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thegrowlingwolf PROPHECIZES!

Yeah Verily, I Say Unto Thee
I was listening to Amy Goodman this morn and she had on the Indian (the place the stupid slave-trading Colombo thought was the Dominican Republic) novelist Arundhati Roy (The God of Small Things) and Arundhati was talking Frankenstein stuff--you know, We the People of the USA represented so proudly by our fearless leader, Georgie Porgie Bush ("We're trading nuclear secrets for Indian mangoes...."), are creating a monster by joining the Brits and the Indians in saying the attack on Mumbai was India's 9/11...

I pause and ask myself why a pigeon couple has landed on my window sill. The male a big blue & white street pigeon standing there preening and by his side his rather dove-like plain-jane female. He was being a gentleman with her so I assumed they had already mated...

What the hell are pigeons doing mating in December? Is global warming fucking up their pigeon brains?--the weakest brains there are, according to old traditions--"He's pigeon-footed and pigeon-brained to boot!" Synonymous with "pea-brained." I would assume calling someone a "turtle-brain" is worse, isn't it? Or how about a "swan-brain"? That's rather poetic--"The swan-brain pigeons flying vainly yet stupidly north for the winter."

Poetry takes my mind off prophesying--EXCEPT...

Praise de Lawd, my Great White Massuh, De Lawd, that is (I'm speaking minstrelsy white English, the language of the white playwright), De Lawd drunk on de firmament, the likker of Hebbin'...

De Lawd hath come to me, thegrowlingwolf , and he saith unto me, "Dammit, Wolfie, you're getting too god-damn namby-pamby in terms of the departure of your vast challenging knowledges--whether real or imagined." "You're talkin' gibberish, Big Dude." "No, I ain't, I'm talkin' high-Hebbin'-Latin...what I'm drivin' at is, you're gettin' lily-livered with your wise criticism, your lambasting, your rakin' 'em over the coals." "You're obsolete, Big Daddy, like way behind the times with your vernacular." "Fuck you, Wolfie, heah, have a slug of this firm-ah-ment, heah, loosen up your wig. I'm sayin' I give you permission to start prophesying. Tellin' the future. You're a writer--you can predict the future simply by writing down a characterization in your mind and then typin' it out...." "I know what you're saying, Lawdy Lawd. Maybe I should listen to you this time." "Hey, my peeps down there on earth are predictin' Armageddon any day now. I heard my man Jack Van Impe talking last night--I couldn't sleep--that god-damn firm-ah-ment goes right straight to my head--and, shit, I'm outta weed...anyway, Bro Jack was babbling (I invented that word, you dig?) about how he'd found out through secret inquiries that the Bilderbergs, a secret society of the Devil down in Virginia, according to Bro Jack, is at the moment preparing to microchip every living human being in the world--Bro Jack got very red honky faced excited sayin' that this microchip jive is the 666 mark of the beast that crazy son of a bitch John the Revelator imagined while the Greeks had him exiled on that wild-ass Isle of Patmos I created for a Greek goddess who later ditched me for that god-damn Zeus, so I made that Patmos a wild place full of burning bushes and eyeball-devouring snakes and monkey-size scorpions and vampire rats and toxic roaches and castor beans--god-dammit, Wolfie, I hate castor beans."

So De Lawd spoke to me--over a couple of shots of Baker Beam's Best--and told me to prophesy.

OK, here I go--grrrrowling all the way--bells on bob-tailed nags--

--I was thinking about how practical and smart smart women are--and now I can refer back to Arundhati Roy and her theory that the US and Britain are creating a Frankenstein monster out of India because the Power Elite in India are beginning to think of themselves as a nation like the United States--a powerful nation, a military contender for world domination--a nation who now when attacked by terrorists have to attack back like G.W. "Killer" Bush did when Saddam Hussein and Osama "Who?" Bin Laden laid 9/11 on the US of A. This Indian Power Elite--still promoting the old ways of the Caste System and rajah rule--wants to drop nuclear bombs on Pakistan--the hated Pakistan, the Muslim maverick split off Indians that happened after WWII, after India declared its Independence but the Muslim Indians didn't want to be Indians--they hated the Hindi--and the Buddhists--so they split off and became Pakistan--West Pakistan and East Pakistan with India sitting Shiva-like right in the god-damn middle of this new Muslim nation--and then East Pakistan, also Islamic, decided they didn't want to be Pakistanis, so they split off from Pakistan and became Bangladesh--and it all goes back to the Before Christ days--ancient times--the Hindu Kush nomadic tribes came rushing out of the Himalaya Mountains to takeover Central Asia after defeating the Persians under Cyrus and right behind these tribes came the Mongolian Hordes and the the Islamic Caliphate movement sweeping out of Arabia, one of the most successful world conquering moves yet--conquering lands from Arabia all the way up into Russia taking all of Central Asia as it swept on into Afghanistan and then into India and all the way around the Mediterranean to Spain and Northern Africa--taken over by the Muslims--Africa Islamified; Spain Islamified--Indonesia Islamified!

