Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Night Fishfry

As Opposed to Sunday Morning Cannibalism
I d'rather eat fried fish any day than human flesh. "This is my body; take ye and eat of it." "Aw, come on, Jesus, I ain't bitin' into your arm." "Go ahead, my son, take ye and eat of my body...and, then, aha, you'll get a big glass of my blood." "Ugh, Jesus, I'm out'a here. I'm goin' over to the Native Americans; I d'rather take some peyote and eat some barbecued buffalo steaks." "To hell with you then," thus spake Joshua ben Joseph.

I tried to listen to Simon Loehkle read Chap. 4, 2nd Book, of Jimmy Joyce's Finnegan's Wake this morning but I couldn't take Simon's big fuck up when he choked up and had a coughing fit while old Marcus was being presented as a "collegian on the nod" and after that his uptake breathing got obnoxious with gurgling phlegm--and I disgusted out and came down to sit in front of this device that looms me into these wordy weaves that I cast upon the Internet seas--like those god-damn shitty seabirds Joyce mentions in the beginning of Chap. 4, 2nd Book of Finnegan's Wake.

I put Prokofiev's complete Romeo and Juliet on the Denon deck and I'm letting it skate along behind me as I type out my own Wake--using these indentured servitudinal English words, trying to be as slapstick with my English as old Jimmy J was--the master of the slapstick use of English--like Nabokov surely must be the master of the slapstick use of Russian--and even with American English as per Lolita--what English do Russian kids learn? Brit English? Doc Johnson's English? Webster's English? Norman Lewis's English?

What wake? Mrs. Noam Chomsky just died. How 'bout on a dreary Boston rain-drippy fish-smelly Saturday morning mourning around the coffin of Madame Chomsky?--does she speak in death? Noam, are you holding your head down and listening? Mrs. Chomsky was also a linguist--an author--though totally overshadowed by the longwinded Noam, who, though I have to admit, I once heard give a very funny speech.

My favorite speaker is still to this day Buckminster Fuller. This man could babble on for two hours and you might catch one or two complete thoughts out of all his babbling--I mean Bucky Fuller could talk his ass off--on any subject--talking like a geodesic dome--talking like the Astrodome--and I may be attending the wake of the Astrodome and Astroturf--and old Judge Hoffheinz gave Bucky leeway in terms of bucks to build the 8th Wonder of the World at one time. Folks paid money just to tour it. Now the Astrodome sits forgotten almost in our thoughts--like so many words sit forgotten in our cerebral attics--and sometimes I like to go back and remember speeches I've heard and try and recall anything rare and keepable from them. That stupid Glenn Cunningham (the Kansas miler) speech at that sports dinner I attended as a track & field reporter--I remember that stupid speech--the key points--and I clearly remember Glenn Cunningham and meeting him and thinking how squatty and small of stature he was and I jokingly challenged him to a mile run and he looked at me like "Yeah, sport, I'm 65 years old and you're what 17? Get out of my face, you jackass." Glenn was a Christian man so he wouldn't have been so blatantly blowoffish as that but he was blowoffish. I thought, Fuck You, bastard, but now I admit, I've never forgotten that speech he gave that day.

Every time I think of or use the word determination, I think of that Glenn Cunningham speech--his theme--the theme in everything he did.

I watch monkey shows on teevee when I find them. I like looking into the faces of monkeys. How can any human look into the face of a monkey and not believe in evil-lu-tion? Come on! Monkeys have human faces, let's face it. When monkeys yawn, they show teeth and tongue same as humans. When you look into a monkey's face, you do see your true ancestry--the source of your reason for being! We are advanced monkeys--and that's that from this Wolf Man hybrid. Do wolves come from monkeys? Aha. A great question for an amateur evolutionist like myself. An amateur Darwinian. I'm an amateur Social Darwinianist, too. Not the survival of the fittest, but as Thorstein Veblen put it: the survival of the emulated and those driven to emulation. And that's the same in the monkey world, too, folks. Monkeys shoot for emulation--the big daddy monkey becomes the Power Elite in the monkey world--same as our great white silverbacks rule us through our Power Elite.

