks--and Unka Dick Cheney, folks, is one of the richest men in the world--he's Power Elite privileged--and he's political and oil-money Power Elite--a man of great leisure--like even after the crisis of 9/11 just like G.W. took his 3-month-long vacations on the faux ranch in Crawfull, Unka Dick kept huntin' his doves and huntin' his judges and fishin' off the yacht of the Royal Family of Oman right in sight of Iran! What a life! And he's got several devices shocking his old saggy heart every few seconds to keep that old buzzard alive--this a dude we need to have a massive coronary a la Jerry "Fried Chicken Eatin'" Fallwell (who fell straight to hell we hope) or die in a small plane crash like Mike Connell just did but instead old Dick lies on heartier and more wealthy than ever. Hell yeah, he admitted, he authorized waterboarding--so what are you gonna do about it? "Fuck you" is Unka Dick's motto.

Capitalism. That's our problem. Capitalism demands profits. Profits make the Power Elite richer and richer and gain them more unproductive leisure time. "Them that's got and them's that's not...." Greed. Read Frank Norris's great novel McTeague, from whence came Von Stroheim's movie Greed. What a novel and what greed is in that novel. I've never seen any copy of Greed--and maybe the film was destroyed, though I do think there's some clips from it on YouTube--what isn't on YouTube by now?

From www.vonstroheim.com/

Erich von Stroheim left Austria in 1909 for New York and by 1914 he was in LA crewing on DW Griffith's Birth of A Nation.

During WW I, Von Stroheim played dastardly German officers in the heavy-handed anti-German propaganda films then being churned out in Fort Lee, New Jersey. At the time anti-German hysteria was turning sauerkraut into "liberty cabbage" and schools were abolishing German language studies.

And then suddenly in 1917 Von Stroheim found himself out of work, blacklisted, a victim of the jingoism and hysteria his own screen portrayals had helped to fuel. It was an era of legal repression of unofficial thought, and concerned citizens had questioned his Americanism.

Out of work, on the skids, and holed up in a dingy West Side rooming house in New York City, Von Stroheim found a copy of McTeague that a previous tenant had left behind. The story touched a chord, and Von Stroheim experienced an epithany of sorts.

Luckily for Von Stroheim --- and us --- DW Griffith then returned to New York from France with footage to finish a humanitarian film cast against the war. Griffith needed Von Stroheim, and they went to LA, where in a few short years Von Stroheim was directing his own feature films with artistic and box office success.

In 1923 Von Stroheim filmed Norris' story on location in San Francisco and Death Valley. He renamed it Greed, and it was his masterpiece.

Then for business, political, and personal reasons Von Stroheim's bosses, Louis B. Mayer and Irving Thalberg, took the film away from Von Stroheim and released an amputated version.

But their deliberate debasement did not tarnished its luster, and Von Stroheim's gem is still one of film's premier works. However after watching the 1999 restoration version, you'll quickly realize that a landmark creative work of the 20th century was cut and mangled beyond recognition by some very short-sighted people.

And that's greed for you--and Louis B. Mayer was a numbskull shoe salesman who only had a 3rd-grade education--but you don't need much of an education to steal successfully.

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