Friday, November 21, 2008

The Daily Growler Gets Analyzed!

"Herr Doktor Freud, is that you?"
Ladies and gents, The Daily Growler has been analyzed. What do you think of the analysis? (I was always amused that the word "anal" is a prefix (a projection?) to "ysis"--a strange enough looking suffix--I can see "Isis" in that--so analysis could be interpreted by future linguists as having to do with Isis's anus.) Here 'tis from

The analysis indicates that the author of

is of the type:

The gentle and compassionate type. They are especially attuned [to] their inner values and what other people need. They are not friends of many words [?] and tend to take the worries of the world on their shoulders. They tend to follow the path of least resistance and have to look out not to be taken advantage of.

They often prefer working quietly, behind the scene as a part of a team. They tend to value their friends and family above what they do for a living.
"The Gentle and Compassionate Type"

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. I really like "they are not friends of many words"--that should become the The Daily Growler motto.

So there you go, folks. Gather the little family around you and read The Daily Growler to them. Show them its compassionate and caring ways. And when your darling little daughter or son suddenly burps out, "Pass me the fucking potatoes, mom," don't cuff him or her in the mouth, just Praise the Lawdy Lawd your kids are learning the facts of life from The Daily Growler and pass the little bastard the fucking potatoes...PLEASE!

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Marybeth said...

That's hilarious! A man of few words INDEED! As for the gentle and compassionate bit, ACTUALLY, that fits. Sorry old Growly-pants, but I know you're a sweet smiley thing under the teeth and fur. You've been very kind to me and you haven't even met me-- in the flesh, that is.