Like look how greedy Caroline Kennedy is to be in the public eye and able to get her grubby little spoiled rich girl hands on the millions--and now billions--of bucks being loosely thrown around so freely and unaccountably available to politicians--especially politicians who are Power Elitists already thanks to their family connections--Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (she's a Catholic Jew?) has never worked a day in her life, in other words. Don't you think the various Kennedy Foundations are heavily invested in the financial and banking industry? Remember, Caroline's daddy called corporate heads sons of bitches. They almost castrated Johnny Boy for that statement and he dropped using it and caved in to the pressures from the Power Elite--at JFK's time, the Mafia was still able to fool around in the Power Elite--like JFK was pals with Frank Sinatra and that mob crowd--I still believe that's what got him killed, too--Jack Ruby was a Mafia stoolie, too--and since the CIA and the Mafia worked in cahoots in those days, I can easily believe they were jointly responsible for assassinating Kennedy--Allen Ginsberg wrote a whole huge book on the connection between the Power Elite and the Mafia, including the CIA and the Mafia. Our blockade of Cuba by Kennedy was Mafia ordered. And a new book just out goes so far as to say at the time of the Cuban Revolution (Castro's takeover of the government), the Mafia totally controlled Cuba. Cuban exiles in this country totally deny the Mafia-Batista connection.

Caroline, the bootlegger's granddaughter! Nobody I know wants Caroline Kennedy for our senator. Nobody in New York State wants her. New York City politicians say they don't want her. New York City's 5th-richest-US-man mayor says he doesn't want her. But by God we're gonna get her. The Dumbocratic Party still with its fingers grasped tightly around Barack Obama's balls has decided it's Kennedy-Clinton time again--is Obama being tagged the Black Kennedy! What a stigma to put on Obama. What does the DNC want, Obama assassinated? Never put a Kennedy in a high place of office--they either get killed or they kill someone--or end up with alcohol problems--does Caroline look like a heavy drinker? I'll say this about her, she's one ugly middle-aged woman now. Jackie O kept her looks up until she died, but Caroline looks more like Maria Schreiber-Schwarzennazi's mother--the wrinkles, the horse face--from whence doth that come? Check out our next New York State senator (and Hillary hasn't even resigned yet, don't forget).

Commercial teevee is wholeheartedly promoting Caroline. They love her. Simply because she's a Kennedy. She's never done a creative thing in her life. Now, whether she's a chosen one or not, she at least gets a several-million-dollar book deal out of this. Dumbocrats for Change should have caught on to this Kennedy love affair when Caroline trotted old feeble Teddy out from his brain surgery--you bet Teddy has great health insurance--and onto the convention floor and she produced this video in which she praised her Uncle Teddy, never mentioning Teddy's wife Joan and one-legged son and Teddy's being drunk consistently in West Palm Beach at the Kennedy Compound where all the Stud Kennedy males brought their bar pickups to screw--never mentioning her Uncle Teddy's involvement with murder at Chappaquiddick. I suppose we'll not run out of Kennedys fucking up our lives before I depart the coil. Just like it looks like I'm not going to live long enough to see the whole Bush Family Empire thrown into the slammer and their assets sold off and given to the poor. I mean, come on! G.W. Bush led us into two ruinous wars; he's taken away over 52 rights guaranteed us under the Constitution with his executive privileges--his spying on us--his wiretapping us--intercepting our emails--picking us up off the streets and flying us off to Syria or Egypt where we are subject to inhumane treatment--

Doesn't waterboarding remind you of the old White Pilgrim practice of the ducking stool? Hey, water torture is very British-American! I can see Dick Cheney waterboarding towel heads!

So let's put G.W. Bush and Unka Dick C. in a ducking stool--hold 'em under long enough they have to breathe in several good slugs of swamp water. Chicken shits, both of them.

Let's eat some fried perch.

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