So Roy says with great encouragement from Britain and the USA the Power Elite in India are seeing a chance to become the power brokers in their area of the confused world--and the USA is meddling in it already--Condo-Leasing Rice has already been to Mumbai; John Kerry's there now! Even, and this is alarming to me, John Negreponte is there now--and in case you've forgotten who John Negreponte is--think: Greek shipping tycoon's son born in London; came to US and served as a mass murderer and teacher of torture in Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador--organizer of the death squads that killed thousands of indigenous (jungle residers) Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans; and John was in Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra bullshit deceit and our disrupting the Nicaraguan democratically held elections to keep Danny the Red Ortega from winning by a landslide--oh yeah, Dear John's been anywhere there's violence, a lot of which he caused or set in motion himself! And now he's head of security in Iraq or some such bullshit job as that. Amazin' how this renegade world-traveler wildcat son of the Power Elite has gained control of so much persuasive power in We the People's USA--and John is still in the government; he's been in the government since before the Reagan years, that's Ronnie "Star Wars" Raygun--the man who could fly from the District of Corruption to Tokyo in 3 and 1/2 hours--the man whose last couple of years in office he spent pretending he was three years old again--eating Jelly Beans and leaving presidential duties to his second actress wife who ran the government by consulting with soothsaying-phony Jeanne Dixon, a witch of a bitch, one of those gutsy babes who instead of becoming a Holy-Roller woman preacher became an Astrologer! Oh doesn't that sound scientific? And it is. Scientists were the first astrologers, though as science evolved it shirked off its wild off-the-map hypotheses--and this was especially true when later sky watchers discovered that the whole sky system all astrology was based on was a photographic image of the universe--which means like the painting of the star system on the roof of the big room at Grand Central Station--it was a BACKWARDS look at the constellations--the star stellae that mark the trail from which we evolved--as plasma particles probably--certainly becoming spermy (sperm are seeds) slime in some Lower Austro-Afroland swamp of a Mother Earth womb.

The Power Elite in India based on this Mumbai attack wants India to be recognized as a SuperPower, like the USA, Mother England, China, Israel--"We've got nuclear weapons so let's use them against those scumbag Muslim bastard Paki rats! Let's bomb those desert Devil worshippers back to the fucking Stone Age."

So Arundhati Roy set me up for my first prediction as a Prophet, the Prophet Homolobo, so:

So saith the prophetic word of the Prophet Homolobo: "Oh boy what a hellofa World War III's a comin'. I'm glad I'm not young. I predict young Amuricans can bank on seeing a nuclear attack on the USA--seeing a military invasion of the USA--the nuclear attack coming first! The Holy Rollers will be praising their Allah because they believe they are going to be rescued supernaturally from WWIII; the Jews will be not giving a shit, those fatalistic bastards--they would actually welcome the end of the world as long as they are sure they're taking their god-damn dog-like brother-and-sister Arabs with them! And the Buddhists I suppose will all set themselves on fire. And the Hindu will take their scimitars and behead bevies of Pakis and Bangladeshis and Pushtoons and Pashtoons--god-damn religious bullshit has led us to this stage in CIVILIZATION--a man-invented way of exploiting the masses--a manufactured state--not the natural state represented by the Mother Jungle."

What do you think? How am I as the Prophet Homolobo? Pretty Nostradumbass-like, right?

for The Daily Growler
A The Daily Growler Addendum:

A Korean professor has decided he's rebelling against English being the official language of the Internet. Surely this dude doesn't expect everybody to learn Korean! We jest, of course. We live with the Koreans and still don't know what they are--Mongolians? Chinese? Japanese? They hate the Japanese, We know that; they love some Jesus Christ, We know that, too.
Auh, Taik-Sup (Korea University, Republic of Korea)
Promoting Multilingualism on the Internet: Korean Experience
Since its birth, the Internet has been dominated by the English language and North-American culture. In a world of five to eight thousand different ethnic groups who reside in approximately 160 nations states speaking 5,000 distinct languages, some language must be the common language of the Internet. Many people believe that English must be default the standard language on the Internet. There are clear indications of English becoming a lingua franca in the cyberspace. The autor summarizes the advantages of multicultural and multilingual Internet. He argues that multilingualism on the Internet is a necessary, if not the sufficient, condition for transforming an ephemeral (=unstable and transitory) cybersociety into a robust one.

Yep, there's a problemo, folks--the Internet's gonna become the source of a new language--come on, you linquisticos, you Esperantoites, you Cobalt and Fortran grandfathers, you C++-ers, you phoneticists, we need a new language--a multitasking language--it's Babel all over again. It will have to be a language of symbols--oh, hell, what are we talking about?

We're stuck with English here at The Daily Growler--though Franny and Zoe, our two-headed girl reporter (our Lois Lane), speaks Hebrew--but does Hebrew count as a modern language? Mr. Ed, our editing horse, can pretty much write in any language that he behooves himself to write in--he does our translations around here--he and Google.


for A The Daily Growler Addendum

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